YBF Beauty

YBF Beauty is the cosmetic line that was designed to work as your skins best friend. Thats exactly the YBF in the name stands for. Founded over a decade ago with the mission to empower women through beauty, YBF Beauty has been creating innovative, exciting beauty products to women across the world.

The Story Behind YBF Beauty

YBF Beauty claims its cosmetics brand does something many cosmetic brands on the market today do not. That is, YBF Beauty feels it is a brand that truly understands the beauty and lifestyle needs of the modern woman. With this introspective understanding, YBF Beauty has been able to create an extensive line of YBF Beauty products that they hope will revolutionize the industry. Behind each YBF Beauty product, you will find an advanced tech savvy formulation that contains the YBF Beauty Smart Active Complex. This complex is a special formulation that is infused with a blend of powerful earth extracts. YBF Beauty promises this innovative complex works to protect all skin types against environmental damages.

Within the YBF Beauty line, youll find a number of high performing beauty products that are expertly crafted to meet each womans individual needs. Youll find that many of the YBF Beauty  products are universal shades that are designed to work well across skin tones and types. With a dedication to providing beauty that cares about its wearers, YBF Beauty continues its journey to be the best friend to your skin.

Popular YBF Beauty Products

YBF Beauty Neutralizing Crème: The YBF Beauty Neutralizing Creme is the universal creme that works to neutralize skin discolorations. Upon application, this YBF Beauty Neutralizing Creme provides a light yellow wash of color that evens skin tone while canceling out red toned imperfections like blemishes and broken capillaries. This YBF Beauty Neutralizing Creme also works to improve the appearance of skin by blurring fine lines and wrinkles providing you with smooth, even textured and toned skin, ready for a flawless makeup application. While working to neutralize skin discoloration, the YBF Beauty Neutralizing Creme also moisturizes the skin while protecting it from environmental damage.

YBF Beauty Yellow Neutralizing Pressed Powder: The powder version of the popular YBF Beauty Neutralizing Creme is the YBF Beauty Yellow Neutralizing Pressed Powder. This YBF Beauty powder is a universal toned lightweight, fine milled translucent powder that provides a ton of versatility. When applied to bare skin, the YBF Beauty Yellow Neutralizing Powder works to neutralize red toned discolorations, camouflage skin imperfections like pores, fine lines, and blemishes, and to absorb oil. After application, the YBF Beauty Yellow Neutralizing Powder leaves a naturally flawless appearance to skin with a luminous finish. You can also use this YBF Beauty Yellow Neutralizing Powder to set your foundation in order to extend the wear time of your makeup application.

YBF Beauty Your Best Eye Liner: When it comes to YBF Beauty eye products, the YBF Beauty Your Best Eye Liner takes the cake. This luxuriously creamy eye liner is packaged in a convenient twist-up pencil that contains a smudger on one side and eye liner on the other. Aside from the innovative packaging, the YBF Beauty Your Best Eye Liner contains an ultra nourishing formulation that moisturizes, defines, and enhances your eyes. Available in two shades, Onstage Onyx and Backstage Brown, the YBF Beauty Your Best Eyeliner applies easily and allows you to create whatever eye makeup you want from dramatic date night to subtle day time looks.

YBF Beauty Automatic Eyebrow Pencil: The final YBF Beauty product to note is the YBF Beauty Automatic Eyebrow pencil. This YBF Beauty eyebrow pencil is one of the top selling eyebrow pencils on the market today. From its extensive 22 color shade range to its unique twist up packaging with a spoolie on the end for grooming, the YBF Beauty eyebrow pencil is a staple beauty tool to have in your stash.


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