The 3 Best Night Creams

One of the most effective steps in any skincare routine is a night cream. Night creams are the last and final step of the day, designed to be applied to the skin right before you hit the sheets and work throughout the night to repair, rejuvenate, and revitalize the skin. And yes, while there are countless other facial creams and powerful serums that can promise to deliver the same results when applied during the day, night creams harness the power of your skin’s peak cell regeneration hours to work its magic.  It has been proven that skin absorbs ingredients and regenerates best at night while you sleep, so a good night cream designed to meet your skin’s most pressing concerns is exactly what you need to wake up with the skin of your dreams.

We have curated a list of best night creams, including anti aging night creams for mature skin, hydrating night creams for dry skin and gentle night creams for sensitive skin type.

Why  a Night Cream?

Before you shop for the best night cream, it is important that you understand how night creams differ from daily moisturizers and other lotions. Many daily moisturizers contain SPF protection to protect skin from free radicals, while night creams contain a number of ingredients that work to improve the skin’s tone and texture while you sleep. Most daytime moisturizers are formulated to be worn over makeup and are lighter in texture than lotions and moisturizers that are meant for daytime use. However, one of the most significant differences in these daytime lotions and moisturizers are the ingredients they contain, and in order to find the best night cream, you will need to compare these ingredients to get favorable results based on your beauty goals.

Why Use a Night Cream

For people with mature skin, using a night cream is like second nature. But for those who aren’t well versed on skincare—and anti-aging skincare in particular—adding an extra step to your nightly routine may seem like a waste of time. Before you opt of including a good night cream in your skincare line up, understand that night creams can help to dramatically transform your skin if you find the right one, use it consistently, and correctly. The best night cream can deliver a host of skincare benefits including adding hydration and moisture back into the skin, soothing dry or irritated skin, evening and brightening the complexion and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And the benefits of a good night cream are much more than skin deep. If you include the best night cream for your skin in your routine, you’ll also enjoy benefits like stimulated collagen production which is essential for healthy, youthful appearing skin, restoration of elasticity which helps with firmness and sagging skin, and increased blood circulation which can help the overall appearance and health of the skin.

The Best Night Cream Ingredients

If you’re at the stage where you’re comparing ingredients to find the best night cream for your individual skin type, keep in mind what type of skin issues you’re trying to treat. After all, it’s not just about the time of day you apply the cream, but the specific problems you are trying to address. For example, if you want a night cream that fights crow’s feet and other wrinkles around the eyes, then the best night cream choice would be one with retinol and peptides would be viable choice. Not only does retinoid (vitamin A) boost cell turnover, it reduces the signs of photo aging that occur with sun exposure. It is also safer for your skin to use retinol products at night, as this ingredient may make skin more sensitive to the sun.

If you suffer from dry flaky skin on face or neck, then the best night cream will contain hydrating ingredients such as essential oils and shea butter. A rich formula that combines a number of oils, like argan oil or jojoba oil, will prevent dryness and flaking, as the skin will absorb them overnight to improve  texture.

The best night cream for fighting fine lines and wrinkles will also contain collagen-stimulating ingredients, like peptides; or hydrating chemicals, like hyaluronic acid. However, as you choose a best night cream, it is important that you keep your skin type in mind and how these ingredients may affect it, including possible side effects that may occur.

How to Find the Best Night Cream for You

Now that you understand why using a night cream is important, the next thing you need to do is find the best night cream for you. There are countless night creams available that can help get your skin into its best shape but you need to know what your needs are first so you can ensure you get the best results.

When starting out on your search for the best night cream, think about your skin type first. Nothing will derail your skincare goals like choosing a night cream that isn’t well suited for your skin type. If you have dry skin concerns, the best night cream for you will be hydrating, but if you have oily skin that same night cream may be too much for your skin to handle. Next, think about your skin’s main concerns. This will help you choose the best night cream to deliver the greatest results. There are night creams specifically designed to treat anti-aging concerns, night creams to address oily and acne prone skin, and night creams that can be used multiple ways. Whatever your skin type and skin concern, there is a night cream that will work exclusively for you.

Specific Skin concerns

Although different night creams will have different ingredients to address different needs, there are a few main ingredients you should be on the look out for in a good night cream. You’ll want to use a night cream that is packed with antioxidants and vitamins like A, C, and E. These help protect the skin from environmental damage. If you’re opting to choose a natural based night cream, look out for conditioning oils like jojoba and olive that help to give your skin the nourishment it needs. And as far as anti-aging additives go, key ingredients to look out for are retinol, alpha hydroxy acids, and peptides.

Once you’ve found a night cream (or two) that you think is well suited for your skin type and will be able to meet your personal skincare needs, it’s essential to follow a routine and give it time to work. Often, people add products or steps into their skincare routines and expect instant transformation with inconsistent processes. Many night creams will take time to see truly transformative effects.

Dry skin: For people with dry skin, packing on the hydration is the number one goal of a night cream. The best night cream for this skin type is a super rich, extremely creamy product that may even be defined as a mask for its intensely moisturizing properties. To use an overnight mask as a night cream, you can follow the typical application a couple times a week or incorporate a smaller dose nightly to reap the benefits of the hydrating formulation. These kinds of night creams are great at hydrating the skin and locking in moisture so skin stays hydrated throughout the day. The best night cream for dry skin will also contain soothing ingredients that help calm dry irritated skin as well. And of course, the night cream should be packed with antioxidants to protect the skin and brightening ingredients to help even the complexion.

Sensitive skin types: When it comes to the best night cream for sensitive skin, you want to ensure you’re choosing something that’s not going to do more harm than good. With many night creams, the powerful ingredients may be too much for sensitive skin to handle. The best night cream for those with sensitive skin is a soothing cream that has been dermatologist and allergy tested. It will likely contain skin soothing ingredients that work to calm and relax the skin while you sleep, along with vitamin based antioxidants to protect the skin from environmental stress during the day.

Oily skin: For people with oily skin, the best night cream to use isn’t a cream at all. You’ll want to opt for a gel textured night cream that is lightweight and absorbs easily into skin. With oily skin, many night creams are too heavy on the skin adding to oil production and decongestion which can result in breakouts. Your night cream should be light, refreshing, and oil-free working to hydrate without feeling heavy.

Best Night Cream for Acne Prone Skin – Pore Clearing Cream

If you have acne prone skin and suffer from frequent breakouts and blemishes, you know how frustrating it can be to add a new product to your skincare routine. Your first concern when looking for a night cream should be something that won’t aggravate your acne prone skin and then, something that will help reduce breakouts. The best night cream for acne prone skin will be non-comedogenic so it won’t clog pores, fragrance-free, and containing natural ingredients wherever possible. The main ingredient in these night creams should be  Lactic acid which will work overnight to get deep into pores, clearing them of dirt, bacteria, and impurities that cause acne breakouts.

Best Night Cream for Acne Prone Skin to try:

PCA Skin Acne Cream

Best Anti Aging Night Cream – Firming Night Creams

If you have mature skin, the best night cream for you will be a firming night cream that has a focus on diminishing the signs of age in the skin. A good anti aging night cream will work to stimulate collagen and elastin production which will help reduce sagging and firm the skin. These kinds of night creams typically focus on skin tightening benefits which also impacts the appearance wrinkles and fine lines. Their formulations are commonly packed with ingredients like retinol which work to clear pores and boost collagen, along with antioxidants to protect skin from environmental free radicals, and brightening and gentle exfoliating ingredients to help improve the complexion and appearance of skin.

Best Anti Aging Night Cream: Advanced Dermatology Anti-Wrinkle Firming Night Treatment

Best Night Cream for 30s – Tech Savvy Creams

If you’re in your 30’s you might feel like adding a night cream to your nightly skincare routines is a bit premature, however, that’s exactly the opposite. This is the prime time to focus on anti-aging so that your skin will continue to look youthful, healthy, and radiant as you age. The good news is, there are countless tech savvy night creams with innovative technologies and ingredients available today, that can allow you to experiment and find a night cream that focuses on good skincare overall along with addressing key anti-aging concerns. These types of night creams typically have very lightweight textures and are full of ingredients like hyaluronic acid to moisturize, antioxidants to protect, and vitamins to improve the complexion. The best night cream for 30s is one that will combat premature aging and work to give your skin a bright youthful appearance.

Best Night Cream for 30s to try: Advanced Dermatology Deep Cellular Regeneration Cream




  1. Anonymous

    I always use retinol at night because I was up looking refreshed. It is not advisable using retinol during the day because it makes the skin sensitive to the sun.

  2. Little Lizzy

    Dior make the best night creams. I use dior capture totale for firming, wrinkles, and uneven tone and i like the way the product has the added cosmetic benifit of tightening the face and smoothing wrinkles.

  3. Kat

    Can you reocommend a good anti aging night cream for deep wrinkles around the mouth for Asian skin types? I’ve read that we have thinner skin in the face so it is better to use products that are designed for us. I want to try some Japanese skin care brands, can you recommend the best night cream for Asian women?

  4. Carol

    The best night cream for wrinkles is sleep. Seriously. There is no anti aging product in the world that works as well as beauty sleep. Pack up all your skin care products and replace it with good old fashioned sleep. It is the best night cream you will find in your dreams.

  5. Pixy

    I have heard really good thing about l oreal revitalift night cream but I am looking for something with retinol that also works on oily skin. Does the proactiv night cream contain retinol and can that help wrinkles and aging or is it just for acne?

  6. Kat

    The best night cream is Clinique Repairwear Intensive Night Cream for $50 from Macys. Seriously, It really hydrates dry skin and leaves the skin softer. When I went to the Clinique counter the rep looked at my skin and said this product will not only hydrate dry skin but it will also provide lots of anti aging benefits. Apparently it has some ingredients that work like retinol. It works much better then the L’oreal, Garnier, Nivea and ponds night cream as well. I used to use retinol night creams before but they cause my skin to flake even more. If you you are looking for the top night cream, then try Clinique Repairwear as a face night cream. It’s a good product that I will continue using unless they invent something else.

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