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DR Perricone MD is  skin care range developed by dermatologist Dr. Nicholas Perricone. Perricone markets a wide variety of products, including cleansers, exfoliators, toners, serums, boosters, moisturizing creams, eye creams, masks and supplements. As part of this review, we have evaluated the following Perricone skin care products; Acyl-Glutathione Deep Crease Serum, Photo Plasma, Blue Plasma, Face Finished Moisturizer, Cold Plasma Sub D, Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream, Cold Plasma Face, High Potency Evening Repair and Cold Plasma Eye. Our favourite product in the Perricone MD skin care range is Cold Plasma due to its high concentrations of DMAE, an anti aging ingredient that causes muscles to contract and tighten sagging skin. When writing the Perricone Review, we were looking forward to trialling their products as we fit perfectly into the anti aging category.

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He is the author of NY Times best seller  The Wrinkle Cure, The Perricone Prescription, The Perricone Promise and Forever Young. He is well known for his strong beleive that aging is caused by inflammation and one of his books contains diets to beat inflammation. He claims this theory is why he founded the skin care range and introduce people to a breakthrough skin care range that can prevent such damage.  Perricone has hundreds of patents and his formulas are very innovative. They claim their products  intelligent  approach to achieving beautiful skin through simply and effectively maintaining its optimal health.

Perricone does not have many reviews online so it is hard to gauge what consumers overall consenses on his products is. However, judging by the size of his business, the lack of reviews is always a good sign as most reviews are generally negative. Dr Perricone’s best sellers by far are Blue Plasma, Face Finishing Moisturizer, Cold Plasma and our personnel favourite the Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream. Perricone’s price points are high, average product is around $80. Dr Perricone has a variety of supplements which complement their skin care products. Perricone products are well formulated and include innovative ingredients. Perricone skin care products are suitable for mature skin as they are thicker and quite hydrating.

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  1. Chad

    First off I am a doctor and this is a real review. I heard about the Perricone Cold Plasma D products and wanted to give them a try. This stuff is nothing more than an expensive moisturizing system. Guys, you need a serum in addition to moisturizers. The Perricone MD products I used did not absorb easily into the facial skin, rather the products just sat on the surface of the skin. No, I am not using too much and I exfoliate daily. Don’t waste your money. I am not one to give other product endorsements, but I have had much better luck and results with the skin care products from Life Cell. For guys that travel often…like me…Life Cell is one tube — NOT five jars. Plus, you see results fast. With the Perricone MD products, I had to really rub and pull on my skin to get the products to absorb. That really defeats the purpose. Poor absorption + excessive pulling on the skin = potential for exacerbation of the appearance of “wrinkling skin”.

  2. Joanne Johnson

    Cold Plasma: Is this product a joke. I’ve used a lot of amazing products in my life but nothing like this. I’m not sure if your noses work but it stinks. It absolutely stinks like dead fish/ castor oil. My husband won’t come near me. I can’t even stand the smell of myself. Even if in looked 30 years younger I wouldn’t use it again. Thanks for allowing me this forum to tell the truth.

  3. Bruce Barnburner

    As a long time avid believer in Perricone MD Product Line, this mainly because it shows results and works.! It Seems to be Serious Science Based Skincare, seemingly innocuous and some Holistic Verbage thrown in….and as so, you would have to be serious about putting out the big $$$ in the long run to get the results you need. We have big faith , and believe in the Science, there fore it rolls along…But amongst all the superficial claims and what All Those Glowing Reviews proclaim, there is a dirty little secret buried within the science of Perricone MD that should be revealed. Pls read, this is important for all us fans of our dear Doctor P.

    Myself… Regarding the following disclosures. I am quite shocked and feel quite betrayed… As This is perhaps so wide spread throughout the Whole of the Cosmoceutical Industry ….. It is a wake up call….Pls read on:

  4. Paul

    I am a 40 year old guy who was looking for a quality skin cream so that I could stop wasting time and money on stuff that doesnt work. Perricone is actually amazing and finally a cream that I can actually see a difference with. Even if it looks like it costs more, it doesnt, compare that to a cheap bottle of moisturpriser from your local supermarket that last a week, this stuff lasts forever so is not only far better quality, but also works out to be the same price or cheaper. I won’t be moving from Perricone now that I’ve found how good it is!

  5. Mary

    I bought items from Perricone, I live in the uk. I have only been using it for 4 days and now my face is burning and there are small red cyst like bumps on my face. It also feels like it is in the muscle of my cheeks. I have stopped using the product immediately and washed it off my face. I have never had any problems with any other products. Fortunately I bought it from a TV show and can get a refund. I am shocked as I have never reacted to anything like this in my life. There is obviously something in it that is not agreeing with some customers. I have always taken care of my skin and thought I would “upgrade”. Never again. I’m sticking to my usual products and routines from now on.

  6. Karen

    I am 63 years old an have been using Perricone products for 20 years and am quite happy with it. I no longer have forehead wrinkles, or the laugh lines by my eyes. I also don’t have the deep folds by my mouth. I have never had a reaction to the products. Most people think I am much younger than I am due to the lack of wrinkles on my face and neck. I am quite happy with the products and will continue to use them. I still have a small bit of sun damage due to getting a deep tan every summer in my younger days but even that is far less apparent.

  7. Kristin

    I wish I had read all these reviews before purchasing the products. I purchased and used (twice) the High Potency eye cream and had the most horrific allergic reaction that kept me out of work for 5 days. My eyes were severely swollen, itchy, red, constantly watering/tearing, and matted shut when I would wake up. I thought I had pinkeye, but then I wasn’t showing the same symptoms. After three doctor appointments and 4 trips to the pharmacy, I was put on a topical steroid, oral steroid and steroid eye cream. The amount of money that I spent on doctors appointments and trips to the pharmacy far supersedes what I paid for this eye cream. I did email the company and they sent me a return label that same day. But NO ONE should put themselves at risk with this stuff. This has been one of the worst weeks of my life.

  8. Ida Strickland

    Like all the women in the world we are looking for the miracle cream. We all want to look younger. I believe when you hear about a product and they use characters like actors and I cannot believe they stand by this product. They don’t put the ingredients in their products. When I first saw the commercial on tv and of course we are suckers to these beauty products. After trying the product I think a week I starting breaking out with itchy and red scaly rash puffy face it last month’s before it clear my face was a solid red and I was so embarrass to present myself to the public. The eye cream called the blue plasma for eyes. The results were horribly horrific. I recommend to research more about this products. I cannot believe that they get away by selling of this products. I am not the only one with this results. I recommend protect your skin do not buy the product. I feel I am going to research what can I do to find out more about their company and what can I do to help people like myself who has taking advantage of women wanted to look younger and not knowing what your putting in your skin. My products do not have the ingredients. I want to take my product to have it tested.

  9. Jen

    Absolutely LOVE the products I have been using!!!! I used another “Dr. G*&^%” and never saw this amount of improvement. I used the other product for one year, used Dr. Perricone for 2 months. My family and friends still think I went under the needle. Lol. I hope to get them hooked!! Thank you
    Much Care

  10. Ray

    I just decided to check my billing statement on-line and there was a charge of $49.95 from Perricone. I called their 800 number and spoke with a call center person (with an Indian (?) accent) who explained that this was for my final balance of my order. I only ordered once and it was from Sephora. The call center person said, per my account, my next shipment would be in May and I told him I do not want any more product. He asked me why and I told him I rarely use the product. He said he would delay the next shipment. I told him I want to close my account (which I had no idea I even had an account). He was very pleasant and not pushy at all but I smell a rat with this company. Maybe this review has nothing to do with the product itself but I do not trust this company and now I am leery of Sephora

  11. Yohanna

    Was excited to try Sub-D from Perricone but after trying for awhile it didn’t work. I called Perricone and told them to cancel and returned the product. It took a very long time to receive the refund and finally did it but the refund was less than originally paid for. However, I received another package from them and they charged me again and they said this was the auto refill of which I said I did not want and have already cancelled it. They asked to return again and now I have to wait for a long time before receiving refund. I am super upset with Perricone and this company is not to be trusted. Be very careful with their marketing gimmicks and closely monitor your credit card statement.

  12. Lynn

    I was really excited to try the Dr. Perricone products when I saw them on GMA steals & deals. I had my eye on the product line at Sephora so I was thrilled to be able to get my hands on them at half off and without having to enroll in the auto program offered by Perricone. Unfortunately, I had a severe reaction to the Cold Plasma eye cream and a mild one to the Cold Plasma face/neck cream. After two uses I had burns under both eyes. One of my eyes actually looks like I was hit in the eye the burn is so dark. I think this product is “use at your own risk” after reading all the posts on burns. I have used other products that are considered somewhat harsh on the skin with no negative effects (Obagi). I did experience good customer service when I called to get the refund process started. The woman was friendly & there was no run around. It’s unfortunate this happened and I am now hesitant to try any other products from Dr. Perricone. I definitely think a warning on the label is needed. I also hope this burn goes away in a timely fashion. It’s very enflamed and uncomfortable. The rash on my chest from the face/neck cream is already starting to heal and wasn’t as severe, but again, not ideal and won’t be using that product anymore going forward. Again, use the eye cream at your own risk and I wouldn’t recommend it. My burns came on fast and are not mild. Even neosporin is aggitating the burn. Much more significant than a “sun burn” and more along the lines of a chemical burn.

  13. Marcy

    Well after hearing good and bad reviews of this products i will give them the benefit of the doubt. There can be lots of factors that the product is not working for every one, maybe they neglect their skin for a long time and now they want miracles over night, or maybe using to much product and saturating the skin, maybe the products they used after like make ups that is making a bad chemical combination reaction to the skin. I know they are pricey but sometimes we spent more money neglecting our sink and body with other bad habits. Im 37 and i have very very sensitive skin and dark circles, i have used the products for few days and seems to work fine, but we never know after a while, but other experiences i had with other facial products gave a rash or itching immediately and i could tell right there in then that the product wasn’t for me. So i want to belive in Perricone and give it a chance. I will write another review after using the product enough time, and time will give me the reason to stay or quit.

  14. Trin

    I ordered this product after viewing a commercial. I started to use the products with no issue. 3 weeks later I developed a rash on my face and neck. I visited my Doctor and was given cortisone injection and put on medication. The itching was horrific, I would wake up at night and scratch to no end. It felt like my skin was on fire. I was unable to go out for a week as my rash was bright red and extremely uncomfortable. I decided to try the product again 3 months later ( I was sent an automatic shipment). After just one day the rash and itching started. I sent a letter to the company informing them of my rash, and requested them to stop sending the product. They did not respond and continue to send the product bill me. It obvious they do not take the time to read letters and care about their clients. Disappointed

    • Leigh Poole

      I have been using dr. Perricone no makeup makeup serum for around two years now about two weeks ago I had to purchase my Foundation as well as my bronzer. Something has gone wrong. I have never had a negative reaction to this product until this last batch that I purchased. After about an hour after applying my skin begin to itch I washed my face and through the next few hours my face continue to itch and burn now my face appears to have a horrible sunburn I contacted a doctor Perricone representative and she assured me that dr. Perricone had not changed his product in any way and that this is the first she has heard of any reaction to any of his products something is going on my face is burning and itching it was suggested to use hydrocortisone cream but it is not helping I don’t think I will be using this product ever again

  15. Louise

    I’ve been using these products (Perricone MD Neuropeptide Night Cream, Hypoallergenic Firming Eye Cream, Cold Plasma Sub-D, Face Finishing Moisturiser and No Foundation Foundation) for about two weeks. Initially, I was delighted noticing a real improvement in the texture and appearance of my skin. A couple of days ago I felt my eyes feeling scratchy and very itchy in the corners and yesterday, a red, bumpy and itchy rash on my neck. Tonight, my eyes are burning and streaming. QVC are happy for me to return products and receive a refund which is brilliant of them but really worried that I may have caused some real damage. Really unhappy 😪

  16. Vicky S.

    I have been using Perricone MD for over a year now and it does work wonders for me. At 45 years old I started seeing the signs of aging in my face: discoloration, wrinkles on my forehead, and dryness. I started using Dr. Perricone’s products and I have seen a huge improvement. I use: Neuropeptide Facial Cream, Acyl-Glutathione Eyelid Serum, Neuropeptide Necolletage and Firming Pads (this is my toner). I got the first 4 products mentioned as a skin care set through QVC and it was affordable. These along with the Nutritive and Sensitive Cleansers keeps my skin young and healthy. No more issues. My skin looks radiant, wonderful. Got many compliments at work, at the gym, everywhere.

    • Rachel Casto

      Anyone that says anything good about this product is either getting paid to say it or is full of crap. This products does absolutely nothing, and as far as the return policy, you have to fight with the operator

  17. Barbara Ewalt

    I ordered a trial kit and thought that was that. But then all of a sudden more products were coming and my credit card was charged. I never was told about this. I had to cancel my credit card to avoid more billing. On top of that the products made my face very red and rough. I finally figured out the products were the cause. My eyes were puffy with a red itchy rash. I have used Retin A and have never had the amount of redness and eye discomfort I have had with this product. Besides the poor customer service the product didn’t work for me either. it will take awhile for my skin to return to its prior state.

  18. Lori Zimmerman

    I, too, develop a rash after using the product for a couple of months. I stopped using everything and slowly introduced products one at a time. I opened a new jar of the neck cream and applied it. I had what felt like second degree sun burn with bumps on my next area for four days. It was so itchy and burning I couldn’t sleep. I do not have overly sensitive skin either. I was not happy with the product performance before as there are lots just as good and not as expensive. Returning or stopping the automatic billing is not easy. I do NOT recommend and warn others to look else where for skin products. NO STARS!

    • Antoinette in Queens, NY

      Dr, Perricone products in my experience and opinion are not only bad for your skins causing severe skin damage and permanent discoloration it may also be hazardous to your health. I used his product for only a few days and it appears it caused a lifetime of damage. I have always had beautiful near flawless skin and I only decided to use the products after seeing a very convincing Infomercial. I thought since I was in my 50’s I might be time to get started on preventive care before the wrinkles came. Honestly I had no wrinkles and have very little two years after the severe skin damage I experienced from Dr. Perricone product use. My face was severely burned, dry and it looked like I was cut – that is how deep and severe the wrinkles that I never had but after use of this product, The itching and redness were severe and lasted for months. It cause me great embarrassment and humiliation. I became depressed and just wanted to hide my face. The product had also lightened my already light skin in areas and I was told the damage could not be revered. This is a horrible product that not only didn’t work but caused severe and permanent damage. I am afraid everyday. I have headaches and I am not sure if the product entered my body and will later cause other issues.

    • Editor

      We’re sorry to see you didn’t see any results. Please take a look at Advanced Dermatology. It is our #1 recommendation on the site. Read the review but don’t expect fancy packaging or pleasant fragrances. These are dermatological skin care products. Not luxury products.

    • Hilda Conti

      I have used this products and end up in the dr office just like you – burning swelling and my eyelids failed down – very painful
      I am under Drs care now and I hope this is a temporary damage !!!
      Terrible experience !!!

    • Ruk claro

      Why is it hard to return the items ? Please help . I developed rash all over my face and neck after two days of using it !

  19. Leigh

    I had been using Dr. Perricone’s Sub-D for several weeks and developed a red, very itchy rash on my neck. I stopped using it and used OTC cortizone creme for a couple of days, then the rash subsided a good deal. I tried the Sub-D once more and…the rash returned. There may be some herbs in it that cause allergy, but I think I’m going to stop all his products, just to be safe.

  20. Cindy

    Stay away from this Company. In addition to getting a very hot itchy rash on my neck and eyes (I do not have sensitive skin), I cancelled my order. However, for the last 8 months I’ve been battling to get them to stop sending their product and stop charging me. Finally the product stopped but not the billing! Very bad customer servie ~ you’ve been warned!

  21. peg

    I bought the sub d plasma neck cream and developed an itchy rash from use. it took a week to get my skin back to normal. I decided to try again months later and same thing happened. I used product in late fall, at night before bed and cleansed skin in morning to remove before going outside thinking sunlight might be causing sensitivity. it is very expensive and I do not recommend it to anyone.

  22. Tanya

    I love Perricone products. I have been using them for the past 12 years. It is expensive, but it works for me. I started using products, when I was 28, because, I had Rosesea and antibiotics did not work, but Perricone products did work. I’m 40 years old now. I love my skin and people say I do not age. People say, I look in the early 30th. I do have to budget which products I buy. I do have sensitive skin and skin allergies, so I almost always use the same products that I used 12 years ago and they are not the most expensive ones. I never returned products that I ordered, and I never did automatic renewals, so I never had to deal with customer service. I usually wait for promotions on Perricone website. I switch to other brands, but always came back to my favorite Perricone, because my skin loves it. Over the years, I used Perricone hypoallergenic line. I like it. However, my favorites are: face finishing moisturizer, eye serum, citrus wash, and vitamin c ester products. I’m planning on using Perricone products as long as I can afford them.

  23. Nancy Bowman

    Ordered the trial kit and was told no subsequent shipment would arrive, UNTRUE, 30 days later, my charge card was billed for another shipment. The first shipment arrived with no instructions for use, that’s how rushed they are to send out the stuff. I called this morning pretending to order and was told no future shipments would be sent,. HA! I have returned all products but Perricone MD keeps sending me a bill. Even the collection agency they use, apologized for any inconvenience upon hearing from my attorney.Perricone answered my one blog because it was a public site but haven’t responded to my later comments. Should have remembered my rotation in dermatology, creams on the outside don’t work. Beautiful skin is from the inside. I would guess most of the positive comments are from Perricone, itself.

  24. Lynne

    I had been using the no Foundation Foundation along with the bronzer and blush. It was fine for a couple months, then I stopped due to foot surgery and not going out of the house. When I used the products again, I developed a rash with swelling and itching. Had to take a Benedryl to get the swelling and itch to stop. I waited till that cleared up and tried it again. Worse reaction that time. After more Benedryl and Shea butter to clear what looked like a chemical burn on my face I will not be using any Perricone products again.

    • Phyllis O'Neal O'Brien

      I would actually give these products a minus star if I could as I, too, developed the same skin irritation as others. Not only did my neck develop an itchy rash, but my eyes became puffy and my entire face was a dry, flaky mess! It took me a while to figure out the cause, because I had been using the Perricone products for almost 8 months (proof that a new shipment after three months is NOT needed). After eliminating all products I was using and bringing things back one at a time, there’s no doubt the Perricone products were the cause of my troubles. I also did not like their marketing practices. After receiving the initial package of products for the “three month trial,” I could not find any written information regarding what I had signed up for. I called immediately, asked again for the terms, and came to the conclusion that they purposely don’t send written documentation of the terms. I expressed my dissatisfaction with their sales practices and discontinued the recurring shipments. So glad I did!

    • Anonymous

      The same thing happened to me. I used to be fine putting it on and then stopped for a few weeks to a month and I developed a rash on my cheeks. I didn’t think it was the foundation at first till again I tired it and again I got the rash but worse. Last time I am going to use it.

    • Annie

      I just had a very similar thing happen. I bought Perricone High Potency Eye Treatment and after two days of using it my eyes are swollen with angry red marks and very itchy. The area also feels very dry and slightly grainy. I am upset with myself for paying $118 for this product at Sephora and tossing the receipt when I got home. I’m pretty sure I can’t take it back anymore.

  25. Lynn

    Also used Plasma Sub D for my neck and developed a red itchy rash. I stopped using it and the rash cleared up. After a few weeks I tried using it again because I was not certain of the cause, and once again the rash appeared. Wound up throwing the jar away.

    • mindy paul

      I also am suffering from a red, hot, itchy rash on my neck. I don’t know what to do about it and my dr. is not calling me back. I put an ice pack on my neck this morning and am using anti-itch cream. It seems a little less red after a day. This was a very expensive rash!

  26. Ramona

    After two months of using these products my face has developed an itchy red rash. Will have to discontinue and never purchase again.

  27. wanda

    I tried the Cold Plasma Sub D the blue plasma eye and face lift.
    I used 1 time the next day my entire face and neck burnt, the next day my face was so swollen I could not go to work.
    They did give my money back right away but that did not cover the Doctors bill I had to pay. I am on day three of my recovery face red and eyes still swollen, now skin is starting to crack it hurts,
    I just hope there is no lasting scars.

  28. Gerry

    I bought the today special value. I was very excited to try the product. One girl I worked with said gerry you will never get ride if your lines on your face and neck. I guess it was about four days into using the product when some one asked me was I getting Botox. I started noticing that my cheek bones and my eye lids where swelling. I starting using smaller amounts. After the 5 day I noticed my neck had a red rash all over. Called the company they suggested me to stop using the product for a couple of days. After that try one at a time to see what one I had a reaction to. So that is where I am at now. We will see how it goes I guess.

  29. Coral

    I am very upset that I can not talk to a customer person if I am not placing an order. They are fast to answer if you press 1 to place an order but if it is for anything other than placing an order a recording comes on and you are not able to speak to someone. The service sucks…. I need to speak to someone other than the order desk. They are fast to take your order and your money but tif there is a problem no one will answer the phone and you can’t leave a message. Guess I will go some where else..

    • Cindy

      Dear Coral,
      I’ve just been on the phone off and on (between my bank and Perricone MD) for the last 2 hours. They are impossible! However, I will share with you the fax number they gave me to send my bank statment as proof they charged but have not credited back what they owe me. The number is 828 684 1730. I asked for proof from them that they paid and of course they could not. Likely because they hadn’t done it, hoped I forget about it. Good luck!

  30. Maryel

    I reordered the product, and after a couple of uses noticed the SubD for the neck caused a bright red broken out rash to my chest and jaw line. It was itchy and so irritated I had to cover up considerably when leaving the house! I stopped immediately and it took a few DAYS for the severe scarey rash and red flush to go down. I can still see a bit of it “under the skin,” and have been just trying to wash gently and apply skin soothing rash ointment which seems to be working. this smelly product hopefully has not left any permanent damage to my skin.

  31. Donna

    Within a week after first using the product, my husband thanked me for using the product, he was happy with the results on my neck…

  32. Anonymous

    I bought the neck cream with face lift and eye lift dreams 2 months ago. I do not notice any improvements to my skin. I’m cancelling my subscription.

  33. Lauri

    I have to say that, when used in the recommended combinations, Dr. Perricone products really do what they say they’ll do. I’ve used the acne/pore reducing regimen, as well as an anti-anging regimen. My issue with Dr. Perricone is 2-fold. First of all, the products are extremely expensive. My second issue is with customer service. I signed up for the auto-renewal to save a bit of money, but as another reviewer mentioned, it is very clear that this company’s customer service M.O. is to trap you into spending money and then being very hard to reach to deal with problems. You cannot manage your auto-renewals online (say to skip a delivery or change the frequency), you have to call the company…which you inevitably are too busy to do and then wind up with a bunch of extra product. All of this being said, the products work extremely well and will achieve results in just a manner of weeks.

  34. rjfelix

    I tried the Perricone plasma but found it left my skin too dry. I called and cancelled future orders and I was so surprised and grateful that it was cancelled and the money was redeposited in my account. This is one honest and reputable company is my experience.

  35. Linda

    I have had a problem with a very red itchy rash on my neck and the hand I used to apply it, after using Sub D cold plasma. After the first bout I stopped, then tried it again and the same thing occurred. I do not have sensitive skin and have had no previous skin problems.

  36. Linda

    I used Sub D Plasma on my neck for several months, once, occasionally twice a day. I developed a very itchy, red rash on my neck and on the hand I use to apply it.

  37. Karen

    I have just ordered my first shipment, and am looking forward to trying Dr. Perricone’s products. I was able to get in on a great deal that was being offered, otherwise I would have said no, to the price. I will post another review once I have my products!

  38. Lurline

    The Amine Face Lift did not work for me ,it makes my complexion dark,and the
    Sub-D after three months use I did not see much improvement. Besides the products are too expensive.

  39. Barbara

    I asked for a TRIAL SHIPMENT from this company. They sent it to me then sent another shipment and charged my credit card $104. I had to pay to ship it back and I’m jumping through hoops to get my money back.

    They will not give anyone a phone number for their billing department and require 4 to 6 weeks to process a return!

    I would not encourage anyone to deal with this company!

  40. Andrea

    I was very curious about the Perricone Sub-D cream for the neck and finally succumbed to purchasing when I received a department store gift certificate that defrayed part of the ridiculously high cost. Just like another person’s comment above, I used the product with no problem (and no results) for about a month when developed a very itchy rash that was difficult to clear up. When it finally healed, I waited a couple of weeks and tried the cream one more time, hoping it was not the cause. It was. I won’t use this stuff again.

    • paula

      Andrea, i also used the neck cream and developed a horrible rash, with bumps and itched horribly. Skin is bright red. Any suggestions on what to do?

  41. samin

    I ordered the neck cream kit to try his products. I did not see any changes and the product was smelly.

    The bigger problem came later when I received another package that I never ordered. I called them and they tolled me I can return it. Who has the time to go to post office to return it. Anyway I have filled a dispute….let see. If you want to buy it, buy it from only. I never buy his products anymore.

  42. Diana

    I just started using the cold plasma eye cream, I am a 51 yr young woman with very dry skin and dark circles under my eyes, when I put on concealer it does not blend well due to dryness. I just started using this cream twice daily and so far it feels better, but I am still not sold that it works. I will try for a few months and return with a verdict.

  43. Susan Trear

    I will take responsibility for not following their pricing when I first purchased, however: Ordered first “kit” in January 2014, a “3-mo supply” of items, for $99.95. Then was billed additional $79.95 in February and again in March. So, a 3-mo supply (one kit) will actually cost you around $260.00. Too much for a retired person I’m afraid. No complaints about the products; they seem pretty good, but too pricey. There are other effective product lines I believe.

  44. Pat

    This product not only did not provide the skin care results it touted – there were repeated charges over months that are still unresolved for over $1400.00 for product I never reveived nor wanted. Perricone was unwilling to stand by their products, accept returns of product and issue the appropriate credits.
    Not a reputable company – wouldn’t recommend anyone purchase anything from them.

    • Tommy


      Have you ever received your refund? I am having the same issue with something that my wife purchased and the told her 4-6 weeks for the credit to show but I don’t believe it will happen.

  45. RH

    I used the Sub-D neck area cream and liked it at first, but after about a month I had an adverse reaction to it. My neck turned red from a very itchy rash which lasted 3days after I stopped using it. The extreme night cream hasn’t caused me any problems, nor has the daytime facelift cream, and they both seem to keep my skin soft. My favorite product is the No Foundation Foundation – now that is awesome. My overall opinion is that his products are good, but not any better than Murad products.

  46. Paula

    I love the way it makes the skin feel. i have been using perricone sub d for two years. The best thing about the product is the texture. It hydrates but it leaves a matt finish. My skin feels soft and smooth every time i use it. I would like to try other products like the cold plasma range but i just cannot afford it.

  47. Stella

    Okay, after reading this review I bought both the Targeted and Corrective Skin Care Regiments to try. So I am using all o the following products:
    Targed Skin Care regimen with Cold Plasma, High Potency Eveniong Repair and Advanced Eye Area Therapy. I also added Ntritive Cleanser., Formula 15 and Face Finishing Moisturizer.
    Perricone skin care products are expensive but I have read good things about them.

  48. Sabrina

    Great products. I trust Doctor Perricone MD with my skin care needs. I am not sure if it just me or everybody has the same experience with Perricone skin care products. The Cold Plasma Eye Cream is out of this world. Great product.

  49. Peter

    I have been using Perricone skin care product for several years and people keep telling me I have beautiful skin. Yes the products are expansive but they are well worth it because they use higher grade ingredients that actually work.

  50. Perricone Review

    I am so glad to see this review on Perricone skin care. I’m a big fan of Dr Perricone anti aging products I agree with the review above about cold plasma and it is definitely the best wrinkle cream you can buy – if you can afford it. I get tons of positive comments on my skin so I definitely know how to take care of it and which products to use.

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