Nerium Reviews

neriumNerium Oleander, commonly know as oleander, is a toxic plant that is widely cultivated in Asia and the Mediterranean. NeriumAD Age-Defying Treatment is a skin care range known for its antioxidant properties. There are two products in the range: NeriumAD night cream and NeriumAD day cream. Whilst the primary ingredient is Nerium Oleander, the Company states: ”you will not only find NeriumAD to be one of the most effective products you have used, but also one of the safest.” Moreover, Nerium Oleander has been used for centuries as a medical herb.

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Is Nerium a scam? No, Nerium is not a scam. In fact, Nerium is one of the fast growing skin care brands in North America. Nerium provides exceptional customer service but it is growing so quickly that it is difficult to avoid controversial reviews. Nerium skin care products are developed by Texas based Nerium Biotechnology, a global research and development company dedicated to offering solutions that are based on proven science. Nerium currently markets and dsitrubes the NeriumAD Age-defying Night Cream. It also recently launched the NeriumAD Age-defying Night Cream. However, it plans on launching the following products in the near future: NeriumAD Eye Creamm NeriumAD Age-Spot Cream, NeriumDerm Skin Repair Cream, NeriumDerm Blemish Cream, NeriumDerm Moisturizing Lotion, NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion, NeriumDerm Burn Ointment, NeriumDerm After- Sunburn Skin Lotion, NeriumDerm Radiation Burn Cream and NeriumCS Lip Serum.

NeriumAD Age-defying Night Cream costs $110 and can be purchased directly through a Nerium consultant or online. The company offers clients who subscribe to its replenishment program a discounted price of $80 per month. Does Nerium work? Nerium is one of the most interesting anti aging brands we have seen this decade. They have taken one of the most toxic plants on the planet and turned it into an anti aging cream. Whilst there is little in the way of clinical studies or other scientific proof, there certainly is some merit to the Nerium product.

Cusotmer Service: Nerium responds to queries in a timely manner. The product is packaged professionally and comes with clear usage instructions. Nerium is a rich cream and provides sufficient hydration for dry, dehydrated skin conditions. It is suitable for normal skin but might be too rich for oily or combination skin types.

Ingredients: NAE-8 Proprietary Blend,  Aloe Barbadensis Leaf, Nerium Oleander Leaf Extrac, Aloe Barbadensis Lea, Proprietary Protein (Collagen, Elastin, Glycosaminoglycans), Oryza Sativa Bran Oil, Stearic Acid, Cetearyl Glucoside, Cetearyl Alcohol, Glycerin, C14-22 Alcohol, C12-Alkyl Glucoside, Glyceryl Stearate, Ricinus Communis Seed Oil, Cetyl Alcohol, Olus Oil, Chondrus Crispus Powder, Sodium Borate, Dicaprylyl Ether, Hydrolyzed Quinoa, Sodium Isostearoyl Lactylate, Dimethicone, Sodium PCA, Proprietary Blend (Caprylyl Glycol, Glycerin, Glyceryl, Caprylate, Phenylpropanol), Parfum, Sodium Hydroxymethylglycinate. Tocopherol

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  1. Karen

    I am a medical professional and I would suggest researching before you try this product. Not enough study and time has gone into this company. Oleander is used to kill cancer cells- what do you think it’s doing to healthy cells!!

  2. Bette

    I have used the Nerium products for over a year, and am cancelling the program because I have not seen much in the way of results. The “improvements” (if there are any) are minimal. I hate the smell. I use it maybe 4-5 times a week and have a few months “stash” to go. I’d rather go with a less expensive and proven product and spend the difference on monthly facials. I gave it a shot, but the photos I saw in the “sales pitch” are not nearly the results that I have experienced.

  3. Maeve

    Nerium dimishes the “appearance” of wrinkles by causing inflamation. This is NOT GOOD FOR YOU. This multi level marketing scam will NOT MAKE YOU RICH. wake up people.

  4. Sheila

    I was checking out the reviews because I just heard about this product today. I have to say this, the “brand partners” offensive and down right abusive comments to others is the reason I will NEVER try this product! Be humble and kind not rude and overly defensive. Your not making this company look good!

  5. Rebecca

    I have not tried this product yet. My question is how do I know this product is safe. What keeps the poison from harming your liver which is where a lot of toxins are absorbed. That is my main concern. I do have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities and Lyme Disease. Can a doctor out there who is reading this tell me that it would be safe for me to try.

    • tonya last post was for Rebecca and her concerns as well as Sheila and hers. Im sorry Shiela..some people care more about their return rather than their integrity.We are not all like this.

    • tonya

      Hi Rebecca,
      Im a rep myself but I am also an esthetician that has numerous skin sensitivities to many products. Many of the complaints are from those frustrated with the homogeneous application method..every skin type needs different care.methods. Nerium from my experience acts in the same way that a glycolic peel would work…one would not peel their face every day. Has anyone ever tried retin A? This will tear your face up if youve never peeled before and if you do not take days off to heal. I use Nerium night cream in this night on two nights off. I drink a lot of water about a gallon a day. I like to constantly flush my system. If someone were to have acne they may be able to tolerate it every day. I have combo skin prone to breakouts as I am highly sensitive to products.I have had only good results with nerium but I also know skin and how to treat it.I clean my face in the morning with coconut oil and a warm wet white wash cloth.I buy them in bulk and never use the same one twice before washing. I rinse my face with cold water then gently pat dry. I often slather more coconut oil on my face,neck and chest area. mid day I dab Neriums moisturizer on my face then go about my day. I clean my face with a gel cleanser at night then apply Nerium night time on the nights I use Nerium. I also gently rub castor oil onto my lashes as it keeps them long and strong: ) Im 51 years of age and take very good care of myself. I would not use Nerium if I felt it were not benefiting me. Not every skin type can or should use the same amount of any product. Ive see women that look amazing that use it every day. Im all about moderation.I dont drink I do not smoke I dont drink coffee either. Everyones genetic structure is different. Do you know what contraindications are? Do you get fever blisters often? Do you have herpes? Autoimmune issues? All of these come into play when using any form of skin care routine. I also give myself glycoloc peels but take a medication to prevent irritation. I do not have herpes but I will suffer from rashes on my chin area after a peel. Nothing to do with Nerium. Before you hate on a product because of a bad experience maybe you simply need a more structured way to use the product so that you can and will see results. Nothing is a miracle need to figure out how to customize your skin care for you. If you need a fair skin care routine please feel free to contact me…I promise to not attempt to sell you anything. I can even exclude Nerium if you like..I dont want people to walk away feeling ripped off..we all want to look our best. I get the frustration. Anyway..please feel free to reply and I will do my very best to help you look your best. Tonya

    • Maeve

      Rebecca, look online for customer and brand partners. Dont base your health on a video nerium provides. Dont wear it near horses or pets. Toxic

  6. jo an gaines

    Someone gave me a container of Nerium to try….I left it untouched for months. I finally tried it and I have been using it for two weeks. I can see a huge difference in the wrinkles…The redness is gone from my skin. I have ordered more. No, I did not enroll. I may. I happen to respect MLM. I plan to use this product for a long time.

  7. Bunny

    I tried Nerium, used it for 3 weeks and my complexion is ruined, I hope I can get it back to the shape it was before trying Nerium Products. The company does not stand by its money back guarantee either. They are a company with money making in mind, not a company trying to help people with skin problems,. The photos they use have been touched up with a little program called photoshop! Gimmick, stay away from this company no matter how good they make you think you will look……….They are in business to make money at your expence, whatever that is!

    • tonya

      Hi Bunny,

      I would love to help you find the silver lining in this experience. I wish that I had been your rep I could have helped you with an all over skin care treatment that included Nerium without you not getting the results that you deserve. If you tell me what your skin concerns are an give me an idea of your lifestyle and fluid consumption I can help you get your skin glowing…even without Nerium.

    • Dot

      Do you really thnk it is fair in any way to make a BLANKET JUDGEMENT on any product’s safety or effectiveness because YOU had an adverse reaction? Think not. This whole safety, toxicity debate is stupid, perpetuated by ignorant people too lazy to research the research. Third party cliniacl trials, over 10 years of documented research by scientist, toxicologist and pharmacologist… REALLY??!! Do you not thnk IF this product and formulation was dangerous, life threatening, that it would not have been shut dwn by now? And if you get product from ANYWHERE other than a Brand Partner, then you don’t know how old it is, what is in it and no money back guarantee…. i. e. Amazon, eBay, etc. Oh be sure to rant to all your friends on coumedin… FDA approved RAT POISON for human consumption.

    • Stacy

      I am a brand partner of Nerium and I have tons of before and after photos that I DO NOT touch up. That’s ridiculous!!! The product isn’t for every skin type and they clearly say that.

  8. Elizabeth

    I received a “complimentary sample of the nighttime Nerium AD” from a friend that is selling it. I had it for about a week but only used it a few times during that seven days. It’s crazy but I developed horrific migraine morning headaches every single morning after putting on my face the night before. I also developed a rapid heartbeat while using it. If you haven’t googled, Nerium AD and Headaches, you should. Read what is in this stuff. I kindly gave it back to my friend but didn’t tell her why I wasn’t buying it. I have to say that it was “plumping” my face up but it was because I was allergic to it. Kind of like a bee sting I guess.

  9. Heather

    I have several friends who are selling it so I thought I would give it an honest try (3 months). I did not see any difference and I really disliked the smell.


    • Anonymous

      Dramatic difference with me after only 1 week. I’m over 60 and most of my forehead wrinkles and eye wrinkles are gone. Was a smoker and the lines around my mouth are decreasing. Been user for 5 months. Takes regular use and yes if you have sensitive skin use less. Younger skin will retain that’s why you don’t see much difference. Well worth the money. Sending it monthly you can’t use it that fast if you use as directed except for the night cream. I do 3 pumps not the 5 they direct you to and it does last. Give it an honest try and you will love it especially older skin.

  10. Amy

    HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE customer service. If you end up not caring for the product, don’t waste your time trying to return it. While there is a 30-day money-back guarantee, don’t count on receiving it. AND… customer service is quite rude.

    Forgot to mention… the night cream didn’t work and it smells funny.

  11. Rogelio

    My GF started and joint this and she is very happy getting lots off people in her name and all the leaders are guys! Which she has been talking to must of them to the point whe she has no time for me! I wanted to get started in this and none of them has time for me but for her they have been calling her at 1:00 am etc. To the point that we broke up cuz they always invither to their parties… Very unprofesional!!!

  12. Jade

    I read Nerium reviews and bought Nerium Optimera Night and Day Cream. Optimera dramatically reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, discoloration, uneven skin texture, enlarged pores and aging or loose skin, without the use of harmful ingredients. You can feel confident that what you’re using is good for you and good for your skin. It is clinically proven to significantly reduce the signs of aging, but it also significantly improves the radiance, elasticity, and smooth appearance of the skin. I also used Nerium AD age-defying day cream. It includes Nerium’s exclusive NAE-8 antioxidant, which has been proven to help reduce the appearance of signs of aging.
    Its concentrated tripeptide blend, incorporated at clinical levels helps to give the appearance of smoother, tighter, and younger skin. The vitamin C complex in this cream helps reduce the appearance of discoloration. It also has green tea antioxidant, which reduces the appearance of signs of aging, such as wrinkles and discoloration. It also has four high-functioning moisturizers, including hyaluronic acid, for increased radiance and hydration. I also bought Nerium face cream.

  13. tish

    I’ve been using Nerium Day and night cream for 2.5 months. I use less than the recommended amount so I can stretch it out- saving $$. I put it on damp to wet skin for better absorption. I’ve noticed smoother cheeks, and it SEEMS to have helped the jawline/jowl area. I have another bottle of the night cream as I was able to purchase a trio/combo for $120. The firming cream also SEEMS to help my batwing arms. Jury’s still out- I’ve managed to stretch the bottle out to maybe 3 months, so the next bottle will take me to 6 mos. I’ve personally seen a teenager with remarkable results on her acne- her Mom is my distributor. We’ll see……

  14. Kitty M Cavalier

    I had never heard of Nerium, received a bottle from a friend, used as directed, moisturizing in the morning as directed ( I used my own moisturizer) I took my own pictures. In 4 short days I already saw results on my pictures. I honestly just tried it to see if it worked and it did. Im pretty excited about it. Not everything is for everyone however I am convinced and love the product. Some people enjoy giving a negative report no matter what happens; sad actually. Positive people will get positive results, a negative person will not get much positive results from anything. Those persons drain the world of joy. I currently do not sell the product but I think I may! Positively!

  15. Dee Granger

    After sitting through a 30 min. video presentation and hearing about the product, I decided to give it a try. It’s been four months now and I haven’t seen any difference in my skin at all. I wasn’t keen on the whole MLM idea either or the fact that you had to be set up for auto-ship. As a matter of fact, I started experiencing redness across my cheeks and nose and have since stopped using it. Personally, I think it’s just snake oil that’s hyped up by their whole marketing plan. I will be returning the product that I have. Unfortunately, I’ve lost money on a product that didn’t deliver and go back to something that did!

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had the product for three weeks or so… Seeing huge changes!!! Like the other anonymous wrote… You need to take before and during an after pictures … And application an usage of the product is extremely important if you plan on writing a review. If you have had the product 4 months, it’s your bad for not paying better attention. There’s a 30 day money-back guarantee… Should have used it! Younger people might just see their skin getting healthier without all the huge visual changes…. Where us in our late 40′s, 50′s, ect… Will see bigger, more dramatic changes, and obviously we would be very excited about it!
      And, the MLM they use to distribute these products…. How many people do you know that work for a company that gives out more bonuses, trips, iPads, cars (Lexis)….? People that work for this company, LOVE this company!!!!

    • Anonymous

      Need to be using night cream with water on your face to activate it. You also need to have close up “before” pictures of your face from day one. If you didn’t do that-you have nothing to compare the results with. It won’t work if used incorrectly.
      I personally have never seen such an amazing product. Hundreds of thousands of people LOVE the results they are getting. Fastest selling facial product in America.
      The people I know who have been using it for a year look like a much younger version of them self-REMARKABLE RESULTS!

  16. Bob Purser

    I have been using Nerium for the past five months, and have found amazing results. There seems to be lots of rhetoric on horrible results. I would bet the farm those super negative comments come from competition, worried that they cannot compete. Now there are also some mildly negative comments, probably coming from uninformed folks, maybe their distributor did not properly explain details. For me, I will be using Nerium for the rest of my life.

    • Debbie Sommers

      This is a horrible product plain and simple, I use it for less than a week. I ended up with cracked dry skin, clogged pores and yes I used as directed

      • Anonymous

        You used it for less than a week-
        Shame on you!! It wouldn’t do that ever! Especially in that short of a time period!!! Keep being negative and complaining- Relish in your MISERY!

        • Anonymous

          Turns out a poor product will destroy your skin pretty quickly. That is why a legitimate product tells you to stop using it if it has adverse affects. Shame on your for peddling garbage.

    • Anonymous

      Could you send photos of you before and after using Nerium? I am confused from so much contradictory comments. I have spent a lot of money on skin care and nothing has worked as it claimed. Can’t afford to throw away more money.
      Thank you,

    • Anonymous

      My mother began using Nerium a little over a year ago because she is a fair-skinned woman with age spots, in her fifties, and was just plain not happy with herself. She is the mother of four children and had a reached a point where she wanted to do a little something for herself. An old friend from college told her about it and sent her a bottle and within ten days we all saw a change, not a huge change but enough to see a result. Within eight months of joining the Nerium family she was able to make her salary times three, quit her real job, and created a growing business all over her state as well as in four others. I am her second child and after my twenty seven years of being on this earth I have never seen my mother look better and feel better… She looks like she did before she had me! Nerium is amazing! Not only that but I use it myself because I am prescribed a medication that causes sebaceous cysts to pop up all over my neck and Nerium is the only product that keeps them from flaring up! I am a thankful customer of Nerium and so what if it makes your skin irritated in the beginning… Any new product does that to you… Give it time to work it’s magic because it does change things in your appearance and can in turn make you a happier individual…Nerium is a lifestyle choice and if you are a person that wants immediate satisfaction like a facelift then go right ahead, you will just have to do it again in another five years, use this and you won’t have to at all!

  17. Kristina Lyn

    My mom uses Nerium. She said she wasn’t noticing the results but once she saw her before/after pics she was really impressed. I guess you just don’t notice gradual changes yourself. Anyhow, my mom has very sensitive skin, and hasn’t had any issues with it. She’s also tried many, many Esthetician-recommended treatments and nothing has produced this much results. I doubt my mom will stop using this anytime soon. It does work in my opinion. :)

  18. skin care

    I have been using Nerium both day and night faithfully for 7 months and I can honestly say I have not seen any results and neither has anyone else. I did not take before or after pictures nor did I tell anyone I was using this product because after all if I had any results I or someone would have been able to see them right? If the results are that minor that you need before and after pictures then this product is way over priced. I truly had hoped to see my dark spots fade but it just hasn’t happened yet. I think it is great that it works for so many people but I do believe their are just as many that are disappointed. Don’t waste your money!

    • Anonymous

      Some people get huge results, but until you show them their before pictures they don’t realize the huge changes in their face. That’s why we take before and after pics. The proof is in the photo. Sad for you, that you didn’t take 3 seconds with a selfie. Sounds like you didn’t want it to work!

    • Anonymous

      I was able to try Nerium for a 5 day trial period. I wore my makeup on top of the day cream. I haven’t used it for 5 days and I can tell you that I am getting ready to order it because I saw a difference in those short 5 days. It’s a great product from my experience.

  19. James Murphy

    Well readers I have reviewed a thousand anecdotal reviews of the Nerium products with opinions all over the place from glorious sucess to dismal failure. While every one is entitled to ones opinion in these cases and seems many do have them individually or cumulatively these do not amount to science and certainly do not
    represent a reason to act or not. Even a large heard of buffalo or jackases rushing over a cliff is no endorsement for joining the thundering heard in their thundering rush forward! Science requires competent evaluators with precise tools and solid statistical measures testing well designed cohorts and there are many for accurate
    measures of reproducible results.. these are best done in not one but multiple studies, in this case preferably longtitudinal studies a number of years out 1 2 3 4 5
    years out to see the long term results both + and- . A gang of no nothing laymen
    giving testimonials can be and most often is misleading and can be used by scoundrels to entrap fools at best and great harm at worst; I dont say this is occuring here but the process could allow for it. A serious evaluation of even an unregulated product requires arms length investigators using proper tools to identify product properties and positive and negative features otherwise it is the old medicine wagon on steroids where unevaluated often unpredictable results may vary and appear or not appear in one group or another, like using a shotgun on a flock of birds flying overhead with the hopes of bringing as many as possible down.

    • Anonymous

      Couldn’t agree with you more! What’s the damn P-value on this stuff???? When I checked this out they had such a small sample of subjects— what a bad research joke!!! Oh, and the actual doctor who researched it as a cancer treatment Does Not endorse it for cosmeceutical use!

    • Donna

      Wow! you are sadly uninformed.
      There is 15 years of research on the product.
      That’s how this product was discovered, in their continuing search to find a cure for skin cancer. There are double blind studies, many scientists and doctors involved.
      My friend, I met through Nerium, is a doctor. She could rattle off all the percentages, numbers and scientific results and the names of the high tech machines that they use to prove all of it. She used to surgically do for people, the things that Nerium takes care of now for her patients. She says, way cheaper and with better results.

  20. Kelly

    Honestly, I have been a brand partner for over a year….after putting in TONS of work I get a few dollars here and there and have several BP’s under me who don’t sell at all. Aside from the massive amount of SELLING you have to do (I say it like that because they feed you the line “We don’t sell, we SHARE *gag*) they want you on conference calls and events nearly every day of the week EVENINGS and WEEKENDS! This after they throw you the line “I have time freedom to do what I want and be there for my family”…oh really?? In my home, evenings and weekends are family time. If you don’t go to all these cult like events they pretty much shun you!!
    Now, to the product. For many months it seemed to be amazing! Right around the one year mark I felt like I looked terrible. Crows feet and other wrinkles back and deeper! My sponsor said “probably a faulty batch. Try a new bottle”. Still nothing. In desperation I went to my medspa for botox (which really DOES work miracles!) before the holidays. I spoke to my doctor there pretty extensively and he explained that it may work great for quite some time due to the irritating effects of oleander. It can often cause swelling which will make it appear that wrinkles have magically vanished. After awhile though, you build up a tolerance just as you would to medication and it’s less and less effective.
    Do yourself a huge favor, and your bank account too, and don’t bother with the product OR the business. They’re all brainwashed zombies anyway.

    • Rachelle

      I am happy someone out there posted this! Good job! I’m a licensed esthetician and was given this product! When I read the ingredients and smelled it I just threw it out. Gimmick and pyramid scam for sure. I just hope they take it off the market before people really hurt their skin.
      I use Eminence Organic products. They are great if you are really looking for healthy, glowing skin. You can find spas on their web site.

    • leena

      i am considering of buying the product or be a sales partner. Is your testimonial for real? I know the low down with all of this. Is this some competitor? I am sincere.

    • Really Kelly
      I am sick and tired of people who whine about these kind of businesses. It is not a get rich quick plan and it sounds like that was your expectation. You say tons of people – quantify tons. Give real documentation on exactly how many peoplevels you talk to I will bet that it will surprise you. And for your brand partners yes some won’t do anything that is just how a lot of people are. They don’t stick with anything. how much did you try to help them. So bitter this kind of business is not for the faint of heart. It takes consistent persistence.

    • Its amazing…those folks here who like the product are simply stating they like it and it works. Some even offering before and after. Nothing to lose…just saying hey, take a look. Then the negative. If your taking that much time to hate on the product, the results, the company, the zombies…lol….then really you need to look in the mirror and check yourself. Perhaps you dont have it in you to build an organization, perhaps you should not have quit, perhaps your so negative and toxic that if you put honey on your skin you would break out. Tell you what… those zombies are having lots of fun. Your not a zombie and your hating life. If you started using it 3 weeks ago perhaps your skin looked terrible then. Haha. #getyourshittogether

      • Anonymous

        Wow you are a huge douchebag Richi. I mean grade A. Any product that “cures” wrinkles through edema is just crap and eventually will age your skin even faster. This product is just a very expensive bottle of aloe vera. Nerium Oleander is actually toxic and causes inflammation, thus wrinkles disappear (the compound is even banned in Germany). Only problem with that is after prolonged use the skin has spent so much time fighting off the irritant that you end up with even more damage than before! The company tried to develop a cancer treatment using the compound, when that failed they turn to beauty products instead. I get it, the company is trying to make their money back.

        Nowhere did I see Kelly state she is hating life, you like putting words in people’s mouths don’t you? She called out the truth where lies were told. She did look in the mirror, and she did check herself. She found a waste of time, money, and hope.

  21. Erin Fitzgerald

    I have been using Nerium for almost a year. and yes, I too went through a major breakout but it was a part of the healing process. I have spent years putting crap on my skin that I didn’t research. Make up, sunscreens, every cream under the sun. I was fully aware that this ‘breakout’ was actually a detoxification process. I have suffered from Rosacea for 10 years. Doctors gave me all sorts of nonsense to cure it but nothing did. After my detox process of 2 weeks, my rosacea disappeared. I had always intuitively known that it was caused by something in my skin. Nerium helped the healing process activate so whatever was in there finally came out.

    it also gave me an amazing facelift!! shaving years of me. So much so that when going through customs the border guard made of point of saying that i look nothing like my passport picture that was taken 4 years ago!!

    I adore this product and know time will tell the true story of its amazing qualities.

  22. Anonymous

    If you look for bad you are gonna find it and if you look for good you will find it. My experience with Nerium has been lufe changing. I suffered from low self esteem and had zero confidence because of the severity of ance scarring, pits and cysts on my left cheek. Well the proif is in the pudding and you should see my before and after pics! Message me on Facebook to see them!!! When ur skin was as bad as mine you are willing to try anything and actually from the research ive done on Nerium there is no risk at all only reward. You have to see my results..

  23. Anonymous

    This product is gabbage. They ar just in marketing business to fool people and get there money. I started using it 3 weeks ago and my skin looks terrible. Breakouts all over I hav to see the demertogist. Stop fooling people say the truth of the products. You just sucking people’s money go to hell..!!

  24. Erica C

    I am a bubble child and always have been. I hated trying new products because in normally resulted in a chemical burn of some sort severe break outs. I have been using this product for 6 months now and I swear by it! I had super oily skin and I have noticed this has helped decrease that drastically. I use the morning and night cream and will stick with it!

  25. Meribeth

    I have been using Nerium AD Firm for a short time and have seen significant results on my turkey neck!! StriVectin neck cream did NOTHING!! I will continue to use Nerium . Results speak to me.

  26. Liz

    I have been using Nerium both night and day for over a year now and love it and the results! Smoother skin, fading dark spots, reduced pores and reduction in acne outbreaks. I am on the monthly shipment and have no issues with customer service. Some people with sensitive skin have had issues with Nerium. it works for me and I plan to keep using. I am 58 year old.

  27. crystal

    I really like the nerium ad night cream. Have not tried the day cream. I noticed results almost immediately. I also notice things I don’t like if I don’t use it even one night so results might not be permanent or cumulative in my case. I don’t think I have ever finished a bottle, tube or jar of an anti-aging product at any price because I could not see any results until I found Nerium. I have already finished one bottle and started on the next. The product goes further than advertised.

  28. Louise Washington

    Nerium AD is definitely NOT for everyone! Day Cream fumes caused eyes to burn, the night cream caused nose to burn, and FIRM that caused a major rash that has turned into a mix of welts/bumps that have yet to heal so guessing this product kills more than cells and wrinkles as I still seeing a Dermatologist using 2nd batch of prescriptions to treat skin reaction.

    Legs, Hips, Breast, and Butt were smooth as can be prior to Nerium AD/FIRM usage and now I look like hot mess as we continue to undo the damage supernaturally by God’s grace as nothing seems to be working since applying Nerium to my skin on 10/18/2014!!!!

  29. Anna

    I noticed a remarkable difference in my friends skin over the last few months and she introduced me to Nerium. I have Rosacia and it claims to reduce the redness. Within 15 minutes my face looked like I had an acne break out and turned very red. I immediately washed off the product and the next day the side effects were still mildly apparent.

    • Anonymous

      Nerium does not claim to reduce redness for those with Rosacea. In fact, it says on the insert that it’s NOT recommended for people who have Rosacea.

  30. Veronica

    Doin my own research this is what I found .
    Being a kidney disease patient I’m not willing to try anything that can get into your system wether is oral form or thru your skin this kinda stuff just scares me I’m 42 years old and in average I always get told I look like 36 so I dont think I need to poison my body with this yet again everyone is different.
    The major ingredient in the Nerium facial products is a highly poisonous plant named Nerium Oleander. Nerium International is a subcompany to Nerium Biotechnology, Inc. who uses the Nerium plant in their cancer research. This is good research but the problem is that they have not had success fighting cancer on humans. As a result of not being able to gain government approval (since they have to prove that their product fights cancer) they turned to a by-product facial cream to save the company from financial ruin. The problem is they have not had enough time to properly research the long-term side effects of the product. The plant, Nerium Oleander, attacks multiple areas of the body. Applying a facial lotion made from the plant lends itself to the highest absorption of any poisons retained in the processing. Over time the body has the potential to absorb the poisons, which could attack any one, or many, areas of the body leading to what possibly looks like natural causes and even possibly eventual death if the product continues to be used. What I found to be interesting is that almost everyone who blogs or does a YouTube for the Nerium facial serum mentions that they have been getting sick. They brush it off as normal and continue to sell the product. After five YouTube demonstrations of the product from people struggling with being sick, I began to wonder if people were having possible side effects of the product sooner than later.
    I personally know people who have died from exposure to the poison of Nerium Oleander by simply burning Oleander kindling while camping. The development of medicine often requires the use of poisonous plants (like Oleander), venoms, minerals, and the like to treat diseases. To be simplistic, the point of the ‘medicine’ is to kill the cancer, infection, bacteria, etc. before the medicine kills you. Voluntarily applying a ‘medicine’ to your face once a day, for an extended period of time, could have the same fateful consequences that any ‘medicine’ has with prolonged exposure. If I had cancer and they actually could prove that the poison could kill the cancer before it killed me, then maybe I would go for it. But, I don’t have cancer and I am guessing that you probably do not either, so why take the chance. I would definitely not buy this product and recommend that you do not either. Do the research before you buy, it is all out there on the web.

    • anonymous

      Thank you and I have coronary heart disease and started using it and was loving the results for like 3 weeks but then I started to feel dizzy and nauseated, could not understand why till I stopped using it and symptoms went away. ..hey to each his own, but not for me and to think I was going to sign up to sell it….I just don’t understand why the news does not come out about this cream! !

      • Deborah Hansen

        Do you really think that if this product was or is poisonous, they would be selling it to thousands, if not millions of people? That would be quite a law suit. They would have had to to some simple testing to make sure it is not harmful, don’t you think? Everyone reacts to things differently. Some people drink milk and get sick. Does that label milk poisonous? I think you should do your research a bit more.

        • Anonymous

          I’m with Niella- Absolutely multinational companies have been ‘selling’ us poisons and worse since the beginning of phamacuetical patenting and the developement of industrial agriculture! It’s all about the money, nothing to do with health or wellness. I personally have been using Nerium for several month- and though, initially I saw a mild improvement in my skin, I have now developed a reaction on my forhead, increased dryness and “sagging” I have also started to notice pronounced veins!!!
          I have newer looked so old! I am 50 and in great health- I have never looked my age. I now am starting to look older and I fear with continued use the damage will not be reversible? With additional research on this product I have decided to cancel my order and stop using this product!

        • Niella

          I’m sorry to say this, but yes people would still sale something poisonous. Look at the food in the grocery stores and research the ingredients. Also take a look at the ingredients in your toothpaste or lotions unless they are organic. I’m not sure of website but it allows you to check the toxicity levels in products. I do understand that people can even be allergic to organic products as well. We all must do research.

    • Sandy Lopez

      Research is great and the internet has benefited us with vast access to information that was formerly difficult to come by. However, open access has also generated reduced quality control, sometimes turning the Information Age into the Age of Misinformation, especially when it comes to the cosmetic industry. There are different varieties of the Oleander plant and yes one of them is poisoness. However, the Nerium Oleander which is the type used in the NeriumAD cream is NOT poisoness. This is the link for the Toxicology report done on NeriumAD. Marie Bertrand (you can find her videos on Youtube) is a well known and respected microbiologist and skin scientist that owns several skincare clinics and she uses NeriumAD in her clinics! Plus Nerium International has a Scientific Advisory Board consisting ofBoard-certified Dermatologists and Skin Scientist. In 2012 NeriumAD had been used by nearly 1,000,000 consumers with only a few reported cases of skin reactions. In a FDA Survey done on cosmetics available on the market, up to 25% of people said they had a skin reaction to at least one beauty product. Even with immense precautions, any cosmetic or personal care product on the market can cause irritation or allergic reaction based on a user’s skin sensitivity. This product was reviewed by the North American Congress of Clinical Toxiocology and was concluded to be safe. To share a comment on NeriumAD as it relates to children, the Pediatirc MD, Pharmacologist/Toxicologist panelist commented that if a 1 year old child ate the full contents of 400 bottles of NeriumAd, the child would still only reach a non-tox dose of NeriumAD.

      If yuou can’t trust the top toxicologists an top cancer scientist IN THE WORLD who go ON RECORD, risking their reputation and their credibility, and say that this product works and has zero toxicity, then this product probably isn’t for you!

      • Sally

        Nerium oleander is the only member of it’s genus and species and it it poisonous. There is no other.
        You provided no link to a toxicology report.
        A Google search for a toxicology report will only get you a YouTube video. On the video you have one Dr seeming to say that Nerium oleander is not poisonous but it is hard to tell since he was cut off mid sentence. The rest of the Drs expressed their concern over such a highly toxic substance being used topically and gave unsubstantiated opinions that there isn’t enough of the poison in the concoction to kill anyone. One Dr claims a ‘saftey’ test was performed with the product was found in their blood streams. No scientific and/or long term usage studies were mentioned.
        Marie Bertrand appears to be respected by Nerium Ltd and no one else.
        As for the ‘scientific advisory board’ they either do not involve themselves in the formulation or they don’t know their chemistry. Collagen and elastin cannot be absorbed by the skin and are therefore redundant. They might not do animal testing but clearly have no problem gathering ingredients from fish canneries and slaughter houses.
        Anyone with the money for admission can attend the yearly North American Congress of Clinical Toxicology. What would this ‘review’ consist of? Cornering some innocent person outside one of the lecture halls, giving them a sales pitch, then asking their opinion?
        Top toxicologists and cancer Drs going on the ‘record’? Is a YouTube video considered medical record? Or is it a few old men, ready for retirement, getting paid to give a favorable opinion on a product?
        One more thing: Marie tells you that there are products with ingredients that have been proven to work. She tells you that you won’t find them in Nerium. That it is more important to have a hook to sell the product. She gives absolutely no logical or scientific reasoning as to how this product works. She fails to address oleander as an ingredient.
        One of Drs says that there is so little poison in the product that a child could drink it. Then why is it listed as the #1 ingredient? Why include this dangerous ingredient at all? Ah yes! The all important hook and a huge inventory left over from a failed cancer cure.
        Of course you won’t absorb a word I have written. Your handlers have told you that truthful people are actually negative peeps, possessed by satan and out to ruin your buzz.
        Go ahead and ruin your skin and possibly your health. Exploit your family and friends until they want nothing to do with you. Just try to reach the positions that people have actually been hired into and go broke doing it. You can’t say that you weren’t warned.

      • Tasha

        Thank you for this post. I as a brand partner run into so many people that read on the internet that its poisonous and they don’t believe me and your explanation is perfect.

    • Anon

      Dear Veronica,
      Nerium, and the cancer research done was not designed to fight cancer. Rather, it was intended to reverse the physical effects (burns) of chemotherapy. Also, thevetia peruviana and Nerium Orleander are often confused because thevetia peruviana is commonly referred to as “yellow orleander”. Thevetia peruviana is actually responsible for most of the poison cases and Nerium is a non-toxic product. I use it every day.

    • Anonymous

      Dear Veronica, I am so sorry for your tragic losses. The chances of knowing one person that died from oleander poisoning must be something like one in 28 billion…and yet you’ve lost ‘people’. You poor girl. My condolences.

      • Also anonymous

        I had the same reaction you did to the claim about knowing “people,” but where did you get your statistics? The world’s population is 7 billion, and people do die annually from oleander poisoning–one in 28 billion is some pretty shaky math…

    • Sonja

      I am a brand partner for Nerium International. I’m not sure where you did your research and all due respect for the people you personally know that have died from burning Oleander, but I think that’s highly unlikely. This product has been studied extensively ( ) for it’s safety, and our scientific advisory board are elite members in the dermatology arena and Nerium also has a patent from the US Government stating it is a super antioxident. The results people are getting are based on actual hard clinical data- Average of 30% improvement in wrinkles and discoloration in 30 days I understand people have different skin and one product is not everyone but please get the real facts before scaring people. The package insert also clearly states that if you have a known sensitivity then you should be cautious, a mild irritation in some cases may be experienced as this could happen when adding any new product to a daily routine.

    • Anaphylactic Reaction

      Thank you for posting! This is EXACTLY what happened to me. I ended up hospitalized with severe upper respiratory distress. My doctor documented my reaction. I’m hopeful others will contact the FDA to share their stories. Sadly, it’s not a connection easily made.

      • Tasha

        I find It very hard to believe that you had respiratory distress with NeriumAD when the cream goes on your face. You are not ingesting this stuff. Are you sure you were not just having a reaction to something you ate? you are the only person I have heard that from. you should probably check out this video for the safety of NeriumAD before putting negative things like this on the internet. You are scaring other people for nothing.

        • Mari

          Tasha–I believe respiratory distress doesn’t have to have anything to do with ingesting the “stuff”. Often it involves breathing the fumes of the stuff thus the “respiratory” as in “breathing” part of the name of it.

        • Mary

          My daughter had an anaphylactic episode from just smelling something, until one of your kids cannot breathe because of something in the air, don’t judge someone else. I just finished my trial of Nerium, and now because of all of these posts bashing people when they have a negative reaction, I am going to stay away! How about, “I’m so sorry you had such a terrible reaction to the product!” Not everyone has great results. Own up to it. Treating people like they did something wrong, or that they are exaggerating negative results are not good for business. You turned me away and I will be telling my Nerium rep why. I had okay results, but this is ridiculous. I’ll give my money to Olay.

      • Anonymous

        U do realize Nerium is plant based?? U could have had an allergic reaction such as someone who is allergic to peanuts or bee stings (also natural causes) don’t blast things like this when u have no idea what ur talking about.

        • Anonymous

          Tasha I wonder what science/healthcare background you have. The toxic ingredients do not have to be ingested to cause a severe allergic reaction…it can be absorbed topically. So yes it can happen that a person can experience severe allergic reactions that are respiratory in nature.

          A. Miller, M.S.N, C.R.N.P

  31. Lioness

    Friends keep trying to get me to sell this stuff, but I was very skeptical of both the cult like frenzy and the fact that they call themselves a “Direct Sales” company, not a skincare or anti-aging company. So the product is actually secondary to sucking people in to help them sell it. They don’t need to be a skincare expert, have a degree in biology or have any professional experience whatsoever. Nerium does not have to pay a salary, benefits and even get people to pay for their own inventory and promotional materials. My friend was one who did her before and after, but I don’t see the improvement. She is 3 years younger than me and her skin looks 5 years older. I tried the product…it did absolutely nothing for me. But, if you dare say ANYTHING negative, rather than addressing your concerns, you are dismissed and seen as a negative person who is a bad influence on “the team”. People are making money if they are good at BS. I know someone who signed-up; however, could never get a “downline” going. They tried to return the product. Nerium would not refund the shipping and only 70% of the original product cost, even though unopened and would not refund any returned marketing materials. Buyer Beware!

    • Joshua

      Hi, I’ve been looking into Nerium for a couple of weeks after meeting a Brand Partner. I have to say that I’m still undecided. I will say this much with complete certainty. The product itself is not a scam, it does work and I’ve seen the results first hand on multiple different people. I have only been trying my sample out for less than a week but I can actually feel my skin tighten after applying it. I’m only 32 and I have fairly good skin so I’m not expecting miracles but to say that the product is just snake oil is completely false. My biggest concern is long term affects and safety. I’ve been involved in sales my entire life, I’ve sold everything that you can think of. I’ve always been a top performer and broken sales records in every job I’ve ever held. I attribute my success to the fact that I will not sell a product that I don’t believe in and if I have concerns or doubts I believe in telling my customers and letting them make the final decision. I replied under this particular review for a reason though. In my search for answers about Nerium I have read at least a couple thousand reviews on about 15 different sites so far and this particular review has been found on almost every single site I’ve looked through. Word for Word without a single change. I don’t know about you but I’m not going on 10 different sites posting my review of a product…. I feel pretty certain that this review is a competitor and should be completely ignored. Now as far as my personal opinions: The Frenzy, as I’ve heard it described by the negative reviews can be attributed to either your “conspiracy theory” of millions of people being “BRAINWASHED” or it could be that you have people who truly believe in their product and are excited. Personally I think there is probably a little of both going on. Sales people are always given “Scripts” to read from. A good sales person will stick to a script because they know that it has been specifically worded to get them the most success. Which it obviously is because of how fast Nerium is growing. Also the script was good enough to get my attention which almost nothing ever does anymore. My number 1 concern as of right now and the only thing holding me back from putting my name behind this product is long term safety concerns. Along with that would be the possibility of legal liability by becoming a Brand Partner. Being a salesman for a company does not put you into any real legal issues if it comes out that the product is a scam, but what about being a Brand Partner. Without knowing for certain that this product doesn’t have severe long term side affects could I be opening myself up to a lawsuit if something comes out 5 or ten years from now. I’ve hit on the nay sayers a little but I also want to to make some statements to you Nerium Lovers out there. 2-3 years is not long enough to say that a product is safe. Examples “Lead Paint” “Espectice” (sorry for the spelling) and lots of other products that were used for almost decades before the seriousness of side effects were linked. The fact that Oleander is toxic doesn’t really bother me that much considering as one other review mentioned that almost every cure we have for major diseases is actually something that is deadly to us if not used properly. If you don’t believe me there is an episode on HBO showcasing this Friday 2/27/15 called VICE. If I’m getting the innuendos correct from the commercial they are going to mention that Rabies and Small Pox are currently being used to fight cancer, “WITH SUCCESS”. Before you get too excited Nerium Lovers, I’m not carte blanch saying that it’s okay, remember I’m concerned about long term side affects. I’m just saying that’s not a reason to outright condemn this product.
      So a little Bullet Point :
      First: The above Review by Lioness on December 9th should not be trusted.
      Secondly: The product does work and the people I’ve met are truly genuine and believe in it.
      Thirdly: I’m not completely sold on the long term safety of the product and I worry about legal liability. BUT, If those concerns aren’t yours and you just want to know if you should try it, I say go ahead and try, to be perfectly honest, I probably will go ahead and sign up as long as my 2 concerns are addressed.
      Thanks for reading MY OPINIONS, I hope that I have helped you to form your own
      Sincerely with Blessings,

    • Anonymous

      Thank you for your post. I agree about the cult like behaviors of the BP. I was duped by an online date. He never overtly marketed to me until there was a “special”. What a clever marketing strategy hit on middle aged women. I never bought the product and will not for sooooo many reasons.

    • Proud mama

      I wonder if we should only talk to chefs about places to eat and movie critics about what films to see? Fashion designers for clothes advice? The truth is, we all share our opinions of products all the time and look to peer reviews to decide what we want. Of course they don’t have to be skin care experts. They are simply sharing products that they love. In fact, it is kind of refreshing. They have found a reputable company and are willing to represent it because they believe in the products and company. This opportunity fell into my daughther’s lap, and has changed her life!! It is fine if it is not for you, but what is the point in trying to bring down other people who are gaining success? My daughter is as honest as they come…no “bs” from her. She simply shares the truth and lets people decide if they are interested or not! I’m super proud of her and I’m loving the incredibly safe (yes I did research too before starting) products for myself!!

    • Joe

      Just a note “They don’t need to be a skincare expert, have a degree in biology or have any professional experience whatsoever.” – This makes it sound like other people in the industry DO have to have this, that’s a complete lie. The clerk at CVS is not a skincare expert not is the pharmacist and Nerium, just like Olay or various other skincare products, is NOT a prescription medication.

      So really the only thing a buyer should be ware of is a person who keeps telling them to purchase from someone with a biology degree.

    • anonymous

      Read Go Pro by Eric Worre. Maybe that will give you a better understanding of Direct Sales. Also, Nerium International is a biotechnology company. Why does it have to be labeled as a skin care company for it to be real?

  32. Nerium Reviews

    First I will start out buy squashing the safety of Nerium. The company is 3 years old and everyone is still living!!! ;) If you want other info you can email me apix81 at gmail dot com,,, Once you use NeriumAD you will be HOOKED!! Its not “IF” Nerium works its how many days will it take?!? The proof is in the pictures, Make sure you take your before pic!! :)

  33. Anonymous

    This stuff is garbage and don’t trust the reps, they are only in it for the money go to ebay if you really have to have it

    • Proud mama

      Do NOT go to EBay or Amazon!! People who are not reps are sometimes taking the bottles as filling them with who knows what. The best place is to go through a rep.

      Yes, they are brand partners for the money. Isn’t that why you go to work? But that doesn’t mean that is the only reason they are there. Or that they would be dishonest or pushy with customers. The Nerium company is one that embodies incredible integrity! Please don’t say such negative things about a group of people without really knowing what they are doing. Every day a Nerium rep is helping someone else to feel happier with products and business opportunities. That is huge!!

  34. Penny

    Four months in and I have not noticed any improvements at all in the wrinkles and fine lines. Nothing bad has happened and I guess that’s good but this stuff promises all kinds of positive changes in your skin but I just don’t see it.

    I’ll give it two more months and then it goes in the drawer with all of the other creams that don’t work.

      • Anonymous

        I am so tired of hearing “take your before and after pictures”. Look in the dang mirror, ask friends and family for opinions.

    • Anonymous

      And u MUST use the product as directed. Every single night. In order for it to be a fair analysis u must give it a fair shot before u go off saying it doesn’t work. I haven’t had anyone who has used it correctly say it hasn’t improved their skin in one way or another.

        • Anonymous

          There are at least two reasons why – 1) it’s like watching a child grow up-you miss details over time and when you look at pictures of kids or yourself growing up you can pick out the drastic and subtle changes 2) no one seriously has the depth and the length of their wrinkles memorized, it takes a few minutes, you won’t regret it if you do take pictures…only if you don’t, get an app like Diptic or Framatic to actually compare them side-by-side and crop them to match up areas, or send them to your brand partner to put them side-by-side for you 3) if you decide you love it and want to sell it or refer friends so you can get your product for free every month you will be able to show off your results and pictures. I am 34, didn’t think I needed an eye lift because I have always had great skin and only noticed my eye lift before I looked at the pics because it wasn’t so awkward to color my eye brows anymore, they match now and I don’t have to “make” them match :) I always thought the lighting was different in pictures I saw on Facebook until I saw some where there was no way they had been touched up, some of them don’t have perfectly matched lighting yes…because these aren’t professionals taking their own pictures, however Nerium does correct discoloration and it gave my skin a Barbie like color and healthy glow, my forehead went from red and wrinkly (and I thought my color was already good-I was wrong) to peachy and smooth in less than four months. Definitely no inflammation or tissue swelling involved in how it works. I used to make and sell my own 25% vitamin C Serum on eBay-works nothing like this…so I shut down my little business, can’t compete and I don’t have to actually make Nerium myself, more time to spend with my family. I now get my products free every month because I referred three people with equal orders :) life is good! About time something like this comes out to save us all from lack of confidence. I was confident…but I didn’t know what I was missing…very happy with it.

    • Kelly

      Did you take before and after pictures? I haven’t tried it yet but am considering it. They say you can see the differences with the pictures but yes give it 3-6 months to really see the difference.

  35. Shania

    I don’t really know whether to trust nerium reviews or not. I have read many reviews of nerium for acne scars and there are so many mixed reviews. Some people seem to like it a lot while others do not like it at all. Maybe it did not suit them. I really wanted to try the nerium night cream and nerium firm body contouring cream, but I just can’t make up my mind. I have been using some organic products since two months. I have not seen any significant improvement but there have no side effects either.

    • Anonymous

      Shania I have both the day cream and night cream, and its true I was really skeptical about this, before this I was a using a bunch of products from clean and clear. After using this cream, I did see results but keep in mind also and I think many people dont realize but the way a person eats also helps or reduces the effect of the product. Changing the way I eat and using the cream did help my face a lot. Im 20, I use it for the breakouts and it helps.

    • Nerium has a money back policy, so if you are still interested you can go to and place an order there. if you have any questions you can also use the contact me option on the site and i’l do my best to answer any questions you have.

      • Rose

        I used Nerium AD for two days and stopped because my face became inflamed and red. I didn’t know that oleander is a primary ingredient in this stuff. I have always had an allergy to Oleander. If this “potion” is as effective and safe as its brand managers attest, perhaps they should reveal to potential customers that the NAe8A ingredient is oleander. I have been telling everyone about my reaction so that they are informed before they put this “potion” on their face or any other part of their bodies. I give Nerium AD two thumbs down.

  36. Dee Turner

    I find all this discussion about this product and that product useless. In the end I look at it like a pan full of cookies; not everyone likes the same kind of cookies. So, what is wrong with offering cookies to everyone? People will either try them and like them, try them and not like them, or refuse to try them. I do not get angry at those who do not like them or refuse to try them. Product promoters should be like that. You do not have to try their product, but if you do choose to try a product why get angry at the person who sold it to you. Are we adults? No one holds a gun to your head and makes you buy into anything. Money Back Guarantees are just that (if you do not like the product send it back) So if MLM is not your thing, don’t get mad at the ones who are really into it. I use many products from many different companies like Sears, Walmart,MLM, etc. Do you think there is someone making money from that or that someone sold something to them? Sounds to me like sour grapes about people liking a product that some people do not like, someone being successful in MLM, jealous competitors, or some people becoming happy about what they are doing. Life is too short to spend it fussing over such little things. Buy the product or don’t by it.

    • Anonymous

      Great view point Dee Turner :)
      Even though I am skeptical about the product, I am open and still willing to try out the product from a friend/rep who’s selling this.

    • Juliana


      The comments above are not about MLM or being angry at the people selling it. I believe and support MLM full heartedly. But, if the product makes all these claims and after 4 and 6 months there are no results, well I would also be upset and posting my results. You see, I am interested in the business and will try the product and make sure it works before I put my name on it. It’s that simple, I know it’s a business but the continue success and longevity of your business is based on the PRODUCT not getting people into the business. It will not sustain if the product does no keep selling. The 3 keys to a successful MLM are as follow and in this order. 1. Product (quality) 2. Business Model (compensation plan) 3. Demand (are people willing to buy this product, is there a need or a want for it)

      • Lynne


        You are so right. The 3 things you stated for an MLM is spot on. If you’re truly looking for a MLM company with all 3 of thoses factors, let me know. I have a skincare line that is created by the doctors who created ProActiv. And, there Anti-Age line was #1 in Nordstroms nationally before going into direct sales. And, now we do 6 times their yearly sales in one month! 1) So, brand (product) recognition is there. 2) Our compensation plan is one of the most lucrative in the industry with 5 ways to get paid. 3) The demand is definitely there. Month after month and year after year our sales increase and out to the previous month and year. Would love to talk to you about it.

        • Jenn

          Did i understand you correctly that the product you sell was being sold initially in Nordstroms, then went to being sold MLM? Did they alter the brand name for MLM purposes? Or was it ProActiv being sold in Nordstroms then moved to MLM? I’m new to this research and a little overwhelmed. I’ve been using Nerium for 6 weeks scrutinizing my own before & after pics and was initially disappointed. I was focusing on my 60+ yrs of lines and saggy eyelids not on the overall appearance. I have seen a big difference on the overall skin texture and less intensity on the lines so I guess it is working – i’m just not one of the “amazingly fast” results. I’d like to get into a job that I believe in so am considering entering the realm of MLM. All jobs have their “lets do a better job!!” encouragement meetings so i can’t listen to such bias remarks. Especially since being in a life-time of secretarial positions no company has taken an interest (let alone time) to want to make me a better person so that is nice to see such an offer. We all need support and in this life, friends and family don’t always offer the encouragement we could use, so that also is a nice offer. There is no financial stability out there today, so if you have to work to live, young people really should look at ‘not’ working for someone else – in the end you only have yourself to rely on. Notice all the retiree looking for work – it’s not just boredom – its mostly out of necessity. You could put your money in Wall Street – now that is a self-serving-only-shell-game world-wide! The way of the future is the rich peoples secret and they don’t want to share because they need the middle class and lower to do their menial tasks for them. My college educated kids are smarter than me but they still can’t find work in their ‘specialized field where Salie Mae isn’t taking 1/3+ of their income for the next 25 years! Figure it out kids – and fast! (I’m old, I can ramble on if I want to :))

      • Julie

        As with anything in life, if you don’t follow the instructions, you will NOT experience optimal results. Nerium AD does not contain water. I provide WRITTEN instructions with a follow up reminder, and yet I still have customers who profess how ‘dry it is”. Follow the instructions, including taking your before pics & after pics….YOU look at your own image EVERYDAY so you will be the last one to notice the changes….listen, we didn’t get this skin over a 30, 40, 50, 60 year life experience….what makes anyone think you can reverse that much life apart from the scaple, in 4-6 months? This product IS the most effective skincare product to come along in 20 years….don’t take my word for it….dermatologists & plastic surgeons abound, as well as other skincare professionals, attest to the results produced, science behind the product, efficacy of the research behind these products. Try them or not, but until you really apply them properly and use them faithfully, do not discredit the Nerium Experience. This product has taken 10 years off my appearance according to many friends and family, as well as many that are loving their own Nerium experience. I personally offer a LIFETIME money back guarantee, apart from Nerium’s 30 day money back guarantee! This is a limited time offer, but I LOVE this product, & the business opportunity, so I put my money where my name is!!!

  37. Vero

    I learned about this product a few weeks ago. I have tried many products and treatments to get rid of my adult acne, dark spots and wrinkles. You mention the product, I am sure I have tried it……so far nothing has worked. I will give this a try and see what happens.
    I am a bit concerned about the toxicity, though. It seems it is pretty safe. I will start the first trial this week. I will let you know if this really works. I can say I am skeptical ….so looking forward to what this has to offer.

    • Katie Winters

      Nerium does not address dark spots/sun spots or acne. Only the wrinkles. Rodan and Fields has multiple lines directed at specific skin concerns with a 60 day empty bottle money back guarantee. I tried the Reverse regimen (for dark spots) before becoming a consultant because I didn’t want to invest in something I wasn’t sure about. I saw amazing results and now my friends and other customers are seeing amazing results as well!!

  38. Dee Pirtle

    I went to a get together listen with interest since I have rosacea but at 150.00 every 30 days I realize that no matter how good this product sounds I couldn’t afford it. So once again it’s only for the upper class. And giving a party per say isn’t something I could do every 30 days to be able to get mine free since that would be wear and tear and gas on my old car.. So the lower class is once again out of luck. Don’t much think this will make it on your site but it would be nice to have something for 50.00 or less for us poor folks.

    • Anonymous

      Hi Dee, all you need to get it free is to have 3 friends get on auto ship. A party of 6 people should do that for you. You don’t need to do parties for months.
      I am getting senior citizens in their 70s and 80s free cream because of the amazing results they are having.
      I have yet to see it NOT work on people. The pics are crucial cuz I didn’t see anything for 14 days. My skin is good so my improvements not as dramatic but they are noticeable. Had the passport office try and wipe the grease off my forehead to no avain as its not shiny from oil…just glowing from health and hrs ration. ..too funny!

    • Anonymous

      Dee, Rodan and Fields has a great regimen for roscea that is 145 for 2 months. I myself have it and can tell you from personal experience it works great. If this is of interest to you I would be happy to send you more information. Our skincare is developed by doctors not a business man and we do not use toxic plants. Good luck with your search!

      • Anonymous

        People really need to do their research. The company has a business man running the business…which I don’t know about you but that makes sense. And the product is from a controlled field in Texas from seed to bottle. Where a scientific company determined the uses of it. I dare you to stop all of you products besides a gentle cleanser & take a before picture and 30 days later take an after photo. Using this product. If you don’t like it call them and get a refund. If you love it keep ordering it. It’s not for everyone just like any product out there. Either way…be educated and move on.

  39. Bud

    I’m amused at the lady above who entrusts FDA approval.. I’m assuming she doesn’t know that they approve so many toxic substances found in our foods & products causing anything from diabetes to cancer. I would not rely upon FDA for safe products. since they’ve been coerced into approval many carcinogenic substances and drugs.. My friend sells this Nerium product and it’s fantastic.. we just tried some. Ingredients are natural. Oleander is fine .. In Chinese medicine even the toxins in scorpions, toads and snakes are ingested to reverse in the body (remove toxins) .. Do research .. don’t rely upon big Pharma, business or government for answers to everything.


  40. Anonymous

    Nerium int’l funds the biotech company that discovered the products to find a cure for skin cancers. The ceo and co-founder is a very respected man in all business comunities..I have been in some pyramids, the jobs are the biggest. In a pyramid you can’t make more money than the person who brought you into it. This company builds like a mlm but doesn’t finish like one. They give back and no other company can claim that as i know of.I didn’t want anything to do with it until a month after my wife jumped in. I was pissed to say the least but told her she better not bankrupt us doing it. I saw the real results first hand and went to look at the marketing structure and was amazed at the amount of give back and money that can be made. YOU GOTTA WORK FOR IT like anything else. We are in it so we can help others more ,like kids everywhere. Giving to boys and girls club, fund housing for special needs people children Mostly. Help the parentS of such children. Whatever they can’t afford. And of course we are not alone. Nerium has outstanding core values also. Anyway you people who find ways of trying to slander or belittle someone or something are really very sefie and i feel sorry that you have failed at things and think you have to put it on everyone else. Get a lot of facts before you judge, I did and i love this company called Nerium International.

    • renee

      I agree with you, Nerium is an excellent company. I’m a very pessimistic person, been using the product for about 3 weeks and love it. Had been surfing the internet for the last 2-3 years looking for a home income opportunity and Nerium gives you a great one. I’m proud to be part of this great family.

  41. Sarah

    Nerium products contain FRAGRANCE, which could be any combination of 3,100 synthetics/chemicals. FRAGRANCE or PARFUM is a known carcinogen and neurotoxin and endocrine disruptor. It should never be put on your skin, which absorbs everything with which it comes into contact.

    • colleen

      nerium does not contain:
      no parabens
      no gluten
      no phthalates
      no propylene glycol
      no synthetic fragrance
      no sulfates
      no DEA no GMO
      no synthetic color NO animal testing!!!!

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, but the ingredient list on the product box says “parfum”, so Sarah is correct. Nerium does not claim “no synthetic fragrance.” Also, both the day and night creams contain Dimethicone, which is a toxin and can actually increase dryness and skin irritation over time. So, this product is not 100% safe like many people claim.

  42. Cathy Swanson

    I really wanted to try this line of products because my friend uses it and her skin looks very smooth and nice, but when I found out its main ingredient was oleander, I decided against it. The oleander I’d the most toxic of all garden plants. If you ingest it, and that would include absorbing it through the skin, it is poisonous. I remember my dad used to caution my brothers and me not to even touch it. If you don’t believe it, check the Wikipedia pace for oleander or nerium oleander.

    There must be some process the manufacturers use to remove the toxic properties of the oleander, otherwise it would never pass FDA standards. If anyone genuinely knowledgeable about this could comment, I’d appreciate it, as I’m not one to jump to conclusions without all the facts.

    • Anonymous

      Did you know that oleander is planted all over Walt Disney parks … The oleander we are using is the least toxic one . Penicillin is toxic and from a plant . Flu shots are the flu itself injected into whom ever gets those shots. As far as the FDA they allow pink slime to be used for McDonalds , school lunches are worse for kids than Nerium for anti aging cream. The FDA allows GMO foods. We don’t want Nerium to be FDA approved . I net the vitamins and holistic remedies you use aren’t FDA approved. I would for sure try Nerium . I did and loved so much I became a brand partner with the biotech company with whom discovered Nerium and is currently looking for cancer cures and other cures.i myself eat very clean only basically raw foods nothing refined . I am an Esthetician by trade for 12 yrs. this has been the most incredible skincare cream I have ever seen . Most products can correct the skin 2-5% unless you are doing a deep peel or retin A but those hurt cause redness and have a healing downtime. Nerium is a 1 step night and day cream that scientifically proven to correct skin 30-98% . For 80.00 even skin color,hydrated,dark spots gone,wrinkles diminish,acne gone,pore size smaller ,glow … It’s a wonderful product . If you choose to try be sure to take a before pic as the changes happen so fast and subtle to the naked daily eye it’s hard to see…. But then a photo 30-60-90 days later .. It’s like an infant growing in 1 yr you don’t notice till you look at pictures . If you would like to try I would be more than generous about a tester size for you . I am not trying to change your mind but only to see it in a different reality . Blessings my friend ;)

      • Renae

        Hi, i was reading all the comments about the nerium product. I am vegan and have very sensitive skin.i was told about this from a friend, she wants me to come to a meeting, but if I could just get a sample to try that would be best for me to decide. please email me and I will give you my mailing info, and who knows, I may sign up under you! thanks! R

    • Just my Opinion

      I too was curious about this toxin and how it is processed to pass FDA standards but what has really caught my attention, was your statement that was so contradictory that I had to respond and thank you for making me smile. You stated you chose to stay clear of this skin care because of the oleander, yet you finished with saying your not one to jump to conclusions, yet that’s exactly what you did by choosing not to use the skin care. I am in no way. criticizing you, as I find myself

  43. Suzanna

    I love Nerium I have been using the day and night creams for two weeks and already see lines between my eyes and around my mouth visibly reduced. This product is better than any I have ever used.

  44. Anonymous

    For anyone, some products are good for you and then some are not. Everyone is different. Over ALL – if you are looking for skin damage control – Nerium is your best bet. Plant based – botanical smell – no fragrances and as a Nerium Brand Partner who dearly loves the product – so do MOST of the people I sell to. It may not be for you – but there is also a money back guarantee with no strings attached. Enough said.

    • MLMbrainwashing


      My comment is not about the Nerium product itself….it is about the dangers of MLM brainwashing. I have extensive experience in MLM research and participation (including Nerium) and can tell you that Nerium is JUST LIKE other pyramid companies that create a frenzied cult-like atmosphere in their recruits. They no longer live normally, are CONSTANTLY trying to recruit people everywhere they go, can no longer speak to or associate with “negative” people (i.e; anyone that is skeptical about Nerium), only talk about Nerium, repeat the same phrases told to them by their “uplines” like zombies, associate only with Nerium people (their “Nerium Family”), get defensive if anyone questions the business, are completely brainwashed that this is the “only opportunity” out there, think people that don’t stay with the business just “didn’t work it right” and are losers, are told to pretend they are doing well with the “fake it til you make it” mentality…

      I have experienced all of this with Nerium. I have lost 2 friends to this cult as well. They are no longer themselves but Nerium cult followers. MLM recruits usually do not know that 99% of people fail in this business model but they are told they will be the one to succeed if they keep at it. Intelligent, strong, entrepreneurial people fail at MLM’s because of the pyramid setup. It is impossible to live your life constantly recruiting after you have exhausted your friends and family (fake conversations at supermarkets, stores, church, etc) just for the sake of recruiting.

      I am finally selling a product online and doing very well, WITHOUT the need to walk up to everyone I see with “HI!!!! How are you? I have a GREAT opportunity!! I would LOVE to share it with you!”

      Thank God for that.

      • Michelle

        I’m a BP with Nerium and I agree with you! This company operates exactly like all the other MLMs out there. Brainwashing and in my opinion, very similar to cults. If you question it you’re “too negative” and “unwilling to do what it takes to be successful.” I have way too many moral objections to recruiting my family and friends into this MLM and selling them on a dream of getting rich that statically for most, will NEVER come true. I will tell you I’m NOT unsuccessful, I’m NOT negative or lazy. I’m smart, a hard worker and just totally unwilling to be brainwashed by an MLM. I won’t let someone else tell me what my dreams are. My dreams were never to spend my life recruiting everyone I see into Nerium. I won’t make friends at the grocery store, at my child’s school, at the playground to gain their trust and then pitch them on an “opportunity.” No money in the world is worth my living an inauthentic life.

        I do think that the product is a good one. I’ve seen some great results with my own eyes. Although as a BP, no one ever talks about the product so I really don’t know much about it. Bottom line is Nerium is not a product selling business. It’s a recruiting business.

      • Kristi

        Sure what is it? I happen to use Nerium night cream and like it…it’s taking my age spots away..yeh! Someone was trying to get me to sell “It Works” but I didn’t see it work on me. But I did take a before picture with Nerium, and I’m willing to show that if you want to see. No I don’t sell this product, a brainwashed person I know does.

  45. cg

    What bull. The fake posts are so obvious(unless someone doesnt want to see; or is not half intelligent). My friend tried to get me to sign up. I gave him the blunt truth. He knows im far more intelligent then the “scientists” that engineer this garbage(I dont believe in hypocritical censorship for the sake of false rationalizations)
    The smart move would be to change the company name before the overwhelming truth on the products effectiveness hits

    • jmt

      Well now CG!!!! Aren’t you just full of yourself. I have never tried this nor have I heard about it until last night, hence reading the reviews now. While everyone is entitled to their opinion and some people think they are “FAR SMARTER” than others, get your ego in check. I don’t know you and can tell you’re someone I wouldn’t like.

    • chrissy

      Optimera doesn’t work at all!!! I …along with one of my beauty clients and my mother bought the Optimera day and night cream. We all bought these bottles at the same time we all took pictures of each others faces the same day and we all started using this optimera the same night and the only thing it did was make our faces feel soft while the cream was on the skin but nothing else happened after weeks for using it. We all have the same looking skin, it didn’t firm, tighten or make any fine lines go away …all 3 of us still look the same with out a stitch of change. This cream is not worth buying again, I wish I did not waist my money but I always get sucked into stuff like this allowing these stupid scams to suck the money right out of my wallet. Don’t be fooled by the sales reps trying hard to suck you in on this product.

  46. Carol

    I love this product and am thinking of becoming a brand partner. Can anyone tell me if the cancer research that this company funds..tests on animals? I would not want to contribute to anything that would harm a beloved animal.

    • Anon

      While this product might not be tested on animals (I don’t know, I haven’t done the research) it does contain collagen which is a product derived from animals.

    • Anonymous

      Carol, where are u located? My aunt is a cancer survivor and is using Nerium. She reviewed the ingredients and was very pleased, a big thing she pointed out was it does not contain parabens which is huge when it comes to cancer, her lengthy research showed her most over the counter skin products even expensive ones do contain parabens. So not only does she feel it’s safe to use Nerium she also loves the results.

    • Kelley Irish

      There is not animal testing with Nerium. I have used it now for 5 weeks and the results have been amazing! I am also a brand partner and just getting started. The advertisements are genuine and I am using myself as a testimony to Nerium’s success with age spots and fine AND deep lines. I am not sure why people are so cynical, but they are missing out. It is a must try, despite the fact that not everyone has drastic results, but you cannot know, until you try!

      • Andres

        I recently joined Nerium as a Brand Partner. However, I wanted to try the product or costly before in shared it with anyone. I also read the hundreds of negative reviews about Nerium. Thankfully, I don’t listen to the opinion of others. My own sister who is a doctor tried convincing me that is vav scam and b that b conversation was just VA few short minutes ago.
        Nerium had changed my life. My skin has never v looked as vibrant as it does now. And trust me, I’ve used my share of lotions and potions out there. I have extremely sensitive skin and in the last 3 weeks, I’ve felt boring. All is see is bright, clean and vibrant looking skin.
        I shared a bottle of v the day and night cream to av friend of mine that has sensitive skin and she’s decided to keep the bottle. I’m not pushy at all. I look for those that want it, not those who need it.
        I’m grateful to Nerium for allowing me to live and happy.

    • Sherrill

      Hi Carol,
      If you check with the person who gave you the products to try, they will tell you this company does not do animal testing of any kind. This product was tested on people and is for people, and it WORKS. The person who gave you the products should shave full information for you. If not, please feel free to send me a message, either her or to my business email. I AM a Brand Partner with NeriumAD and I’ll go toe to toe with anyone who says it does not work. I have seen the results first hand. Don’t just think about it, do it. The company is great, the people are great, and the product is great.

  47. Dani

    I was the biggest skeptic in the world. I had to take control of my life and make decisions on my own and stop listening to everyone elses opinion. When my friend told me about Nerium AD I researched it for a year and found nothing negative. But as Nerium started to PROVE it’s science around the United States I started to find little things to turn me away from it. But like I learned in Business School competition is not going to sleep, they are going to do everything they can to take you down. Thats when I went to a Nerium Market Party (get together held in public for the community to get the facts) and got all the answers I needed. I got the facts about the Science, about the company, and got to meet REAL PEOPLE who had Real Results so I decided to try it. I was amazed and in denial still. So I decided to share it with my Husband who is anti anything skincare and now he uses it faithfully along side me. I say to anyone who is a skeptic remove yourself from the fear of something new, and just try it for yourself. If you dont its ok it’s your skin. I became a Partner with Nerium soon after because I wanted to share it with “my friends and family” only but when their friends and extended family saw their skin they wanted it too and thats how this business works we only share it with people we dont say BUY THIS. If there are a few that are agressive they are with the wrong company and with us for the wrong reasons. We’ve had people come from other companies to take advantage of the fact that this is a groundfloor company and they only see $. But the mission is to simply share and spread the love and the Universe/ God will do teh rest. Just like we talk about a movie we saw and loved only yes we get paid but 30% goes back to the Biotech company where we continue to find cures for Skin Cancer and other diseases and we Support the Big Brother Big Sister program, and created The International Day of Happiness in March which was Amazing this year. The company is all personal self development from the inside out. If I never make $1 in this company I will never leave because it has made me a better person and has allowed me to give give give and pay it forward.Thanks and God bless you Jeff Olsen for giving us the opportunity when this amazing breakthrough could have been sold like all the others to a cosmetic companies where they would have charged people hundreds of dollars. The Big Brother Big Sister Program would still have to rely on other companies for funding, there would be no Happiness Movement, I would not be as happy and positive as I am today and I woud not have met so many authentic positive, happy, wonderful people. To get the FATCS contact a Nerium Brand Partner today everything else is just blah blah blah Have a Grand Day!

  48. Jane

    I read Nerium reviews at makeupalley and thought of buying it. I have lots of acne on my face and my friend had told me the Nerium works brilliantly on acne. I have already used so many products. Some were not very effective, some were harsh and some of them even triggered more outbreaks. Before trying anything new, I wanted to be absolutely sure. Although I had read so many Nerium reviews wherein people had given positive feedback, I really hoped it would work for me. My friend told me that I had used so many products, so why not this one? I told her I was just scared and did not want more acne. I decided to ask my dermatologist to give me his reviews about Nerium. My dermatologist said that it’s a good product but since each individual is different, one can’t say anything about the results before actually giving it a try.

    • Shayla

      I had been hearing about it for a year or so. my friends got me into it. It has definitely helped my blemishes and all of the pictures I have seen have helped too. If/when you do get into it, be sure to take lots of before pictures. Thats the best way to see the biggest results. You should see/feel a change in the first couple days. Stick with it for at least a month and I have very little doubt that you wont be happy with it. :)

  49. Mike

    Wow. Just read all the comments and the dermreview. All of you please take a breath. I am proud to be a Nerium Independent brand partner. For you folks bashing Nerium, that’s OK as you know not what you say and you will also be blessed.
    How about these facts for a company that just hit the 3rd year of existence. We just surpassed Nike (yes – The Nike that pays huge advertising endorsements to push their products) AS the biggest contributor financially and as Big’s for Big Brother Big Sister. Fully funded the research company that was conducting cancer disease research so they don’t have to worry about funding and can move full dream ahead.
    Sponsored the first ever International Day of Happiness as our CEO was invited to speak at the United Nations about this day. Wow, happiness-that’s a thought….
    Feel free to email me and have a great day.

    • Anonymous

      I just began using the night and day creams. I am excited to see results because the pictures I have seen are very impressive. I have one question though that I hope you might be able to answer. Is it safe to apply the product on my eye lid area and around the other parts of the eye?

    • Anonymous

      Hello i saw lots of negative comments about nerium cream that its toxic chemicals may cause skin cancer.can you please advice me what to do?i have lots of skin problem acne,scars,open pores etc.and my age is 26 so i can use this product or not please give me good suggestion.waiting for response.

      • Anonymous

        This product has given me the results I have been looking for. I have tried everything and never could clear up my acne scars, cysts and pits on my left cheek.. Nerium has saved my life in more ways than one. If anyone would like to see my results.

      • Terri

        I think you would do well with this product. If you are truly looking for a product that will help your skin. As with everything we do it is not an overnight success. I say give it 90 days.

      • Brian

        Nerium AD is not toxic. It is made of all natural ingredients and is designed with problem skin like scars and acne in mind. Some people may think it’s full of chemicals because it comes in a nice fancy looking bottle instead of a cardboard tube like they think natural products should be packaged. The smartest thing to do – in any situation – is do your own research from reputable and trustworthy sources (not a collection of people’s thoughts and beliefs on the product, actual facts). But do this and you will come to the conclusion that Nerium AD is not a scam, but a rapidly growing, legit product that is just growing too fast for some people’s comfort. It’s simply gaining so much popularity because it works.

      • Sheryl

        I find it disturbing that so many people are bashing a product that they know nothing about. NeriumAD was discovered WHILE DOING cancer research. Nerium Biotech is a company that has been around since the mid 1990′s. Their primary mission is to find a cure for cancer using Nerium which comes from the Oleander plant. Look up Dr. Ziya Ozel ( and you will see what he has done with Nerium for cancer since the 1950′s. That being said, you should try Nerium and see how it works for you. Everyone is different and has different results. The bottom line is that 90% of people will see some improvement and some results are better than others. Honestly people, do you think this company could have done over $300 million in the last 3 years if this product was harmful or didn’t work? Please get your facts straight before posting!

        • Denise

          I’ve been doing a lot of research and reading on the company. But can’t seem to get any straight forward answers. Can you please provide the link so I can see the third party trials, published papers or any scientific evidence. I think a lot of the problem is over reaching brand partners promising the sun,moon and stars.
          Also can’t find a person that can tell me how the product works on the skin. It’s not magic does it bleach the sun damage,exfoliate someone should be able to tell me.
          Many companies have grown rich quickly off hype and false claims. I’m not saying Nerium is but it’s not the best example to say company is above reproach because they are taking in so much money. Wall Street comes to mind.

  50. Janette

    I started using Nerium AD irregularly almost a year ago with regular use the past couple of months. I do NOT sell it; I’m strictly a consumer.
    I am thrilled that it is only 1 product; I found myself unwilling to use even 3 products at night. It has helped with pore size but I find that my acne (forehead) is directly related to my water consumption – Nerium doesn’t do anything to resolve it. I also was checking my pre-Nerium photos because I thought more forehead wrinkles were newly visible; not the case – they are the same as when I started (no better, no worse).
    I just turned 40 and am trying to keep signs of aging at bay. Because it is only one product I will likely continue to use it.

    • Susan

      Cheryl- I am hypothyroid and take 50mcg of levothyroxine daily.
      I am an international brand partner (rep the product) and have used NeriumAD night cream, day cream and now NeriumFirm (body cream) since June daily without any problems whatsoever. In fact, one of the problems I noticed with being hypothyroid is extremely dry and itchy skin which I do not suffer from any longer. My skin has greatly improved as far as texture, discoloration and fine lines and wrinkles and age spots have faded. I will always use this now.
      Check with your Doctor as everyone is different and they can advise you. I love the product. Good Luck

    • capp

      I use it and have a handful of skin issues and health complications. I was using Skin Medica products and I have switched. I found the product to be not only terrific, but more cost effective. I was SO VERY skeptical at first, and I’m now totally sold. I use their firm contouring cream now and it has been absolutely remarkable. My mom was so shocked by the results that she as well as two others from church also use it.

    • Anonymous

      Nerium is not absorbed systemically. It is safe to use, but like most anti aging products, I would hesitate to use on areas of broken skin (burns, abrasions, etc).

    • Carin

      I have a friend who is on thyroid medication and has successfully uses NeriumAD Night Cream so I would say the answer is yes but if you have concerns see your General Practitioner or Specialist.

  51. Heidi

    I have three kids and 4 businesses. I absolutely did not have time to sell any products. In fact I have never sold anything or had any of those ” parties” Its just not my style . Anyways, like EVERYBODY else I tried everything all products . I am in my 40′s. I didn’t have horrible skin, it was just blotchy, & uneven. And still, yes Still on my period I would break out every month. I started using Nerium in April. I knew it worked differently in 2 weeks. My face looks the best it has in years. I haven’t had one breakout or pimple. I hardly wear makeup in the day. My pores are smaller, lines less noticeable . The redness is gone . Everything is better. I will upload a picture if it lets me . I really swear it works ! You get a 100% money back guarantee if you don’t like it. Anyone can message me if they want to see more pictures or have questions. I am usually skeptical of before and after pics from the company also .

  52. Suan

    Am using Nerium AD and have had wonderful results. I love it and for full disclosure, I am a brand partner. I did not become one to scam people (shame on you) , I became one because of the results. Much money is wasted on products that really don’t work. I can talk to my friends about something that does work and won’t waste their money. Its also natural and does not use harsh chemicals. I do have untouched before and afters. I did not use anything before Nerium except a simple cleaner and moisturizer because my fiends looked just like me and they were spending a LOT of money. I didn’t want to waste my money but if I actually noticed a friend really looking better, then I’d buy that. That was Nerium and now I won’t be without it!!! Using the body cream as well and knee wrinkles almost gone. A few of my friends are brand partners now and they do not feel scammed at all. They are thrilled with the product and opportunity. It’s changing the game. Deal with it!

  53. BDD

    My wife and a few other family members have been using Nerium for a few weeks now and I can already see a positive differance in their skin. Their skin looks healthy and my wife’s sun spots and freckles are fading away. Nurium has a 30 day 100% money back gaurentee. If you don’t see results within 30 days or you simply don’t like it, return what’s left and get your money back. With a gaurentee like that how can it be a scam.?

    I hate scammers and Nurium is not a scam….!

  54. thisproductisgarbage

    PLEASE DONT fall for this crap! Stay away stay far far away! There are nothing but a bunch of crooks behind this crappy product that want your money and they’ll do anything to get it! ANYTHING!!

    • Julie

      Hello thisproductisgarbage,

      Thanks for your honest truth about Nerium. I’ve had several people try and get me to invest in this product. I’m not a skin care specialist, but I can’t believe that there is any “stand alone product” out there that can live up to the claims Nerium promises. I also have never been fond of most MLM’s until recently. In support of a friend, I tried the new Innovage™ line by the creators of Strivectin™ and I’m pleasantly surprised by the positive results. This company promises 100% money back guarantee and there is Science beyond the Testimonials. Actual Studies are performed by 3rd party organizations which is rare with most MLM’s. So If you’d like more information on the product line that doesn’t promise miracles but delivers positive results, you can email me @

    • Amy

      So, you have used it and did not see any results? Two of my friends are using this. They took pics before they started and took pics a week after. The results are amazing! I was sceptical at first until they showed their pics to me. My friend gave me a sample to try for 5 days. My daughter is taking pics of me before and after. I hope I get the results my friend’s did!! Did you take pictures of yourself before and after?

    • Sherrill

      You obviously had a bad experience or something. I feel sorry for you. This product really works miracles for skin. Some of us have had really tough things happen to our faces and we are self-conscious when going out in public. We have to wear heavy foundation and purchase makeup to cover up the really bad spots. We have rosacea, acne scars, (pits in our skin, literally) sun spots, skin cancer, and so much more. We spend way too much money trying to make our skin look better because we are inundated with photoshopped fake beauties that make us feel insignificant and ugly in comparison. Yes…these should be overcome by our thought and our knowledge that we are good and beautiful people no matter what, but that doesn’t always work.
      People stare at those of us with disfiguring birthmarks or scars caused by fire, acid, or radiation. Yes, they really do and you know it’s true.
      So when we hear that there is something that might help us,… really help us, and it’s pretty cheap compared to other products, we’ll try it. And what do you know? For most of us, its a miracle. It works It changes our faces, and that changes our lives. And you can NOT PUT A PRICE ON THAT. So while it sounds like you had a bad experience, and I’m really sorry about that, for the life of God, don’t go around keeping someone else from finding hope and a chance. Ok? Just have a little grace. And if you had a bad experience, it sounds to me that the person who sold you the product was not a nice person, if that’s what happened. They should have helped you more, or gotten your money back, or whatever. Just lighten up a bit.

      • Anonymous


        Nerium has a science safety video, also I called poison control about the product and was told others had called and after poison control did their research they found nerium to be totally safe. Actually the lady on phone told me she is a very happy user of nerium, my results with day and night and now the nerium firm have been above outstanding!!!!

  55. maria


    • Sherrill

      Maria, if you still can’t find any information, please message me or whatever, or visit my website. There’s all kinds of info there. I”d be happy to help you find the information you desire. And I’m not trying to sell you anything. Just let me know. I’d be happy to help.

  56. Tiffani

    Hello All-
    I just wanted to say that I started using Nerium Day Cream and Night Cream on June 5, 2014 and I absolutely love it. I am 37 years old and I am fortunately not showing many signs of aging, but want to prevent it from happening. I have noticed my skin feeling smoother and my pores are smaller and I notice the fine lines in my forehead to be less. I just started using the Nerium Firm two days ago on my thighs, so I am anxious to see the results. I do have personal before and after photos, I would be glad to send anyone interested in seeing them. Please reply if interested. Thank you.

  57. S.Davis

    I am not concerned that it is a pyramid scheme because even if you do not recruit one person to help you brand the company you still make commission on every customer you get. Every bit of completed work you put into it you make a commission. —Pyramid schemes often do not have a product that you can rep and sell and make a commission on— It’s called Direct Marketing because you are the sales force bringing the product to the market…
    I am one that would like more information on how the product works because I am an organic/holistic person and like to look into such that I put on my skin. Although it is plant derived and in USA it is the Nerium Oleander and Canada it is Centella Asiatica and other flower plants…so I am led to believe it is the extraction process and the unique extract that holds a power in appearance changes along with all the moisturizing properties

    • Jones

      Hello SDavis…did you get the info you are seeking? I have just found this product and am using it on my husband (he has more wrinkles than me!) and have done a lot of research on the product, the ingredients, and results people are getting. Feel free to email me if you have any questions that you have not found answers to yet, and I’ll see if I can find answers for you.

    • Carin

      Hello, my name I Carin and I am now a Nerium Brand Partner after my own results were great but let me tell you my story. Since I was a child I have always been interested in plants and how indigenous peoples have used them for health and well being. Learning that many medications were derived from plant life sent me in the career direction of Pharmacy but once behind the pharmacy counter I realized I was poisoning my community. I quickly got out of Pharmacy and turned toward herbal medicine. I personally would not have used this product nor would I be sharing it with others if I believed it had safety issues or even one ingredient was something that I wouldn’t allow on my own skin. I have noticed hyper pigmentation disappear, pores reduce and fine lines lessen. After the first 5 days my husband said “Something is different about your skin, you look beautiful” that is when I knew it was more than just another product on the market.

    • DVallin

      Hi S. Davis!

      You are interested in how Nerium works because you are an organic/holistic person, have you been able to get your question answered? We have several resources that I could send you that could answer that question. I would be glad to send them to you I just need a way to contact you.

      Have a great day!


      • Crystal

        Hi DVallin, Im also an organic person and would love to have some helpful information on Nerium. I dont want to use a product that could harm me?

  58. KH

    As far as I know pyramid schemes are illegal in the US. The government knows about Nerium that is how we got the patent on the product. It is a phenomenal product that truly helps people and the company focuses on helping people as well not making money off of them. If you know anything about a pyramid scheme you know that the people at the top make money while the people below get nothing in return. In order for Nerium to be a pyramid scheme the people purchasing the product would pay for it but not get it. They ARE getting product so this is no way a pyramid scheme.

    • Suzanne

      I’m reading these reviews in shook about a great product! I’ve been an established Esthetician for over 30 years, and took pride in taking care of my skin with products that we’re overpriced and never sure if they we’re working! But because I was younger my training in skin care went a long way. Am no longer a practicing Esthetician but value my aging skin, and a friend got me started on the Nerium 2 months ago….and I am hooked. This 2 step products is amazing…it does not do miracles…but it’s by far the best product out there….”and my specialty was working on problem skin! ”

      I asked my friend how I could get involved in selling it…she never asked me!!! So I’ve become a Canadian Brand Partner…and my journey is just beginning. But what an amazing product to help aging women!!!!
      Aging skin is not easy to help…as it’s losing nutrients and elasticity etc… Nerium is really a good find.

      We all want great skin and this product is allowing us to age Gracefully….for a good price…!!!

      Merci to all who understand these bottes of Anti- Aging treatment product. It’s really a no brainer!

      The products I had to sell in my clinic many years ago we’re mostly European lines….and very high priced…because of all the marketing..n packaging…and border fees etc…etc.etc.

      So keep enjoying this product …..because good affordable anti- aging products are hard to find…

  59. Dee-Lynn

    Hi! I am a Canadian Brand Partner with Nerium International and have seen first hand the amazing results on myself, family and friends. I have REAL untouched photos of before and afters that I can send to anyone that is interested, just drop me a line.

    • Carolyn Cormier

      I am just starting off as a Nerium brand partner in the US. Can I see your before and after pics.. I am very excited about the product.

      Thank you
      Carolyn C

    • Jenn

      Hi there I’d like to create a new album of before and afters. I am a brand partner since March! I love this company and I love their products!!! I just can’t wait to hear about what other countries we will be expanding to!
      Happy to hear you are having a postitive experience! Just makes it that much more rewarding to be apart of this company!! Thank you!!!

    • Shelley

      I am just starting off as a brand partner in the US. Can I see your before and after pics.. I am very excited about the product.

    • Angelika

      Hi Dee-Lyn,

      I’m a BP and would love to see your before and after photos. My skin is pretty good so my results are modest but nothing over the top.

      How is your business doing? Are people happy with the results?

      Thanks so much,

  60. Jeff

    First of all, I’m 63 years old, I’ve worked in the construction business outdoors since I was 12, and my skin has taken a beating. I had deep pours and blackheads, acne scars and age lines, and my skin on my face was uneven in texture and color from being in the sun for years. Eight months ago, my wife (who runs two day spa businesses) stumbles on NeriumAD. She tried the product for only 15 days and saw amazing results like never before. I began using it with her I’ve taken 10 years off my skin and face. I no longer have deep pours and blackheads, acne scars, my age lines have diminished and my skin texture is baby smooth and even color. I even used Nerium on my lips to cure my cold sores from sun exposure. It hasn’t come back. All this thanks to a daily and easy application of Nerium each night before going to bed, and putting on the Day Cream in the morning before going out to work.

    We’ve been in the skin care business for over 20 years and we’ve seen hundreds of skin care lines make their claims. We’ve spent thousands of dollars on products that really don’t work, maybe the clients get 5-8% results. We take their money and they pay dearly for what they get. But in time they stop coming in because the expense and the results don’t justify the service. We end up discounting the products to get rid of it.

    Nerium comes along and we see our clients get 30-60% results. They become perpetual customers and we realize commission revenue from that. They get fantastic results without spending an arm and a leg to get it. Not everyone can afford a $500 skin care product or a $300 facial that has multiple steps to only get 5-8% results. This is affordable and it works.

    The dermatologists and plastic surgeons out there deal with high end products and services that only a small percentage of the population can afford. More power to them. This is something that is available to the average person who wants results and doesn’t have to go into bankruptcy to pay for it.

    All you skeptics and negative people out there are close minded and not willing to see the reality of the skin care business. There’s hundreds of skin care lines out there, and there’s hundreds of spas who refuse to acknowledge NeriumAD. Most cater to the upper class, who don’t care about saving money and take pride in spending a fortune on their faces. it’s all about the money.

    As for people who have reactions to NeriumAD, well that happens. It happens to any skin care product. In fact, I had a reaction to a sun screen. We are all susceptible to allergies. When you have a skin reaction to Nerium it usually means you take it slowly, cut back the dosage. The skin is adjusting to the product. We’ve seen 80% of our clients who have reactions adjust to it by taking that approach. That is because our diets of junk food and preservatives fill our bodies with toxins that react to whatever we touch, eat, and put on our faces. It’s unfair to blame Nerium for everyones faults, and its unfair that everyone believes the doctors and medical profession who are threatened by this because it means they will loose some revenue in their affluent lives that they live. This is a symbol of our society where certain sectors of the very wealthy control the mindset of the rest of us because they have the lawyers, the lobbyist, and the knowhow to fill the internet up with their agendas and negative articles to destroy something that is genuinely good for the people.

    As for it being a pyramid scheme, well, our business structure in this nation is a pyramid scheme. Every one of you belong to a pyramid scheme. The top people who you work for make all the profits. Where are you in the pyramid of your company? Nerium does has a business side to it because it needs to be distributed and marketed to get the product to the people. A pyramid scheme exists when the people above you make all the money and you have to buy tons of inventory to keep in stock. As a brand partner for Nerium, your commissions are very generous and the company rewards you with free inventory. Is that a pyramid scheme? Well, we have sold this product to our customers who have become brand partners (distributors) because their results were so impressive their friends and coworkers wanted the same results. They are making 10 times the money we are making because they are putting a bigger effort out to share it. Anyone can do well with this as a business if they dedicate effort, the right attitude, and possess the philosophy.

    Nerium isn’t for everybody because there are too many naysayers out there who, like politics, distrust everything they see and do. If they were hit with a cure for cancer they’d probably doubt that too.

    • Jenn

      Hello Jeff!
      Thank you so much for sharing your comments! You have hit several concerns that I’ve personal experienced as a Brand Partner. From folks saying it doesn’t work, or have had a reaction, and this business being a pyramid scheme! What I love about Nerium International is that they’ve provided an opportunity to the “average” individual to really make an impact in someone’s lives! We are doing it through improvements in their skin to improvements in their financial situation! May I please share your comments? I do use Facebook to focus on the positives of getting into the business. A lot of people just look at the Skincare portion if what this company has to offer with before and after pics which is wonderful, but you’ve touched up on the business and if like that to be my focus to get out to the public. Please let me know if that works. Thank you!

    • Sherrill

      Jeff, you rocked your answer. I would be proud of you if I were your wife. And I bet she is. Maybe it doenst work for everyone. But I tell you, everyone I”ve seen, its like a miracle on their face. I’m thankful for this product, and thankful for people like you. Rock it, dude.

    • Anonymous

      Yours rocked! I listened to You & I believe ALL skin care products are not for everyone. Thank you! Thank you or your blunt & honest opinion. Curious if this is for ME!

      • Jenn

        If your curious… Then please look into this opportunity… Again it may not be for everyone, but I tell you I was a skeptic, I was not in the financial position to make this type of investment but I tell you… I have absolutely no regrets at all!!! My life is going to take a change for the better and this means opening doors for my family…

  61. NOT a brand partner

    I use Nerium and like how it makes my skin feel. I’m 56 and the difference is significant! BUT, I bought the brand partner kit, found out more about the business and decided to return the brand partner kit. I got about 1/2 of what I paid for it! They deducted everything they could possibly deduct: 10% restocking fee, since I had opened the paperwork to look at it they deducted $180 for that even though I returned it in pristine condition, they also deducted any commission I had received (but I didn’t receive any commission?), so I’m angry enough that I will probably stop using the product. Also, my eyes were allergic to it so I had to keep it away from my eyes. I do not recommend dealing with this company and I don’t believe the business works. Definitely pyramid!

  62. Anonymous

    it’s simply ! this product is an irritant to the skin causing inflammation, which in return puffs up (or should I say “out”) your wrinkles … this is absolutely a rediculous product !!

    • DVallin

      So if it is an irritant to the skin and causes the wrinkles to go away because of swelling, then what is your response to the evening out of skin tone, improvement of texture issues, and the tightening of the skin? If it swells up the skin then how does it tighten and lift the skin….instead of making you look puffy.

      Focus your energy on promoting your product, not bashing another product that you obviously know nothing about.

  63. bamboozled

    the selling of ‘hope’ is as old as the hills……….cosmetics and care products play on that heavily……a pyramid is a pyramid, how many have we seen over the years?……then a new one is sold to the new generation……..the story is always the same, the only place you can get the fountain of youth is nerium… place else………..the leader is a suave, well polished, really nice guy that is so positive about changing peoples lives, and helping others that he doesn’t mind at all being at the top of the pyrimid………and you don’t mind making him rich………the same story over and over……….and over and over……….pt barnum said it best “there is a sucker born every minute” and multi level marketers can spot them a mile away and that is their real talent, the brainwashing is the frosting on the cake…….group hysteria…. it may be a good product but it’s over pricesd as you have to pay everybody on up the line to the top

  64. curlygirl

    You will not find any real honest biased conversation on the internet because of the dishonest marketing schemes by Nerium. They will tell you ANYTHING to get you to buy! Well actually that would be incorrect, they want you to sign up as a brand partner because there is more money in it for them that way! A good example of this is if you look through the comments here there is an Adam who asked what the cost was, Tiffany Harm’s response was to become a Brand Partner, so if these Neriumites actually cared about people and simply wanted to “share” the product and help others be “better” people why wouldn’t she just sell him the product? No she wants to recruit him to become a “brand partner” so she can make a bigger profit and recruit him so she can continually make money off of him.

  65. curlygirl

    Nerium is a scam. Another get rich quick scheme and it will die off just like every other MLM company. The Neriumites (people who will defend this stuff like it is a religion) will argue, be defensive, call you names and tell you that you are just negative and even one person tells anyone who doesn’t “believe” that they are mentally ill! The new product they have called Optimera has the Neriumites claiming you can rub this stuff on and all of your flabby skin will disappear! Laughable! Just go to HealthyTheresa and look at the pictures that are posted. It will make you sick! How can they sleep at night with lies such as these? Talking people into thinking they will be millionaires and taking people who are desperate to the cleaners. Unreal, yes I said unreal not real results, real people, more like real liars!

    • Carol

      For someone who claims to know what Optimera is for—and obviously you don’t—I think it wise to not believe anything else you write. Narcissistic comes to mind…

  66. Chloe

    I have the entire range of Nerium products. I had heard lots about it and was getting a great discount. I’m using the age-defying night cream and age-spot cream regularly. I swear by it. My skin is getting firmer y the day. I did ask my skin care expert before starting. When he gave me a go ahead, I started using it regularly.

  67. Anonymous

    As a Master esthetician looking at the ingredient list, I can honestly say this product is absolutely a bunch of hype. There is not one single, solitary ingredient that penetrates the skin on a cellular level.
    There are no abstract studies from a reliable source that state the efficacy of the oleander plant on stimulating cellular changes within the skin. The only true topical ingredients that actually have the ability to do this, for ex. retinols, AHAs, BHAs, etc.

    • Anonymous

      My question to you as an aesthetician -have you tried Nerium? There is no hype it is real- with real results, I’ve been using it for a year and a half! And quess what, I haven’t died!:) Try it, before you decide to get on the internet and give a minor opinion. It’s like rating a car before you test drive- be careful of false words, not a good thing to engage into!

  68. Anonymous

    I’ve spoken to three local Nerium reps and have asked for before and after photos. I was sent the same set of photos from all three. Not one of themselves or or any of their team or clients. And the three reps I know look exactly the same as they did when they stated with Nerium. And not to mention ppl tell lies like it’s ALL natural as one commenter on here did. Um no… Read the ingredients of what you sell and use. Wow

    • Believe

      I have seen a friend use this product and her results were amazing I used her night cream for two weeks and with in days my pores got smaller I do not sell this product but I have seen first hand amazing results!

  69. Contessa

    I am close to singing up to be a Nerium distributor but I want to see some results or hear reviews from people like myself. I am Egyptian/South Indian and a tiny bit Sicilian. I don’t have wrinkles, acne, fine lines, pore issues, and I’m going to be 40. I live in a highly Asian community and am a trusted educator and business woman to the community and would like to offer the opportunity. I just want to hear from more ethnic people and not Caucasian, no offense here but I have a totally different skin type and it was very strong on my skin, but the day cream was not as strong and I could see the usefulness of it as a prevention product. I have a degree in Organic Chemistry so I am doing some research on the patent so I can get unbiased information, but is anyone in this forum Indian, Chinese, Arab, African, Egyptian, etc?

    • Shontee

      Hi ,Contessa how are you doing? My name is Shontee & I became a Brand Partner with Nerium alost 2 months ago & believe me, I do understand your concerns,because I am an African American female and I have had customers ask me that same question….but I can assure you that this product does works,because I’ve been using it for 5 weeks now & love my results…..If you give me a call at 504-994-7060 I will send you some of my before/after pics of me & some of my customers & I hope this will change your mind….God Bless

    • S.Davis

      My mother in law is using Nerium. You can talk to her…she is from India and has wonderful skin but is proactive to prevent wrinkles. She loves the firm as well. Let me know if you would like more information!

    • Corinna

      With only a couple products, it’s hard to believe that Nerium could work for ALL skin types. If you have a free moment and are truly interested in skin care, please check out Rodan + Fields. This is the same dermatologists that created Proactiv. They offer a variety of products for numerous conditions and work fantastically for all skin tones and types. I shouldn’t for get to mention that they offer a 60 day money back guarantee!!

      • DVallin

        Hi Corinna!

        I have used Rodan and Fields and Nerium. Rodan and Fields is a quality product, but it is a system. I used Rodan and Fields for a year and never got the results I have gotten with Nerium. I got better results with only 1 step with Nerium than I did with the Rodan and Fields.


  70. Jodie Minahan

    In response to this, please go to and order Nerium Firm. If you send me your email, I will forward the pictures of Nerium Firm results. I know you will be happy with the product. If you aren’t for any reason, we can gladly refund. I know that will not be the case though. ;-)


    June 17, 2014 at 8:50 am • Reply

    I really want to try it as well. Have spent lots of money trying to fight this horrible cellulite I have. Can u sent me a sample. I live in Louisiana


  71. Toni

    I’m loving it!!! I like the smell. I’ve been using it 3 months now, and yeah, now I get my day cream for free!!!!!! oh yeah!!! :) Can y’all tell I’m excited!! I love it! Will keep buying it as long as I can afford it. I think my makeup looks better. I usually hate MLM’s; what I typically see with MLMs is that its all about getting people signed up to sell the product, but the people don’t actually care about selling anything, its all about getting folks signed up to sell. BUT WITH NERIUM THAT IS NOT WHAT THEY ARE ABOUT. MY REP HAS NEVER ONCE TRIED TO PRESSURE ME ON ANYTHHING. The product really does sell itself.

    • Anonymous

      I totally agree! When it comes to working for a living, it seems that I’ve never been this passionate so far in my entire “working years” in the U.S. It’s like saying “I’ve never felt this way before” to someone you have fallen in love with… And why is that? I fell in love with the product FIRST. Effective, safe, reasonably priced, and it makes me feel awesome! I am hooked to it. This is why I joined… But not just to earn a living (part time for now) as we all have to work anyway…. but also to SPREAD THE WORD on what Nerium International has in store for me, for you, & for others TO HELP. Take a peek and see the WHOLE picture. Not only one will look good and feel good, but also live better. You got to have it, to see it, to believe it. Real Science. Real Results.

      Personal Note: Besides the EXCELLENT product and the GENEROSITY of Nerium International, I love the people involved in it. WELL GROUNDED. It has this RELAXING ATMOSPHERE and NOT intimidating. It feels like home. As far as I have observed, just about every one happily supports any one, hand in hand… Nobody seems to leave the other behind who’s willing to grow and have the SAME kind of opportunity… With diligence and perseverance, and FRIENDSHIP. Little by little we’ll get there too. This will head to its Trillions! And this BABY COMPANY is just barely going on its THIRD year but heading to its Billions. WOW! Now I have finally resumed and revived my goals with gusto and excitement. ^_^ Hope you too in whatever it is that you do… Thank you God for leading me to Nerium…

  72. Ju Ju

    Has anyone that used this product and stopped, have you noticed if your skin or face has gotten back to the way it looked before you started using the product? I would like to use it but I’m afraid that my face or skin will drastically go back to the way it was before using it, according to a review that I read here, please advise.

    • Anonymous

      Used it and my face looked good when I was on it. It had filled in my wrinkles, made them disappear. But when I stopped using it my wrinkles came back are now back,

      • Orsina

        Seriously — if you got into great shape by exercising, would you expect to stay that way after you stopped going to the gym? If you got healthier by drinking fresh pressed juices and smoothies every morning, would you expect that to continue when you went back to donuts for breakfast?

        You cannot expect a product to do more for you than you are willing to do for yourself. Nerium works — WHEN you use it. It doesn’t do you any good in your medicine cabinet.

      • Suzanne

        Why would you stop using it? If you don’t feed something it won’t look good!!!!! your skin is alive and always needs a bit of attention!!!!

        It’s pretty simple… a Esthetician…Finally a products that feeds the skin like a treatment….ITS LIKE AN ASPIRIN…YOU TAKE AN ASPIRIN FOR WHATEVER AILS YOU…..WELL NERIUM…you apply it …..TO FEED THE CELLS THAT ARE TIRED….It’s a treatment TO GIVE YOUR SKIN A LIFT!!!


    • Toni

      JuJu, I have read that somewhere too. But my thinking is, all products are probably temporary in some sense. And y’all, they don’t have samples, the rep will bring you a full bottle to try for 5 days and then you give it back. That’s what I did.

    • Anonymous

      I really want to try it as well. Have spent lots of money trying to fight this horrible cellulite I have. Can u sent me a sample. I live in Louisiana


      • Catrina

        Hi Romona- Nerium now has a contouring cream out that works amazingly on cellulite. Not sure my website will show up on here but I can connect with you via that.

        Catrina :)

        • Donna

          Catrina: Can you send me the link to your website? I’m interested in the cellulite cream and the other wrinkle products. Thanks.

    • Alice

      Hi Lina! – here is my website with all the information you need. If you have any questions please contact me thru the website. Hope you like what you read and hear!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Alice, I can tell you about the product and the company itself.

        When it comes to working for a living, it seems that I’ve never been this passionate so far in my entire “working years” in the U.S. It’s like saying “I’ve never felt this way before” to someone you have fallen in love with… And why is that? I fell in love with the product FIRST. Effective, safe, reasonably priced, and it makes me feel awesome! I am hooked to it. This is why I joined… But not just to earn a living (part time for now) as we all have to work anyway…. but also to SPREAD THE WORD on what Nerium International has in store for me, for you, & for others TO HELP. Take a peek and see the WHOLE picture. Not only one will look good and feel good, but also live better. You got to have it, to see it, to believe it. Real Science. Real Results.

        Personal Note: Besides the EXCELLENT product and the GENEROSITY of Nerium International, I love the people involved in it. WELL GROUNDED. It has this RELAXING ATMOSPHERE and NOT intimidating. It feels like home. As far as I have observed, just about every one happily supports any one, hand in hand… Nobody seems to leave the other behind who’s willing to grow and have the SAME kind of opportunity… With diligence and perseverance, and FRIENDSHIP. Little by little we’ll get there too. This will head to its Trillions! And this BABY COMPANY is just barely going on its THIRD year but heading to its Billions. WOW! Now I have finally resumed and revived my goals with gusto and excitement. ^_^ Hope you too in whatever it is that you do… Thank you God for leading me to Nerium…

    • DC Felice

      Lina, where are u located? I’m in California and can provide u with a sample.
      Not sure if I should leave a phone number or email.

    • Ali Hernandez

      Lina, I can help you with samples! Send me an email or visit my website for more info and additional contact information. Hope to hear from you soon!

    • Ruth Hietbrink


    • Anonymous

      Hi Lina! I am a Nerium International Brand Partner. You can check out my website:

    • Amy M

      Hi Lina,

      We don’t have samples but maybe you can find a Nerium Provider in your area that will let you use it to do a 4-5 test. I am doing my own test right now and can’t wait to see the results! My website is listed if you would like anymore info or help. I am so excited to be a part of this company now. They literally just came out with a new “All Over Firming Cream” a couple of months ago and it’s selling like hotcakes!

  73. Nicole Zizek

    I have been using this product for just over a week now and have seen dramatic change in pore size anyway. Stay tuned. I also LOVE the firming affect, you must know what I mean if you’re using it. I’m in, great product, great marketing, who says the little guy cant make the big bucks. Oh, I do have to laugh at the comments about the “bad smell” LOL Thats nature! remember that? I think it smells great.

  74. Jerrlyn Knotts

    It works for me. If it works for you, great, if not, don’t use it, your representative WILL take care of you, if not contact the company.
    I became a brand partner on an impulse after seeing someone I have known for quite a while and being amazed by her very visible in person- not a photo-results. I wanted those results and am well on my way to getting them. I have been using this for just less than 3 weeks and really want my friend to have the opportunity I’m experiencing. I will soon be 68 and find that my friends appreciate my sharing. As a brand partner, I don’t sell a thing, i share and let them make up their minds; these are my friends, no sale is worth their friendship. It is fun to joke around, scrutinize our shrinking pores, brown spots, and wrinkles, and talk about how good we are looking!

  75. anonymous

    Pyramid Scheme! It’s only a matter of time before the government shuts it down! I don’t care what the snake oil charmers claim, there is no independent research and it’s made from a plant that’s poisonous. How can it be safe? And what they don’t tell you, your skin goes exactly back to the way it was before if you stop using it. Fast and drastically. And the Lexus is a joke. YOU lease it and they give you money toward the lease. What if the company goes under? (And it will.) You are stuck with the car lease. This happened with another direct selling company and the rep was stuck with a “company” car that she had to pay for. Such a joke!

    • Terry Lynn

      what’s wrong with people…life is nothing but a pyramid….!!!! and with direct sales all you are doing is passing the money around directly to the people..not just JUST to some CEO at the top collecting all the money while the little people work the hours and make the very least. Pyramids as in multi-level marketing are a great way of spreading the money in a fair way. No big overhead as in department stores with rent, utilities, stocking product hiring at low wages several people to run the show. And again, while the top dog takes most of the profit. I personally am not involved with a MLM business but understand its benefits. When I find a product I love and believe in I would not hesitate to jump on board and promote it! Takes someone with common sense, logic, and an open mind to understand this concept. There are those that do…and those that punch in daily to a 9-5 job having to be told how and what to think. Hmmmm ….I am a freelance artist and never can understand the robot mentality of the majority of humans on the planet. but then….that is what makes it more interesting ! Have a super day and hope you find better arguments to parttake in.

      • Suzanne

        Whoooahhhh Terry Ann….that was brilliant….like try the treatment for at least 1 month…..then complain if it’s not perfect…OH and please let us know if you know of a Perfect skin care line out there????

        Also Multi Level Marketing is brilliant..and allows the people who work hard to reap more benefits. We are all the CEO’s…

        …..the whole world want to age gracefully…unless there’s a better anti-Aging Skincare treatment …..Nerium is the STAR Top Dog right now … in Canada. Lucky us

    • Anonymous

      Sir, Ma’am… You got it all wrong. Nerium is not a scam. This almost 3 year old baby anti-aging company is heading to it’s billion sales, and in a few years in its trillion sales. This is backed up by chemists, doctors, toxicologists… And the main ingredient is patented. I understand the bad experiences of others that have had with other companies. I’ve met people who are now a $300,000 earners in just two years. It’s not because they recruited… It’s because people automatically joined the company because of the Product. It’s an excellent skin care product and the company, Nerium International is indeed Generous. Please take a look at it with an open mind and heart. I guarantee you, you won’t go wrong with this. Thank you and God bless

    • Anonymous

      You probably don’t know what a Pyramid Scheme is like. You work for somebody with too much, you might be underpaid. the person you work for get rich and not you. That is a Pyramid Scheme. In Network business, this is the best business as you can get. You work and you make yourself rich and not your boss. You should be educated on what the business of the 21st century is all about. Don’t sit there and say it’s a Pyramid Scheme because you have no clue what a pyramid scheme is idiot!

    • Anonymous

      There are many plants that a part is poisonous such as rubarb but we still are able to eat the rubarb itself safely. Don’t over react. Also the Lexus you can chose to keep the $500 or put it towards a car. It’s the fastest growing skin care line… It’s not going anywhere… Please educate yourselves more than opinion on a random blog,

    • Margaret

      Pyramid Scheme – government will shut it down. How in the world has Mary Kay been around so long. You need to educate yourself.

    • Alana

      You review is really unfortunate. Feel free to take a look at the safety videos. The extraction process that it goes through does not take any toxic part with it. A pyramid scheme? Please. My current day job is a pyramid scheme. I go to work for 8+ hours, have a horrible boss, don’t get paid very well and make money for my CEO with zero chance of being the CEO of this company.

      This product has been in formulation for over 10 years. Do your research. Attend a market party. Even if you sit in the back with your arms crossed, at least you’ll learn the facts and think before you open your mouth next time.

      • Anonymous

        Thank you Alana!!! Breaks my heart that someone (most likely a competitor in the field) could be so skeptical that they rob themselves of the opportunity to at least become educated on the product. I love the product, love the company and the core values that emphasize that Nerium is about PEOPLE not profit! Nerium International ROCKS and we aren’t going anywhere but to the TOP!!! XOXOXO

    • anonymous

      I just went to my 1st weekly meeting at a very prestigious restaurant btw including dinner, as a guest. I was told everything you just talked about at that meeting. I asked lots of questions, I got answers & I had never heard of this product before 1 week ago & all my questions were answered. I’ve seen 1st hand what this product does. I’ve taken before & after pictures, using it after 5 days & the results are truly amazing

  76. scinsocal

    I just met with someone today about “signing up under her”. I asked if there are samples and she said no, but when you sign up for $500 you will get lots of product and then you can share and get 3 people signed up under you and then your product is free, etc…. PYRAMID. Why not let me try it and then buy it? I am willing to risk the $120 over the $500. And if I don’t sign up for the $500 deal, I can still buy product and get product free if I have 3 or more people sign up, but I will make no actual money until I give them $500 first. I’m thinking this is not a very good deal at all. Good luck out there.

    • New Brand Partner

      Not entirely accurate. I signed up to sell hoping to make enough to pay for the product, as I’m a single mom and couldn’t justify the expense. I signed on for 99.95, with no product other than my automatic shipment to which I subscribed. A week and a half later, I received my first commission for $379. Made back my $100, paid for my autoship and some extra to boot. At this point, what do I have to lose? I was charged for my second autoship two days ago. I was charged 9.95 for a combo pack. I’m not seeing the downside. I’ve made back my initial investment. I only have to invest more if I so choose.

      As in any MLM, you have to have realistic goals and expectations. Naturally, the harder you work, the more you’ll make. A person can’t jump in head first thinking a MLM is gonna take them to the promised land. Many people make that mistake and that’s one of the reasons MLMs get the flack that they get. If it was all a pyramid scheme, companies like Mary Kay, Rodan and Fields, Arbonne, etc. would not be as successful as they have been. For every company out there, there is someone who isn’t satisfied with them. But that doesn’t make a company a bad one.

      One of my favorite things about a Nerium is that it’s a three-product line. No book full of products for my ADHD-overloaded brain to track. Simple system and judging by my results so far, it’s both a product and system that works.

      All this being said, anyone who is considering becoming an independent consultant should do a considerable amount of research and some simple financial analysis. If you can’t afford to lose the amount you have to invest, it’s probably not best for you to take the risk. Any business decision is somewhat of a gamble. You wouldn’t open a brick and mortar business without doing your homework, so don’t treat investing money with an MLM company any differently.

    • Terry Lynn

      use your brain…I am not a rep for the product but I do understand how businesses like this work. I believe also there are samples…and a good rep would offer to let you use hers for a short period of time…as I have one smart enough to do just that for me… Now, as far as the 500 bucks , hello !!!…that is for product that you can sell and make money from…get your own product that you would use free as well… therefor…no loss in any area. so your comment is absolutely telling of your lack of how life in business works…..sell Avon then.

      • Jennifer

        If you join for $99 can you get the products cheaper for yourself? I just got my first products yesterday and can’t afford to spend $180 a month for it.

    • Alana

      I’m not sure why she would tell you there aren’t samples because there are. Sounds like she approached you the wrong way. You can do 5-7 day trials if you’d like. I’ve had numerous men and women who have seen all of my before and after pictures and signed up as a customer because of their belief in it and loved it. Then a few decided to become a brand partner and are doing very well. It is far from a pyramid scheme. You don’t succeed unless you are helping others succeed. People like to throw the words pyramid scheme around far too often. But tell me. You probably have a job that you go to, work very hard, don’t get paid enough and don’t have a chance of making as much or more than the CEO of your company right? Cause that’s where I am at my job. My job is a pyramid. This is not. It’s an amazing opportunity and it’s unfortunate you were misinformed.

      Also, if you are just a customer, then no, you won’t make money. That’s how it is no matter what company you are with. You will however get your night cream product for free, and your day cream for free for life. I’m sorry but if there is a chance you can get both products for just the shipping cost, I doubt it’s any kind of scam. I’ve been doing very well with it and so have thousands and thousands of other. Please get properly informed.

  77. Christine

    I received samples and put them up, to my horror my toddler got into it and ate them. Ask a nurse and poison control had me go to the ER where they made her gag and throw them up. They said they can’t believe they are safe for the skin. No thanks!

    • Terry Lynn

      I really wish people would use their own brains…nurses probably were horrified when you mentioned the nerium oleander in the product ..and without any knowledge of the product. most people run to the doctor for just about anything…I do not. I walked away from doctors a long time ago when they begged me to do chemo and radiation for breast cancer…in 1996. Initial shock led me to mastectomy three days after diagnosis…but..thank God I used my own brain and did my own research as I always do..and I said absolutely NOT to the doctors advice. I am alive because of my own mind knowledge and will. so…,I bet you use alot of products that are far more poisonous for you than this product and I bet you eat non organic foods, preservatives, artificial colorants, artificial flavoring…I could go on and on. And , BTW, I am not a rep of this product but am considering it as I research myself to come to my own conclusive decision.

      • Unanimous

        You protest too much to be an impartial observer. ALL MLM’s are get rich quick schemes. The only ones who get rich are the guys who started it. To make any legitimate profit – you need to get in during it’s first few months. This one’s been going on for 3 years. It’s approaching the end of its run. Soon the money people will be looking for their next product.

    • Alana

      An infant can actually ingest 400 bottles of it without it hurting them. There are hundreds of clinical trials for a reason. Watch the safety videos and share it with your nurse. You daughter would’ve been fine.

      • Jill M

        Jill M,

        400 bottles? Sweetie you lost some credibility with that comment. :) We can all agree that an infant ingesting 400 bottles of most anything is impossible from the start, but to even ingest 4 bottles of a mostly non-food item will most certainly make them ill. Or worse.

  78. Hal

    I am generally skeptical about the efficacy of products like this. I’m 59 years old, live in the desert, and smoke – all of which have contributed to my prematurely grizzled appearance. I tried the Nerium at the urging of my wife and being one to humor her, I let her take “before” and , one month later, “after” photos. I must admit, the results were astounding! Now the woman who sold me the product would like to post my photos. If I had known there was a chance others would see the pictures I would’ve combed my hair.

    • Tom

      Hello Hal,
      I was not able to see your photos, this is something that I’m considering as a retirement “JOB” and am waiting for my samples now before I make a decision. Would you be willing to send me your photos so I can see also. One way ot the other thank you Tom,…..

  79. Danielle

    I can’t trust a company that doctors before and after photos. This is just like various weight loss companies who have stolen before and after photos from blogging friends of mine who lost the weight on their own through hard work. Any company who lies and steals cannot be trusted!

    • DC Felice

      I saw before and after photos like you and believed they were doctored….
      then I met some of the real people in the photos I had seen…it was
      amazing. DCF.

    • Anonymous

      None of my before and afters have been doctored. My personal results with the firm were phenomenal!! I have had many people tell me the photos aren’t really me and it makes me angry that I am being called a liar for using a product that works and have me the results that were promised!! Don’t believe it? Then try it yourself…..

    • Alana

      You take the before and after pictures so YOU can see the difference. I have hundreds of pictures I don’t even post but to have for my own collection to show skeptical people. It is like weightloss. You see yourself every day, so you don’t immediately notice a difference until you put the pics side by side. It’s extremely effective. My best guess is the skin care company at Macys didn’t offer to take your before and afters and throw in a 30day money back guarantee? Probably not.

    • Natasha

      I’m sorry you feel that way Danielle. As I have non doctored pics of before/after that I personally know. There is also an app now that anyone can upload a picture to see if it has been doctored.

      • tambria

        Hello Natasha,
        What is the name of the app that you can upload for image manipulation detection?
        Thank you,

    • Anonymous

      I have been using Nerium since April and I have seen dramatic changes, in forehead wrinkles, my frown lines and smaller pores. I noticed changes in the first two weeks. This company gives back more than any other company out there. A guaranteed 30 day money back guarantee, free product for being a preferred customer. I have numerous friends that use it also, and the results from the NeriumFirm and the day and night creams are REAL. I also have one of my best friends that is a executive director now with Nerium

  80. Anonymous

    does nerium really work or is it just another marking gimmick? can you get samples of nerium face cream? where can I find more nerium reviews? is nerium safe? where can you buy nerium ad skin care products?

    • DC Felice

      Where are u located? I have samples. I will send you my before photos, I have
      only been on Nerium just under 2 weeks, if you would like to send your email.
      And I can also send you 90 day photos of myself when I complete that time frame.
      From what I see now I will use Nerium for as long as the good Lord makes it available. Someone said they didn’t think it would be around long. That would
      be a sad day for me!

    • Chase

      I was hesitant to try Nerium AD myself because there are so many products out there that clam they work, but what I have found from Nerium is that you feel your skin actually becoming tighter just after the first couple of nights using it. I took my before pictures and about two weeks later took some more and I actually saw a huge difference in my skin and my pours were way smaller too. I’m the person that doesn’t believe something works unless it works on my own body and now I have to say I believe in Nerium. I have pictures I can show you of my face from the Nerium night cream and pictures from the new Nerium Firm cream that you put on your lower stomach, love handles and arms. I don’t have cellulite being a guy but it has helped many women I know with their problem areas.
      I compared prices with Nerium and Rodin&Fields and it’s ridiculous how much RF is compared to Nerium. Nerium is 1 bottle at night when RF has too many to count.
      I’d love to share my pictures to you or anyone interested in knowing more.

  81. Kalah

    I found this blog very entertaining indeed. So many people on here trying to make a buck – lol! As for me, I just finished my last 4 pumps tonight. I’ve used the night cream and the day cream, as directed, for a full 60 days and have absolutely no results. Time to move on.

    • anonymous

      There’s a 30 day money back guarantee. If you did before & after pics to show no results why didn’t you choose to get your money back? The results I’ve seen in 5 days I don’t need 60 days.

      • DC Felice

        I have met one person who SAID there were no results in 30 days and got their money back. But then I have met people who just used Nerium for 2,4, or 5 days who experienced a difference in that time and had picture proof.
        I have used the product for 2 weeks only and noticed positive results but
        want to go the full 90 days before I post my “after” photos. I know I will be a new me! Just send your email and when I take the “after” photos I will send them to you. If you send your email now….I will share my before photo with u.

  82. Annie

    Hi Tiffany,
    I genuinely want to thank you for your post. I read Nerium reviews but was skeptical about it and did not know if I should really buy it. After reading your post, I felt really relieved. It is also a great satisfaction to know that they give a 100 percent money back guarantee. I would like to sign up as a preferred customer and receive the promised discounts. I definitely need some good anti aging cream to get rid of the lines on my face.

  83. Anonymous

    This product does not look like it is completely hypoallergenic for those with extremely sensitive skin. I would stay away if you are like myself and sensitive to any type of product where parfum is listed as an ingredient. The skincare industry really needs to start steering away from using that particular ingredient in their products since it is honestly not needed in their mixtures. All it does is bring allergic reactions and grief to those who are sensitive.

    • Terry Lynn

      just wanted to say that some perfumes are natural…. and blood types DNA have alot to do with how this product probably works. Just as some can eat wheat products with no problem and others have big issues with it. Some may have instant results and others may take more time…yet maybe there are also some that wont show much improvement. I will say that any product that gets you into the habit of washing your skin efficiently (with a cloth not hands is always best for actually sloughing) and then putting a skin product on is somewhat beneficial in itself…

    • Toni

      I have extremely sensitive skin. I will break out if there is fragrance and a few others in products. Like for example, all the Lancôme crèmes break me out. This has not done that.

    • Sandra

      My skin is EXTREMELY sensitive. I’m thankful that this worked for me. It’s all about how you use it and thankful you can adjust how much you use, etc. Everyone’s skin is different of course, but I’m thankful it worked for me.

    • Anonymous

      I have very sensitive skin being a red head and I must say, Nerium is truly for all skin types. Erases lines, reduces pores, shrinks oversized moles, fades freckles, rids rosacea and age spots. It is all it claims to be or 100% refund. Ask for your 5 day sample and see for yourself. Anybody that claims this product does not work, obviously tried it without washing the foundation off their face first. Works best on clean skin, skeptical..

    • Jenn C

      I agree. If a product claims to help all skin types that shouldn’t really be trusted. I can’t see using the same product for sensitive skin as for oily or dry skin. Doesn’t add up.

      • Sandra

        The night cream is a treatment. It helps with your pH and completely balances you out. I have extremely sensitive and oily skin, yet my mom has dry skin. Both of or skins now match since everything had been corrected.

  84. D Murray

    I was pushed to try this, did some research found out it is toxic, he wanted me to put it on my broken skin on my hands….WHAT! the story they tell about it being accidently found is BS. read about it. there was no cancer research where it was discovered. It stinks, is a toxic plant and way too expensive because they have to make all those pushing it rich. I will not sign up for it because they send it and bill you every month and I have heard it is hard to stop. I will never buy anything that is on that kind of scheme. The guy that gave me the bottle to try kept calling my job all the time and I finally told him come get this. High pressure does not work. Look into this if you are thinking about it it is like taking the chance of using poison on your skin.

    • Terry Lynn

      this is fun replying to this site…I am not a rep for the product but I am researching to decide for myself. You are insisting this is poison…but, have you researched what you eat everyday ??? directly ingesting into your system ???? I bet you find far more poisons there…have a nice day !

    • lizzie

      Nerium AD is not toxic. I think what is really sad is that people talk about things they don’t know about. Well ” I heard” well “someone told me”
      ” I know this girl”. Read the literature and then realize that people who feel threatened about their own businesses will likely strike out at others.
      I used the product. Had a little break out that I worked through by adding a little more water and now my friends and co workers think I had work done because I look so much younger
      This product is for everyone but not everyone is for the product. Good luck

    • Mary

      I have just started using the product and I love it. I’m sorry you have had a bad experience with a pushy sales person, that is extremely unfortunate because it ruins the opinion of a product. However, the Oleander plant itself has a compound that can make you sick if you eat it, the skin cream does not have that compound in it and, more importantly, you’re not eating it.
      I would like to see the information you found about the cancer research being BS. I just signed up to sell it but it’s not too late for me to return it for a full refund. I don’t like being lied to.
      Thank you

      • Anonymous

        As far as the “cancer research” is concerned, Wikipedia lists that the toxic plants was used for cancer research but the American cancer society found no benefit and only adverse effects in their studies so the research stopped permanently.

        • Mike

          Wikipedia is like saying “It was on the internet so it must be true.” Wow some people need to get over themselves and do some research and if the product works for them great and if not, move on with your life!

  85. Anonymous

    Is Nerium wrinkle cream the same as Nerium ad and neriumfirm? Are the before and after photos for real? Should I also buy the night cream? I want to buy an age defying treatment for my skin and my friends are all talking about this product. I also saw it on dr oz and the doctors but I can find more bad reviews than good reviews. I use a basic lotion and moisturizer that I have been using for years but I am starting to show signs of aging.

    • Sam K

      If you’re serious, watch Nerium’s 2 minute video about the product or the one about the business. Then sign up and try it with their 30 day money back garentee. I tell people if you aren’t 100% satisfied,call or e-mail my wife within three weeks, and she will help you cancel. Make sure you give her that extra week to help you get your money back.
      What I’ve seen: my wife tried and fell in love with the product 14 months ago. She started running her business in her spare time, mainly to get her product for free. As her friends started using Nerium and sharing their results, my wife started “pushing” Nerium more and more, eventually, she stopped working her full time job of 13 years, in Jan 2013, and plans to leave altogether this summer.
      No complaints from me!

      • linda

        just 2 days since becoming brand partner. shipment due soon. if i decide i want to return it after using and have a problem getting my money back how would i contact you Linda, thanks.

    • Tiffany harm

      I use this product I am also a brand partner. I swear by this product but it also has a 100% money back guarantee. So what do you have to lose? Sign up as a preferred customer and you receive a discounted rate after 3 months. Feel free to look or contact me.

  86. JLC

    There are much better products that are created by try dermatologists with a proven track record in the industry. They have an A+ rating and the products back themselves up. Rodan and Fields are much better and tackle skin issues the correct way .. With multi-med therapy targeted to specific skin types. If one product could help sensitive skin how does it help acne? That just doesn’t make sense. Reply if you would like more information on other products with true results I can provide my personal experience.

    • Anonymous

      Nerium does deliver real results. I have converted 3 rodan + fields clients who used the age defying treatment sytem for over a year and got more results with a 7day trail of nerium than r+f in a years time. I took their photos myself and those don’t lie. R+f does not deliver what nerium does and when their products don’t work the try to convince people they are glowing!! I love my nerium and so does everyone I have shared the product with. R+f has a saturated market and too many products that just don’t do what they promise. One of my customers went through 2tubes of their lip cream with no changes. Nerium 7days and her lips were smooth again and wiped out her “turkey neck”. So go somewhere else to market your product!!

    • Sandra

      It doesn’t advertise to help acne. It is for fine lines, emerging lines, wrinkles, loose skin, large pores. However most people find it does help acne. I had horrible cystic acne. I did proactive, R &F, Accutane, and a few others. This is what worked for me. I’m no longer oily or in pain.

      It has an average of 30% improvement while ANY other skin product out there claiming to do the same thing has anywhere from 2-5%, mayyyybe 7% if they’re real lucky.

  87. Adam

    I just have one simple question for people who are distributors. I cannot find the answer to this question anywhere.
    If I sign up to be a distributor, what is the lowest possible price I can pay for each of the following products:
    Night Cream
    Day Cream


    • Tiffany harm

      Adam, hi my name is Tiffany harm! Signing up as a distributor does not give you a huge price decrease. But these products are definitely worth the money guaranteed. If you are interested in becoming a distributor or a brand partner is the term we use let me know. I can give you all the info you need and it’s actually quite rewarding. Extra income…new Lexus those are just a couple perks.

      • Sandra

        Right now there is a promotion going on to get all 3 of those products for $150.
        Otherwise, Night cream alone is $80. Day cream alone is $40 and Firm alone is $70. Hope this helps :)

    • Ken Sekine

      I just received booklets from a new distributor, so I am looking into it. The booklet shows a kit with 4 night and 4 days creams, and marketing info for $499.95. There is a 10 day and 10 night kit for $999.95. Looks like $50-60 ea

    • Alban

      one point to explore. refer 3 customers to use the products and yours are free. e-mail me if you want more details, hope that you have had your question answered. u.s. or Canada???

    • Wmccann

      Hi Adam…I just signed up, you cango to my website & click on purchase & it gives you the info you are asking for. Plus all information about the products on on the site.

      I’ve been using it day & night and have noticed a difference in my pores & a matte/smoothness look. I’m excited!

      • Adam

        Thanks for your answer. I am not looking for retail prices or for information on where to purchase it. I just wanna know what the lowest possible cost of goods sold is for a distributor when selling for a retail markup for the 3 products I indicated. If you can provide me with this information, I will gladly sign up underneath you if I decide to move forward.

        • Alana

          What she was trying to explain, is you don’t have to purchase inventory and then sell it. You get sent free inventory and you move it around. It sounds like you have experience in this. I hope there is someone near you to invite you to an informational market party. Believe me, you’d get more info there than anyone on here trying to push it on you.

          I was extremely skeptical about signing up but I went to a party and learned that what I thought it was, was totally wrong. Just check it out and then decide. It’s a great opportunity.

        • Stacie Jasmer

          Adam, I am currently a BP and I am not sure what you have learned about being a BP, but the answer to your question is that we pay $80 (for the night cream) just as our preferred customers UNTIL we establish our first 3 customers, but then we also earn our invent for FREE! Go to my website and input your info. if you have additional questions, I would be happy to help. Leave me a message. Thanks!

        • Ashley

          The answer to your question is 100% markup is the highest possible profit. In Nerium we are not encouraged to carry inventory. The company restocks our inventory for free when we acquire new customers and brand partners.

          • Adam

            Thank you Ashley for the best response.
            Unfortunately my expertise is in actually carrying inventory and moving product. Seems too MLM’y to me.
            I appreciate all the responses.

  88. RAC

    Nerium has very few retail consumers if any. I never met one. My wife and I tried the product for 60 days as a trial before becoming distributors which they call “Brand Partners.” This product irritated my skin, and caused discoloration rather than help. My wife had no result – and it smells bad. When you get no result with your fine lines, wrinkles or discolorations, they tell you you have a “Nerium Glow.” This is such a sham.

    The meetings were all about gaining distributors. The majority were young without need of the product. The older ones my age looked my age with normal skin for our age. Look at the leaders…they look their age; lines and wrinkles. The conversations were mostly about income. Although Jeff Olson their CEO used to preach retail over downline…that is no longer the mantra.

    Quite a disappointment. The buzz will only take them so far. It will stall or collapse like most MLMs. Those of you that love the product are mostly if not all “Brand Partners.” If you are a retail consumer shopping, be careful. Try y it you want and maybe the guarantee works. Not sure about that. We went past the 30 days. There are plenty of products on the market without complaints – I’d consider the recommendations listed here and other non-MLM sites.

    • Anonymous

      You are right about the meeting! Also about the product. My skin broke out. I was also told that i shoild have had a tummy tuck! That the firming cream would have worked better! Well, I’m a RN.. and know better! The product is a scam!

    • Mary

      I have MANY questions for you. If the product irritated your skin AND your wife had no results after 60 days then why would you sign up to be a Brand Partner? It offers a 30 day money back guarantee, if it irritated your skin (which, if it indeed did, it would have been within the first week) why wouldn’t you have returned it?
      I’ve JUST become a brand partner but before doing so I went to 2 meetings at which I did not see a single person under 35, who are all of these young people AND again, why would you sign up if the meetings were mostly about income and gaining distributors?
      I’m looking for serious issues about the company so I can decide if I want to back out before my 30 days but there’s no logic in your complaints.

  89. Rich Lindsay

    If you all are looking for some BBB accreditation on skincare products, check out Amway’s A+ rating, who owns Artistry which has all natural products, and are not harmful to your skin. Amway’s products have a 180 day money back guarantee and they actually refund your money if a customer isnt satisfied. Feel free to email me any questions or concerns. Thanks

    • DC Felice

      Could u send me before and after photos of yourself or clients using Amways products who have less wrinkles, smaller pores, less blackheads/whiteheads, etc.
      I have used many products out there and spent much money, but I have never
      paid $120 for the nite and day cream and had younger looking skin on my face and neck than the 2 weeks I have been on Nerium.

      • Terry Lynn

        I am doing my own research and finding it is not all natural…however, not discounting it all together. still researching. but I am not happy with the fact that all the reps are advertising this as all natural…they them selves are not doing research…

  90. Joyce

    Reading all this negative back and forth is completely insane! I have been using NeriumAD night and day cream and love it! It does what it is intended for use and is an amazing product. You negative Nancy’s should really just give this craziness up.

  91. Brad

    Hey I just saw the post from this page and want to send you my Nerium Before and After photos. I knew from the first night I tried this product that it was amazing. I signed up as a Neriu, Brand Partner after 5 days, and just passed my 30 days of using the product. I used both the night and day creams in the recommended dose and application. My skin looks and feels amazing, and I like to think it looks younger.. You can be the judge for yourself. I took the pictures in the same spot with my iPhone 5…I think I missed a couple of nights because I was too lazy to get up and apply the product, so maybe it could have been even better. I love that this is a 1 step program, and I don’t have to use a “system” to get results. I broke out in little bumps on my nose, and so did my Sister-in-law for the first couple of weeks, (which I understand is normal when starting something new on your skin – I had NO skin care regimen except fragrance free lotion from Trader Joes before this) the breakout went completely away during the third week for both of us, and has not returned…I can’t wait to see what my skin looks like after 90 days, and a year for that matter. Please feel free to email me back if you want any more info, and I hope you decide to try it – I would never stand behind a product if I didn’t believe it to be effective… The Compensation Plan for this company is VERY CONFUSING, but I fully understand it after reading and re-reading it about a dozen times and getting clarifications from the company… call me if you have any questions I can answer for you 319-512-0982. My email is – hope this helps you. Bottom line is don’t be afraid to try it, and be honest about it’s effects for YOUR skin. If it’s not working for you then don’t feel obligated to buy it. There are many other products out there that will work, you just need to find the right one for you!

  92. Caroline

    I have been using Nerium since the past two months and love the results. I saw the nerium skin care range at makeupalley and read the nerium ad reviews. After reading the nerium reviews, I wanted to use the nerium products asap. I placed an order for the nerium night cream and after using it for just a week; I could see that the fine lines around my eyes were starting to disappear. It was like a dream come true! I thought I would never be able to get rid of these lines.

  93. Anonymous

    As a brand partner who should’ve listened to her gut instinct and not become one all I have to say is the product is semi-ok definitely not worth what you pay and all these great things they promise you is nice but now I know why these people call and harass you to be able to drive their Lexus that they have to go out and purchase themselves is because they are constantly losing people and if they don’t maintain so much volume of sales every month they get stuck with the car payment no help from Nerium on making those payments unless you meet the monthly quota that’s why these “Sponsors”from Nerium are so pushy and hound you to death… Wish I would’ve never signed up!!!!! Lesson learned!!!

      • anonymous

        There actually isnt a cash bonus for the lexus. It’s either the car or the bottles. The cash option is only for the director 60 ipad bonus.

  94. Stacia

    Seriously people…put poison on your skin??? Why don’t you invest your money on patented approved products created by true dermatologists who have been in the biz for years! You think that this works?? Why don’t you ask Ray Liotta! Oh, right…he is in a huge law suit with you because you lied and said he used your product and you posted a ton of before and after pictures…which were fake. Sorry, even a rep here said she had loose skin and it is not working on her…guess what, it won’t. Move on people…

    • Nicole Zizek

      What?this post doesn’t make sense. What are you saying please? Yes the Ray Liotta shots were fake but Nerium didnt post them. I dont even think that was Ray Liotta…? Maybe Im wrong but didnt that turn out to be some sort of hoax?

      • Anonymous

        I guess you don’t know that anything can be patented. It’s just like a trademark. I could shit in a bottle and get that patented. It just means that no one else can legally sell it. I guess people just believe anything nowadays.

    • Mary

      Sweetie, Oleander will make you sick if you eat a lot of it, the extract is non toxic. It is not putting a poison on your skin. Also, is IS a patented product and I don’t know what you mean by “true” dermatologists but it was indeed created by dermatologists.
      Where does a rep say it’s not working?
      Please post some of this information you have on the supposed Ray Liotta law suit, I’m truly interested.
      I’ve got nothing to gain here, I like the product and your rant is a bit insane.

  95. Marianne

    Olive oil and coconut oil. This is all you need for your face/skin to stay hydrated and prevent the inevitable demon wrinkles that our society is taught to fear. It doesn’t cost much, it doesn’t cause acne (I have extremely oily and sensitive skin naturally), and it’s just really the best. No lies, no profits, natural, inexpensive, and best thing you can do for your skin!! :)

  96. LFJ

    Not a seller or a customer yet. Every skincare product has it’s pros and cons. Some folks will have reactions due to medications. Others will have allergic reactions. That’s a chance you take when you try a new product for the first time. You may end up with acne, a rash etc. . . It’s not Nerium’s fault and it isn’t the fault of the person who used it. You took a chance and it didn’t work. Don’t bash a product just because it didn’t work for you. It’s working great for others who tried it.
    Those who love it, great for you I hope it continues to do so. Those who hate it, no one’s forcing you to purchase it and I hope you find something that works great for you. I’m going to give it a try. It might work, it might not we’ll see. . . .

  97. helen

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  98. Me

    I would trust the positive comments if I knew their full names and a way to contact them so I could ask questions and see before and after pictures. Anyone can come on here and write what they want., especially those whom have invested in hopes of making money or getting a car, reviews are only so good, I need proof, pictures!

    • Anonymous

      My name is Melissa McClure, I’ve recently tried Nerium and have the pics to prove the outcome. Please feel free to ask any questions you wish.. you can reach me via email. Look forward to hearing from you.

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying the product. It’s been 5 days. Love it. See a difference and my family does too. Smell ilsntv bad and love howy skin looks in the day. So far it’s working.

    • Lindsey

      I am a brand partner for Nerium. My name is Lindsey and I would love to answer questions that you have and show you some of the results I have seen. Just email me.

    • Anonymous

      Hi there! I would like to send you my own personal before & after pics, though this website isn’t allowing me to, for some reason.personal reviews. I recently tried a tester sample of Nerium AD lotions. Since that time, I’ve noticed thinner neck lines, truly-diminished crow’s feet, virtually no smile lines anymore, less wrinkles in my hands, age spots that appear much much lighter than before. And at 46, I NO LONGER feel the need to use foundation to balance out my skin. If you send me your email, I will show you proof positive that this product appears to be working for me. And I have nothing to gain—I am simply trying a tester bottle!

      Thanks, Dawn

      • Anonymous

        Hi, my name is Vicki 48 yrs young but afraid my face looks older!! I really want to try this day cream but do I also have to do night cream. I can’t afford both at the time. Any help appreciated. Vicki

        • Anonymous

          The night cream is the one to use. It fades spots, shrinks pores, diminishes the wrinkles. The day cream just enhances your skin. The night cream is the miracle;)

        • Joyce

          The night cream is where you will see the most results. Although the day cream is fantastic and makes your make so much smoother. Contact me if I can help you in any way. I am a Brand Partner and using the product now for 2 months. Love it!

      • beth Kocot

        Did you find you needed an eye cream etc, too? This is my first day and am so used to using several products my face seemed dry. VERY interested in your experience. Thanks!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Dawn! I’m on my third day using Nerium AD day and night,don’t see any results yet (it’s too soon) but I really hope it works on me like it does to you.

    • amy

      I am a brand partner w Nerium. I honestly have not had Dramatic results, although my skin has definitely gotten tighter. I am 45 and my skin was losing elasticity.
      I signed up because I have seen great results with other people, the majority really. I think MLMs are great because the sky is the limit, plus I’m an entrepreneur at heart (have had another non-MLM company for 20 years). Nerium may take 10 or so years off your looks, it may not. It’s just different for everyone. 30-day money-back guarantee.
      If you want to see pics of people I personally know or want more info, you can contact me.
      I don’t pressure anybody. That’s just silly.

  99. Sammy

    I wonder if anyone noticed this major fact: The year is 2014… how old are baby boomers now? Also, how many of these baby boomers are female? According to countless articles that I have read, the company that created NeriumAD is apparently in business for over 10 years with various products similar to this lengthly debate/discussion. What was wrong with prior products and why is this one any better? If I understand this correctly, this product is no more than 1, at best, 2 years old. Being so, reviews on this product is either super positive or super negative. I guess time will reveal its true nature.

    In terms of the company payout plan, its a very well multilevel marketing structure. Success around this type of structure is proven but still kept with an arms distance and negative connotation. Why did this company decided to use this marketing structure versus the traditional method (raise of capital, investors, or proposed to existing company in similar field etc).

    I think I can wait a few years to see where this company goes before putting my skin on the line.

    • Mary

      Also not trying to convince you but, the company is not 10 years old. The research took 10 years. the company is 2.5 years old. These are the only products Nerium has ever sold.

    • jodie minahan

      I respect your feelings and I am not looking to convince you. That is for you to decide for yourself.

      It seems that …as of today…you do not yet understand the history of nerium biotechnology and how the nerium ad product was found “by accident.”

      Feel free to read up on that at if you left me your contact information, I’d love to connect after to see what information resonated with you. No pressure.

      Jodie Minahan

  100. Ashley

    Try the Nerium AD night & day cream, is like getting botox, its that amazing of a product!!

    Hi my name is Ashley!
    If you’re interested in wrinkles creams then Nerium AD is the product for you, ill tell you WHY?
    It has a 30% improvement rate in 30 days !!! &&
    What Nerium AD does not contain:
    No parabens, No Gluten, No phthalates, No propylene Glycol, No synthetic fragrance, No mineral oil, No sulfates, No paba, No synthetic color, No DEA, No GMO, NO ANIMAL TESTING.
    Nerium is the first to contain NAE-8 EXTRACT( Oleander Flower)
    Nerium has received so man great reviews, they were the youngest company to earn 1 million dollars in revenue its 1st year!!

  101. Dee

    What a waste of money! The PUSHY and ANNOYING sales person was really getting on my nerves! She was 50 years old (I’ve known her for a while BEFORE she became a Nerium PSYCHO) and thought she was hot (she is an aesthetician by trade and has had facial rejuvenation, a nose job and gets tons of treatments for free at the spa where she works) she looks 48 years old at best and had the nerve to tell me I needed Nerium till I asked her how old she thought I was…she wouldn’t say and kept avoiding the question, but I can be pushy too! Finally she said she guessed 25, to which I replied “WRONG!” I was 38 at the time and to see her face…it was PRICELESS! She in turn asked me what I was doing with my skin…and my response was “it’s for me to know and for you to never find out!”

  102. kerry

    I have been using Nerium for abput 4 weeks. I am amazed and couldn’t disagree more with Ginger O. I am not signing people up and am paying monthly for it. You can do that if you eant to but is NOT REQUIRED! Id venture to say shes not tried it or she’d change her opinion. I recommend it to anyone wanting to look and feel better about their appearance.

    • Anonymous

      I love this product I do not sale this product and have never been pressured to. I am sure that it is not perfect for every skin type but for me and several other friends it has been amazing. The cost for the day and night cream together is $110, if you buy skin care products this is the average if not less than what other products cost. For me it works better than anything I have ever tried. I was able to try it first for 5 days before making a commitment to the product and I have never been able to do that with anyother product, so I say all you have to lose is 5 days of trying something new!

  103. Zan

    I’ve had to submit request to BBB & Attorney General’s office for my refund…product didn’t work (don’t try to trash me guys that I don’t know how to use the product or otherwise, I have a PhD in Business). I had the RMA provided, returned the product, had the signature & tracking from Nerium as received, waited the required 10 days to process the refund (actually waited 14 business days)…today told too bad, we’re not refunding your money… They are not honoring their 30 day refund policy.

    • John Reves

      Just post your request to BBB then I / we will believe you, so easy to put down companies, people, it speaks volumes of the person who writes about someone else without any evidence. Come on man….of course there is always a motive to write and may be your is legit , but what is yours? only God knows! Integrity is what you do when no one else is watching! anyone can say anything here but they hide behind their computer, trashing or praising but one thing is true…the ones that come forward with evidence, and willing to show face those are the ones that have character… you know them by their fruits.. look at these writtings and you can pretty much determine their motives usually one sided! The USA once had character …today it is all about me first! what a sad joke.

  104. Allie

    I’ve tried several anti-aging serums (mostly drug store products) and never noticed a difference in my skin. Well let me tell you, I’ve been using it for a week and I’m amazed! It has evened out my skin tone, lightened up dark spots, tremendously diminished dark circles, cleared up my acne and helped with fine lines around my mouth. I never write reviews but this stuff was so impressive, I couldn’t resist. Yes it is $110, but in this case you get what you pay for and it is definitely worth it. The people that are writing negative comments are either A.) applying it wrong (it’s not that hard people). B.) not applying it faithfully (it’s not a miracle serum, you have to use it to get results) or C.) just plain ignorant, and like to be negative Nancy’s. I get that it is expensive but if you ask me it’s worth spending the money if it actually works. In love, so happy someone was nice enough to give me a bottle to try for free. I never would have paid the money before using it, but now that I know it works I will never use anything else!

    • Susan

      Sounds like you are one of the many who are selling this product. It may hydrate your skin, therefore, giving you the false impression that your skin is actually better, but it’s not. I feel so sorry for all the cheerleaders that go to all these “feel good” conventions and actually believe you are going to get rid of most of your wrinkles. Not happening. Now, Nerium is coming out with the claim they can firm your underarm flaps and practically get rid of cellulite!!!! This is not possible people. Get educated!

      • pam malone

        Im sorry susan and Im not being mean or sarcastic. There are many things that were impossible at one time. for instance, vaccinations from dreadful killer diseases. Nerium is science also. It does work. All things are possible.

  105. Ginger O'

    This is no different from any other MLM-structured organization where the goal is to sign up people. It is less about selling product and more about signing up people who will sign up more people and all of those people will buy the $500 or $1000 starter kit, all of which is direct profit to the company. The company markets facial skin care, beauty products that appeal to hope – the hope of looking younger, of attracting more desirable mates or of having a better life in some way as a result of the product. All make up and skin care products market to “hope.” It’s one of our essential triggers as people. All MLM organizations also market to dreams – the dreams of being rich, working fewer hours, being your own boss, none of which is practically possible if you are participating in “parties” at night and weekends, signing up more people. The young women, who are the faces for the parties, talk about how their “husbands” vetted the company (the logical, diligent ones; not the less logical ones who simply want to look younger and prettier), and that their objectives for joining the organization is that they want to spend more time with their children. This is the company line. They all say these same things. I have heard the “husband, who is very smart & logical” line now three times. Finish college or pursue a vocation, work hard and with integrity, join a company to get experience and then do something that adds value to the world – don’t peddle hope for beauty and youth and dreams of riches, exotic vacations and luxury automobiles – which are depreciating assets, anyway. This outfit won’t be around in 5 years. The founders will have made all of their money and skipped town for that tropical island they show in the video – you won’t likely be there with them. There is no silver bullet to building a career and wealth. Start with an education, then you can do anything you want to do.

    And yes, most of these reviews are written by people who are signing up people to build their business.

    • Anonymous

      Ginger O

      I understand your point of view, but to say that all MLM companies are about signing over selling is not accurate. Most are, I would agree with that. You need to really research companies much like you would if you had multiple job offers.
      I work for a different direct sales company and we do not make any money off of anything our downline purchases. That’s a rarity for sure.
      I absolutely disagree with your comment about “getting a real job “. What I do is my real job. I work it like a “real job”. It pays better than my prior “real job” that kept me out of the house for 40+ hours per week. I work hard and run it as a business, not a hobby.
      I was never promised that I would get rich quick or rich at all. And I would never promise that to anyone. Hard work pays off no matter what you do.

  106. Chrissy

    Overpriced bottle of aloe in my opinion, of course you’re not harming your skin and many of the ingredients are beneficial, aloe is the #2 ingredient and it is soothing to the skin. No one has any idea of the true amount of oleander in the product and what else is in the “proprietary” blend. Also, dimethicone is listed as an ingredient, which is also known as silicone. So it would make sense that the product smooths out the skin, silicone is used in most primers to fill in the skin. Thes product is simply filling in your lines and wrinkles, but as soon as you wash it off, the filler is gone. You can get a filler product or aloe product for much less $. Be wise! Stick with ingredients that have been tested for over 30 years, such as retinol or retin a if you truly want to tackle anti-aging. Or glycolic etc. If this product is so great, why aren’t traditional stores all over it and trying to purchase it and stock on their shelves? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Anyone else feel that way? And there’ve been no major reviews in any beauty magazines such as Allure or Instyle, which I find strange. Directselling magazine does not count.

    • Karri

      You really need to do more research before you post. This product has been featured in several magazines. It isn’t in stores because it is a MLM, you don’t put products that are MLM in stores. Retin/Retinol is very harmful to your skin, taking layers off, which can increase your chances of skin cancer. It is not a filler product.

      • Terri M.

        Went to a party last night. The Nerium Brand Partner could not tell me “how” it actually worked. 90% percent of the presentation was enticement to get you to sell the stuff. “Very little” information on the actual product. The main selling point was what it “didn’t” have in it. Never heard of any of the magazines or the so called prestigious awards it received or been featured in. I’m trying it but it feels like wax on my face. There is NOTHING that works for EVERYONE. Every human has a different body chemistry. So those of you criticizing people who say it doesn’t work for them are naive to think there is anything that works for everyone. They may be using it exactly correctly. I will give it a little time but I HATE the way it feels on my skin!

  107. Jan

    Most of the rave reviews here on Nerium are made by the people selling this stuff. They have a personal and financial interest in Nerium reviews. If you want to buy the product, go to and search Nerium and buy it there rather than from a relative or friend that talked you into it. If you sign up with a “brand partner consultant”, you will be obligated to pay $100 a month (auto pay) for more product than you can possibly use. They will try to get you excited about getting a Lexus by “sharing” Nexium with all your friends and relatives and get them to sell product too. All this will alienate all your friends from you. Plus I have never seen Nexium really work on anyone that well and I know several consultants who gave up after a year or so of trying to earn that Lexus. Beware!

    • Chris

      Thank you, Jen, for your review. I just have a few thoughts to add. (1) Purchasing anything on Amazon is risky, especially for a cosmetic product. If I’m going to put something on my skin, I’d MUCH rather get it from the people who manufacture it, not from an online mass retailer so I can save a little on shipping. My skin is more valuable than saving a few bucks. (2) As I understand it, you can sign as a brand partner OR a customer, and either way the “auto-ship” you’re referring to is so easy to turn off that even a monkey could do it. It literally took me 45 seconds. If you, personally, are still “obligated” to keep buying it, you really have nobody to blame but yourself. Just turn off your auto-ship. Furthermore, I still use the product and I find that when I follow the directions, (i.e. 4-5 pumps every day), you’d have to already be using it incorrectly for you to “have more product than you can possibly use” at the end of the month, therefore, I can’t trust your review. (3) Lastly, it makes perfect sense that you didn’t see any anti-aging results, you were using “Nexium” – a Rx drug for acid reflux. If you are going to write a review, please be sure to get your facts straight. SIDE NOTE: If anyone expects to see results from ANY product, it would be wise to use them as directed by the *actual* manufacturer as opposed to

        • Anonymous

          Haha is her name Jen or Jan? Calling someone names for getting a name wrong and then getting it wrong yourself…. Lol. Idiot

          • Anonymous

            I used this product for 4 months it was great I loved it but after that 4th month I broke out like never before. Iam 41 and my face looks horrible i went to the dermatologist im taking medication and applying different creams. This product made my skin horrible its full of pimples something I’ve never experienced before.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve used it AND IT SUCKS. Don’t try and push people around because you made a bad decision to invest in someone else’s company AND be the one responsible for selling it. Pyramid scam…. PRODUCT GIVES YOU ACNE!! I KNOW HOW TO READ DIRECTIONS AND THE PUSHY NERIUM SALESPERSON MADE SURE TO REPEAT 500 TIMES TO HAVE CLEAN MOIST SKIN WHEN YOU APPLY. COCONUT OIL IS AS GOOD A PRODUCT AS IT GETS. PERIOD. 6 bucks at trader joes.

        • Tricia

          wow…talk about rude and condescending!!! Get a grip. I believe this is supposed to be about a product (which I use and don’t sell or have ever sold) not about the company’s way of promoting it. You might need to get educated a little before you start ripping something apart…not all MLM’s are EVIL! Come on! Anyway, I can’t say that I have seen huge improvements with the Nerium AD but there have been some. Whether it is temporary or not, I can’t say, but I’m not disappointed and will continue to use. I have mature skin as I’m 65 years old but something is going right as my male companion is 14 years younger.

  108. Kim

    I can say that my husband is always skeptical about these types of businesses but we ended up getting a bottle from a rep to try free. My daughter who has acne and I gave it a shot. The results after 7 days were remarkable. My daughters acne improved by 50% and my skin became so soft and large pores on my forehead dissapeared. After my husband saw the results and new that it was a 30 day money back guarantee…..he bought a bottl….He now Nerium every night! I would not use any other product again! Love Nerium. The rep we bought it through is Janelle. She is great! She is always there to answer any questions. Highly recommend her!

  109. Donnation

    This is your typical MLM junk. People are so naive with this type of program. This is no different than any other MLM or pyramid Scam. What’s joke.

  110. Alexis

    If you don’t have $110 per month to spend, but really want the product, you can get it on eBay or Amazon for about $35-$50/bottle.

    • anonymous

      If you are going to buy it from any other place other than Nerium, do NOT call Nerium to get a replacment if the pump is defective or get a refund. Nerium is not responsible for anything that happens to you or the product if you didn’t buy it directly from Nerium.

  111. Alexis

    You aren’t going to get younger. You’re going to get poorer. Here’s how this MLM works: They get the customers to sell the product. They promise free product if you maintain 3 friends per month that buy it. As soon as you lose those 3 friends (and you will because they are going to get sick of talking you about selling Mary Kay – oops I mean Nerium) you will be paying close to $1300 per year for product and you will have no friends. You will pay $1300 per year if you do not sell at all.

    No Pink Cadillac – oops I mean Lexus – for you.

    • Anonymous

      Totally agree! I bought into the company like an idiot a year ago. All the reps care about is making money. I could not start asking all my friends to spend 110.00 on cream a month. I did not want to be “that lady” that everyone runs from because she is trying to “sell” something. Sorry. Not willing to sell my soul to the devil to drive a Lexus that the company only pays for as long as you continue making them money? I am sorry, come again? Why not work hard to go after your own dream, instead of someone else’s ideals?

  112. Cc

    I know several people who have used the product and a few who sell it. I cant tell a difference in their skin,… they look the same. I guess if you have money to burn and if using the product makes you more aware of your hygiene (washing and hydrating your face/body) then it may have a minor impact physically and psychologically.

  113. Silvia F.

    I was very skeptical when I first heard about Nerium. Skeptical about the product itself and the method it is sold. After a little less than a month after joining, my skin looks and feels and better, I’ve made basically half of my investment back (which is fairly low – Between $499 and $999 for a started kit including 12 or 20 bottles of product) and am on my way to qualify to win and Ipad followed by a Lexus.
    Do you know people who have skin? Do you have about 5 hours a week?

  114. Kim

    I have been using Nerium for 3 months now. Face lift in a bottle is all I can say. My skin was seriously sagging….not anymore. The wrinkles on my chest are gone. My hands look much younger. Rediculous results. You have to at least giive it a shot!!!

  115. Lisa Baize

    I’ve just recently started using the Nerium day and night creams, and I must say that I really do like them. I am in my mid-50s and still get the occasional blemishes. I started using Nerium about a month ago and I no longer have the problem with breakouts. I’ve also noticed the fine lines around my eyes and on my forehead have diminished quite a bit. So far, so good!

    • Susan

      You are imagining this. Your skin is probably hydrated, which is why you THINK your fine lines are gone. Get glasses. I have tried this product and it DOES NOT WORK. Several of my friends did too. It’s not a bad product, it won’t hurt your skin, but they want you to sign up for auto ship. That’s the first mistake you will make. If Nerium worked, I would be the first in line to sign up. All these people are interested in is getting you to join the company to sell more so they can make more profit on YOUR sales. I can not take the Nerium pep talks anymore. I think the people who sign up to be part of this company are people who thrive on being part of a group, something they weren’t able to do before, i.e. the unpopular people in high school. Makes them feel important. That’s not all bad, though. The Company and the executives that run it, are great at pumping their employees up. I sure hope they aren’t disappointed when the company folds in about 5 years and these executives are flying off to Paradise on their private jets with all their money!

      • mona

        they don’t MAKE YOU sign up for auto ship…if you sign for auto ship you get the product cheaper…whats the big deal about that? if you don’t want auto ship then pay for the product full price then….all companies do that.,…the more you but the cheaper…mcdonalds even dose that? so whats your point,.,,this company has a 1% return as far as their 30day money back gurantee…if it don’t work return it and go buy store bought for 49.99 or 19.99…keep it moving…it works for millions out there…that’s why they are the first in the industry to hit a 100 million in sales in their first year…that should tell you something…apple nor google hit that mark in their first year

      • Anonymous

        What it is is inflammation from attacking the poison being out on the skin and the inflammation gives illusion of smoothness when in reality it is weakening your immune system due to the inflammation. Illusion!!

  116. LB

    Prior to trying Nerium I had flawless skin, acne-wise. Now, a little over two weeks later, I have the worst acne of my life. I have over 100 pimples on my face. I started breaking out after the first day of use and was told it would be gone by week 2, so I was patient & continued use. My pimples have only increased with each day. Now I have to start back up with costly acne treatments and pray it gets rid of it and my skin goes back to being acne-free. I have seen absolutely no improvement in over two weeks of use in any other areas either. When I compare the before and after photos of myself, it’s almost comical how bad my face looks now.

    • Alexis

      Many of these companies tell you the same thing. If you break out give it a couple weeks. The truth is, if you break out from using a product, it’s an allergic reaction. These reps are not docs – they are sales people. Let the buyer beware.

      ANY skin care product works – as long as you use it. When you stop using it – it stops working. It’s not reversing age. Nothing can do that ladies! Wake up & accept it. You’re going to get wrinkles and be old.

      • mona

        my wrinkles are from stress…LOL…I agree…I don’t want that crap…wrinkles are ugly…nerium dose my face great!!

      • Donna

        If you work out your are going to be fit, if you don’t work out you will not be fit. I care about how I look and feel…I know I’m getting old, but I want to grow old gracefully, so I will work out to stay fit and I will use my Nerium to grow old gracefully.

  117. Lisa

    I have been using Nerium AD Night Cream for 14 nights, and the Nerium AD Day Cream for 10 days. Previously, I was using another anti aging system. I ran out of it and my hormonal acne broke out with a vengeance. I have rosacea/broken capillaries along the edges of my face, about an inch wide, from my forehead down to my jawbone and pimples on my face and neck, none on my cheeks, and two small broken capillaries on my nose. Also, I have large pores on my nose and chin. And, a couple of brown spots. I have combination skin. I was given a free bottle of Nerium from a very good friend of mine. So, I tried Nerium. I was skeptical because I tried it a year before from a coworker of my husband. But, this time I realized that previously I wasn’t applying it correctly and that is possibly why my results for five nights of application were nil. Previously, I was NOT wetting my face and keeping it damp when applying it. This is also how I know many of you are not doing that, because if you did wet your face first, it wouldn’t be sticky. Also, I didn’t know that you should use a face wash that has simple ingredients so it doesn’t interact with the Nerium. So, since I knew I was getting the Nerium several days before I did, I made sure I stopped all product use on my face except a simple face wash. I used organic shea moisture African black soap, for $4.85, it has about 3-4 organic ingredients. If you use products with retin A, acids or face washes with acne meds you should not use those washes when you start Nerium. Also, since I have sensitive skin, I started with only using two pumps on my face and one on my neck and chest/décolleté. The first morning the night after I applied Nerium, I already noticed a calmness in the bumps on my face. The third morning, I noticed my face was sooooo soft! My acne flare up was reduced by 2/3rds! Also, it must be nonclogging of pores because I usually get ridiculous clogging in my chin with tiny white heads. NONE with Nerium! That in itself is something to shout for joy. I’ve noticed the tiny brown spot on my nose is almost gone! I’m hoping the one near my eye/temple area fades more, but it has faded too. I love the texture of my skin! I still have several hormonal acne bumps near my jaw line and neck (my previously break out BEFORE Nerium was really bad, like a hundred tiny bumps inside the skin layer and outside of my face) and have some occasional new ones, but I’m going to keep using the bottle at least until it’s all gone. I’d love to sign up under my friend, but it’s out of my budget for now. I know it’s long, but hope it’s worth it! Good luck and God bless!

  118. Celisa

    I was skeptical as most people are by our early 40′s, having tried so many products that have not worked at all and/or made my skin breakout.

    I am a RN, so I wanted to see the science behind the product and the clinical testing. I was impressed by all the independent research compiled, the testimonials, pictures, and more. I was not certain about Nerium, but believed after I trying it myself. I took my before pictures, then made sure to wash my face before, leaving my face fairly damp. I then applied the Nerium AD, while my face was still very moist. I noticed that having my face quite damp helped with the proper consistency of the product on my skin, sometimes wetting my fingers, if my skin dried out too quickly.

    I have sensitive skin and I have friends who love Nerium AD as well, because they have skin conditions that usually prevent them from using other skin products. I can email out some amazing before and after shots, send information about the product and the company.
    I have never been a salesperson, not the type, but when you believe in something, it is not selling, it is sharing. I would love to share Nerium with you and show you that a great product can also lead to great opportunities.

    30 day money back guarantee, nothing to lose but wrinkles :)

    I can be contacted at

  119. Celisa

    I was skeptical as most people are by our early 40′s, having tired so many products that have not worked or made my skin breakout. I am a RN, so I wanted to see the science and the clinical testing. I was impressed by all the independent research compiled, the testimonials, pictures etc. I was not certain I was believed it until I tried it myself. I took my before pictures, then made sure to wash my face before, leaving my face fairly damp. I then applied the Nerium AD, while my face was very moist. I noticed that having my face quite damp helped with the proper consistency of the product. I have sensitive skin and I have friends who love Nerium AD because they have skin conditions that usually prevent them from using other skin products. I can send you some amazing before and after shots, send you information about the product and the company. I have never been a salesperson, not the type, but when you believe in something, it is not selling, it is sharing. I would love to share Nerium with you and show you that a great product can also lead to great opportunities.

  120. Kayla

    I am shocked by ignorance! This is a money making scam and a company full of people who lack integrity ans hype a product so the can make money. It’s that simple. It’s not about helping people it’s about helping themselves

    • Suzanne

      I’m seriously shocked at your comment and others on the site…..after using it for 2 months now…and I have good skin cause I always took care of it….My skin feels more alive and vibrant and tighter. Being an aesthetician for over 30 years I always carried top skin care lines….that we’re twice the price and it was always so complicated for my clients and so expensive! I always felt bad for them.
      Feels really good to find an amazing skin care treatment line to share with my friends whom are aging as well and they know I’m not an easy sell…..I don’t go for facials anymore because of all the sales pitch!
      OH AND MY HUSBAND LOVES THE SMELL IT’s not as perfumed
      I no longer use a series of products per day….just a day treatment and a night treatment..called Nerium ……..Life is changing …and so much better……cause I’m helping myself to goodness!

    • Guillermo Allentown Pa

      Nerium is not a scam. Tell me…. Did you know about any other company that gives away Lexus, gives away$ 25,000 bonuses, gives away produt for free…for life. If you find one other than Nerium AD. The problem is that mal-informed people continue passing on the same false information and close minded people believe it without any kind of investigation and continue repeating the same mal-information. I know people that.stopped working to get into this business and now are making more than they used to make,plus their lives improved. I have a friend that earned a Lexus in 9 months and its about to get a bonus of probably more than you make in 2 years of work or more than you make writing things you know nothing about.

      • Kelly Clark

        I know all about it, because I spent hard earned money to buy into it. And no, Nerium does not “GIVE” you a Lexus. They let you get into one on your own credit, and they will make the payments as long as you are still making them a profit. The second you drop in sales or leave the company. So does the car payment, unless of course you want to take over the astronomical payment.

      • Jennifer Edwards

        Plus Nerium has a product that is clinically proven to work. Average result in third party clinical trials was 30% over 30 days. The majority of anti-aging products on the market show a 2-5% subjective (“visual”) result… and the active ingredient cannot be duplicated by any other company. I love that!!!

      • Barbara McCarley

        Do I know of another company who gives away a Lexus, bonuses, etc?? Why, yes! Rodan and Fields does, and they are developed by 2 practicing dermatologists who invented ProActive. They also give a 60 day full refund guarantee, not just 30 days. Also, the product line is much larger and apparently costs less if you have to pay $80 to $110 for a jar of night cream. Thanks, but I’ll stick with Rodan and Fields!

        • CAA

          I used proactive and that burned my face! I haven’t used Nerium but Proactive is like splashing chemicals all over your face. Why can’t someone design something organic that works, stop with the chemicals!.

    • Mark

      Kayla, so sorry for your anger about something you know little or nothing about. No doubt you refer friends and family to a restaurant where you had a great meal or to a movie you enjoyed. Maybe you even referred a friend to a gym, a stylist or a nail salon. Did they pay you? Probably not. The direct sales industry is a $150B industry globally and nearly $30B with about 15.6M representatives in the U.S. and grew at a rate .7% faster than the national GDP. Direct selling, friend to friend, neighbor to neighbor is based on relationships and trust, it’s a heart based business. Many business thought leaders love this industry because it gives the average person the best chance of success in owning their own business. Typically they can start a business for a fraction of what it would cost to start a traditional business and most companies in the industry have policies to take nearly all the risk out of their initial investment. Do people fail in direct sales, of course. Direct sales takes persistent, consistent effort. It takes personal growth and development, it takes getting uncomfortable. Most people in the U.S. to direct sales from a job where they are told what to do, when to do it and how to do it. Direct sales is being an entrepreneur, working on a team but most of the time on your own. No boss, no punching the clock, no staff meetings. So many people can’t make the adjustment but for those that do the rewards are greater than you will ever find in a typical job for most young people. Direct sales is probably not something for you, but for thousands of others it is a dream come true.

      • Anonymous

        Spot on Mark! It is frustrating that people bash network marketing as a scam just because they don’t like it. They, as you pointed out, fail to realize it’s just like telling a friend about a great product or service they’ve discovered but getting paid for it. It’s insulting too.

      • Anonymous

        Hello i love the way you put it out there. people always fear what they know nothing about. it only take one person to say something foolish….so a whole bunch of fools continue repeating the same foolish thing. Misinformed people continue passing on the same misinformation. There is a fact…not every product outhere works for everybody. what works for me could be possible that it wouldnt work for you. But when people doesnt take time to investigate for themselves and just go by what they heard from others its a foolish act. The product works and there is opportunity of making money. Tell me about any other company that gives away Lexus, ipads,25,000 bonus, free product for life…if you know about any company let me know.

    • Anonymous

      1 should never be shocked by the ignorance of people! Like Forest Gump once said, “stupid is as stupid does”….

  121. Ricardo

    We do have a sample for you to try and NO this is not a scam. It’s easy to use and that’s important because I’m a guy and hate putting on 3 -4 different products. I live in Southern California, ride motorcycles and play baseball every week so my skin was damaged before I tried this stuff. IT WORKS. I can send you my before/after pictures if you like. They are dramatic! Shoot me a text at 714-365-4580 or email at My web site is if you prefer. Either way you have nothing to lose but your wrinkles and/or bad skin. God bless.

    • Anonymous

      Josephine, the answer is yes! I just now got done with my sample. The rep will give you a full size bottle to try for 5 days. Then you return it. I just got back from returning my sample. I loved it! I do not sell it!

    • Alexis

      The answer is NO. They will give you full sized bottles to purchase. I just sat in on a “presentation” by a sales person and there are NO SAMPLES.

      • Shaun

        Alexis I as you did sat in what was supposed to be an hour but was an hour and a half “presentation” They hype you up very well I almost bought into this company however.. more research will be needed for me to make a final decision but this is probably the 8th review forum I have looked into and I have also checked about 11-12 websites trying to find how it actually works and the science behind it I used to sell Neova skincare products and it promises the same EXACT thing Nerium AD does. I had tons of people try it out and they said it was okay.. but they wouldn’t want to spend 60 on getting more so I can only imagine 80-110 dollars I could probably make some quick money but I wouldn’t be trusted by people so it comes down to do you want to burn your friends and family? To be honest I dont believe any of these cremes and other crap people put on their face really works anywhere near what is advertised but after these reviews I can tell the people who sell nerium are leaving good reviews and the people that actually tried the crap aren’t buying it again.. So I think ill have to pass! (so should most other “wise” people don’t buy into this crap” We would all like to look younger but never will you cannot stop the aging process.

  122. Lynda

    Thank God I researched NeriumAD and looked into more of the ingredients. I am allergic to aloe. I will stick with my Hydro peptide !

  123. Dean

    This is a good example of when a product or a company does well they get a target on their back.
    I used Nerium as a Preferred Customer at first (now i’m a brand partner). In approximately 48 days I literally took 8 to 10 years off my face. The product is very safe as most all these posts claim. It’s very effective for most people. The business opportunity is one of the best around. The leadership is second to none. I have had a lot of skeptical customers who fell in love with the product after they saw the results, and to be fair some did not (but I believe that’s only because they did not take a good after picture depicting the real changes in their skin). All I can say is try it, there’s nothing to lose but wrinkles, lol.

    • Alexis

      …”there’s nothing to lose but wrinkles” : spoken by every rep I’ve met so far. This is the “hook” and it’s not funny any more. When you stop using the product, you will still be old. Deal with it.

      • Kelly Clark

        Love it!! So true! And if it is such a fabulous product why oh why do they talk more about the money, Lexus bonus, IPAD, all the $$ is what is important. These Neriumites don’t care so much about your skin. Thry care more about getting you to sell the product so they can make more money. I sold the product, I listened to all of the Nerium University calls, the weekly almost daily sales calls. Rarely do they talk about, or share about how the product has completely transformed their skin and talk about the benefits of using it consistently. The conference calls are all about increasing your business, getting more people to join your team so you can inturn make more money.
        I wasted my money buying into this company. The company is not a family unless you do as you are told, and do not question the motive. MLM is a modern day Nazi Regime. Follow another person’s “dream” and ideals , (Jeff Olsen’s in this case) and you will get rich. Nevermind having your own dreams and goals. If getting rich with small sacrifice is your cup of tea (for many lazy “sheep like” individuals) then join MLM. Hebalife, Visalus, Mary Kay, Avon, Federated companies, all part of a multi billion dollar imdustry. Not because their product is second to none, but because the get rich quick plan is what most lazy people want. It has become the american dream of today.
        So I really wish that the whole stick about you having skin so you need this product bs goes away. What is next? We all need water because all of our bodies need it to survive, how about the fountain of youth in your water bottle?

    • Anonymous

      There will always be haters! You don’t need them to poke small holes in your bubble of joy!! Wear the “target” with pride. Lol.

  124. Christy

    Nerium has changed my skin drastically for several reasons, my moms as well. People are asking if my mom had surgery under her eyes. She didn’t have to because of using Nerium! I am 34 and love the Texas sun! My sun spots have are fading fast! My mom and I have tried what seems like hundreds of good products from Rhonda Allison to Rodan & Fields to Clinique, to CVS brands and so on and so on. Not one product has affected us like Nerium. I know everyones skin takes to different products, but I’m amazed at what this has done for me and my mom with completely different skin types. She had dry skin and I have oily skin. Plus, what company believes you will love their product enough to let you try it risk free for 30 days (minus shipping cost). So try it for 30 days and if you aren’t completely in love with Nerium you can send it back with a full refund even if your bottles are empty! If you want mores information and have sun spots, large pores, loose skin or redness you should definitely try Nerium. I’m even using it on my stomach and seeing amazing results! It’s an all in one cream!! Contact me if you are interested.

  125. Debbie

    I have been issuing product but I will say that it takes all I can do to tolerate the smell of this product. It is sticky and smells. I continue to use because it does appear to help my skin. Please work on fragrance!

    • Anonymous

      Debbie if it too sticky you need to apply with more water. Your face should be damp before applying your night cream and if it is still too sticky you need to wet it a little more. Notice the first ingredient is NOT water so you need to add it. It also activates the enzymes. As far as the smell that is its natural smell and with more water it will become tolerable and soon you won’t even notice it. I love my Nerium, good luck to you

  126. David P.

    I cannot Nerium for the following reasons.
    1. Cost – there are many other skin care products that will satisfy skin condition without being over 100 dollars a month. There just isn’t reason to spend so much on skin care anyways, our country has gotten out of control in what satisfies them or others, it just isn’t worth the cost in the long run.
    2. The MLM network – the way that this company works is to maximize savings in advertising by promising anyone willing to do the yee old pyramid scheme style marketing act that they can somehow make a decent and quick buck, perhaps alot more. While this may be true, think about what it entails and how it affects the people that are the underdogs in the business. The overseeing marketers make the decent buck while the lessers harrass everyone they know or might know in an attempt to spread the hype about said product, essentially creating something that would not ordinarily exist considering normal marketing and advertising. It just isn’t ethical if you think about it. No single thing is THAT much better than anything else.
    3. Science – I dug a little and found that the studies done on Nerium found little harm to the skin from the oleander extract it harbors. Oleander is poisonous to those that do not know, and I for one would NEVER put something on my precious skin that came from such a deadly plant. NEVER, no matter how much anyone could possibly explain that studies were done etc etc. The studies were HOWEVER not conclusive on LONG TERM effects of applying said chemical to one’s skin. NO ONE KNOWS how oleander will affect skin conditions in the long run as Nerium has only been out 3 years and they may not be long enough.
    4. Skin – Why is something that is natural looked down upon in our society today? Skin aging is what normally happens to people as they get older, especially if you sunbath alot etc. There are things that people need and things that people want. Skin care products that cost a ton and do just a bit of change are not needed. Only things such as Accutane for people with acne are really needed. Wake up America, things are not as important as the media and hype makes it out to be, there is no need to fall into some trap and start handing your hard earned dollars over to some company that see’s fit to overmarket something and essentially pretend that it is a miracle drug (does the 20′s ring a bell?)
    5. Truth – Many of the claims Nerium has made simply are mask’s or partial truths. Considering they claim they do not need FDA approval for something derived from a poison, they sure do promote and post before and after pics with differentiating lighting, over exaggerate the outcome (especially considering the amazon reviews I have read), and perpetuate a happy lifestyle with magazines, conferences, ads, word of mouth praise, social networking advertising among friends and family, etc, when in fact something like this is not going to make someone more happy than they were before.
    Also there are the customers that get the cold shoulder when it comes to returning the product or has a problem with customer service. Many have posted of such occurances yet the company will always hold its motto of user friendliness. It goes deeper than that in some examples but I’ll leave it at that.
    So there you have it. Take it or leave it but I won’t be buying stock in said company if they ever to decide to become a real one. Nerium leaves a bad taste on the mouth for those savy enough to admit they are such prowlers in the nature of business, but then again who knows really, right? My 2 cents spend your money elsewhere. These guys need not further encouragement than what it’s already inflated to.

  127. Hot sauce

    I used this product and it gave me acne longer than they said it would break out. It’s been 20 days and I look like gollum! HELP

    • Jared Chapman

      Are you making sure your face is really damp when you apply the NeriumAD? It’s very important, as there is no water in the product and it’s required to activate it. They don’t add water so you get a more concentrated product. Only use the four pumps and remember it’s closing your pores and is likely pushing out a lot of gunk. It may take a bit, but I think it should get better.

  128. Laura

    There surely are scientific clinical studies that prove Nerium works. The NAE8 extract is a patented anti-oxidant! I’d also like to bring up the fact this product is a concentrate, something rare if not unheard of in most skin care lines. So, you are not paying for fillers, parabens, etc…. I know I love getting my monies worth! Don’t you?
    On the topic of the plant being dangerous, I’d like to bring up castor oil. A common ingredient in most skin care products. Also, an incredibly poisonous bean if you eat it. Yet, once the oils are pressed out it is an incredibly healing oil to the skin. I know a similar situation is happening with this product!
    I would be happy to help in anyway, if someone has questions on this product! It has truly changed my skin for the better!

    • AD

      Laura…are you and Scott the same person? Your posts contain exactly the same language. I’m confused about why this coincidence exists. Thanks in advance for clearing up the confusion!

    • Scott

      There surely are scientific clinical studies that prove Nerium works.

      !I’d love for you to post some links to the long term use of Nerium and its effects on the skin. Real data please. You will cite ST&T clinical trials. Hardly a “internationally” renowned lab, that did a 30 day study with 34 people, with no placebo or comparative analysis. Hardly a robust trial Linda…

      The NAE8 extract is a patented anti-oxidant!

      ~No it isn’t. The patent Nerium holds is for the extraction of the active ingredient from the Oleander plant. It is a process patent or a manufacturing patent. IT has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with NeriumAD as a whole or its purported effects as a antioxidant…

      I’d also like to bring up the fact this product is a concentrate, something rare if not unheard of in most skin care lines. So, you are not paying for fillers, parabens, etc…. I know I love getting my monies worth! Don’t you?

      ~If Nerium was a concentrate, given the fact that the “active” ingredient is a poisonous plant extract, it would be highly dangers. Nerium even states that it would take 400 bottle to poison a child….The rest of the ingredient a oild, emoilents, fillers and parfums commonly found in other skin creams…

      On the topic of the plant being dangerous, I’d like to bring up castor oil. A common ingredient in most skin care products. Also, an incredibly poisonous bean if you eat it. Yet, once the oils are pressed out it is an incredibly healing oil to the skin. I know a similar situation is happening with this product!

      ~Water is dangerous if you drink enough…

      I would be happy to help in anyway, if someone has questions on this product! It has truly changed my skin for the better!

      ~Help me helping understand how a cancer drug that was developed as an high stress oxidant (a indiscriminate cell killer), while using that same core component, NAE8, can now be marketed as a ANTIoxidant, or a cell rejuvenator?

      Looking forward to your response Linda!

      • AD

        I note that phrases you use, such as ” I’d like to bring up castor oil” in your defense of the product , are the EXACT words used by other Nerium cheerleaders. Why is that?

  129. Mabyn

    I’d like to correct the statement that says there are no scientific clinicals that prove that Nerium works. That is 100% untrue. ST&T research validated the original finds on the product. Nerium’s extract — the NAE8 extract – is now a PATENTED ANTI-OXIDANT.

    I encourage you to try it if you want to use a all natural product on your skin. You will use this one bottle system at night and then, should you choose, we also offer a day cream moisturizer.

  130. Anonymous

    I am having troubles finding out where to purchase Nerium AD Wrinkle Cream and Nerium Age Defying Treatment. It is not for sale in the stores and you cannot buy it from their website. What is up with that?

  131. Sara

    As a student who is going to school for esthetics I told myself that I would never stand behind a product that was bad for your skin (most likely some of the ones you use everyday). I’ve researched this product in and out from doing studies in an esthetics classroom to just doing before and after pictures with clients. People love this product!! I personally used it for acne scarring i had on my forehead and can barely see the marks anymore. Anyone can use Nerium with it being one simple step after a cleanse. Like any product you never know if it will works for you unless you try. Those who are not satisfied can always send the product back and get there money, I have not heard of anyone being dissapointed. People see results after 7 days, and after a month its clearly noticeable to where you wont need the before and after pictures to tell (and people will even tell and most likely ask what it is your using for your skin). If you dont continue to use Nerium you will of course after a certain amount of time see the aging coming back as this is going to be something that happens with any product or any skin. Skin will only have collagen and elastin production for a certain amount of time, hence why people get anti-aging products to aid in that.

  132. Anonymous

    I would like to hear from Nerium users about how long it takes before you see a result from using the product? Are the results as good as the before and after photos?

    • Jared Chapman

      The only reason I’m involved is because my wife’s boss had a amazing results. I don’t use it, because I’m not one to use such things… although my wife keeps asking me to. I do see how it has worked on her as well, but her boss’ change is amazing. She had pre-cancerous cells all around her nose, bright and red. After only a few days using Nerium, they were gone. She went to her dermatologist and he said there were no signs, so keep doing whatever it is you’re doing.

    • Anonymous

      I started to see results in about 10 days, I have very fair skin. My crows feet and wrinkles on my forehead are decreasing in depth. It’s great

  133. Sarah F.

    Hi! I am a seller of a different brand of skin care (will not say which one to avoid any biased replies) and I was just curious as to how Nerium was an anti-aging product. My understanding of the term “anti-aging” is that it will prevent aging of the skin. The research I have done on Nerium doesn’t actually show any signs of preventing skin aging. Tons of other products on the market contain ingredients like SPF, which actually prevent aging of the skin. Other ingredients, however, just treat the signs of aging. They don’t actually correct problems. The product line that I am involved with does both- treats signs of aging and prevents further aging (along with correcting characteristics of aging).
    So I guess my question is, if someone used Nerium for a month faithfully then stopped using the product for a month, would their results still exist or would their skin just go back to what it was before Nerium? The product I am involved with actually “corrects” aging in a sense, and prevents further aging of the skin. Therefore, if I discontinued my use of that product, the results of it will still be evident. My research on Nerium doesn’t actually show that it will correct and prevent further aging.

    • Christine Elias

      Saw your comments about nerium and wanted to know what product you use that corrects and prevents further aging as opposed to nerium…i do not use nerium and am in the middle of my first mo use of the isogenix ageless renewal serum with some subtle results… it is expensive too. Thank you for getting back to me on this other possibly more promising product with long term reversal results!? – Chris Elias.

  134. Maine

    I’ve heard very little about this product. Just based on what I’m reading I would be a little skeptical on trying it and most likely not be able to afford it. I started getting brown spots and was on the verge of going to a dermatologist until a friend of mine approached me with a product that she was introduced to. Of course I was a little reluctant, did my research and decided to give it a try. Total transformation is all I can say. I got more then what I was wanting to accomplish. People were noticing the difference so much so that one person thought I was doing Botox (don’t like needles). I know how we can become desperate to try a product to help with our skin issues. Please do your research before trying any products. I did mine and am so pleased with my skin transformation. I can’t say that Nerium doesn’t work. What I can say is that what I’m using is working, safe and not as costly. It pays to do your research. I’m not sure if I’m allowed to say what I’m using on here. I don’t mind sharing it with anyone. :)

    • Donna

      Thinking if trying Nerium and doing my research before I purchase. Would like to know what product you are using and also it’s cost .

    • Christine Elias

      Hello Maine, I would like to know what product produced your transformation (which i am assuming is more than brown spots?) as i only have 3 tiny spots,barely there on my face ( along w some other up and down signs of aging) but lots and lots of ugly brown spots on my arms and some on my legs that are getting bad…hope it is inexpensive for my larger areas of concern–let me know? Thank you!- Chris Elias.

  135. Ginger

    I am in my late 70s and was wondering – would this product work for me in reducing the wrinkles and sagging neck skin.

    • Rachel

      Absolutely Ginger! Email me and I will send you photos of my mom that I took personally. My mother is 70 and her results are astounding! 5 months she looks 10 years younger!

      • Laura

        Please tell me where I can see the pictures you have taken of your mother. I would love to see the results.
        Thank you

  136. Brenda

    I wanted to know is it true; if you use other products alongside the nerium, the nerium wont work well? I have been using Nerium and like it. I recently got this product from my dermatologist sister called bio-amino anti line concentrate, it does have dehydrolicgi acid benzol alcohol in it, something like that. Will this counteract the Nerium? someone told me , while using nerium stay away from other products with acidic stuff in it? Thank you.

  137. Lynn

    I just want to say that I used nerium, following the instructions, for three nights….the next day, I had a cyst like nodule growing on my chin, which tingled itched and burned. I also noticed a swollen nymph node under my chin that was pretty tender. I immediately stopped using this product. Now, three days later, the nodules are plural and the lymph is still tender. My chin also looks like I have rug burn. So no, it’s not safe for everyone. Just 1percent have an issue…I seriously don’t believe that as I don’t have sensitive skin. Buyer or tryer beware….you might be in the “1 percent”. I’m still waiting to see how it heals and if there is any permanent skin disfigurement.

  138. Tiffany

    I think this is a good product but I don’t think it’s the miracle solution for everyone. There are quite a few really great, prescription only, skin care lines available. I think it’s just a matter of finding the one that’s right for you.

    From a marketing/sales standpoint I would be cautious about signing up to be a sales consultant with the company. This product is available on Amazon, through their website, and on EBay (NIB, sealed, as low as $50). This doesn’t hurt the company but really hurts the consultants trying to make a commission.

  139. Tiffany

    Nerium has changed my life. I took a leap of faith and put it to the test on my cold sore that turns to shingles and lasts weeks, it is painful and itchy.i have EXTREMLY sensitive skin and anything I have ever tried burned or made it worse. I was desperate and tried Nerium night treatment right on my break out, I really needed a miracle and I wanted to know what all the hype was about! Well overnight my cold sore scabed over and stopped spreading and itching and burning, within three days it was completely gone. My spotted, scared skin was healing and it felt alive again, my pores shrunk and lines softened. I have NEVER been able to go without makeup and after 1 month I am so happy to say I can and my face looks good! I have tried it on my sons cold sores and it healed them just as fast, so now we have tried it on cuts, warts , and many other skin issues and have been blown away by the results. I hardly believe my own before and after pictures. But it’s the real deal. I am so excited and confident to share this with everyone I meet. It cannot be harmful if it’s proving to do So much good, especially for someone with such sensitive skin like myself. It’s guarenteed and the company has less than a 1 % turn around on people sending product back, it sells itself. I am so EXTREMLY thankful I did not listen to the “Negetives” people talked about without trying it themselves! It’s totally beyond proved itself to me and my friends and family! Thanks Nerium!!!!
    ~ Tiffany

  140. Seana

    Hello! I tried Nerium for 5 days and had AMAZING results. So much that I became a Brand Partner. There is no scam. This is a very reputable company who puts back 30% of its profits into developmental research. The photos you see on websites are real and true. I am proud to be sharing my experience and will continue to spread the wonderful news about Nerium AD. You can buy the product from me and help me build my business while you get younger looking skin in return! Thank you for reading!

  141. Bart

    I am a practicing herbalist and have used Nerium AD safely for over a year. There are roughly 250 species of oleander and Nerium is a non-toxic species. You can look it up through Texas A&M’s website where it plainly states that the sap is the only part that may carry some toxicity due to a concentration of a certain byproduct of the plant that no one would ever consume in high enough volume to hurt anything. We are using an extract from the leaves that is extracted with Aloe Vera. This is the first plant to plant extraction the world has ever seen which has created the first patented antioxidant the world has ever seen. You cannot be an antioxidant and be a poison. Antioxidants heal (nonnegotiable fact proven through decades of science and the best products on the market) and poisons kill. Everyone who takes a picture will see a change in 90 days. There will not be anyone who doesn’t see change unless that cannot operate a camera phone or refuses to take their picture. There is no doubt this is the biggest breakthrough in skincare the world has ever seen producing unbiased “objective” not subjective results. Is it for everybody. No… what is? However, considering it’s the only proven breakthrough product in the world many will benefit with more beautiful skin than ever before. It’s inevitable.

  142. Sandy

    I bought Nerium because I thought it would help reduce the lines around my eyes. I have not seen a result. I used it everyday as directly.

  143. Heather Lewis

    I have been using Nerium for a while now and I can’t imagine life without it. I have dark age spots and they are fading as I continue usage. My husband had crow’s feet around his eyes an it’s diminishing on a weekly basis. Very impressed with this product so much so Ii’ve chosen to become a Brand Partner. Feel free to email me if you would like to give this a try.!

  144. madonna

    I have been using neriumAD for 4 months now and decided to become a brand partner because it was the only thing that cleared up my pregnancy mask that I’ve Had for years!!!! AMEN to the best product on the market. It does have a 30day guarantee incase you decide you don’t like it!

  145. madonna

    I have been using neriumAD for 4 months now and decided to become a brand partner because it was the only thing that cleared up my pregnancy mask that I’ve. This for years!!!! AMEN to the best product on the market. It does have a 30day guarantee incase you decide you don’t like it!

  146. Tonya

    I have been using Nerium for 4 days and I’m starting to get big red pimples on my face. They’re itchy and burning. I want to continue using this product but not if it’s going to cause pimples. In addition, I take vitamin E, which I have been for years, and use a facial scrub with 10% benzoyl peroxide. Could this be the reason and should I wait it out and continue using this product? I’ve seen before and after pictures and was very surprised at the results which is why in very anxious about my own results.

  147. Anonymous

    I have a couple of questions about nerium cream. what is nerium? what is nerium international? does the nerium real results offer your money back if you don’t see results? are the nerium ad before and after pictures real?

  148. Annette

    I started using Nerium only 2 nights ago. I have a question for people who have used it for a while. Does it help oily skin? I have had oily skin since I was 13 years old and am now in my forties. I have even gone through Acutane treatment in my twenties to help improve the oiliness. With extended use, will it help this problem?

    • Nicole Simental

      Yes, it works great for both dry and oily skin. I have been using it for 90 days, I absolutely love it. Message me on face book and you can see I have posted a video of myself from Sept. thru Dec. and I have over 100 various family, friends pictures. If you have pimples under the skin it will bring them out but not all at once, my advice is to keep using it, all of the impurities have to come out in order to make the pores smaller. Nerium helped with my skin tone, discoloration, uneven skin, and pores. It brought my skin back to life. I am almost 45, and I think it has already helped me to look younger. 30 day money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose but those wrinkles. My advice get plenty of sleep, limit your stress, remove all makeup before you go to bed, and drink lots of water and eat lots of fruits and vegetables. I don’t wear make up, and rarely drink water or eat fruits and vegetables. But it will help. Thanks

  149. Tommy Smyth

    I have been a pundit for anti-aging discoveries for the past 4 decades. The first thing I read about in Life Extension book was NaPCA. Then over the years through Vitamin C, fruit acids etc. When I saw what Nerium did for my 91 year old mother who had been using Oil of… for years, my jaw dropped. She of course turned into a giddy teen ager! She got it on a website called: I believe she pays about $100 a month and it eclipses other creams, serums, lotions etc., that are much higher priced, by 10 x’s. They even have the clinical research to prove it. If you spend any moolah on anything else, you’re simply wasting your hard earned money. It reduces the appearance of deep and fine wrinkles, improves skin texture and lightens spots all in one product. Think of how much room on your bathroom counter you will regain! Go for it cause there’s a 30 day 100% money back guarantee.

  150. Mary

    I am in the entertainment business and I have been looking for a product for my aging skin. I have literally spent thousands of dollars on products over the past three years. It seems like the last year my skin has really started to age (I’m 58). A friend of mine is a Brand Partner with Nerium. She knew I had skin issues and asked if I would like to try it. I have fine lines, deep lines, age spots, and rosacea. I have been using the night cream as well as the day cream religiously for almost two weeks now. The changes are amazing. The rosacea on my forehead has diminished dramatically. The fine lines around my mouth and the crows feet by the eye have really become less noticeable. This product has also tightened my skin. I can’t be more delighted. I am excited to see the results after one month! Please remember, if you were not told, to pat water on your face prior to using the night cream. It is very thick and the water makes it easier to put on. This product WORKS!

  151. Tammy Williams

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  152. April

    Hello Janis,
    The promotion you are referring to is the Limited-Time Preferred Customer Promotion! If you purchase both the Night and Day NeriumAD as a preferred customer for three consecutive Auto-Deliveries (three straight calendar months),from the fourth month onward, you will get your NeriumAD day cream FREE for LIFE! This is a $40 value that you will receive for free every month you are enrolled for the NeriumAD night and day cream!

  153. Janis

    I haven’t tried Nerium yet. I thought you could sign up for automatic re-ordering monthly and receive the daily cream for free. However, when I clicked to purchase it doesn’t give the option of only paying for the nightly cream. I also had some concerns about the use on older skin. I am 66 years old and would be purchasing it for myself. Can anybody help?

    • Bea Picou


      I can help. The company is offering a special through December that will allow you to receive the day cream for free, but you must be on the auto-delivery for both day and night for 4 months and have ordered for this option prior to December 31. The person that showed you Nerium should be able to help you with this, if not you may contact me.

  154. anne

    I am a salon owner in IL and I have been selling Nerium for a couple of months. I can’t believe how much my clients love this product and I enjoy seeing their results. Contact me if you would like more information on how this products works or if you are interested on the business end of Nerium.

  155. Jessy

    I am excited to try Nerium. If I can say that I wish you could buy Nerium Cream online rather than having to meet with a consultant. I think your business will grow even quicker. I have many positive nerium reviews and I am excited about trying Nerium Skin Care. I am going to start with the nerium face cream and if it works I will consider buying the entire range. I have seen the Nerium before and after photos and the results look promising. I find how nerium oleander works fascinating and I am looking forward to trying this new breakthough.

  156. Ingrid

    Well, I have to admit, I am a skeptic and not easy to convince. I saw the product featured on CBS and remembered a friend, who I thought, had mentioned it to me. I called him and “yes” he had and had become a Nerium “newbie.” My friend is a fella who is involved in the entertainment business and felt he had come to an age where he needs to take of his skin. He tried Nerium and LOVES it.

    I am 66 years old and have had the good fortune to have great skin, but am personally starting to see a difference in the size of my pores – SO, this afternoon I am going to go in and talk with the folks at Nerium and see if this product is for me.

    I have read more pro than con and eager to try the product and perhaps even become a “partner.” I certainly want to thank everyone for being candid in the previous comments – they helped immensely.

    I will take before and after’s and will keep you posted – I am very excited.


  157. janet chappel

    Looking to make extra money, part time/full time? Check out my page, Nerium by Newfie Girl and inbox me for details. Nerium International is the youngest company ever to be represented in Success magazine and we were just featured on CBS News!! $300, 000, 000 in growth in just 2 years!!

  158. Rebecca Morris

    I began using Nerium about 3 months ago. My daughter signed up as a brand partner under one of her friends and I “wanted to help my daughter”. Well… Nerium has helped me. I am red-headed (more gray at present) and very fair skinned. I spent hours in the sun at Santa Cruz beach “cooking myself in the sun” and have the sun spots to prove it. Also, due to a hip problems and then surgery, I became less active the last 5 years and gained weight. The weight gain showed up even in my face through sagging neck. Ugh! I was so self conscious I have torn up or deleted every photo of myself for the last few years. After 3 months of using Nerium (and results began to show up sooner) here is what I have experienced: Sun spots are at least 50% faded; sagging neck is much less “sagged” and keeps on improving; skin texture is wonderful and smooth (and I had great skin to begin with… can’t believe this product improves the skin texture); the Chicken Pox scars on my face have practically disappeared (unbelievable! If I am wearing foundation, you can’t even see them, without foundation you have to search for them). A great advantage for me is that this product works so well that when I wake up and use my “day-time” products I am using less. You don’t need as much moisturizer, make up etc because Nerium makes your skin look (and feel) so great! People are asking me if I have lost weight, or what it is that I have done because I look different. Of course, I tell them about Nerium; it really is a wonderful product.

  159. Marci Javril (@VitalityMarci)

    Many people forget to use a FACIAL SPRAY when putting on the Night Cream. You MUST spritz or the 2 -3 drops of one daily dosage will not spread evenly all over your face/chest. I use 3-4 drops to be sure to get all the kerotosis on my chest – wow – what a huge difference it is making. I am very fair skinned and have worried that I will have to go get things burned off at a derm office, if my chest got any worse… Iof course was burned many times as a child, but have tried to be careful thru adult hood. nevertheless, when you are fair, blue-eyed freckled person with NO melanin in my tummy and legs, thus it is very apparent when my skin tone starts evening out. YEA! for Nerium, I plan to save a lot of bick NOT going to a derm, because Nerium is balancing all my pre-cancerous conditions and weird skin splotchiness, dry patches, and enlarged freckle- gone gone gone !!

  160. Brittany

    If anyone wants to try NeriumAD, visit my website at It will give you all the information you need about the product! And even becoming a brand partner yourself. I have myself tried Rodan and Fields and I saw no results and it broke me out bad. Something different works for everyone! Try it! You get a 30 day money back guarantee and you can also do a 3 for free. (You sign up 3 people under you and you get your product every month for free). My Mama had been using it for 90 days and looks incredible! Don’t forget to take a before and after pic, because you might not realize how much it actually IS working! :)

  161. Mel

    Here’s my problem with it: It is a pyramid business. So some people are making a TON of money on a product that all the little guys spend way too much for. I have been using the product two weeks and it may or may not be working – a little early to tell. I thought I was getting a free sample from a seller to try out for 30 days but it turns out she either wants me to give it back for someone else to try or pay for it. Maybe that was my misunderstanding. Either way I just hate the business model so much that I don’t even want to give it a try.

    • Kendra

      It’s not a pyramid; although honestly, look at any other business out there. You have team members, managers, store managers, franchise owners, ceo’s and everything in between. That sure sounds a looks like a pyramid to me! You work your butt off to get those raises and reach the next level in any other job, why can’t you do it with a product you love just by SHARING it! Why not control when you want to work and how much you want to make, rather than begging a boss to promote you? Pyramids are everywhere. In the Nerium business, you CAN absolutely surpass the person who sponers you! One of my upline gals recruited someone who’s already surpassed her! So pyramid, maybe, but it’s just like any other employer out there…. EXCEPT BETTER!!! lol

    • Dara

      This guy comes up to my friend and myself at the gym; pushing these bottles on us to try for a week. He starts harassing me everyday about the product, Nerium. BTW, It is nothing more than marginal. I told him I need 30 days to see any differences. So, now, he is harassing me to return the bottle so he can give to someone else. So unsanitary, unprofessional and unbelievable.

    • Brittany

      When you become a Brand Partner, you buy your sample bottles. Each sample bottle is an actual 30 day bottle of Nerium. It is set up so you pass the bottle to a person for a 5 day sample, just to see how you like the product. If everyone got a 30 day sample free, noone would purchase the product and it wouldn’t be a business. They don’t want it like that. Just give it a chance. :) Hope it works out for you!

  162. Sunny Knighton

    I am in love with Nerium and absolutely addicted! My skin has never looked or felt better! Also as a brand partner, I have so much fun sharing Nerium with others! This stuff is the real deal!

  163. Molly

    I was a Nerium Brand Partner for almost year and advanced to Executive in my third month. I had a rapidly growing business and it was very exciting. I liked the product and saw some difference in my skin but nothing as dramatic as what the pictures portrayed. The reason I chose to no longer build Nerium is because the customer retention was very low. I’ve spoken with a number of other people who have said the same. People either (1) didn’t like the smell; (2) didn’t see results in their Before and After pictures ; (3) didn’t take Before pics so they couldn’t really tell if there had been some subtle changes or not; (4) saw results in the first couple of weeks but didn’t after that; (5) had allergic reactions; (6) didn’t want to pay $80 every month for a skin care product; or (7) simply switched to another product to try something different. I had a beauty salon enrolled that was rocking and rolling with excited customers for a few months, and after a year, there were only 1 or 2 customers left still re-ordering. Nerium has done a great job of creating a community and culture of excited Brand Partners, and I respect them for that. However, I had to look at my bottom line. And what I saw, I didn’t like.

    • Stan

      Hi My name is Stan. I m a Nerium brand partner. I understand your concerns. I have to tell you I am experiencing something different. I love Nerium. I’m a different person because of it. My retention rate is good. The way to do it is to host real results party for each of your preferred customers so they don’t have to pay every month. As you know, once a preferred customer has three customers on his or her own, her product become free. Maybe you need to more depth than length into your team. In other words, help each customer have three customers. That s how you can create depth instead of having three, five customers horizontally. Build vertically, that’s the key. As far as the scent, it goes away after a couple mins.
      Since NErium International is about helping people, I felt compelled to throw these nuggets and contribute my 2 cents. Thanks for reading.

  164. Jane

    Nerium AD made my complexion appear more even toned. My skin also feels softer from this cream. I don’t have many signs of aging but I like the fact that it will help prevent lines.

  165. Simone

    I found Nerium AD to be moisturizing and it did not leave my skin dry. I have heard that some active ingredients can dry the skin but I did not have this problem with Nerium AD. I am looking forward to trying other products in the range when they come out.

  166. Lucy

    I have been using Nerium AD Night Cream for several months and see no change whatsoever in my skin. Still have wrinkles. Still have blotches. Plus I have more dry skin. Not sure what is going but I am going to make a complaint to Nerium.

  167. Cheryl

    I cheated on my 2 year love with Dermal Renu skin care to try Nerium. Mostly because I had a few friends that were head over heals and I thought what wouldn’t it hurt to TRY.

    I SOOOO wish I wouldn’t have – you know there is a saying ‘don’t stop a good thing’ -well I should have listened. The first night trying it I personally hated the scent and the sticky feeling on my face. When I woke up the next morning it felt like all the moisture was sucked out of my skin. I had red and dry patched around my mouth and under my eyes.

    I gave it the benefit of the doubt and continued to use it but after 4 days the break outs, dry patches and sore skin was way too much to handle. That very night I went back to using what had worked for me for over 2 years, Dermal Renu and my skin THANKED ME!

    Withing a week of using Dermal Renu again by skin was back to normal with most of my blemishes gone. I am sure that some are enjoying Nerium but for me it didn’t work nor was it worth continue.

  168. Carolyn Clayton

    I’ve been using this product for about a year. I was introduced by a friend who HAD skin problems and went to a Dermatologist that actually made her face blotchy with dark spots and white spots. The MD offered meds to help clear her skin but she declined taking the pills. She tried Nerium and within 60 days she saw a huge change and her face cleared. She showed her derm the results and he was floored. Bottom line, I am 50 and abused my face when I was younger in the sun, little or no sunscreen not to mention baby oil applied If I didn’t have sun tanning oil(that’s what I used in the 80s not sunscreen). Now my skin is looking so much better, my lines on my forehead are fading and I have a sun spot on my check that’s diminishing. I am really surprised how great this product is and did I mention I use and sell Mary Kay… I was told today that I don’t apply enough (I only use 3 pumps on my face and neck) I’m told I should use 5 and I will see better results. I just ordered the day cream today it’s silky and soft. I did sign up to the website a year ago but never tried to sell Nerium so now I want to start. I’m NOT new at being a sales rep from other products so seeing how this company works I am very impressed. Give it a try the only thing you have to lose is some wrinkles, dark spots, bad looking skin or maybe some sagging skin. The promotion they have now is good till December check out my web site

  169. Francine

    Just wanted to say I’ve been using Nerium AD for a few months now, and I am loving it. At first I was skeptical about it because of the Oleander plant, but after doing my research I was convinced that it has no side effects beside reducing the appearance of fine line and wrinkles, enlarged pores and uneven skin texture, and that is what I was looking for in a product. I have had incredible results, I’m definitely looking younger and I’m loving it. I haven’t found a better product and I’ve tried many. It does dry out my skin at night so I’m excited about their new day Cream, just ordered it, can’t wait to receive it. I definitely hear a lot of pros and cons about this product, either you like it or you don’t… I say just try it for your self and then decide, if you need a place to order it go to I love their service and I never had a problem with them. And I love their program 3 Your Free!!!

  170. Karen

    Nerium was too heavy for my skin…..oily and prone to breaking out. I wanted it to work for me because the rep is a friend. The smell was odd but I got over that. My skin couldn’t take the product. They do autoship and that was a pain to get rid of.

    • Lisa

      Hi, Karen,
      I’m surprised you had trouble canceling your autoship? It’s simple, you can do it one of several ways:
      1. Call customer service
      2. Do it online through your free customer website
      3. Text, email or call your brand partner and they can do it for you.
      I’ve never had any trouble with this?
      Good luck!

  171. Lei girl

    Nerium gave me hyper-pigmentation on my forehead and now I’m on prescription strength skin lightener to get rid of it. No other skin care has ever created dark patches on my skin before! Very disappointing. I have to use makeup to hide it because it is hideous.
    There are also other reports of Nerium doing this to other people’s skin.
    Take caution…the reversal process takes months and months of repair!

  172. Stacy Echeverria

    Tried Nerium for a couple of months with absolutely no results. Sent back 2 bottles along with the brand partner materials and am being scammed. Got a refund for the product minus a 10% re-stocking fee, which is a scam. They won’t refund on the materials because they said the couldn’t use them because I opened up the materials and they were used. Not true!!! Materials were unopened and in pristine condition. Scam, scam, scam!!!! So angry about this and customer service is awful. I’ve now asked to speak with a supervisor to resolve this to my satisfaction.

  173. It plainly states its only poisonous if eaten Nd u do not eat it. It goes on your face and b b be absolutely amazing. Result in 4 days so dont be so paranoid. Try it and b amazed

  174. Debbie

    I wanted so bad to see results which I have heard and seen through the website. I got my second shipment of day and night Nerium and disappointed that I haven’t seen any results …none! Been using faithfully for 1 mo. In fact it looks like I haven’t use anything..and my wrinkles and sagging is worse. I will probably go back to my other moisturizer.

    • sue

      Did you take before and after pictures? The results I got were amazing. I used it for 2 weeks and took pictures. I was very skeptical. I am not a fan of multilevel marketing but if I like the product, who cares. I want to share it. I am continuing to use it and we shall see what more results I get. Can’t imagine it not working. Best to take pictures before and after. We look at our faces everyday so it is hard to see change.

  175. Kristin

    Nerium does not have a 90 day return policy, its a 30 day money back guarantee so you must be confusing it with another company. Customers have access to stopping, starting and adjusting their shipments through their own website so its interesting that you had to call Customer Service. As with all business transactions, if customer services says they cancelled your account, get it in writing or get a confirmation number. My experience with the company over the last 15 months has been wonderful and they have bent over backwards to make customers happy that I know who have had issues. I can honestly say that from my research, personal experience and the people I know involved in the company, Nerium International is one of the MOST HONEST and ethical companies I have ever dealt with in my professional and personal life.

  176. Ruth

    DO NOT USE THIS PRODUCT!!!! FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!! Nerium skin care product
    Was excited to try a new product and have it be a risk free experience. Once I determined the product was not showing any significant change I decided to cancell my product under the 90 day money back guarantee. I called and spoke directly to a representative for the company and she assured me that my monthly subscription had been terminated successfully. However, I returned from a long vacation and upon my return home I found I had received an additional shipment of products. I then called the company once again and let them know that I received another shipment as an error and needed to return it. They argued with me and told me I would have to keep the product and be responsible for the cost. I explained again that I had terminated my monthly shipments under the 90 day money back guarantee and should not be getting charged for an additional shipment. The representative refused and would not give me a refund or allow me to return the product. I explained that this is false advertisement and she did not care. Since I got nowhere with the company directly and they didn’t seem to value my concerns I called my personal representative directly. She explained to me that she too is having problems with the company and encouraged me to take charge. This says a lot about a company if you they have their own representatives speaking poorly about the company that they are trying to encourage people to try. I will be telling all my friends and families about how deceitful this company is and tht they DO NOT honor their “90 day money back guarantee”!!!!!!!!!

    • Nina

      Ruth, Nerium offers a 30 day guarantee, NOT a 90 day guarantee.
      “Nerium International offers a thirty (30) day, money-back satisfaction guarantee, to all retail customers. If a customer is dissatisfied with any product for any reason, the product may be returned in its original packaging, along with the original invoice to Nerium International within thirty (30) days of the purchase, for a refund of the purchase price.”
      Also, if you made a phone call to cancel your auto shipment only a few days before the next ship date, you waited too late. Cancellation is supposed to be submitted in writing – an email is sufficient, but it needs to be submitted at lease 5 days before the next ship date.
      “Cancellation Policy
      Monthly Auto-Delivery Orders may be cancelled at any time by submitting a written notice at least five (5) business days prior to the next scheduled processing date.
      To cancel an Auto-Delivery Order, submit a completed Auto-Delivery/Monthly Subscription Cancellation Form via email to or fax to (214) 390-9988.”
      I’m sorry to hear you had difficulties.

  177. Rick Brower

    I was forced to try nerium by my cousin. The rest is history after the first 2 weeks my deep wrinkles had turned into small winkles, my pore size has shrunk,skin is smooth. I was one of the lucky ones that it happened so quick. So I am a brand partner after 2 weeks of using it. Now I been in 4 months and using nerium for 4 1/2 months and loving it. I get into a

  178. Pamela Johnson

    I use works. It’s as simple as that. I have never had any cosmetic surgery. Using Nerium my pores are smaller, skin is firmer and lines less noticeable. I am 64 and no one can guess my age, it’s that good. Think young, act young, use what is available to you. Nerium is available. Use it!

    • Kristen Shomer

      Hi Pauline, I have used Nerium for 18 months now and am In love!!!! You should try it! Nothing to lose. It works especially great on pores! My friend used to joke tha you could plant lowers on her skin, now, silky smooth, no pores!! To order:
      There is a great special right now too! You can also email e at for anything! Excited to see your results. Take are.

  179. Afterglow

    BTW….I recommend taking a photo of your face (Front, Close Up and Side) with a cell phone or good camera. Use Nerium for 60 days, then take another photo. You will see results.

    The photo is important. Like losing weight you often don’t see the difference in the mirror, even when other people notice, but after a significant amount of weight loss you see it in photos right away, even when you still don’t see it in the mirror. Our face is the same way, so it’s best to take a photo! Try it out! You’ll look great and your friends will notice.

  180. Afterglow

    Linda is so right. Nerium is an amazing product. I use it myself an no longer get Botox. Everyone always tells me that I have that “glow”. If you’re interested in getting Nerium you can log onto my website Nerium offers a 30 day money back guarantee if you’re not totally satisfied! I love it! I’m sure you will too!

  181. Linda

    It amazes me when I see people who really don’t get their facts straight about a product and then write articles about them. I have used Nerium AD and wow does it work. I have been in skincare for years but not now…and have tried to find many products for my self and clients that could help in retarding and possibly reversing the aging process and Nerium is the first of its kind. It is definitly NOT poisonous at all….and it really does repair and reduce wrinkles. It will eventually take 10 years off of your face and chest! Hands etc…the only situation i see is that everyones skin is differant and so results will be differant as far as how long you need to use the product formresults. There are subtle results each day and you must take before and afters because there are subtle differences you don’t see looking in the mirror dailey but you absolutely see in the photos side by side. I saw major differences in 1 week but my husband took three weeks, and our friend took three months because her skin was older, she had lost a lot of weight and skin was loose. I could go on and on about how amazing this product is…so much so that I have turned so many people on to it. They all without fail have loved it and seen fabulouse change and will continue to use this great product. There is NOTHING on the market that can compare to Nerium and will not be for a long time. Read the information they supply on their website … They don’t hide anything. Mtoxology reports, research, results, etc. don’t depend on the internet talk to someone who uses it like me who also knows hundreds that have used it. The only people who do not like Nerium and have not had results are those who haven’t used it, haven’t taken their before and after photos, or a company trying to knock them out of the box (competition) !!!! If I had anything to say to Nerium it would be the following. Thank you and maybe let people go more than the 30 days to get a refund since some take longer for their results. That’s it so I recommend it highly!!! No Botox or fillers or surgery for me I am all about Nerium to grow older beautifully.

    • Nina

      yes, Linda… I agree! No one is qualified to write a comment on a product they have never tried. There are people who can’t use Nerium, but there are 10 VERY Satisfied Nerium users for every one who has tried it and can’t use it. I’m amazed that the skin tags on my neck have almost completely disappeared in only 3 weeks using Nerium. And I didn’t even think about the skin tags when I started using the Nerium. I was just thinking it would help prevent aging and wrinkling. The disappearing skin tags came as a totally unexpected perk. I love it!

  182. Stephanie T

    I am 23 years old and use Nerium AD. I no longer wear any makeup because I don’t have to. It is a the expensive side for a cream, but after going to Sephora and seeing that most creams are at least that and only do one of things Nerium does I believed that it wasn’t that bad. And I don’t pay for it anyway. If you have not seen results on your own face, you did not take a picture. You look at your face everyday so why would you notice a difference? I have been using Nerium for a year now and it has worked on my skin through the hot summer and the dry, cold winters of New England. I highly recommend Nerium AD Night Cream product to anyone with anything wrong with their skin. It is a healing cream because it has aloe in it. I literally use it on everything. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do, my friends, Mom, Aunt, Dad, sister, and grandparents do. =)

  183. Norma

    I have used 2 bottles of Nerium to date. My third bottle is ready to be opened, and my 4th will ship next week. So far – NOTHING! I have seen zero results.

    • Lisa

      Hi, Norma,
      My neighbor tried a bottle of Nerium. She used it for 30 days and said “It did NOTHING!” Then she went to a gathering where she hadn’t seen people for a few weeks, and they all told her she looked amazing and asked what she was doing. Sometimes we don’t remember what we looked like before! That being said…you don’t have to use it if you don’t like it! :)

  184. Mark

    My wife got hooked on Nerium AD by a friend. She bought me a bottle and I have been using it for three months. TBH,, I haven’t seen any difference in my complexion. To me it’s just a very expensive bottle of moisturizer. My other half likes the product and our opinions differ vastly. Her interest and effectiveness is more brain washing then anything.. When you start talking anti-aging with women they can easily be duped. Im not hear to debate if the product indeed works,, that’s up to the individual… I feel the marketing is very pushy and targeted. “Look how expensive that is, It must be good”……$1200 a year hype IMHO.

    • Anonymous

      I have to agree with you. I have been using Nerium for a year and I don’t see any difference at all. Getting ready to cancel!
      Mary in Idaho

  185. Jessica

    Has there been any discussion by actual users or studies completed to determine the differences of Nerium AD and Obagi? I currently use Obagi (x 1 year) for discoloration/melasma, but I feel the visible results are not as dramatic as I would like.

    • Kristen Shomer

      Hi Jessica, I have used Nerium for 18 months now and am In love!!!! You should try it! I have many customers that have used on their discoloration and had amazing results!! i have plenty of their pics, email me and I’ll send to you. To order:
      There is a great special right now too! Excited to see your results. Take are.

    • sue

      Hi Jessica
      I have melasma too. I am hoping Nerium will work for that. Let me know your results and I will tell you mine. I have used Obagi but it is too hard on my skin. If you do start with Nerium please take pictures before so you can see the change. I’ve had great results. Especially on my neck in 2 weeks.

  186. Nerium

    I am 56 and have very good skin for my age but I am worried about future wrinkles. I am considering using Nerium products as I have heard a few friends talking about the range. Is Nerium skin care manufacturer by nerium international? I want to do more research on the company to make sure it is not a scam! If you were to start with one product, would you go for neriumad age-defying treatment or Nerium AD? Does anybody happen to have any Nerium Coupon Code?

  187. Ann

    NeriumAD is changing peoples lives. It is easy to use. It is unfortunate that you have had a bad experience with it. 1% of people find it not a good match for them. Many people are seeing results in as little as 5 days! Contact me to use it for 30 days….if you dont like the results you can get a refund! Our motto is give us a year and we’ll give you ten….If anyone would like more information, contact me at

  188. Vanessa

    NeriumAD is launching their DAY CREAM on September 1st. You can get in touch with your distributor, or, and place your order through the website. You must purchase the night cream in order to get the day cream, since the night cream is the main treatment. I use a very gentle cleanser currently and am very excited for the 24 hour Nerium Experience!

  189. Haley

    You need to use Nerium AD Wrinkle Night Cream for longer before you can see a result. This is the same with any skin care products, you need time before you get results. Keep using Nerium for the rest of the year and I guarantee you will notice a difference.

    • RealInfo

      If it takes that long to work why don’t the offer a longer risk free trial? You can tell it is a scam because as soon as people say the product doesn’t work the rep always says use it longer… Of course you can’t get your $1000 back that you spent on it that year. “So be a rep” they say… and then you are out even more money….

  190. Jackie

    Nerium customer service is top notch. I am curious how long you used it? I saw very subtle differences the first month or two, but after using it for a year I cannot believe the difference. I am very skeptical when it comes to skincare, but became a distributor after seeing my own and other’s results. It really is a special product. Best step I ever took for myself!

    • Nina

      Jessie, we became Nerium people BECAUSE we tried the product and IT WORKS. Who else is qualified to give a great review of a product other than someone who has tried it and is pleased with it?
      Nerium is definitely NOT a scam. It’s a fabulous product with tons of science behind it. The business model allows every day people the opportunity to simply share a product they love with friends and family, and earn money doing it. It is run by an excellent team of business leaders, and has great customer service. Pricey – yes… but most of the really top notch skin care creams are expensive. With Nerium, though, loyal customers are rewarded with free product. FREE. Just pay shipping and handling. I don’t know of any other company that gives such an expensive product free as a reward to satisfied customers.
      Clearly you haven’t tried it for yourself. I think you would be pleasantly surprised. You can go to my website and order some if you change your mind. If you don’t like it after you’ve tried it for a couple of weeks, utilize the 30 day guarantee and get your money back.

      • Shannon Hamm

        {With Nerium, though, loyal customers are rewarded with free product. FREE. Just pay shipping and handling. I don’t know of any other company that gives such an expensive product free as a reward to satisfied customers.}
        Visalus has a 3 for FREE program also that gives Free product to satisfied customers. Its a great product as well. We also have a 30 day money back guarantee AND a 90 Day Results money back guarantee.

  191. Nerium AD

    I ordered Nerium AD and my product was delivered within several days. I was dissapointed with the results and asked for a refund, I filled out a refund request form and received my refund within about 2 weeks. They did mention that the processing time will depend on my credit card providers timeframes and I have heard that before and the funds arrived back onto my card safely so I am happy with Nerium Customer Service but not the product.

  192. Shirley

    I love Nerium, after only the first use my skin is less dry and it looks clearer. I think I should have been using skin care earlier but I have always been okay with just using soap. Nerium just makes one product now called Nerium AD Night Cream but they should make a cleanser and day cream because I would buy them.

    • Vanessa

      They are launching the NeriumAD Day Cream for purchase on September 1st. You can purchase that through the distributor you initially purchased NeriumAD Night Cream from.

  193. Shane

    I wont discuss my qualifications but I have experience here and will discuss the fact that Nerium will not cause the types of harm that people have mentioned here. It is perfectly safe and controary to popular beleive from reading of this blog the poisen is actually synethisised so it is perfectly safe. If there was a 0.1% change it was harmful people would be in hospitals all across the country. The real question should does Nerium work and my experience is more limited in this area.

  194. Michael Carter

    NeriumAd is only sold through Independent Brand Partners, such as myself, or directly from the Company’s website. Feel free to contact me directly.

  195. Abigail

    I saw the commercial for Nerium AD skin care and just wanted to know if it really works and where you can buy it from. All my friends are talking about Nerium AD cream so I want to buy it and try it but I do not like buying skin care online or through a consultant.

  196. katt

    The first week I tried Nerium AD. My face felt smooth. So I decided to purchase one. On the third week of using it That’s when I started breaking out. Big pimples all over my chin and cheeks. Tiny hard pimples all over my forehead. My skin felt itchy and irritated. I was told Nerium will bring out all the toxins that’s underneath my skin.and to keep on using it. Every morning I wake up with more breakouts. It made my skin worst then it was. Expensive for nothing.

    • Jerri Lien

      There is no one product that will suit every single person. It is possible that Nerium was either not compatible to your system, or possibly didn’t interact well with other products you were using at the time. Since Nerium International offers a 30 day money back guarantee, you should not have been out anything.

  197. Jerri Lien

    Obviously safety and toxicology have been taken WELL into account. Nerium is safe for all ages, and even for pregnant and nursing mothers. Did you know that most of what you may currently be using likely has phthalates, parabens, and even ingredients that are used in pesticides?

    NeriumAD is a natural, botanical product, one of the safest and most effective I’ve seen.

    • RealInfo

      Nerium is not registered as an organic product so pesticides are probably used in the production. Nerium has not tested it’s products on children, pregnant or nursing mothers so you are making false claims and if you are a rep you can be prosecuted for them.

  198. Nigela

    Nerium is being used by 100,000+ women so why aren’t they all dropping dead if it is toxic to humans? We would have an epidemic on our hands, wouldn’t we? The FDA would not allow a toxic substance that can cause illness? Nerium is safe and as far as I can read nobody has ever had a life threatening reaction. I wouldn’t be surprised if NErium had a detox effect on the body though :) I am not sure if Nerium works as I have been using it for two weeks but it looks quite promising indeed.

    • RealInfo

      The FDA does not review or approve/disapprove of cosmetics. Buyer beware. If Neriums effects are long term, like smoking cigarettes or causing cancer we won’t know for decades what harm if any is happening. Nerium has only done enough testing to ensure that effects aren’t severe or acute (near term). Not the same as making sure it is “safe”.

    • Furf

      Your argument is flawed. Yes, the FDA WILL approve a product that is harmful, and knowingly. Case in point: Fen Phen. Google it. It’s a fascinating read. Particularly the $13 Billion class action lawsuit that followed.

  199. Amy

    The problem. EVERYTHING about the plant is toxic to humans. Everything. How did they remove the toxin? Try finding independent studies NOT backed by Nerium, good luck. They hope their customers don’t know biochemistry and are overwhelmed by the pix. They are selling you a dream. A dream that may kill you. Don’t believe the hype.

    • Lisa

      I appreciate that you are concerned about toxicity. I was too. A few of my friends and neighbors were looking 10 or 20 years younger and I found out they were using Nerium. Since it has oleander in it, I thought those poor gals were going to get sick or something. Initially I wouldn’t touch it with a 10-foot pole–until I did my homework.

      The toxicology studies done were done by ST&T research, which is a third party. If you don’t believe me, call them and ask them yourself.

      Anyway, I must point out that it’s not accurate to say the research isn’t done by a third party. I believe in skepticism. You should not use anything you are uncomfortable with, and you should take everything with a grain of salt, but it is unnecessary to bash it, when you haven’t done your homework, you’re just stating an opinion.
      My 2 cents!

      • Michelle

        Thank You Lisa!

        ST&T did do the third party, independent clinical study of NeriumAD. Not once or twice BUT three times because they could not believe the results they were getting!! The effectiveness was so much greater than any other products tested that on their dime, they re-calibrated their testing equipment and tested their subjects (not Nerium’s people) two more times before determining that yes, this product is THAT effective (on average 30% efficacy rate).

  200. Jerri Lien

    I am a licensed in cosmetology, esthetics, and as an esthetics instructor. Most of my skincare experience has been working in doctor’s offices/med spas, and I’ve also worked independently. I was HIGHLY skeptical of Nerium AD, mostly because it is sold through network marketing, and I just was not familiar with that business model.

    In starting Nerium AD, I had some breakout and irritation initially. Turns out I, little miss esthetician, was using it incorrectly! Once I began using as directed 10 months ago, I have not looked back. I loved the product so much and saw nice results on myself and my friends, so I decided to sell it. Most of my skincare clients are loving it. Many of us are able to have treatments less often now because the Nerium is doing wonderfully on our skin. (for example, these 10 months I have given up Botox, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, and IPL, so that in my first year of Nerium I and my customers would know that my results were from Nerium, not from anything else I was using or receiving.) I also gave up my other powerful physician strength products.

    Nerium AD Night Cream is an anti-aging product and not marketed as an acne product. In my experience in skincare, there is no one product that fits 100% of the people, but Nerium works for more people than most products do. Compared to med spa and even department store products, Nerium is on par cost-wise, often times less expensive. This is the only skincare product I’ve ever been able to earn for free, and the only skincare product I’ve ever been able to help my clients get for free.

    Not sure what people mean by Nerium being a scam. Like any other product, you pay for it, you receive it. When I placed orders for other skincare products in the spa, I had to pay for them. Same with Nerium, only with Nerium, I paid for my initial 5 bottles, now I just pay shipping on the free inventory I’m earning.

    Networking marketing is not for the faint of heart, it takes a committed effort over time. But working hard to get that residual income going is kind of a no brainer in my book.

    There is no harm in giving Nerium a try. Most brand partners (reps) will let you sample the product. But even if you purchase at retail or the reduced autoship price, you receive a 30 day money back guarantee. Autoship is easy to adjust the dates on or to cancel altogether with no penalty.

    Now you’ve got my 2 cents worth :)

  201. Michelle

    I have tried Nerium AD cream because I suffer from adult acne. After reading so many claims that it helps with not only wrinkles, but also acne and many pictures on Facebook were posted about helping with their acne, I decided to purchase a bottle from a friend on Facebook because lthose who suffer from acne, can leave unwanted craters or blemishes on the face. Unfortunately Nerium AD made my face worse, first was a slight burning sensation, to little bumps which looked like I was breaking out again. I told my friend about Nerium and she said that my skin has a lot of toxins and to keep using it. I tried it for a full 30 days and I still didn’t do any better. When I stopped using it my skin went back to normal acne, it didn’t help any with my acne, but at least my skin wasn’t lumpy looking. I’ve since learned that applying coconut oil and massaging it should help my skin heal, the coconut oil has done more for my skin than this skin cream has. It just doesn’t work for everyone.

    • Nina

      Hi Michelle,
      I’m so glad you at least gave the Nerium a full 30 day try. As a new Nerium Brand Partner and a former Aloette distributor, I do know that sometimes a product with aloe in it will draw out toxins and impurities and cause break-outs in the beginning but then smooth out and keep the skin clear. Some people, however, like yourself and probably about 1% of the Nerium users I’ve talked to, can’t use the Nerium or any other aloe based product.
      You have made a very great choice to use the coconut oil on your skin. Coconut oil is very healing and nourishing. It’s anti bacterial and can be used anywhere on or in the body. Until I discovered Nerium a month ago, I only used coconut oil or olive oil on my skin, and I was perfectly satisfied with it. However, I noticed an Amazing improvement with Nerium in only 4 days. I was shocked when I looked in the mirror and realized the pores on my face had shrunk, Now, after only 3 weeks, the skin tags on my neck are almost completely gone. I am truly pleased with Nerium. I’m sorry it didn’t work for you, but I want to say Thank You for not bashing it, because for some of us it is truly amazing.
      One more thing, Michelle… Have you tried washing your face with hydrogen peroxide? That is another miraculous and inexpensive solution that works well for some people.

    • Mary


      Rodan and fields are he creators of proactiv and have created a formula for adult acne called unblemish. With a 60 money back guarantee you have nothing to lose.

    • Connie

      Michelle, It can depend on what other products you are using or have been using. I always ask people what they currently use. If you are using any products with Retin A, strong retinols, alpha hydroxy acids, or strong vitamin C you have to wait at least 3 weeks before using Nerium. It goes so deep into the dermal layers it can cause an almost deep peel. Not everyone can use Nerium just like some people has problems with any product.

      • Pepper

        I Used Nerium last night for the first time my face is still slightly burning. I’ve been using Retin A for over 20 years. I was not told to wait, but not to use them at the same time, should I stop now and wait the 3 weeks, I’m worried.

  202. Primrose

    Hi Suzanne
    Google can answer your questions but you might not be good with computers so I will help answer your questions for you.
    How do I contact nerium customer service?
    The Nerium Customer Service Phone Number is 855-463-7486. They seem to be available during normal business hours. It is hard to get through to them so keep trying. I am not certain if this is Nerium International or Nerium Biotechnology but they both take care of the Nerium AD Cream.
    I bought Nerium AD night cream after reading this review but their website is a little confusing. Is Nerium Biotechnology the same as Nerium Skin care?
    Nerium Biotechnology are the distributors of Nerium AD Cream. They have some licensee or distribution rights to Nerium.
    I would like to ask customer service how long it takes them to delivery?
    Two or three weeks. Once you have your product you can start seeing results after a month. I have seen the before and after photos, look at them if you haven’t yet.

    • Connie

      Nerium Biotechnology is not the distributors of NeriumAD. Nerium International is. There are 3 different entities. Nerium Biotechnology, Nerium Skincare, and Nerium International. Depending on where you live it may take up to 6 days for delivery. Never two to three weeks. It ships out of Addison, TX via FedEx.

  203. Primrose

    After reading so many reviews of Nerium I wanted to evaluate the products myself to see if Nerium worked or it was just another scam. I did have high hopes for this product to work because of the cost and I thought it was the next big thing. The name of the product is Nerium AD Skin care and the cost was over $100. No joke. I have never bought Nerium products but I have wasted a lot of money on Murad, Meaningful Beauty, Principle Secret and Rodan + Fields. I find Olay to be the best choice and my skin seems to love it. Nerium is part of nerium biotechnology and they have invented something that sounds interesting but their products just didnt work for me unfortunately. I know nerium is fda approved so maybe I was just expecting something outrageous, oleander extract has worked for other people. To be fair, Nerium is not a scam. Nerium International has interests in many business and it is certainly no scam. I think the issue is some distributors exagerate.

    Has nerium worked for anybody?

    • Hi Olga,
      Yes it is the best! Nerium proven scientifically in 3rd party studies and I have seen it work on several people I know. I been using it for 6 weeks and love it! You can get it on my website: If you sign up for Nerium’s monthly autoship it will be $80 and you get a 30 day money back guarantee and can cancel anytime. Nerium gets less then 1% back.

    • Michelle Faris

      Hello Olga,
      Yes, Nerium AD is the best product on the market for wrinkles and other signs of aging. It retails for $110.00 plus S&H and tax. However, we have a preferred customer program that significantly reduces your price with monthly autoship. And, our company has a program called 3URFREE that can help you get your product for free when you are a preferred customer and start sharing your amazing results. I would be happy to help you with any further questions you may have about Nerium AD.Nerium should only be purchased through an authorized Nerium International Brand Partner, like myself, please visit my website for further assistance:
      Also, please be aware that Nerium International does not authorize the sale of its products on places like and the like, so to be sure that you are getting your product direct from the company through a Brand Partner like myself.

      I look forward to helping you Reflect Your Youth Today!
      –Michelle Faris

  204. Jackie

    I have some friends who are super excited about this product, partly because they have seen great results in both themselves and another friend, and partly because that friend is a distributor for Nerium and I think my friend soon will be. I am trying the product right now, and so far I am happy with it. My problem is that my friend would really like me to jump on board as a distributor and I would just like to be 100% confident in this product.
    Does anyone have any HONEST feedback that can help me in my decision? I am grateful for your thoughts!

    • Connie

      Hi Jackie, I was a preferred Nerium customer first but after about 10 days signed up o be a distributor. One of the best decisions I have ever made.

    • Heike

      Hi Jackie,
      I have become a Nerium distributor about 6 weeks ago and my life has changed forever! Nerium is all about changing life’s and supporting each other. I have never been part of anything so amazing. Nerium works, but most importantly you will learn so much about yourself and how to help others. I know it sounds cheesy, but all I can say, join your friends team and you can all make great money and support each other and change people’s life for the better.
      Good luck!

  205. Suzanne

    How do I contact nerium customer service?
    I bought Nerium AD night cream after reading this review but their website is a little confusing. Is Nerium Biotechnology the same as Nerium Skin care?
    I would like to ask customer service how long it takes them to delivery?

    • Judi

      Nerium International, Nerium Biotech and Nerium Skincare are all partner companies. Nerium International is the marketing side, Nerium Biotech is the research side, and Nerium skincare is the formulating side.

    • Heike

      Hi Suzanne,
      I understand your confusion. You can order Nerium by either going to my website:, or the companies website: Either way, you get Nerium shipped directly from the manufacturing plant in Texas. It usually takes less then a week. We also offer a 30 day money back guarantee and you can cancel your autoship anytime. Me and my boyfriend have Ben using the product for about 6 weeks and it really shows results, as long as you follow directions. Skin needs to be clean and product needs to be applied onto moist skin with moist hands.
      Keep me posted on what you thing and good luck.

  206. Tessie

    My girlfriend has been very excited about nerium and has used it and has had very good results. She gave me a bottle to try and a cannot say that I am impressed. I use several different skin products…La Mer, Lancome and Meaningful Beauty…If it works and I like the way it feels on my skin and see results I will use it. However, I do not like how Nerium feels on my skin or how it smells. I also do not like that you really cannot use other products such as eye cream and serums with it as you must apply with damp skin. For some this all in one cream may be beneficial and cost effective but it is just not for me.

    • Mary


      Rodan and fields has the best anti aging creme out there. They are the creators of proactiv. The products make your skin feel amazing. And they have a 60 day money back guarantee. You literally have nothing to lose! Visit my website Goggle them you’ll find amazing reviews.

  207. Sarah

    I saw the before and after photos of the Nerium AD night cream and they are very convincing shots. A colleague just bought it and recommended it to me and I thought wow I will give it a shou. I noticed when you go to buy Nerium online you have the choice to subscribe to receive producs a automatically each month and get a discount or by just one product without a discount. As tempting as it is to go for the first option, I would highlight the second is probably better value if you want to see how it works before commiting to Nerium long term. Yes, there is much scientific evidence I have read on the Internet but no two skin types are complexly unique and what might work for others might not work for you.

    • Kim S Wood

      Sorry that this response is several months later, but I wanted to clear up a misconception. Yes, there are two choices when purchasing Nerium 1) Discounted with the auto pay or 2) full price. Here’s the thing – there is a money back guarantee whether you purchase at the full or discounted price. You only pay shipping to send it back for a full refund. The discount choice is a win-win deal. If you like it, it is auto shipped the next month. If you don’t like it, call customer service before the end of thirty days – send the empty bottle back and receive a full refund less $9.95 for shipping.
      Good luck with your Nerium experience. Kim

  208. Wendy

    There was so many review of nerium online wow I have never seen so many people talk about a cream or serum. They are either very good marketers or they have invented something that works. I hope it is the latest because I have just spent $100 on a product and I am poor.

    • Pamela Johnson

      I use it…it works. It’s that simple. I am 64 yrs old. My pores are much smaller, my skin is firmer, lines less noticeable. No one believes my age. Think young, act young, use what is available. Nerium is available! Use it!

      • Kim Andrews

        I completely agree. I have had excellent results. My 14 year old daughter has had excellent results in preventing acne breakouts as well. I am a Nurse Practitioner and I have patients that have tried it on their eczema breakouts, and have excellent results. I strongly recommend it!

    • Kat

      Wendy, I have used two bottles of Nerium to date and noticed a real difference in my skin and aging spots. I’m 66 and grew up in the south. Mine lasts about 6 weeks. The texture of my skin is much smoother and doesn’t look like crepe paper. I use extra virgin olive oil to clean my face and a SPF 15 moisturizer that Walmart sells – starts with an N. I’m on a tight budge also.

  209. Amy

    Nerium AD Night cream is a patented anti-aging anti-oxidant product at a much better price point than other skin care and anti aging products. Its average, third-party tested result is a 30% improvement in fine lines, emerging lines, wrinkles, and discoloration. Try it, use it and if it doesn’t work for you send it back for a full money back guarantee. I am writing the Nerium review because I have noticed great changes in my skin.

  210. August

    When Nerium skin care first came out I bought a bottle of the Nerium AD cream from their website. I remember reading about Nerium before it first came out. I have used all the brands – Meaningful Beauty, Lifecell, Olay, Neutrogena, Clinique, Rodan + Fields, I can go on for a while. I’ve now used a full bottle of Nerium AD and it is exceptionally effective. No joke. Try it. Buy it. I think the before and after photos are too good to be true though. I think they might have injected botox while they were using the skin care :). The product was delivered within about a week and I have no complaint about the delivery time. I have seen so many Nerium reviews that refer to Nerium as a scam but they delivered my products without a problem. Nerium is not a scam. I found the price of Nerium to be more expensive than other products but I guess you get what you pay for, right? I have seen some results after a month, my skin feels smoother and I feel like I need to use less and less of the product each day. I am surprised they just have one product though. Do they expect me to use a competitors cleanser? For now I am using the Nerium Face Cream but it would be great if they can launch other skin care products as I would be sure to try them. As for the problem about Nerium being poison, I think they rebuild the product in the lab and there is no risk otherwise the FDA would ban it.

  211. Kathy Blair

    There is a lot of misinformation about Nerium floating around. I would encourage you to go to the Nerium website and take a look at the safety information under the “Real Science” tab – it is extensive and it comes straight from third party entities, including toxicologists. If you have any further questions, you can contact me directly through my website.

    • Kathy Blair

      Hello Kathy: I saw your response to Emily on The Dermatology Review about Nerium. I am trying to resolve an outbreak of seborrhoeic dermatitis near my nose and around my neck. The steroid cream works while I use it, but once I cease the cream, the dermatitis returns after a few days. A druggist suggested the Nerium for my skin condition. However, I am reluctant to use Nerium for this condition. First, I am trying to resolve possible root causes – my sugar addiction, stress (everyone has stress). Second, it seems that a healing cream for skin irritations would be better than an anti-aging cream. I just need to find a healing cream. What are your thoughts and what is your website?

      • Claudia

        Hi Kathy,

        I don’t know much about NeriumAD, as I recently learned about the product. I am in the process of researching it in order to decide whether or not to try the product and then sell it.

        As for a healing cream, the product contains aloe vera, so I am told. I can tell you from personal experience that aloe vera gel (100% pure) does wonders for healing skin problems. I have used that along with vitamin e oil together to clear up adult acne when I break out. I have also used it for severe and mild sunburn cases and found it works well for healing those problems, too. I would assume that this would give the NeriumAD healing properties as well.

      • Claudia

        Hi Kathy,

        I don’t know much about NeriumAD, as I recently learned about the product. I am in the process of researching it in order to decide whether or not to try the product and then sell it.

        As for a healing cream, the product contains aloe vera, so I am told. I can tell you from personal experience that aloe vera gel (100% pure) does wonders for healing skin problems. I have used that along with vitamin e oil together to clear up adult acne when I break out.

      • Sarah

        Hi Kathy,

        This is a late response to your concern and I hope your skin has cleared up. There are a lot of reviews of Nerium for skin care and not just anti aging, which actually interests me more. I am a distributor for Nerium and can say that it really works for a multitude of skin issues.

        The underlying cause of dermatitis, eczema or other skin issues does need to be addressed though. I am also a natural health solutions consultant for doTERRA. The issue is most commonly candida. If you’ve ever taken an antibiotic this gives candida a competitive advantage as both the good and bad bacteria in your intestine are killed off. We have an excellent cleanse and restore kit that rebalances the healthy flora. If you’d like to check it out, visit I’d love to give you a FREE natural solutions health consult via phone or skype as well. 509-985-8618.

        Hope you’re doing well.


      • NIcole

        Hi Kathy,
        I have been doing research on Nerium. It looks like a great product for sure but I am an independent rep for Rodan and Fields (the creators of proactive solution) They make a regimen called Soothe made to resolve many skin conditions. It has a 60 day money back guarantee. Check out my site at

        • Pascale

          If you’ve been doing research, can you tell us why one should buy Nerium vs. Rodan and Fields? I’ve approached by reps from both and haven’t tried any of the products yet but I do know that the Redefine or Smooth regimen is more expensive and I’m looking for something that works and won’t break the bank every month. Plus I won’t use the cleanser or tuner that it comes with.
          It seems odd that you would ask us to check out your co. website but I’d like to hear from you (not Rodan or Nerium) why you think one product might be better then another and the cost difference?

  212. Emily

    I’ve seen the Nerium commercials and many of my friends are using Nerium but I am a little scared to try it because I have heard about Nerium being a poisenes plant that can kill you. I’m allergic to everything and breakout very easily. Anytime I change brands I breakout. I have wrinkles though and Nerium sounds stronger then most prodicts. Should I see an allergist before buying Nerium and do I just tell them the ingedient is Nerium or is there another technical name for Nerium in the ingredients list?

    • Kelli Markunas

      Hi Emily
      Nerium is safe & is incredible for all skin types.
      I have & am constantly updating my FB biz page at with all social activity & exposures so you can see how incredible the world is accepting & thrilled about Nerium!
      Nerium is a revolutionary product in skincare – 1 product for multiple users with multiple issues, simple as that, and with nature based & aloe ingredients there is absolutely nothing harmful in this that a pregnant woman or nursing mother can use this daily!
      I can’t say enough about this incredible product, see results for yourself on the above FB link.
      There is also incredible opportunity here so please take a look into the incredible world of Nerium, whoop whoop!! :)

        • Heather

          Rachel if you haven’t gotten anyone to help with the Nerium here’s my email and you can get a hold of me. If you have I hope you are loving it. :)


        • Brook

          Yes, we have had amazing results with hyperpigmentation. Feel free to contact me through my website so we can get you started ASAP!

      • Tara Boisen

        How long does a bottle last. I would really love to try it, however am having a difficult time justifying $80-110 for a 30 day supply. Just concerned

    • I have used Nerium for 30 days,I’m a huge sceptic ..I must say the Before and after photos are amazing.I think most people don’t see themselves for who they really are because you are so critical of yourself..The pictures will show the difference ..I love it and I’m hooked .Its pricey but I really want to try and become a Brand partner to sell it.I want to make money ..PEOPLE take befor and after photos they will show the difference .,Don’t use other products other than your face wash.,

      • nichole

        Kelly, are you concerned about the expense of starting as a brand partner? I signed up Dec 7th and I am doing amazing work!! Let me know if you need help. 8157082190 thanks

    • RealResearch

      Major safety issues. The ingredient is Nerium oleander extract, and is listed as #1 on the list of Top 10 Most Poisonous Plants. Google on nerium + truth or see the site barefacedtruth (dot) com to see the real science as reviewed by from medical doctors.

        • Scott

          And speaking of bias, Michael is a Brand Partner for Nerium. Would we expect anything else from him….perhaps some critical thinking.

        • Scott

          As a casual observer researching both sides of the debate, I am curious exactly what BFT has stated that is “unfounded” or not true. I have read in detail the articles, comments, and responses, and from what I can tell, they make some very valid points, but more importantly ask questions that a) are very basic and logical questions, and b) continue to remain unanswered. And while doing so they make no effort to hide their bias. So as opposed to a generic comment or ad hominen attack, please let us know what statement or position you take issue with, and what the truth is. Backed by fact. Not some Nerium marketing slobber. And please be specific Michael. Looking forward to your response.

      • Debi Spencer

        NOT…really!! Nerium spent 10 years in medical clinical trials. Many safety trials have been done and it has been found to be completely safe. It would take 40 bottles of product consumed by a 30 pound child to be toxic. That would be true with baby shampoo etc

    • Kim Andrews

      I completely understand your concerns. I had the same concerns and skin care problems. I also have adult hormonal acne, which causes my hairline and neck to break out. I have used Nerium for 1 month now. My acne cleared, my skin texure is smoother, pores smaller, I have not had an allergic breakout at all. I love the way my skin feels in the morning. I have stopped having to wear foundation, which saves me even more money. The cost comparison to other products is great because its every thing that you need in one bottle. The daycream allows for a fresh feeling in the morning. I was so pleased, that I signed up to be a Brand Partner. They completed several years of research on this product and so far, no side effects. I encourage you to try it. There is a 30 day money back guarantee if you decide you do now want to use it.

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