Skyn ICELAND Review

Skyn ICELAND Overview

Skyn ICELAND is a product line designed to address problematic skin affected by the stress of everyday life and diet, which can lead to a variety of biological changes in the body that manifest in the form of damaged skin. For example, the company’s products focus on addressing a number of issues that may be exacerbated by stress, such as; accelerated aging, adult acne, sensitivity and irritation, and dry, blotchy skin. The manufacturer suggests that its formulations are effective because its products are composed of mostly natural ingredients; ranging from Icelandic mineral waters to herbs and algae. Further, Skyn ICELAND suggests that not only will these ingredients soothe the skin, but will also melt away the user’s overall feelings of stress. However, before you decide to add any products from this company to your skin care routine, it’s important to fully understand how the ingredients will interact with your skin, and read Skyn ICELAND reviews to learn from the experiences of other consumers.

About Skyn ICELAND

Skyn ICELAND was created by a woman named Sarah Kugelman, who was experiencing such high levels of stress that she eventually ended up in the hospital. Being told that she would not make it to 40 without changing her lifestyle, Sarah traveled to Iceland as a way to unwind, where she came up with the idea for Skyn ICELAND.

With over 20 years in the cosmetics industry, she decided to create the Skyn ICELAND brand, with a focus on the effects that stress has on adult skin. Sarah created her own board of advisers, composed of cardiologist, Dr. Suzanne Steinbaum; nutritionists, Dr. Carol Lynn and Michelle Luhan; holistic health counselor, Dawn Lerman; and pilates instructor, Briana Masson.

Skyn ICELAND Products

Skyn ICELAND has a wide variety of beauty products to treat breakouts, signs of aging, eye areas, dehydration and redness. For example, the Nordic Skin Peel by Skyn ICELAND, a 2008 Indie Beauty Award winner, is designed to rejuvenate skin through the use of willow bark, to speed up shedding of dead skin cells; papaya fruit extract, with vitamin A to improve skin cell function; and witch hazel, to shrink pores and calm skin.

For those looking for anti-aging spot treatments, Skyn ICELAND has developed the Angelica Line Smoother with natural gaba and Icelandic complexes that claim to restore depleted nutrients due to stress.

Lastly, Skyn ICELAND has created the Pure Cloud daily moisturizing cream infused with aloe and oat extracts that act as natural anti-irritants for sensitive, stressed skin, while hydrating the skin to improve cellular health.

However, keep in mind that some consumers may be allergic to the natural ingredients within the company’s products, and may experience other side effects, such as irritation. Therefore, it is vital that anyone considering these items consult with a dermatologist and read Skyn ICELAND reviews to assess potential dangers.

Skyn ICELAND Shipping and Return Policies

Skyn ICELAND uses Federal Express to ship orders, and upon accepting payment, you will have the option to choose overnight or ground delivery, with all final shipping and handling fees being reflected in during checkout, based on where the order is being sent. Skyn ICELAND does offer a 30 day return period, though shipping costs will not be refunded to the consumer.

Skyn ICELAND Reviews

If you read Skyn ICELAND reviews online, you’ll notice that some consumers have questioned the effectiveness of the company’s products. However, whether you come across negative or positive reviews, it’s important to remember that every consumer’s skin problems are different, and their experiences may not be applicable to you.

For example, some consumers may have skin issues that require medical intervention, and can never be addressed with topical treatments. Therefore, if you have any concerns about the potency of the company’s products, consult your primary physician or dermatologist.

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