1. Joyce

    For me, I have a problematic skin that is sensitive, prone to acne, combination skin type and has now begun to show signs of aging( sagging, lack of luster, open pores, etc). I really need to figure put a skin care line that would make up my regimen and actually work as I have tried a couple of skin care products in the market.

  2. corrie

    I cannot believe the absolute nonsense that people have in their heads about skin care. Some simple research can be done to find the best brands. They are professional, of course, but that is only step one. Just because some brands require trained estheticians in order to sell their product, simply does not make that brand as good as another that does the same. Even within professional brands, there are top tier products and there are false idols!
    Eminence is one of these so called false idols. They are simply a company that took advantage of a short contract and kept their model the same. They develop their products in Richmond, BC in a lab not in Hungary. Unfortunately there are lots of companies that operate like this, but it is not hard to find the right information about them! It is out there.
    Companies like La Prairie and La Mer are simply overpriced bottles of vaseline. Don’t waste your money of your time.
    Acne skin care lines that push the problems deep until you stop using them are everywhere and unfortunately they don’t help in the long run.

    Here are some good skin care brands to check out:
    Dermalogica (excellent for every skin condition or concern)
    Cellex-C (excellent for every skin condition or concern)
    Skin TX (for acne)
    Obagi (for pigmentation problems)
    There are so many more out there, please educate yourself.

  3. Emilie

    I’ve been using Eminence skincare products for the past 6 years and I think they are wonderful if a bit expensive. I also incorporate a few Mary Kay products into my skin regimen and think they also work very well. I am 67 years old and my skin is still very soft, I have very few wrinkles and people tell me I don’t look my age so I must be using the right products. I avoid the sun when I can, use sunscreen and have good genes as well. If you experiment with products and do your research you’ll find what works.

  4. Paula

    I live in a place where the air is really dry and my skin is becoming very itchy and scaly. My lips also get chapped very frequently. I have used various skin care products which claimed to moisturize the skin but nothing seems to work. I even tried body skin care products but my skin doesn’t seem to absorb them much. One friend recommended using natural skin care products. Those were slightly better than the previous ones. I can see some the changes in my skin but I think it needs more moisture. I’m using the products twice daily.
    Also, the skin around my eyes feels really irritated. I think it has started sagging too. I’m getting really worried. It would be really helpful if someone could tell me the names of a few reliable eye skin care products. Since this skin is highly sensitive, I don’t want to take any risk. I don’t want to get any allergies around the eyes.

  5. Morgan Mckinney

    Hi, my name is Morgan and I am 19 but i have been looking for the top or # 1 skincare line for anti aging and sensitive skin. I have really sensitive skin so its hard for me to find something that works and agrees with my sensitive skin. Please Help! :(

  6. Skin Care Professional

    Natural skin care products arent designed for treating wrinkles.
    You need over thd counter skin care products or prescription creams.
    You wont see any results of your using natural skin care products.

  7. Kayla

    I’ve been reading all the reviews about the best skin care products and wanted to make a recommendation myself. I am a big fan of Dior Skin Care Capture Totale. There is a Regenerating Firming Night cream that is supposedly formulated to target collagen loss.

  8. Faith

    There is not a single skin care product that is better than botox or better than a facelift. It is just not possible. Nothing comes close to botox and I wouldn’t trust a skin care brand that says their product is better than botox. That is a joke.

  9. Glenda

    Hi Dana,

    A friend of mine also had the same skin type like you. But in his case, he had blemish-prone skin and experienced breakouts.He had a hard time solving it. Then he finally found a solution. He used Nu Skin Clear Action System and it really works on him. The system contains cleanser, toner, adn day & night treatment.

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