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Murad is a doctor developed skin care range founded by celebrity dermatologist Dr. Murad. He is a board certified dermatologist, pharmacist and presently holds 18 patents. Murad was founded in 1989 and claims to be the first doctor developed skin care range.In 2006, they founded a spa. In 2011, they started a school called the Reform School of Aging skin. There are few Murad reviews online. He is the author of 3 skin topic books and has appeared on countless TV shows. His books are titled The Cellulite Solution, Wrinkle Free Forever and The Water Secret. He has four children who also work for the company in various positions. Murad has a very large product range categorised by concern. These are Acne Complex, Resurgence, Age Reform, Environmental Shield, Vitalic, Redness Therapy, Age-Proof Sun Care, Hybris and Clean Science. Both the Acne Complex and Resurgence have been featured on eveneing broadcast television. In March 2006, he was named the top dermatologist by the Times of London. Murad referrs to the us use of hydroxy acids, antioxidants, and botanicals extract.

And our #1 recommendation in 2017 is Advanced Dermatology. Excellent. 

Our #2 recommendation: FlowerCode.

Murad’s products are available on their website and on Sephora, Ulta, Dermstore and various spas and department stores. Their best sellers are Murad Resurgence Age-Balancing, Murad Clarifying Cleanser, Murad Rapid Age Spot and Pigment Lightening Serum, Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15, MURAD Essential-C Eye Cream SPF, MURAD Acne Complex® 30-Day Kit,  Hydro-Dynamic, Intensive C, Rapid Collagen Infusion, Acne and Wrinkle Reducer, Clarifying Toner, Acne Complex and Pure Skin Supplements. For the purposes of this review, we concentrated on facial products and have not reviewed body products.

First, let’s look at the story of Murad. We mentioned earlier he is a dermatologist, pharmacist, this certainly puts him in a unique experience. Murad refers to their products as problem-solving products that solve whatever concerns your complexion is facing. Murad’s products are packed in clinical looking packaging. The products have a reasonable scent which is usual with non luxury brands. These are performance products. They are designed to tackle specific skin issues and therefore the products need to do with parfumes and make more room for actives.

When we reviewed Murad products, we concentrated on the formulations – ingredients and concentration. We also took into consideration the price point when writing this review, so you can consider the value for money. Murad products are priced between $20-60 on average. Overall, our Murad review is quite positive because their formulates are quite good.

Take a look at our #1 recommendation in 2016: Advanced Dermatology. It received our highest score to date.

It's amazing, Advanced Dermatology is so confident in their product they offer a 30 day money back guarantee. 

Our #2 recommendation: FlowerCode.


  1. Ashley

    I’m 25 and have an oily T-zone with normal cheeks. My breakouts were getting so bad on my head. I tried eating healthier, working out more, Proactive, Ceravu, doctor prescribed acne medication, birth control (which actually gave my cystic acne), etc… and nothing was working. Proactive dried out my face ALOT, even with moisturizer. I wasn’t really sure about Murad, but decided to give it a try because I’m seeing family for Christmas. After a month of use, my breakouts are minimal and MOST OF THE TINY BUMPS on my head are gone! I’m so happy. I do the following every morning and night: skin smoothing polish, clarifying cleanser, clarifying toner, acne clearing solution, and the acne spot treatment. If you don’t get the exfoliator (skin smoothing polish) or toner in the “acne pack”, I would buy it separately because they seem to work the best! They recommend you use the skin perfecting lotion, but I work in a lab and I’m not in the sun very much (plus I’m afraid to use these – I’ve tried them before and they’ve made me breakout). Hope this helps. Skin is different for everything, but these are the products that worked for me!

  2. Jayne jaworowski


    • Melyssa

      100% agree with this. Their pricing is unclear, and you may sign yourself up for a monthly “subscription” without realizing it. I also tried to call and figure out what happened and they weren’t friendly and even tried to up-sell me after I told them I could not afford anything monthly…ha! Their products honestly have been no different than drugstore cleansers and spot treatment, and I’ve used a ton. Don’t waste your time, or your money.

    • bocabeauty

      I believe this product works well but I too agree it is way too expensive and for the amount you get is not worth the purchase. I was recommended by my Dermatologist to use Sulfur for my acne prone skin. So I went and bought the Joesoef Skin Care Anti Acne 4 Step Regimen. The kit works great and best of all is the price, something I can afford and is effective to all skin types!

  3. Michelle

    I started using the acne medicine 3 days ago. At first it felt fine but I noticed the face was was a bit to much so I switched to a face was the sales clerk at sephora recommend me to use when I’m not using the Murad one. The acne cream and hydration cream seem to be working but it also feels like it isn’t. Also the acne cream and hydration cream I can’t get on my neck. They did by accident ( the creams were on the bottom of my palm and touched my neck) and almost instantly burned my neck and a horrible red rash appeared. I continued using the creams just on my face but I can feel my face getting burned so I’m going to stop before it gets any worse.

  4. Sophy

    I applied the Murad advanced lightning serum, unfortunately my face felt like it was burning and ended up with red spots and painful feeling. what should i do ?

    • Editor

      We’re sorry to see you didn’t see any results. Please take a look at Advanced Dermatology. It is our #1 recommendation on the site. Read the review but don’t expect fancy packaging or pleasant fragrances. These are dermatological skin care products. Not luxury products.

  5. Katelyn Fauss

    I used to use Murad in middle school with pretty good results, but I had to stop using it because it would dry my skin out horribly and leave my face swollen. I decided to use it as a quick fix my senior year for a show I was in and that was a huge mistake. The following morning my face was so dry I had a bleeding crack on my cheek! It was opening night of the show and I had to cake stage makeup over that! It took a week of straight coconut oil on my face to fix. My skin has never been that terrible. Will never be using murad again. It not only harmed more than helped, but made me bleed.

  6. Trish

    I received a gift certificate at Massage Envy and used it for a sample box of five facial products. I didn’t have my reading glasses and wasn’t able to read the ingredients, which is something I do with everything (don’t judge me…lol). The ingredients alone scared me and are keeping me from using it. Also, after reading reviews, I won’t be using it but will return it and use the money toward some Organic body butter that they carry. Also at $45 for such tiny tiny bottles, the body butter is a much better deal at $16 for 5 oz. Still expensive, but Organic ingredients and no SOY! I hate GMO’s.

  7. Meg

    Broke out in an awful rash after just using the set I got once or twice. As others have described, the rash was like a sunburn but also with a few pimple like bumps. I believe it was the “Complete Reform” that was causing the problems. I don’t usually have sensitive skin either, not impressed.

  8. Charles

    In February I ordered a “starter supply” and after learning at the end that it would cost $ 251.?? I told the person to void the order. I was told that voiding the order was not possible. Instead of creating an issue I went ahead with the order since there is a “money back guarantee.” Two months later I phoned Murad to get a Return Authorization to return the product. At first I was told I was a day or two late, but when I told Natalie when I received the product, she responded that the 60 day trial began when the order was placed. When I told her that I would do everything possible to expose their scam “money back guarantee.” Then Natalie gave me a six digit return authorization number. I mailed the starter kit back and called 2 weeks later to check on the refund. I was told it could be up to two weeks more before I would see the refund. A month later I called to ask why I have not seen the refund. Earlier this week I finally had the patience to wait on the queue to talk with a person at Murad. A gentleman took my call and came back to me saying there had been no return authorization on the returned merchandize. I told him that was not true. He gave me a different return authorization number and told me it would be up to 6 business days before I saw the refund. We shall see. These people do not have a cheerful return policy.

  9. Maria Elliott

    Could not work out why my skin was so dry , woke up one morning with swollen face next morning with red pimples and crusty skin.
    What is this nasty product and what is the reason for such a bad reaction ,can anyone help please

  10. Wendy

    I had my first facial in years just 4 days ago. I was so looking forward to my 52 year old, stressed, aged skin to somehow appear to glow and seem more youthful. The aesthetician used Murad products (resurgence) and used a glycolic peel. Unfortunately the next day I woke up with my eyes swollen and verr red, itchy and now very dry face. I am so unhappy, and so uncomfortable I’m sure a costly trip to my doctor would not give me the help I am needing I did contact the head aestheticisn at the salon and she told me to just use cool compresses They are not working Any help or guidance from anyone would be appreciated Thank you in advance

  11. paytin

    I use the Murad Concelar, it goes on well. Under the concealer I use the Citrus Clear Spot Treatment – and I apply it throughout the day also – Both my husband and I use The Citrus Clear product because it blends very well into the skin and helps minimize the blemish quicker.

  12. mdryer

    I’ve tried many acne cleansers. Most have a very medicinal smell to them. I absolutely love the natural scent of Citrus Clear face washes…i bought the two pack. I use it every night and it takes off makeup (including eye makeup) wonderfully. It doesn’t dry out my skin and definitely helps keep breakouts to a minimum. I use this in combination with the Tangerine Tingle.

  13. MARCIE

    I am 28 year old female and still used to get weekly ance. I do get deep cystic acne every once in a while. I started a new regiment 4 weeks (Listed Below) ago and by the looks of it I finally have clear skin with no signs of new pimples or cysts emerging:

    Took me years to find the right products for me – I have very sensitive skin

    My Skin Regiment:
    Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser (AM/PM)
    Citrus Clear Sensitive Moisturizer
    Citrus Clear Grapefruit Spot Treatment
    Fish Oil – pills (AM only)

    Other Things to Consider when trying to achieve great skin – Probably the most important too
    64 – 128 oz of Water Daily
    6 – 8 Hrs of Sleep a Night
    1 Hr of Exercise per day (5 per/week)

  14. Teresa-Catherine

    About 3 years ago I saw the Murad infomercial on TV and ordered the Resurgence starter kit, with money back guarantee. The product that really stood out for me was the daily cleanser, and I returned everything else, and got my money back. I switched from my years of Dove soap to the cleanser and it was really amazing. My skin was definitely not dry after using it, it smelled great, and ALL my face makeup was removed. For whatever reason, I recently ran out and decided to try some Neutrogena products. YUK. My skin is a mess (and those products smell gross). Either irritated from the alpha hydroxy scrub or NOT clean from the moisturizing cleanser which doesn’t suds at all. I am back to Dove until I get more Murad Resurgence cleanser, which I just ordered. I also decided to try the Resurgence Daily Moisturizer with SPF 30. I want a product that is an all in one to go under my foundation so I hope this is it. I am just shy of 60 and am told my skin looks like I am late 40-something. I am also a physician and don’t buy the usual B.S. about skin very easily, so I am glad there is a money-back guarantee as this moisturizer is pretty pricey!

  15. Lila

    I love the Murad products. They have brightened my face and works on fine lines and wrinkles. I swear by it. I am 58. I look 10 years younger. This is the only product I have ever written about. I love Murad.

  16. Cait

    So I just got the Acne Spot treatment and as I was going to sleep could feel my face burning/tingling. In my mind I just thought that’s what happens when the product is at work. I woke up this morning to rashes all over my face that look like sunburn and they have yet to go away. Clearly I am having an allergic reaction to this product and have no desire in using it again. Any help on how to get the rash down would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      First you should use benadryl cream 3 to 4 ttimes a day. It can be used under your makeup also. You should also cleanse your face at least 2 times a day. Also at night apply aquaphor ointment found at Walgreen’s to your face. You want your face shine. I would suggest placing a towel on your pillow so the ointment will not get on your pillow cover. Stick with it it may take up to 2 weeks. Also the aquaphor will make your skin smooth. Good luck I hope it works

  17. Melanie

    I recently got the new acne kit and will start using it after my prom( don’t want to have it react with my skin before hand…) and I will post my results when I get the chance 🙂

  18. 1MiamiSun

    I love Dr. Murad products. I have been using them approximately 6 months. People have said my skin looks great. Even the person who does my makeup for special occasions noticed. If she noticed then it must be working. I have dry sensitive skin so it has made a definite change for the better. I have not broken out not even once.

  19. Gilles

    Ever since I used this product my face is worse than it ever was and I’m not allergic to anything.

    I regret using this!

  20. Anonymous

    Same your time, energy, and money. These products are sub par at best and leave your skin continuously wanting more. I have worked with this brand and I have worked with brands that actually make a difference. This product is a joke, spend the money for real results and take care of yourself internally.

  21. Kristen

    I just started using Murad Resurgence about 3 weeks ago and I see a HUGE difference. My skin has always been good but I am now, at age 46, just noticing that I have some fine lines around my eyes and a couple of age spots. This product is wonderful! I am so excited to see the age spots disapearing and my skin is feeling and looking tighter and bright and healthy again!!! I highly recommend this product! Thank you Dr. Murad!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  22. Gina

    I wish there was someone I could kiss!! I just got my post-acne dark spot lightener and its been a week and the dramatic difference is unimaginable. I was at the end of my rope with how bad my skin was looking and when my mom passed 4 years ago she had some Murad products in her things – so I got online and order some products. Best thing I ever did. Thank you Murad… I love you!

  23. Gaby

    Acne range:
    It has made my face EXTREMELY itchy, red, sore and swollen but it is helping my spots and slightly visible results after 3 days.

  24. Alexia

    I was using Murad Complex and throught that was better than Proactiv. I wish I could say the same about Murad Resurgence but I thought it did not feel great on my skin. I discovered this range is for hormonal aging and do not fit into this category. Im probably to old to keep using acne products so I will need to say goodbye to Murad for now as they do not manufacturer products for my age group.

  25. Lindsey

    Is it normal to break out at first after using Murad? Will it eventually get better, if so, when? I’ve been using the acne system for a little over a week and I feel like it just keeps getting worse. Help?

    • grace

      hi linsey. I am a new to Murad brand but have found it really good compared to other skincare brands i have used.. I believe that your skin is “purging” if you are using a new product especially if its got salicylic acid or acne type ingredients. Keep using what you are trying and it should clear up any congestion or blocked pored you may have.
      i would really reccomend the T-zone pore refining gel too, i have really like that. makes your skin smoother/clearer.
      hope this helps 🙂 grace

  26. Peng

    I bought the Acne Complex – 30 days recently. i’m in my early 40s and have developed lots of acne and pimples on my cheek and chin for the past 2 years. I started 2 weeks back and my acne & pimples problem seem to fade away. I have no breakout since then and in fact the cleanser is gentle on the skin. I hope to see more improvement on my skin for the next couple of months. In fact, the term 30 days usage for the product can be stretch to 60 days. You don’t need to slap plenty on your face. Just a drop of every bottle is sufficient on the face. Thanks Dr Murad.

  27. Debbie

    I recently used the murad samples I ordered. Unfortunately I broke out in a horrible rash on my chin. Very raw, red and pimples with red streaks around the nose. Looked like I got burned. 🙁 just a warning to be very careful when using this product. Especially if you have sensitive skin. Bummed it didn’t work for me.

  28. Maggie

    I bought Murad Resurgence Age-Balancing Cream on the recommendation of my sister. I am yet to use it but my sister swears by Murad products. No surprise as he is a dermatologist.

  29. Elena

    You can have fantastic murad facials and purchase the products at Dermacia pharmacy, 260 upper street islington, fantastic facials !

  30. Ivy

    I love Murad skin care products, they do a great job of moisturizing my skin. My face feels so soft after using any Murad product. Everything else dried my skin and causes irritation. The only downside is the price and if they charged less more people would buy his products.

  31. Chloe

    I have been using Murad skin care for several years now. I am almost 50 but no one has ever guessed me to be older than 40. I recommend Murad skin care products. I’ve tried several other brands and Murad is my favorite.

  32. Kelly

    I love Murad products. I fell in love with Murad when I got a sample of his products and found it to be the best moisturizing cream I have ever used. My skin was perfectly moisturized and no residue was left behind. I suffer from very sensitive skin and this product helped comfort my skin. When I run out of this product my skin feels very dry, tight and itchy.

  33. Faith

    Hi Kaitlyn
    You are better off buying Murad products from their website as they have fresher products than the stores. It actually makes a big difference. I have bought products from other websites and after notifying it smelt different contacted Murad and were told there are not authorized distributors. Need to be careful about that.
    One thing for sure is that dr murad products are loved by women around the world. Me2!
    All the best

  34. Sandra

    I’m 70 years old with good skin. As good as it can for my age. Always use a good moisturizer and spf. Serums if you can afford them but moisturizer is most most important. Dr Murad is somebody I have been following for sometime and Murad skin care is the best out there.

  35. Ray

    Do not trust this product !!! Original Murad website is SPAM !!! They going to charge you like for 60 or 90 day suplay $39.95 at lies 3 – 5 times. Som timesmore like 48$. Special promosions disapiers!!! We are not first costumers, hum they robbery.

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