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VI Derm Skin Care Line

Consumers researching the VI Derm product line may also be familiar with a series of products called “VI Peel.” The latter is a series of professionally-administered chemical peels that were developed to be virtually pain free by Dr. Abdala Khalil, for his daughter. Once the peels became popular with other consumers, Dr. Khalil founded VI Aesthetics with his daughter, Marya. Eventually, the company grew to offer a special product line called VI Derm, an anti aging skin care line which is available for purchase over-the-counter and does not require professional assistance. According to the manufacturer, this product line is praben free and is not tested on animals. However, although the story behind this brand is very touching and captivating, the consumer must take great care to ensure that VI Derm products are the right choice for their skin. This includes researching the relevant ingredients, reading VI Derm reviews, and speaking to a dermatologist who is familiar with your medical history.

How VI Derm Products Work

As of the time of this writing, the VI Derm skin care line had approximately a dozen products, which included cleansers, eye cream, exfoliating body lotion, and a skin tightening cream, among others. Of course, each product is designed to work according to its individual intent. However, many of the VI Derm items seem to have ingredients that work to exfoliate the skin or to repair damage through antioxidants. To better understand how these products work, it’s important to delve deeper into their ingredient formulations.

VI Derm Ingredients

The products in the VI Derm line vary quite a bit and can have many different types of ingredients. To reduce the potential of side effects from these products, it’s highly advisable to first discuss the specific items you are considering with your dermatologist. This won’t just reduce chances of an adverse reaction, but will ensure that you’re spending your skin care budget wisely.

  • Vitamin C Gel:  This VI Derm product was designed to leverage the antioxidant properties of vitamin C to reduce skin damage caused by the sun. Using antioxidants is an important part of any skin care routine, as even the best sunscreen will not neutralize all of the harmful UV rays. This results in free radical damage to the skin, which manifests in dark spots on face and hands, and the development of dull skin. Applying antioxidants like vitamin C to the skin may reduce some of this damage, and even repair it. Further, vitamin C in products like VI Derm may also have skin-brightening effects, to lighten dark spots.
  • Exfoliating Body Lotion:  The exfoliating lotion in the VI Derm line was created to chemically exfoliate the skin, while moisturizing it at the same time. Some of the ingredients in this lotion include glycolic acid, to provide an exfoliating effect; vitamin E, a well-known antioxidant; vitamin C, another antioxidant and skin brightener; vitamin B5, to moisturize the skin; glycerin, to build up the moisture barrier; and shea butter, to hydrate further.
  • Cleanser:  VI Derm also includes a skin cleanser that is meant to be used by all skin types. This VI Derm cleanser is formulated with ingredients like azelaic acid, which is thought to reduce inflammation and fight acne-causing bacteria; willow bark extract, to cleanse pores and exfoliate the skin; aloe vera juice, to moisturize and soften the skin; green tea, to repair skin damage with antioxidants; and several other moisturizers, like caprylyl glycol and butylene glycol.

VI Derm Reviews

VI Derm reviews are generally positive, though some consumers seem to have had issues with some of the products. For example, some customers who left lackluster VI Derm reviews suggested that some items, like the cleanser, may be too drying on the skin. Further, some even complained that their acne became worse with some of the items in this line.

It’s important to note, however, that although consumer reviews can be very helpful in assessing a product for your individual needs, such feedback isn’t always complete. For example, individuals who suffered excessive skin dryness may not have properly followed up cleansing with a good moisturizer. Others who have left negative VI Derm reviews may have unwittingly changed their skin care routine and their side effects could have been from a combination of several factors.

Where to Buy VI Derm Products

VI Derm products can be purchased from a variety of sources, including through the company’s own website,, eBay, and Amazon, among others. However, the consumer may find some of the items in this line a bit out of reach financially.

For example, the Exfoliating Body Lotion and Skin Cleanser both cost $30 for 8 ounces. This is not an exorbitant price, but none-the-less more expensive than some of the best drugstore skin care products.

Some of the items are quite a bit more expensive, with the VI Derm Vitamin C Gel costing a whopping $80 for just one ounce of product.


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