The number 1 way to looks younger better than botox natural facelift as shown on TV avoid a painful surgery.

  2. mimzlipz

    I’m just turning 39 & noticing that those little lines are just starting to creep up out of nowhere. So I did some research on what kind of eye creams I should use & bought a product with Retinol. Long story short, it made the lines worse & much more noticeable!!! I do not recommend Retinol.

    So I stopped that immediately! Now I use the Made from Earth Chamomile Eye Therapy and I swear that it’s life changing! I also switched to a less harsh facial wash from Made from Earth & I’m seeing a huge difference & getting so many compliments on my face.

  3. Juliet

    good day i want to know which of the Retinol i can use for my skin. i am a very fair lady that desire a spotless and ageless skin and that will maintain my color. please advice which to use that will not make me turn dark now change my color.
    thank you

  4. Susanne

    I have suffered from skin pigmentation for a long time. People used to avoid talking to me. Skin pigmentation is a big turn off. It can make any person look unpleasant in appearance. If pigmentation is bothering you and you’re thinking of visiting a dermatologist, then a retinol cream may be the solution for you. Roc Retinol Cream is really gentle on the skin and helps to reduce discoloration of skin. You can also try the Roc Retinol deep wrinkle night cream. Surprisingly, it is not very expensive but it is extremely effective.
    My next enemy was dark circles. My eyes seemed as if I had not slept for days. My aunt recommended vitamin K and retinol cream for eyes. At first, it did not make much of a difference, but after a few days, my dark circles started getting lighter!

  5. Bev

    retinal cream does the job. i really like the way this makes my skin feel. i have spent an awful lot of skin care products. all a waste. retinol is an exception. i no longer need to spend money on expensive department store products.

  6. nina

    Hi i just turned 31 yrs old I noticed there’s some fine lines appearing
    I guess due to sun exposure I was wondering which retinol cream can i use
    can anyone advice me?

  7. nina

    Hi im just turned 31 years old and do notice some fine lines appearing
    due to sun exposure i guess.
    I want wondering if i can use a retinol cream?
    dont know which one to choose.

  8. Brenda

    Hmm…because there is not much money to be made writing scripts for real tretinoin acid (Retin-A), the inconvenient truth is that it’s a conflict of interest for dermatologists to sell these useless products in their office to generate revenue. A good doctor with a good business does not need alternate revenue streams, period! Stick with true Retin-A, available only by prescription. Yes, you will go through an “ugly” phase when first using it. This is due to the cellular turnover from regular use and is a good thing. Retin-A has decades of bona fide, peer-reviewed medical research behind it. Note that the prescription product is monitored by the FDA for quality control and to ensure that the ingredients are present in the amounts claimed. None of the products on this page have any independent oversight whatsover. Labels are written by for-hire, creative, articulate writers of fiction. The prescription Retin-A is relatively inexpensive. The markup on all these “Retinol” products would make your head spin – save your money!

    • Anonymous

      Uuuh no! This Mary Kay product is definitely NOT effective. I used and sold (shortly) MK prods for over 6 years and unfortunately MK is only good for their lip glosses and shadows, more color cosmetics and definitely not any of their skincare products. They also are not that cheap! Don’t be fooled lol!

  9. Alana

    I’ve been using Algenist Retinol Firming and Lifting Cream. Great product but gentler than the other retinol products I have tried. I think the most potent retinol I ever used was Skinceuticals Retinol 1.0 but it causes way too much peeling. If you don’t mind looking like a turkey, it will reduce the look of wrinkles quite substantially.

  10. Wendy

    I love the DDF Amplifying Elixir. It cost $70 and you can buy it from most upmarket department stores. This product contains Niacinamide which is proven to even out skin tone and fade spots. The only problem I have with DDF is they keep discontinuing and replacing products so if you are using a cleanser, serum or cream you love it might disappear and be replaced by something that just doesn’t work for you.

  11. Denise

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned Afirm. It comes in 3 strengths 1x,2x and 3x. You get a nice gentle peel. If not experienced should start with low strength and work your way up. I also use Roc cleansing disk and Roc moisturizer w/SPF. Just thought it odd no one mentioned it since its a fairly popular brand in retinol community.

      • Anonymous

        I also loved Afirm 3x. I’m so disappointed I can’t find it anymore. I’m using Avene Retrinal 1%. It’s ok, but not as effective as the 3x.

  12. Janice

    I had low expectations about Roc Retinol Correxion cream due to the low cost of this item but it seems to work and now I use the day and night cream everyday but I need to use my own spf sunscreen as I have very sensitive skin. Some products that work exactly the same way to roc cost double.

  13. Ingrid

    I have heard good things about the new retinol cream from Strivectin.
    I have also heard about a new form of retinol from Advanced Dermatology but I am not sure where to buy their products and I cannot find them on google.

  14. Christiane

    I’ve tried many skin products with retinol in hopes of finding a product that would do its magic. After trying a few different retinol creams with vitamin a for the face I have failed miserably. What’s the best retinol night cream for acne? Will it help acne scars?

    • denise

      Try Differen–some people (like myself) do not respond to regular retina-A. It is a synthetic form on vitamin A and did wonders for my skin….

  15. Lori

    Hi – I’m just starting out on the Retinol road and would appreciate your advice as you seem to have so much knowledge and experience. I have slightly sensitive skin and am looking for a night cream or serum which will deal with the early stages of wrinkles. Which would you recommend?

    Many thanks, Lori

  16. Debbie

    I have started using La Prairies Cellular Power as well. Did it last night, hope it works as I only got a sample size to start with. Don’t know how much retinol it has in it, but, hope that it works. :)

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