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- Elizabeth Grant Skin Care

Those looking to address aging and damaged skin may have considered Elizabeth Grant skin care products, a Canadian company that sells personal care products all over the world. Founded in the 1950’s in England, the brand is a brainchild of Elizabeth Grant, a woman who created her formulations do deal with her own skin problems. Today, the manufacturer offers a wide range of items, including face creams, serums, toners, fragrance, and much more. However, although some Elizabeth Grant skin care products have multiple exotic ingredients, it’s important to seek the advice of a skin care expert before using these items on a regular basis. Our skin is our main barrier of defense against bacteria and pathogens, and using the wrong ingredients can do more than just irritate the skin, but actually weaken that barrier. Therefore, it’s advisable to read Elizabeth Grant skin care product reviews and carefully research the ingredients in the formulations, to avoid potentially serious side effects.

How Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Products Work

The main story behind the Elizabeth Grant skin care line suggests that the founder didn’t originally intend to start a global company. Instead, Elizabeth Grant was focused on healing her own skin, which sustained damage during World War II, after a bomb explosion.

Having found the products to be helpful for her skin, she launched the Elizabeth Grant skin care line to sell the products in local stores. At first the brand was operating out of Elizabeth’s home, but began to grow as the company’s line became more popular.
The key behind the formulations were special ingredients, like kelp, which is also referred to as brown algae, and is derived from the sea. This ingredient is sometimes included in skin care formulations due to its high content of vitamins and minerals, which can stimulate the skin healing processes and provide the natural building blocks for repairing damaged cells.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Ingredients

The Elizabeth Grant skin care line offers a large variety of products, with a diverse array of ingredients. This makes it vital to carefully research the ingredients in the specific product you are considering, to ensure that you are not allergic to any of the chemicals and are not likely to experience more serious side effects.

  • Green Power C Hydrating Cleanser:  This Elizabeth Grant skin care product was formulated with the idea of repairing skin damage with antioxidants, and brightening the skin with vitamin C. Other ingredients in this formulation include glycerin, to moisturize the skin; algae extract, to repair the skin; aloe vera leaf juice, to soothe skin irritation; and allantoin, to stimulate healing. The cost of this Elizabeth Grant skin cleanser is $20.75 for 6.7 ounces.
  • Supreme Essence of Torricelumn:  The main ingredient in this Elizabeth Grant skin care product is called Torricelumn. Looking at other skin care brands, this chemical will not be easy to find, because it seems to be a proprietary brand name created for the Elizabeth Grant skin care line. However, the main chemical in this specialty ingredient seems to be brown algae. In fact, the manufacturer suggests that this ingredient was the cornerstone chemical in the very first Elizabeth Grant skin care formulations. In addition to Torricelumn, this serum contains ingredients like marine stem cells, with the goal of boosting skin healing processes; vitamin A, to improve the skin shedding process; and marula oil, to moisturize. This Elizabeth Grant serum currently retails at about $100 for 1.7 ounces.
  • Collagen Re-Inforce Instant Eye Fill:  This Elizabeth Grant skin care product was created to reduce undereye wrinkles. Some of the ingredients in the formulation include, vitamin E, to repair skin damage; coenzyme Q 10, to repair damage with antioxidants; and hyaluronic acid, to create an immediate plumping effect in the skin by drawing moisture to the area. This moisturizer currently retails at approximately $33 for half an ounce.
  • Wonder Effect Night Wonder Concentrate: The goal behind this Elizabeth Grant skin care night exfoliator is to smooth out skin and reduce wrinkles. It is formulated with ingredients like hyaluronic acid, to moisturize; glycolic acid to exfoliate the skin; tamarind seed extract, to moisturize; and torricelumn to promote skin healing. This Elizabeth Grant skin care product currently costs approximately $58 for three ounces.

Where to Buy Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Products

Elizabeth Grant skin care products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, as well as through other ecommerce platforms like Dermstore.com and Amazon.com. However, when purchasing from unauthorized vendors, it’s important to read seller reviews to ensure that the vendor is reputable and does not sell defective products.

Elizabeth Grant Skin Care Reviews

The reviews for this skin care line’s products tend to be mixed, and tend to vary quite a bit from product to product. This is of course to be expected with a brand that offers a large variety of items. However, it’s important to note that some Elizabeth Grant reviews suggest that the products may have caused irritation and acne problems, though such claims must be reviewed on a case by case basis.

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- Elizabeth Grant Skin Care


  1. Janet Garry

    I have purchased Elizabeth Grant’s products after having received some as a gift. I have since used many of their products and have given many gifts of the skin creams. I am fair with allergies and I have had absolutely no problems. It has helped with wrinkles, I am 71 and folks that have found this out are quite shocked. I am sure it is due to my skin. A woman in this day and age would be amis not to try this product. Regards, a loyal follower of this line.

  2. Beth Logan

    Elizabeth Grant is the first cosmetic line – skin care line that I have not been allergic to. I must avoid all the highly perfumed items particularly cologne and perfumes but the skin care products with citrus and vanilla scents are fine for me. Unscented is best. I can’t stop getting older, but I can do it with nicer skin. There will always be some people who have allergic reactions, but as a person with many allergies I have been very lucky with these products.

  3. Louise Porter

    New to this skin care range im Irish so have fair skin. This range is FANTASTIC my skin is way softer and brighter . Im using the CAVIAR cream and at 55 my skin barely has any wrinkles .5star for this product .xx

  4. Janice Carlson-McLeid

    I have been using Elizabeth Grant skincare for a little over a year. I use the Collagen Re-inforce in summer and the Caviar Nutrariche in winter. I absolutely love both lines. At 62 years old my skin looks better than it ever has! I am a western Canadian living in the prairies and purchase from TSC. I would highly recommend Elizabeth Grant Skincare.

  5. Iris Harpe

    I tried to use the Elizabeth Grant cosmetic line two different times. The first time was terrible I was allergic to it and my skin broke out something terrible.I did return the product to TSC and did receive a refund.
    The second time I purchased it, I found it to be very heavy on my skin and itchy. The next thing I knew I could literally scrape it off my skin.
    I had my skin care jars on my vanity and decided to open them and look inside, they looked like melted lard in the cosmetic containers.
    I am a good home grown Canadian woman and live in Canada. I would rate this cosmetic line a 0+
    A complete waste of money. Save your dollars girls.

    • Annette G

      Janice….You ever think YOU have an allergenic reaction to it and not have anything to do with the product itself? You shouldn’t knock down a product so badly because you have sensitive skin issues. Just don’t buy the product again and ask for your money back. Loser

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