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Tyra Beauty is the brainchild of Tyra Banks, a world-famous supermodel who made a name for herself on the fashion runways and then solidified her reputation with shows like America’s Next Top Model. Ms. Banks’ foray into the beauty products world is fairly recent, and if you look closely, was very cleverly designed to leverage the engagement of her fans from previous entertainment ventures. Tyra Beauty focuses on more than just makeup and also has a multi-level-marketing structure that gives women the opportunity to earn money while selling the company’s products. However, individuals with unique skin care needs, and those who are prone to allergic and adverse reactions must approach any new brand with caution. After all, if a company can afford to give away 25% or more of its revenue to its direct sales professionals, there is an inevitable question about the quantities of active ingredients in the products. Therefore, it’s important to speak with a dermatologist before using the manufacturer’s products and to read Tyra Beauty reviews to gauge the experiences of other users.

How Tyra Beauty Products Work

The Tyra Beauty product line does not revolve around a central ingredient theme. For example, some skin care brands may build their lines around well-known ingredients like vitamin C or argan oil. This is not the case with Tyra Beauty.

Instead, the brand seems to place a more central focus on empowering women through easy to use makeup solutions and its multi-level-marketing business opportunity, in a similar way to brands like Avon. In many ways, Tyra Beauty seems to be more focused on the idea of empowerment rather than on addressing any specific skin concern. It’s an interesting angle that directly leverages Tyra Banks’ well known persona.

Tyra Beauty Ingredients

Although the message of Tyra Beauty is that of strength and self confidence, it is still important to carefully consider the ingredients within the company’s product formulations. After all, the active ingredients and their proportions in the formulation play a crucial role in the ultimate effectiveness of any skin care products. Let’s consider some of these in more detail:

  • Instant Gratification:  This facemask from Tyra Beauty was designed to provide a quick anti-aging effect, by reducing the appearance of dark undereye circles and creating an overall skin brightening effect. One of the most promoted features of the mask is that it can be applied for as little as eight minutes to produce the desired effects. Some of the ingredients in this Tyra Beauty mask include propylene glycol, to condition the skin; niacinamide, for its moisturizing properties; lactic acid, to exfoliate the skin; and silica, to create softer skin texture. At a price of $49 for 8 masks, this is not the cheapest product on the market.
  • The Closer:  The goal of this Tyra Beauty serum is to soothe and calm the skin. The formulation contains ingredients like glycerin, to moisturize the skin; butylene glycol, for its conditioning benefits; hydrogenated lecithin, for its hydrating properties; argan oil, a potent moisturizer and antioxidant; shea butter, to fortify the skin’s natural protective barrier; and sodium hyaluronate, to draw moisture to the skin. With a price tag of $39 for one ounce, this Tyra Beauty product is moderately priced.
  • The Secret Weapon:  This exfoliation tool was designed by Tyra Beauty to help consumers remove dead skin cells and improve skin texture. At the core of this product is the use of tiny diamond crystals, which are meant to physically scrub the dead cells off the upper-most layers of the skin. Additionally, this Tyra Beauty exfoliator contains ingredients like orange fruit extract, to soothe skin irritation; sodium hyaluronate, to hydrate the skin; and glycerin, to strengthen the skin’s moisture retention abilities. The cost of this Tyra Beauty exfoliator is $49.
  • The Clean Machine:  This is an interesting face cleanser from Tyra Beauty, because it features a miniature cleansing brush as part of the container. The container has a built in pump that can dispense the cleanser via the brush, which is then used to gently massage the skin to dislodge makeup and dirt buildup. The cleanser contains ingredients like orange fruit extract, to calm the skin; vitamin E, to repair skin damage; and phospholipids, to nourish skin cells. This Tyra Beauty cleanser is priced at $29 for a five ounce container.

Tyra Beauty Side Effects

Although serious side effects are not believed to be a concern with Tyra Beauty products, some individuals may experience an adverse reaction from the inclusion of fragrance. Consumers with plant-based allergies should also exercise caution due to a number of botanical extracts in the company’s products.

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Where to Buy Tyra Beauty Products

The distribution of the Tyra Beauty line is currently quite limited. For example, consumers can obtain the company’s products through the manufacturer’s website, but not through other outlets. One of the reasons for limiting distribution channels is to reduce competition for the company’s direct sales associates.

Although this is helpful in some respects – a consumer can get more personalized care from a sales associate – it does make the shopping process a bit more difficult. For example, the limited distribution channels of the company’s products also limits the availability of third party Tyra Beauty reviews.

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