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Tend Skin Review: Company and Products Overview

While there are many different skin care companies that sell products for treating aging skin, dry skin, and dark spots, other companies, like Tend Skin deal with less common skin issues, such as ingrown hair removal. This company, which is based in Davie, Florida, was founded by a dentist and one of his patients after the dentist used the base for the product on his skin during a dental procedure and it cured bumps on his skin that were caused by ingrown hairs. After eight years of product development, Tend Skin was released in 1994 as a product that treats several different skin problems, such as ingrown hairs and body odor. The company’s product line is limited to only a few products; however, they may be beneficial for those who suffer from razor bumps, skin irritation resulting from shaving, and other problems caused by shaving. Tend Skin products are available in the U.S., Canada, at a variety of retailers, including CVS pharmacy.

Are Tend Skin Products Right for You?

While Tend Skin products do not have any anti-aging or skin lightening benefits, it may benefit those who have sensitive skin and often suffer from ingrown hair and razor bumps. Ingrown hairs occur when hair follicles become blocked and the hair is forced to grow inward, into the skin, instead of growing outward. Razor bumps occur when closely-shaven hair curls back into the skin and the sharp edge of the hair causes skin irritation. Individuals with dark skin are more prone to razor bumps and ingrown hair because their hair is more likely to curl and their skin tone is more likely to show the effects of the irritation.

Tend Skin products are formulated to prevent and treat these problems, from the original liquid to the company’s air shave gel to their waterproof body lotion. These products may be right for you if you wax your skin or otherwise expose it to shaving or waxing processes that may leave it irritated. Because these products are available both online and in stores, it is easy to find Tend Skin reviews, though may be difficult to tell if any are paid reviews or biased in other ways.

Tend Skin Purchasing and Price Information

The complete line of Tend Skin products are available on the company website and can also be purchased in store from a number of retailers including CVS. Tend Skin offers free samples to individuals who have not tried the product before, but those who request the sample must pay for the shipping. The original Tend Skin liquid comes in several different sizes with a price range of $20-$50. Other product prices range from $16-$21. These prices make it affordable for anyone to try the products, especially if they have a limited skin care budget. However, it is important that those with sensitive skin read the ingredient listing carefully to decrease the risk of side effects.

Tend Skin Side Effects

Because Tend Skin products contain isopropyl alcohol, it may irritate the skin if used incorrectly. Those who have an aspirin allergy should avoid the use of this product, as should women who are pregnant or breast feeding. Chemical burns may result if Tend Skin products are used soon after receiving any kind of peel that contains alpha hydroxy acids. It is best to perform a patch test before using these products to ensure they will not cause a negative reaction in the skin. Those who are under the care of a dermatologist should only use Tend Skin products under his or her guidance to reduce the risk of these side effects and avoid long-term damage to the skin.

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  1. Fran

    I have been using Tend Skin for my underarms instead of antiperspirants and/or deodorants for almost 10 years! I hated the goopy feel I got from typical antiperspirants, plus they simply did not keep me from smelling badly after a workout or long day. You must use it after shaving and do not use while your pits are still damp, or it will sting some. I am MORE than happy with it. I shower and shave everyday, anyway, so this works wonderfully for me. Not sure if it lasts more than 2 days, since that’s the longest I’ve ever had to go before showering. I doubt I will ever change, even though some people freak out about the chemicals in it. It’s worth the chance to me.

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