Stacked Skincare Review

Stacked Skincare is an innovative skincare company that utilizes a unique approach to solving your skin care needs. Developed by skincare expert Kerry Benjamin, Stacked Skincare consists of a number of skincare serums, peels, and their popular patented skincare tools that work to help transform the appearance and texture of your skin. Stacked Skincare has grown from a high-performance skincare line to include a private Stacked Skincare Spa, each created to provide everyday people with professional skincare treatments.

About Stacked Skincare

Stacked Skincare was created by a skincare expert who is no stranger to taking the unconventional approach to treating skin conditions. Kerry Benjamin, battled with common dry skin condition eczema, for years before she finally decided to take matters into her own hands. Her studies of skincare and the skin’s natural cycle and healing helped to form the foundation of what would become her innovative skincare company, Stacked Skincare. Today, Stacked Skincare consists of both singular products and regimens that work intrinsically together to help provide users with younger, healthier skin.

Stacked Skincare Reviews

Each and every Stacked Skincare product contains a high-performance formulation that uses vegan ingredients and powerful actives. Each active ingredient found within Stacked Skincare products are used at their highest level to produce the most effective and efficient skincare results.

There are a number of popular Stacked Skincare products but one of them is a product tailored to treat the skin on your lips. The Stacked Skincare Hydrating Lip Peel is a powerful lip serum that works to heal chronically dry, flaky, and cracked skin. The Stacked Skincare lip peel is formulated with a number moisturizing ingredients including natural fruit extracts. To add a gentle exfoliating element to the Stacked Skincare lip peel, pure sugar cane is used helping to remove dead skin cells. And to give the lips a soft, silky feel, lactic and glycolic acids are used to reduce roughness and add hydration.

Probably the most well known and interesting Stacked Skincare product is the Stacked Skincare Collagen Boosting Micro-Roller. This Stacked Skincare micro-roller is not a topical product but is instead, an exfoliating tool that helps to aggressively remove dead skin cells. At first glance, the Stacked Skincare micro-roller can seem a bit intimidating but it’s actually very simple and safe to use. The Stacked Skincare micro-roller contains .2mm stainless steel needles that when glided over your skin, gently removes the dead skin cells. This process helps to reduce the appearance of aging skin imperfections like fine lines while promoting smoother more youthful skin that has a natural glow.

Stacked Skincare Reviews

There are a number of Stacked Skincare reviews available that fall from those in love with the Stacked Skincare products and tools to those that are simply not fans. To be fair, when it comes to the products the Stacked Skincare reviews are generally positive with users impressed with the results of the acne serums and peels. The Stacked Skincare reviews regarding the lip peel, in particular, are glowing with people celebrating the improvement of dry, chapped lips and reporting softer, smoother lips with ongoing use. The most controversial Stacked Skincare reviews come from the micro-roller. These Stacked Skincare reviews fall solidly on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Stacked Skincare reviews from those who like the micro-roller have claimed is has been a tremendous help with reducing the appearance of acne scars as well as noting the extreme difference in the feel of the skin with it feeling smoother and softer after using. There are also the Stacked Skincare reviews of the micro-roller that claim it’s not only helped with scarring but with the appearance of stretch marks as well. On the opposite side, there are a number of Stacked Skincare reviews, especially those by other skincare professionals, that claim the micro-roller is painful, causes damage to the skin’s dermis, and will ultimately cause more harm than good. It should be noted that although these claims have been made, there has not been any customer feedback that has reflected them.


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