At the intersection of advanced skincare and modern science are a number of innovative treatments designed to heal and treat some of the skin’s most pressing concerns. For acne, specifically, a prescription grade, fully customizable acne treatment system sounds like the stuff of dreams but, Curology is a brand that has brought that dream to life.

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Founded by two San Diego dermatologists, Curology was created to give any person that suffered from acne, a personalized treatment system. At its core, Curology works to help people who may not have access to dermatologists by providing dermatological grade and medically founded skincare options. Each Curology customer—or patient as this is a medical relationship—is promised to receive expert care and guidance from the Curology team of licensed healthcare specialists. And each and every one of Curology’s advanced skincare medications is expertly crafted and designed in the Curology lab that based in San Diego. This combination of dermatological expertise and medical skincare options is just one of the reasons the Curology system has become one of the most popular acne treatment systems available today.

How Curology Works

Now that you’ve gotten the basic background of the Curology acne system, now it’s time for the interesting part. How does a customized, prescription-grade acne treatment system like Curology work without having to actually visit a dermatologist? Well, the answer to that is simpler than you think. Curology has made it’s custom acne process extremely straightforward and in just four easy steps, you can be on track to getting the acne treatment you’ve been searching for.

It all starts with a Curology questionnaire. This questionnaire will help the dermatologist on the Curology team learn about your current and past medical history, your skincare concerns, your anticipated goals with the Curology system, and even what your current skincare routine looks like right now. After getting a significant amount of medical history, the next step in the Curology process is to upload photos so that the team can get a visual view of your skin. Before you shudder at the thought of uploading a few high-resolution photos of your skin, know that this is an extremely helpful step to ensure that the Curology dermatologists create the most accurate assessment of your skin. You’ll continue to upload these photos over the course of your Curology treatment with dermatologists making adjustments where needed.

The third step in the Curology process is actually receiving your prescription grade Curology treatments in hand. Once the Curology dermatologist has prescribed your acne medication, it will be delivered to your doorstep with instructions to apply nightly before heading to bed. And finally, the fourth step, as briefly mentioned, is tracking the progress of your Curology treatment. By uploading photos at your own convenience, you can check in with you Curology dermatologist to make any necessary adjustments or to simply track your progress.

Curology Treatments

So, the process is simple, the Curology team of licensed healthcare professionals is extremely beneficial, but the products are where the company shines. It’s the prescription grade Curology treatments that will help transform your skin and meet your skincare goals. Curology medications are expertly crafted to treat acne, clogged pores, dark spots, firmness, texture, and wrinkles. Curology claims that with their treatments you can expect to see up to a 90% reduction in acne and a 38% increase in firmness of the skin. Powerful ingredients within the Curology medications like tretonin, which is known for reducing wrinkles and azealic acid which is known for unclogging pores, help improve the overall appearance of skin. Also, prescription grade ingredients are infused within the Curology products stimulate cell growth, smooth the texture of skin, and add a bit of glow.

Curology Review

With a company that promises such amazing results and a system that is undoubtedly innovative, the question is…so does it work? The good news is that the overall Curology review would suggest, absolutely. Those who have tried Curology have had varying levels of success with the treatment, with the majority, in fact, seeing some significant improvement in the skin over the course of time. The only interesting Curology review to note isn’t a negative one but it should be added for depth. While patients of Curology have experienced positive results, it takes a significant amount of consistent use to experience those results.

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  1. Sheila

    This company is as unscrupulous as one can get. When you sign up they din’t tell you that you will be charged $24.95 per month but only receive the product every ninety days. I discovered this when I discovered a charge for $24.95 without receving the product. Apparently they charge 24.95 monthly but you only receive your product every ninety days. Ultimately paying approximately $75 for one bottle. That has since changed only charging when a bottle ships. Steer clear of this business!!!!! They also will not issue a refund.

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