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Should You Choose Belif Skincare Products?

When looking for herbal skin care products, customers may wonder if Belif skincare solutions are the right and safe choice in their situation. The company certainly has a strong sales message, and focuses on telling potential customers that it’s an honest skin care brand that genuinely tries to help consumers. However, regardless of a manufacturer’s intentions, Belif skincare products must be carefully assessed before purchase to avoid potentially serious side effects. After all, even herbal and natural skin remedies can cause a litany of side effects, some of which can be serious and even life threatening. Therefore, it’s a good idea to read Belif skincare product reviews and speak with a dermatologist before use.

How Belif Skincare Products Work

Although Belif skincare products don’t have a cornerstone ingredient, they do have a central theme: the use of herbal ingredients to boost skin health and address various skin conditions. According to the manufacturer, the company takes its inspiration from a 19th century herbalist, Duncan Napier, who began creating skin care formulations after curing himself of a persistent cough with herbs.

Further, the company suggests that today’s definition of herbal skin care has become somewhat skewed, as many individuals refer to “herbs” as any plants that have a nice scent. Belif skincare products, however, are only made with plants that are believed to have medicinal or healing properties.

Belif Skin Care Product Ingredients

One interesting aspect of Belif skincare products is the labeling approach used by the company. Instead of simply providing a list, the manufacturer utilizes visual charting to show the proportion of some of the key ingredients. This is quite uncommon in the skin care industry. 

However, as helpful as this may be, it’s important to note that the actual effectiveness of different herbal extracts in Belif skincare may vary from product to product. To avoid this, the manufacturer would have to test each batch of essential oils and extracts to measure the content of active chemicals within these ingredients. It is unclear whether the company actually goes to such testing lengths.

  • Cleansing Oil Fresh:  This Belif skincare cleanser was designed for use on dry skin. It can be used for makeup removal as well as for general pore cleansing. In fact, the manufacturer recommends using it on parts of the skin where blackheads are most visible. The key ingredients in this cleanser include soapberry extract, which is thought to soothe irritated skin and repair it with antioxidants, as well as yarrow, to promote skin healing. The cost of this Belif skincare product can vary, depending on the sales outlet, but hovers around $35 for five ounces.
  • Creamy Moisturizer Deep Moist:  Developed for very dry skin, this Belif skincare item uses molokhia, an ingredient that repairs skin damage with antioxidants. Additionally, the formulation contains a number of minerals, to further boost hydration levels. At a price of $38 for roughly four ounces of product, this Belif skincare moisturizer is competitively priced.
  • De-Wrinkle Treatment Cream:  To reduce skin damage, this Belif skincare anti aging cream is formulated with bilberry extract, which is packed with antioxidants (bilberry is a cousin of blueberries). Additionally, the De-Wrinkle Treatment cream contains yarrow extract, to speed up skin healing. The healing benefits of these ingredients may be especially beneficial for impeding skin damage, as inflammation is one of the contributing factors to skin aging. However, at a cost of $45 for just under two ounces, this Belif skincare item may be beyond the reach of some consumers.
  • Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream:  The skin around the eyes is perhaps the most difficult area to treat. It is much thinner than on the rest of the body, which sometimes causes it to dry out faster. At the same time, it must be treated with great care, because it is so delicate. To address dehydrated skin around the eyes, the Moisturizing and Firming Eye Cream from the Belif skincare line includes ingredients like cupuacu seed butter and macadamia nut oil. Additionally, this Belif skincare product contains meadowfoam seed oil, which boosts the skin’s natural moisture barrier to lock in hydration. At a price of $45 for just an ounce, this anti aging cream may be too expensive for some skin care budgets.

Where to Buy Belif Skincare Products

Consumers looking for where to buy Belif skincare products will be disappointed to learn that the items are not available through the company’s U.S. website. Instead, customers must go through third party retailers, like Sephora, to make the purchase. Additionally, the manufacturer’s products may be found through unaffiliated vendors on large ecommerce platforms.

Belif Skincare Reviews

Belif skincare product reviews are generally positive. However, some consumers suggested that certain products may cause breakouts. Other feedback pointed out that moisturizers from this company may not be as hydrating as the manufacturer suggests. However, it is difficult to assess the validity of such reviews without a deeper understanding of the consumer’s health situation. For example, the company’s products may not be strong enough for individuals suffering from Rosacea or Psoriasis (conditions associated with extreme dryness), causing consumers with these issues to leave bad Belif skincare reviews.

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