Wei East

Wei East: Company Overview

Wei East is a skin care company that offers a variety of products including cleansers, facial moisturizers, toners, face masks, and lip care treatments. The company currently presents its products as Asian skin care items, and has honed its brand around this idea. However, it’s important to note that although Wei East skin care products may be based around Asian skin care principles and are touted as being full of herbs and other natural ingredients, they may not be the best choice for everyone. For example, some individuals may experience allergic reactions to the herbs in the formulations, while others may need stronger treatment options. Therefore, speak to your dermatologist before using Wei East skin care products, to ensure that the products have the potential to help you, and more importantly; that the items won’t harm your skin.

Wei East History

The company was founded by Wei Brian, who started her skin care line after coming to the United States from China. Wei learned many of her skin care practices and herbal formulations from her father, and has designed the Wei East skin care product lines to revolve around these same principles she learned as a child.

Today, Wei East distributes its products throughout many parts of the world, and has offices in Hong Kong, Pennsylvania, New York, and London. One of the reasons for such an expansion may have to do with the company’s diverse product range, which includes hand-held beautifiers, algae creams and serums, hydrating creams formulated with white lotus, and Chinese skin care products using a variety of specialty herbs like ginseng and ginko biloba.

However, although the manufacturer does have an extensive product selection, Wei East reviews are not currently available on the company website. This can make it difficult for some shoppers to find the best skin care items for their unique needs. Therefore, if you’re going to purchase any skin care items from this company, you will need to seek out third party Wei East reviews from skin care blogs and other review websites.

Where to Buy Wei East Products

Wei East products are currently sold through the company website, as well as through other websites like DermStore.com, Home Shopping Network, and Beauty.com. Another source for where to buy Wei East products can be Amazon and eBay. However, most of the sellers on these online platforms are not authorized by the company, so make sure to read Wei East reviews in their profiles to check whether other consumers have had a positive experience with them.

The Cost of Wei East Skin Care Products

The prices of Wei East skin care items are relatively affordable for moderate skin care budgets. Most of the items don’t exceed $100, and some retail for as little as $10. However, it’s important to note that highly effective ingredients are often very expensive for a manufacturer, so purchasing cheap products may mean that the ingredients within the formulation are not the most effective, or that the concentration of the best skin care ingredients is low.

Wei East Ingredients

The ingredients in Wei East products vary widely. For example, the manufacturer uses white lotus proteins in some creams, with the goal of boosting collagen production; dragon tree extracts, to tighten skin; bee venom, to stimulate the skin’s regenerative properties; and black mushroom extracts, to moisturize the skin.

However, with all of these botanical ingredients, it’s important to keep allergies in mind when trying Wei East skin care products for the first time. Those with bee allergies should be especially careful, as the bee venom may cause severe, and potentially life threatening, reactions in some individuals. For the safest results, discuss Wei East ingredients with your dermatologist


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