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Artistry carries a complete line of makeup and skin care products for both men and women. The company’s product line focuses on anti-aging, cleansing, and beautification with creams, facial washes, and all-natural makeup. Artistry was established in the 1950’s by a married couple who wanted to offer people an alternative to chemically-based makeup and skin cream. Today, the company is exclusively partnered with Amway, a global beauty and skin care distribution business. As you learn more about the company, and maybe even read Artistry reviews, keep in mind that the key to selecting the best skin care products should involve careful research to ensure that what you are buying will not damage your skin or cause an allergic reaction.

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Ingredients in the Artistry Product Line

Artistry makeup and skin care products are made from a number of natural ingredients and claim to have anti aging properties. Common ingredients include fruits and plants from Africa and the Mediterranean, as well as an ingredient called Micro-X6 Peptide, which is a blend of amino acids. Artistry claims that this blend helps to boost natural collagen production for younger-looking skin.

The product line includes toners, lip and eye care, facial masks, skin brighteners, and a number of anti aging products. The Artistry makeup line includes a number of different items such as mascara, eyeliner, eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, and concealer. Many of the makeup products include SPF protection.

Purchasing Artistry Products

Customers who want to purchase Artistry products can do so online, as the complete line is available through the health and beauty company Amway. Customers can browse products on the Artistry site, as each product has its own detailed page where they can learn more about how the product is made and how it may help them. Unfortunately, the site does not have Artistry reviews from customers, which hinders the shopping experience somewhat, due to lack of consumer information.

There are also a number of photos so that shoppers can see what the products look like and how they’re packaged. Once they make their item choices, customers can choose from a list of regions on the site that include locations from all over the world, and will then be redirected to a local Amway website where they can complete their order.

Shipping Policies

All guarantees, shipping policies, and return policies for Artistry products are handled through the Amway website. The flat fee for any order that is $50.00 or less is $6.75, and fees increase up to $21.75 for orders up to $749. Orders that are over the total cost of $750 are shipped free. Most orders will be shipped within two to five days, unless customers pay for premium shipping, which takes anywhere from two to three days.

Orders that are sent to Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico are considered non-contiguous and may be subject to separate shipping charges. Depending on where the customer resides, they may be able to pick up their Artistry order at a number of service centers that are listed on the website in order to save money on shipping.

Artistry Return Policies

Any returns that are made on Artistry products must be made through the Amway website within 180 days of purchase. Customers can receive a full refund plus tax or an exchange for other items. All orders come with a pre-paid shipping label for customers inside the U.S. so that they can return any items free of charge. However, keep in mind that the return center does not honor returns that are not processed with their shipping labels.

The products all have a money-back guarantee, but all orders must be shipped back with the pre-paid label provided, even orders that were picked up at a local service center. All Artistry products, shipping, and returns are handled through Amway and not the Artistry site itself.

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- Artistry


  1. Carynn

    I love Artistry product so much as my skin is very dark one and then many pores on my cheeks. After I self use boosting infusion, vitamin c + HA acid and vital skin serum my skin be more brighten, fair, my pores are apparently minimize already. Although there is more expensive compare to others brand in supermarket, but I can know the value of Artistry.

  2. JC

    I began using artistry products when I had acne problems back when I was 14 (I’m 27 now) I had tried proactive and that would just dry up my skin and bleach my hair line. I love artistry products my skin is super soft and smooth. I use the face scrub gel, deep cleansing, face wash, toner, night & day lotion. They’re line of house products are also great. Detergent, toothpaste, and cleaning supplies are the best!

  3. Bryan Hernandez

    I love the Artistry Brand especially the way it took away most of my acne problems but not only this line but with the whole corporation which is Amway!!!

  4. Susie

    I just started use Artistry skin care for the Idea Radiance range about 9 days and my face pop up few big pimples. Is it normal ?
    Please feedback. Thank you.

    • AMY

      Maybe the products is helping u to detox ur skin.
      May I ask you some questions before I can help u with your problem.
      what is your skin type?
      how old are you? (age range is fine)
      what brand of skincare products u use before?
      Is this your first time using amway?

  5. Anonymous

    My mom had an issue with her skin. I decided that for her birthday Artistry time defiance and some good make up will be helpful to her. At first, she was very skeptical since she’s been so disapointed by prior products. Now, her skin has improved 100% and even gotten compliments. thank you!

  6. Lori

    Hi Julia,

    My youngest son became a distributer of these products over a year ago…. Much to my caution….

    We have only seen positive in him as he grows with his business BUT

    To your question ….. He bought his 54 year old mom youth extend by Artistry and later the next step up.

    I now purchase the products and why? The difference I see in my face. I have bad skin always will at times but this helps keep it under control.

    I have deep wrinkles in my forehead that do fade with use of the products but will return when I don’t.

    My biggest moment was going to an ihop the day after I turned 55 with my family and my dad in his 80’s to experience my first senior discount moment.

    Ihop considers 55 a senior…. I’d rather pay full price…. Well, people have been commenting I do not look my age but that night?

    Against what I believe is policy, and I will not put in a complaint,I was proofed —- carded!!!

    The waitress would not believe I was 55 but maybe 47. I had to show my license as she folded her arms I guess disappointed someone would try and lie for a discount

    That in a memorable moment says it all.

    To check out products are ask any specifics, email what did you get you mom……go to

  7. Nora

    I really like Artistry products. The best thing about Artistry make up is that it is made up of all natural ingredients. They have makeup products and anti aging products. There are no chemicals in them and so there is no fear of the skin being harmed or irritated by harsh chemicals. I always use Artistry toner on my face before applying makeup and also at night, when I wish to remove make up. Another product which I like is Artistry Caramel hand cream. It has made my hands really soft.

  8. Tim and Katie

    If you go to our website, and click on Artistry on top of screen, you can click on any product and find detailed description of products, the ingredients, and all of the benefits of using the product.
    Our contact info is on the website. Please call or e-mail us with any questions you have:-)
    Katie and Tim

    • Leslie S

      I LOVE the product. I had a place at the river for about 5 years and saw that my skin was so damaged by the dry hot sun even with sunscreen. I have tried so many products and then got a sample of the Youth Xtend Serum. Within 10 days my 23 year old daughter asked if I had botox or some kind of treatment. Amazing I feel some much better when I look in the mirror. Just try it, you can always get your money back.

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