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One of the leading brands of organic skincare is Californias own Juice Beauty. Dubbing themselves the organic skincare solution, Juice Beauty is known for its innovative skincare products that start off with a simple organic botanical juice and is then infused with potent skincare ingredients. Unlike other brands, organic and chemical based alike, Juice Beauty makes skincare simple leaving out all the fluff.

The Story Behind Juice Beauty

Juice Beauty began its humble beginnings when its founder Karen Behnke set off on a mission to find skincare solutions that were as healthy as they were high performing. When she couldnt find one, the serial wellness entrepreneur decided to create her own. It wasnt until 2005 that Juice Beauty entered the world. Starting from nothing, Karen aimed to create a full-service organic skincare company, home to completely organic and natural formulations that performed as well or better than other chemical-based skincare products on the market. The mission was not only to focus on skincare that was actually good for your skin, but that worked and maintained the same luxury feel as your favorite mainstream brands. Developing a team around her idea, Karen spent the next five years developing Juice Beautys signature products. Covering every base, the Juice Beauty team consulted physicians, scientists, dermatologists, and even microbiologists to formulate the perfect botanical juice base that is used in every Juice Beauty product. With the breakthrough Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel launch, Juice Beauty solidified its place in the green beauty market and has been expanding ever since.

What makes Juice Beauty stand apart from other organic skincare products on the market is the brands attention and commitment to using the finest grade, high-quality skincare ingredients available. Behind Juice Beauty skincare products youll find potent doses of vitamin c, fruit stem cells, vegetable hyaluronic acid, peptides, algae, grapeseed and other essential oils. And of course, youll find the signature Juice Beauty organic botanical juice base. In addition to a robust formulation packed with healthy ingredients, Juice Beauty ensures that their products are formulated without chemicals, fillers, and skin irritating ingredients. Youll find that Juice Beauty products do not contain synthetic dyes or fragrances, pesticides, petroleum, phthalates, sulfates, PEGs, TEA, DEA, GMO, propylene and butylene glycol, and are paraben, silicone, and gluten-free.

Today, Juice Beauty has expanded beyond its celebrated Green Apple Peel and has created a complete beauty line consisting of skincare, makeup, and hair products. Every one of them meeting organic regulations. While remaining dedicated to delivering organic solutions to the masses, Juice Beauty is also committed to being an eco-conscious brand. From sourcing local ingredients to manufacturing in the US with eco-friendly energy where possible, to using sustainable packaging and donating to charity, Juice Beauty is a brand that lives its values through and through.

The Breakthrough Juice Beauty Product

The product that started it all. The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel is the brands most popular and best-selling peel that is designed to greatly improve the appearance of your skin. The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel on the surface is an alpha and beta hydroxy acid peel that provides skin with professional grade exfoliation benefits. After applying the Juice Beauty Green Apple peel skin is instantly bright, more youthful, and even toned. The magic of the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, of course, starts with its botanical powered formulation that is packed with a dose of nourishing vitamins a, c, and e. These vitamins work within the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peal to reduce the appearance of skin imperfections like fine lines and wrinkles as well as diminishing the appearance of dark spots and other skin discolorations. The celebrated Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel works well for all skin types excluding those with sensitive skin or rosacea. Due to the alpha and beta hydroxy fruit acid within the Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel, those with sensitive skin should opt for an option within the Juice Beauty Daily Essentials line. The Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel is currently available in two options, a full strength and a sensitive version, with the full strength being the most popular option by far.

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