Under Eye Wrinkles

Inevitably, as people age, the onset of under eye wrinkles begins.  There are a lot of genetic and environmental factors that determine the amount of wrinkling what will occur and how quickly it progresses. Unfortunately, there is not a lot that can be done about inherited traits that cause under eye wrinkles, but partial prevention is possible if environmental factors are addressed. What is the best under eye wrinkle cream? What is the most effective under eye wrinkle treatment? What is the latest and greats serum for under eye wrinkles? How to get rid of under eye wrinkles? More on this later.

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The cause of Wrinkles Under Eyes

Skin is resilient and elastic because of the protein fibers of elastin and collagen that create a sturdy framework. In many ways, this network of fibers acts almost like a trampoline – it has a very tight foundation that allows skin to bounce back easily. Young skin is usually healthy and will bounce back  readily to its initial position when pulled or pressed. As you age, elastin and collagen are not produced as quickly and this causes the tightness effect to diminish. This loss of the fiber networks within the skin is one of the biggest causes of under eye wrinkles, and the cosmetics and cosmetic surgery industries have worked very hard to address the slowing of collagen and elastin production as a way to prevent wrinkles.

Another cause of under eye wrinkles is the fact that skin naturally thins over time, and this causes it to lose its resiliency. Thinner skin is not as sturdy and collapses more easily under gravity and other factors. Also, the years leading to menopause subject the body to hormonal changes that can really affect the production of various chemicals within the body. This causes collagen production to decrease or break down completely, which results in skin that is not firm or hydrated.

Why are they so Noticeable!?

Under eye wrinkles tend to make people look tired and old because of their specific place. People naturally look at your eyes, and your eyes are the first thing you see when you look in the mirror. So it’s no surprise that under eye wrinkles are so noticeable. What makes the problem worse is that the area around the eyes does not have oil-producing glands, and this makes the area even more susceptible to wrinkles. The other reason is that because the skin under the eyes is thinner, it will often look a little darker than the rest of your face, further exacerbating the problem.

Environmental Factors

Even though heredity does play a role in how you age, most skin changes commonly associated with aging, including those under eye wrinkles, are caused by sun exposure. Changes occur slowly, on a molecular level, and are the result of UV rays A and B. The damage occurs by gradually decreasing the skin’s ability to produce elastin and collagen. Because the skin under the eyes is very thin, it is especially vulnerable to damage from the sun, as well as from tanning beds, leading to under eye wrinkles. It also doesn’t help that when applying sunscreen, many people often avoid putting the protection around their eyes because they are afraid of the lotion getting into their eyes.

Excessive alcohol or smoking can also inhibit the formation of elastin and collagen in the skin. This causes the wrinkles in the face to become more accentuated. Furthermore, smoking and other toxins deprive skin cells of nutrients, such as anti-oxidants, thus taking away the skin’s ability to heal itself. The effects are especially noticeable under and around the eye area, because it has thin skin.

Preventing Under Eye Wrinkles

Superficial minimization in the appearance of wrinkles can be accomplished by using a moisturizer that plumps eye area skin cells. Dermal fillers and similar injections can also be used to smooth out the lines in this area and give the skin more volume.

Although drastically eliminating under eye wrinkles without cosmetic procedures is difficult once they appear, there are things that younger people can do to dramatically decrease the occurrence of severe wrinkles later in life. Protect your skin by using sunscreen with a broad spectrum SPF of 30 anytime the skin is exposed to the sun. If you like to eat lunch outside, or go for walks during your lunch break, that counts as sun exposure too, and you definitely want to protect yourself.


  1. Anonymous

    Thanks for the post. I am concerned about under eye wrinkles. I know you should wear a sunscreen, but any product that contains spf irritates my eyes. I cant always wear sunglasses. What do you recommend for young girls concerned about under eye wrinkles? IF there a cream that can protect the eyes from the sun without irritating them?

  2. Vanessa

    I am 38 and already have under eye wrinkles. Wrinkles under eyes are caused by constant facial expression. The best treatment for under eye wrinkles is sleep but when you are busy professional it is very difficult to get enough sleep. I am looking forward to getting lots of sleep during the short Christmas break.

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