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The Facts About BeautyCounter

If you’re concerned about toxic chemicals in your skin care products and have been doing research about potentially dangerous skin care ingredients, you may have come across a company called BeautyCounter. This U.S.-based company manufactures and distributes a large number of skin care products, cosmetics, and a variety of items for body and hair care. BeautyCounter founder, Gregg Renfrew, claims that she created the company because she was very concerned about the potentially toxic and carcinogenic ingredients in skin care products on the market today. Hence, the company suggests that because its mission is to manufacture only safe products, it bans as many as 1,500 known skin care ingredients from its product lineup. If true to its word about ingredient safety, the BeautyCounter brand could indeed be a good choice for consumers worldwide, especially those with sensitive skin or those who are predisposed to immunological problems.

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BeautyCounter Product Line

The BeautyCounter brand carries many products that can be incorporated into the daily skin care routine, such as; eye creams, facial toners, cleansers, exfoliators, sunscreens, and even oils formulated for the skin.

One BeautyCounter cleanser, for example, is the Routine Cream Cleanser. This product contains ingredients like witch hazel, to tone the skin; lavender extract, which has anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties; green tea extract, for its antioxidant and skin reparative effects; and coconut oil, for its dual properties of cleansing and moisturizing. The cost of this BeautyCounter cleanser is $24 for a 4 ounce tube, and it can be purchased directly from the company’s website.

In the moisturizer line, the company offers such products as the Every Day AM Hydrating Cream, the Uplifting Day Cream, the Nourishing Cleansing Balm, and a body lotion, among others. The BeautyCounter Every Day AM Hydrating Cream is formulated with ingredients like coconut oil, lavender extracts, pomegranate extract, and safflower seed oil, in addition to many others. All of these ingredients are meant to have a compound effect of moisturizing and reducing inflammation, to produce healthy skin.

BeautyCounter Ingredients

Overall, BeautyCounter aims to create products that are free of potentially dangerous ingredients; to prevent the buildup of toxic ingredients in the skin, which may lead to health problems in the future. Although this is a noble goal, it is important to access the company’s products carefully with your dermatologist, and not just rely on the company’s positive message or on BeautyCounter reviews.

The reason for this lies in the fact that not all skin problems can be corrected with natural ingredients, or those that pose absolutely no risk of side effects. For example, someone dealing with cystic acne may not benefit from BeautyCounter cleansers at all. Topical cleansers simply cannot make their way deep enough into the skin to treat such deep acne. Therefore, cystic acne sufferers are unfortunately faced with the dilemma of either accepting their skin condition, or having to opt for potentially dangerous acne pill treatments that pose a significant danger of side effects.

In the same way, BeautyCounter may be a viable choice for someone who already has relatively healthy skin, and would like to maintain it. But those looking to treat serious dark spots on face, cystic acne, deep wrinkles, or acne scars, will need to work closely with their dermatologist, and in some cases even face the choice of using products with potentially harmful ingredients, as those may be the only effective solution for serious skin conditions. Thus, it would behoove the consumer to carefully read BeautyCounter reviews and to seek the advice of a skin care expert to see if the company’s products are indeed right for you.

Where to Buy BeautyCounter

BeautyCounter products can be purchased directly from the manufacturer’s website, or from a variety of other online distributors. Unfortunately, BeautyCounter reviews are not available on the company website, which means you’ll have to do some digging to find unbiased reviews from other consumers on the internet.

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  1. KJ

    I really wanted to like this product line. I love the simple elegance of product content and packaging, and as someone who works in natural healthcare I was hopeful I’d found “the answer” for my clients looking for clean, effective skin care. I purchased a starter kit for $289 that contained Day Cream, Night Cream, a cream cleanser, an exfoliating cleanser, three face oil combos (Hydrating, Soothing and Balancing) and eye cream. I also bought their Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer. After the first couple of days, I realized my skin wouldn’t tolerate the Balancing and Soothing oils for some reason. They seemed to dry my skin out in a way I hadn’t experienced before, and to do the exact opposite of balance and soothe. No problem, I just stopped using them and figured not all their products can be right for everyone. I continued using the remaining products – including the Hydrating Oil – for about six weeks. By the end of the six weeks, my skin was extremely dry to the point of flaking AND I was starting to break out. My skin has always been on the dry side but never flaked and I’ve never had breakouts in my life. My skin was irritated and felt inflamed, and the final straw was waking one morning feeling as if I’d been sleeping all night in a clay mask – my skin actually felt and looked shriveled, desiccated. So now I’m in the process of trying to repair skin that is hyper-sensitive and constantly burning, flaking and dry and that appears dull and even kind of grey in places. To say I’m disappointed is an understatement. I AM, however, glad I tried these products out on my own skin before selling them to my friends, family and clients as I had considered. I was a little hesitant originally anyway because they seem very expensive, and now I know for certain there’s no way I can sell them after the experience I had.

  2. Cindy

    I love the idea of healthier cosmetics. I also love the way the Beauty Counter skin tint and brush on blush look on me. However, I have been having trouble with my skin breaking out since I switched to Beauty Counter, which is a problem I had not experienced for many years.

    I would like to know if others have had this problem?

    • Melissa Gupta

      Using what you’ve been using throughout past years has been filled with chemicals etc, the skin isn’t balanced, good oils in your face are congested. When switching to ANY kind of natural based product, especially Beautycounter the skin will go through a short ‘detox’ per say. BC’s products are completely natural, those ingredients work towards reconditioning the skin to its natural state. The same thing happened to mine too and I had already been using decent so called natural products. This small example is what makes their products worth using. BTW I’d suggest purchasing the charcoal bar and mask. (I am a consultant for BC however my words above come from my experience with the products) Could explain more but am sure you understand:)

  3. andrea price-johnson

    I became a consultant with Beautycounter after my mother’s early onset alzheimers got worse (and soon after my father diagnosed/died from cancer.) I began examining what chemicals I can prevent in my family. What I didn’t expect was to fall in love with the skincare, charcoal soap/mask and so on. Safe and high quality! I’ve been giving charcoal samples to my daughter’s tween friends and they have been sending photos/texts of their vast improvement. I love to educate them about the importance of knowing what’s in their products. To see their posts check out Beautycounter for You on facebook. I will never give them up!

  4. JCarter

    My rosacea was better after one use! Getting rid of the chemicals cured my skin! I don’t even have to wear makeup anymore. I’m using the Countertime line, Rose Water and the Calendula face oil! The Sunscreen is also phenomenal, it is not white or pasty and it smells divine. I really love this line and my skin has never been better!!!!

  5. Kirsten Doody

    Hey Everyone,

    I started using Beautycounter products a few months ago and they are amazing. They are very gentle on my skin and have made it the softest and healthiest it has ever been. The countertime products are awesome, but I’ve only used the sample size of those so I want to get the full set. I use the face collection everyday and the face oils are some of the nicest I’ve ever used. They absorb really quickly and smell really nice. I’ve tried using a lot of “all natural” products in the past but they all smell like tea tree oil and hippies and don’t really work.

  6. Katie

    I came across this post while looking for reviews of beauty counter and couldn’t help but add a comment. As someone who has very much struggled with cystic acne, I agree that these products alone probably wouldn’t cure the problem. However, as someone who spent three years with dermatologist and being prescribed harsh medications, I can truly say that the cystic issues became worse. It was only when I switched to a more natural & gentle approach (as well as eliminating dairy, specifically milk) that my skin improved dramatically. I wholeheartedly disagree that harsh (and even potentially harmful!) chemicals are ever the answer, no matter the issue.

    • MD

      Like Katie, I also had to do food eliminations under advise of licensed nutritionist: wheat, soy, onions (top 3) and number of other offending foods. I also switched to BeautyCounter. My face has cleared up within 6-8 weeks. No more burned look, redness, age-spots, dark and varying peeling skin colors.

      Started with sample products. Upgraded to Daily DayCream, charcoal bar, and peppermint lip balm. So far no breakouts or “sunburned” look.

    • Cheryl

      Good to read Katie’s comment. I have learned that many skin issues are a result of gut issues. Nutrition is THE key to overall good health, including skin issues. I am using the beauty counter foundation and found it to give good smooth coverage. I have other skin care products I prefer.

    • Samantha

      Katie, which products do you use for your cystic acne? I have struggles with it for years and am now pregnant and need a more natural approach to cleaning my skin bc I can’t use what I am currently using. Thanks.

      • Mary Ellen

        I’ve been using some beauty counter products for a few months now, and was specifically interested in products that would help with my cystic acne. I use the charcoal cleansing bar, charcoal mask, and cleansing balm. I’ve seen a phenomenal change, and can honestly say that my cystic acne is nearly obsolete. Harsh chemicals in my pharmaceutical grade acne products left my skin with burns and no relief.

        • Allison

          I had to comment on this topic. I am 45 and have had Hereditary Milia my entire life. I have spent thousands of dollars to try to help my skin. I started using the Charcoal Cleansing Bar in April and my skin has totally changed. My dermatologist could not believe it. I get bad reactions to ALL retinol products. In addition to the bar, I have also started using the Purifying Charcoal Mask at least 3x a week, the Cleansing Balm and the entire Rejuvenating Line. I now use all of the Makeup – my skin has never looked better in my life! My daughter is 10 and also has the Milia, she uses the charcoal mask and soap – I hope that she will not have to go through what I have my entire life.

    • JCarter

      I love the Countertime line and the Calendula face oil (as well as Jasmine Oil). My skin has never been better! My rosacea is gone and I don’t even need to wear makeup now!!!!

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