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Dr Jart: Company and Product Overview

The Dr Jart skin care line was created in Korea in 2004 and now has products available throughout the world. The line includes products for dry skin, anti aging serum selection, blemish balm (also known simply as BB cream), and gels and creams that treat dark spots on face and uneven skin tone. Dr Jart products are available without a prescription and can be found at a number of locations throughout the U.S., including Sephora, a retailer of beauty and skin care products. The company product line includes items for those with sensitive skin, which have been certified safe to use with any skin type. All Dr Jart skin care products have been dermatologist tested and are claimed to be cruelty free, which means that none of the products have been tested on animals.

Dr Jart Company History

The Dr Jart product line was created by Dr SungJae Jung, a young Korean dermatologist who opened his first skin care clinic in Seoul, Korea, in 2001. For three years, he developed the skin care line’s ingredients in order to offer his patients a number of skin care treatments and options to maintain healthy skin between appointments.

Three years later, along with his friend and businessman JinWook Lee, Jung founded the Dr Jart skin care line and began to market the product exclusively in dermatologist clinics in Seoul in 2004. Dr. Jung then gathered a team of dermatologists to create a new blemish balm and other products that the company began to market on an international scale in 2006.

In 2008, the company earned USDA certification and opened its first boutique in New York City. Most recently, Dr Jart has launched its products in the UK and continues to create new skin care products for both men and women.

Dr Jart Product Line Overview

While the Dr Jart product line began in 2004 with a limited choice of BB creams, the line has now expanded to include products that are designed to treat dry flaky skin on face, men’s skin care treatments, and serums and creams to get rid of acne scars. The company also increased its offering of BB creams and now carries a large selection that the company claims are some of the most effective acne solutions available on the market today.

Dr Jart also carries over a dozen different anti aging products that include serums, masks, beauty balms, and cleansing foam. The company website claims that all Dr Jart products are safe for any adult to use, even if they are pregnant or nursing. However, anyone with sensitive skin who purchases the company’s products should speak with their dermatologist before using them to avoid an allergic reaction, redness, or inflammation.

Purchasing Dr Jart Products

The U.S. version of the Dr Jart website offers its users a list of retailers that carry the company’s products and their phone numbers so customers can call and ask about availability. While product descriptions, photos, directions for use, and ingredient information are available on the U.S. website, the products themselves are sold online through Sephora.

Dr Jart reviews from customers are not available on the company website, and customers will be directed to Sephora if they want to create a purchase order. While Dr Jart products are also available on major retail shopping sites, not all sellers are authorized, which means that the products purchased may be expired, fake or of overall inferior quality.

Dr Jart Sephora Shipping Information

Dr Jart orders that total more than $50.00 on the Sephora website are shipped for free. Sephora does not ship internationally; however, Canadian shipping is available. P.O. Box addresses are accepted, but these orders will be shipped via the USPS and may take up to 21 days to arrive at their destination. All orders of Dr Jart products through Sephora include a purchasing confirmation e-mail and a tracking number so customers can track their packages and estimate when the delivery will take place.

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