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Cle De Peau: Company Overview and Purchasing Information

Cle De Peau is a Japanese-based company that carries a line of lipstick, concealer, foundation, skin conditioners, anti-aging serum, and other skin care products. Created in 1982, the company’s name is French for “the key to skin.” The company carries products such as lip luminizers, makeup and eye shadow. Cle De Peau also carries skin care products, including cleansing foams and facial lotions. The company’s products are available in various countries, including Malaysia, Viet Nam, Canada, and Russia, among others. Cle De Peau is owned and marketed by Shiseido, a Japanese cosmetics company that has been in business since 1872, although the product line itself was launched much later, in 1982.

Product Information

Cle De Peau skin care products include basic items such as facial cleansers, makeup remover, and cosmetic accessories, as well as a line of products that target aging skin. This line includes under-eye cream, to reduce the appearance of dark circles under eyes and eye bags; serum, to treat fine lines and wrinkles; and products designed to even out skin tone.

The company claims that Cle De Peau products are formulated to capture and reflect light, which the company suggests will bring out any individual’s most flattering facial features. The cost of Cle De Peau products can be prohibitive for some shoppers, with some makeup items costing $120 or more. Therefore, individuals who are considering their purchase should comparison shop both in other venues to look for the best drugstore makeup or eye creams.

The Cle De Peau Website

While on the company website, shoppers can only browse the skin care and makeup products by general categories, and unfortunately cannot search by skin problems or needs. Photos, descriptions, and ingredient lists are available for each item, but Cle De Peau reviews from other customers are not available, which can make a decision more difficult. Customers can also read about how the products are developed, how the company tests its products for safety, and directions about how to apply certain serums and creams in order to get the best results.

There are no prices listed on the site, as the products are not sold directly by the company, but there is a store locator available that offers a complete state-by-state list of which stores carry Cle De Peau, and their contact information. Some authorized dealers also sell the products online, via their own websites. Customers who access the site can also choose which country they live in in order to narrow down the store locator’s results or to read the page in their native language.

One area where the Cle De Peau website could significantly improve, is a clearer navigation. The current website is places a significant amount of attention on quality graphics, but searching products or categories can be confusing.

Purchasing Cle De Peau Products

Customers can visit a cosmetics counter in their area that sells Cle De Peau in order to find out more about how the products might benefit their skin. Buying directly from retailers also allows shoppers to possibly test the products at a beauty counter to see the results for themselves. This also might address any sensitivity or allergy problems before individuals spend any more money on the products, as they are some of the most expensive on the market.

Several retail stores that sell Cle De Peau online offer information on the product such as container size, ingredients, and drop-down menus so that shoppers can choose different colors and textures for their cosmetic purchases. Many sites have Cle De Peau reviews from other customers are available as well.

Shipping Information and Returns

Shipping fees will vary by individual online retailer, and most do not offer international shipping on Cle De Peau products. Items that are purchased in retail stores across the U.S. are subject to those retailers’ individual return policies as well, and customers who are considering purchasing Cle De Peau should ask about the store’s return policies before making their purchase.

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