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When it comes to direct selling, beauty products tend to dominate the industry. And within that space, Swedish based beauty company Oriflame has big visions of becoming the worlds number one brand. Driven by a mission to change lives and empower people across the world, Oriflame has been creating innovative direct selling beauty products for women for the past 45 years.

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The Story Behind Oriflame 

Oriflame is an international direct selling beauty brand that was established in 1967. From those humble beginnings decades ago, Oriflame has grown to be a presence in more 60 countries across the globe, achieving approximately $1.5 billion in sales each year. More than just a cosmetics company, Oriflame provides life-changing opportunities for beauty professionals and unique beauty solutions for people looking transform, enhance, or revamp their current routines. The multipurpose core of the Oriflame brand allows the company to create and distribute their extensive line of inspired by nature beauty products servicing women around the world and changing the professional lives of their thousands of consultants.

Behind the Oriflame intense business model and innovative products is a history of research and education that serves as the foundation of the brands success. Serving the beauty industry with over 40 years of expertise, Oriflame has worked with over 100 scientists in some of the most advanced cosmetic science facilities to create truly innovative beauty products that solve needs. The ability for Oriflame to create such an extensive line of high performing products all starts with the vigorous product development system behind each one. The heart of Oriflame products starts at the Oriflame Skin Research Institute where intense research, cosmetic science, and robust testing occurs to create the technologies used to conceive the Oriflame product formulations. From there, experienced cosmetic chemists create the final formulations that form each and every Oriflame product. Oriflame then manufacturers and packages the beauty products you can find available today.

Oriflames dedication to changing lives reaches far behind even its beauty products or business opportunities. Oriflame is also wholeheartedly committed to giving back to the world with its involvement in multiple social causes and co-founding the World Childhood Foundation. Oriflame is also involved in projects like Hand in Hand and SOS Childrens Villages.

A Peek into Oriflame Products

With a robust selection of over 1,000 beauty products, Oriflame has every area and aspect of beauty covered from skincare to bath and body to hair care to fragrance with each division carrying a substantial amount of options between them.

Skincare: The Oriflame skincare division showcases the brands dedication providing truly effective cosmetics that utilize the finest most natural ingredients available. Backed by the Oriflame intensive scientific research, Oriflame skincare products are designed to treat a diverse range of skin types and needs. Oriflame recommends you start with their Essentials Nourishing Night Cream. This Oriflame cream works to provide extreme moisture and hydration to skin throughout the night ensuring skin looks refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning. Formulated with powerful skincare ingredients including a multi-vitamin complex, the Oriflame Essentials Nourishing Night Cream promises smoother, softer, healthier appearing skin after use.

Makeup: The makeup division of Oriflame is designed to provide women with options to enhance their natural beauty and showcase their personal style. With a vast selection of color cosmetics including everything from foundation to nail polish, Oriflame has created an option every woman can relate to. Unsure of where to start? Oriflame The ONE Lash Resistance Mascara is a great place. This waterproof Oriflame mascara promises to volumize and lengthen eyelashes for an impressive 24 hours of dramatic, flawless, wear.

Fragrance: In addition to many other areas of the beauty space, Oriflame houses a lovely line of fragrances designed to indulge the senses. With each Oriflame fragrance developed in the unofficial fragrance capital of the world, France, the Oriflame fragrance division offers superior quality perfume that appeals to all palettes. The luxurious Oriflame Eclat Femme Eau de Toilette should be your first option as you dabble into Oriflame fragrances. This Oriflame fragrance takes notes of jasmine to create a most delicate scent that has become a favorite of the Oriflame fragrance line.


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  1. Maria

    Each of the Oriflame products I have tried have blown me away with both quality and price, I love them there isn’t anything I haven’t tried yet that I wasn’t happy with, I will be a customer for life

  2. Akshata

    I am using oriflame skincare and colour products since 2 years and i am highly satisfied with its results.. my all cosmetics as well as permium skin care products belong to oriflame…

  3. Lilly

    I would love to continue using Oriflame products but they are not available for purchase in the US. Makes no sense since they are in almost every other country. The US is the largest cosmetic market on the planet. Oriflame please come to the US.

    • Christopher Clifford

      We are just waiting for the green light to launch in the U.S. Meanwhile, feel free to ask me for anything you like! I’m in Mexico City, and I’m beginning to ship products to friends and customers in the U.S. I have frozen the dollar at 20 pesos, which means that the price you pay will NOT be affected by the variations in current, and you just have to pay shipping. For example, the NutriShakes come out to 27 dollars 🙂

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