Suki Skin Care

Overview of Suki Skin Care

Suki Skin Care carries a full line of skin care products that include facial and body washes, cosmetics, serums and creams to get rid of acne, facial moisturizers, face masks, toners, hair care products, and accessories. The company is based in Massachusetts and its products are currently sold throughout the United States. Suki Skin Care products are claimed to be organic, and the company’s website states that every product is safe for anyone to use, no matter their age or their skin type. However, individuals who have any allergies to natural products should consult their dermatologist before using any Suki Skin Care products.

Suki Skin Care Company History

 Suki Skin Care was created in 2002 by Suki Kramer, a woman who had suffered from skin ailments her entire life and wasn’t happy with the products that were available, because they were often ineffective and caused too many unpleasant side effects. She began to create all-natural products in her own kitchen and then started the company with the help of a number of skin care consultants and botanical experts. Suki Skin Care states that the company’s goal is to make bath and body product combinations that can be tailor-made to treat every individual’s skin problems without harmful side effects of synthetic chemicals.

Purchasing Suki Skin Care Products

Customers can purchase Suki Skin Care products on the company website, at organic stores throughout the country, or by calling the company’s toll-free number available on the site. The Suki Skin Care web site is unusual in that customers who are buying products for the first time can take part in a free online consultation before they make their choices. The consultation asks questions such as what type of skin problems you’re currently suffering from, what type of symptoms you’re experiencing, and how often you experience them. Once the questions are answered, the Suki Skin Care site gives you a number of product options that may help your individual skin problem.

Each product page discusses the supposed benefits of the product, contains an enlarged photo of the product container, its ingredients, and directions about how and when to apply it. This information will benefit customers who are trying to avoid certain ingredients or who need to find a product quickly.

Suki Skin Care products range from approximately $30.00 for cleansers and body washes and cosmetics to nearly $90.00 for anti-aging serums. The website also contains Suki Skin Care reviews from customers, but doesn’t provide an aggregate star rating. This is an area where the shopping experience could be improved, as having a star rating system could help customers evaluate products more quickly, instead of having to read what each individual visitor wrote about their experience.

Returning customers can access the Suki Skin Care products on the website through a drop-down menu that allows them to shop by either product or skin type. However, the company website can feel somewhat difficult to navigate because for some product categories, instead of being able to see the entire list of related treatments, you have to select a specific product to get detailed information. This is not true for all product categories, but if you wanted to see SukiBody products, for example, it is difficult to navigate to the actual category page with summaries and pictures. Instead you need to click on a specific product, one by one, which can be time consuming. This is another aspect where Suki Skin Care could improve the website and save visitors some time.

Shipping Information

Any Suki Skin Care purchase of $50.00 or more qualifies for free shipping. Customers can set up recurring shipments of products they choose as well, and those orders will be shipped free of charge every thirty or sixty days. The company handles U.S. and international orders but does not ship to Canada. Shipping for international orders is calculated at checkout and may be subject to a discount, depending on the total. All U.S. orders are shipped via UPS.


 The company accepts returns within thirty days of the initial purchase on items that were ordered from the website. All returns must be arranged with a customer service representative ahead of time and include a copy of the receipt and an order number. No returns are accepted after that time period, and Suki Skin Care will not issue a refund for items purchased from third parties, as these retailers will have their own policies.


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