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With so many skin care products available on the market, some consumers may be wondering if the Skin Optics face cream is the right choice for them. Partly, this may be due to the fact that the distributor, Vibrant Group Inc., doesn’t provide much information about this product on its website. The only information made available by the company is that Skin Optics was designed to address wrinkles and signs of photo aging. To help you with your research, we’ve dug deeper into this product, how it works, and the active ingredients. However, please keep in mind that no amount of independent research can take the place of a one-on-one consultation with your dermatologist about Skin Optics.

How Skin Optics Works

There are many ways to tackles the signs of aging skin, including exfoliation, moisturization, collagen stimulation, and melanin reduction, among others. Based on the active ingredients in Skin Optics, it appears that the cream functions mostly by focusing on moisturizing the skin and promoting a more efficient skin shedding cycle. The latter is similar to exfoliation, as it can create a smoother skin texture by sloughing off damaged skin cells and promoting cleaner, healthier pores.

Skin Optics Ingredients

One way to assess whether Skin Optics cream is the right choice for you is by looking at some of the ingredients within the formulation.

  • Retinol:  This skin care ingredient is a very common addition to creams, serums, and even therapeutic face masks. Retinol is another name for vitamin A, which is metabolized into retinoic acid after being applied to the skin. The acid molecules attach themselves to skin cells and improve skin appearance by stimulating the cells to work more efficiently.
  • Ceramide-3:  This Skin Optics ingredient is included with the goal of strengthening the skin’s natural moisture barrier. Ceramides occur naturally on the skin’s surface and are an important aspect of skin hydration, because they prevent moisture loss. However, as we age, the levels of ceramides become depleted, thus contributing to thin, crepey skin.
  • Isohexadecane:  Many skin care products on the market include isohexadecane in their formulations because this chemical helps create a thicker, more luxurious texture. Additionally, this Skin Optics ingredient may help keep the skin moisturizing, as it is thought to enhance the skin’s natural moisture barrier.
  • Spilanthes Acmella Flower Extract:  This Skin Optics ingredient is sometimes included in creams and serums due to its ability to reduce inflammation. Soothing the skin and reducing inflammation are important, as these qualities may reduce redness and slow the progression of wrinkles.

It’s important to keep in mind that these are just some of the ingredients contained in the Skin Optics cream, and that the full list should be discussed with a licensed dermatologist.

Skin Optics Reviews

When it comes to the customer experience, Skin Optics reviews suggest potential issues with the company’s free trial. It appears that some consumers received unexpected charges – hundreds of dollars worth, in some cases.

The issue appears to stem from how the company structures the free trial. Instead of the consumer receiving a free jar of cream, as some Skin Optics reviewers thought, the trial is a for a skin care subscription service. If the consumer isn’t happy with the product, they must cancel the trial within approximately two weeks to avoid being charged for the initial jar of cream.

Further, until the trial is cancelled, the customer will be sent one new jar of this cream per month, at a cost of roughly $95. This part was perhaps one of the biggest frustrations in many negative Skin Optics reviews, as some consumers ended up paying several hundred dollars to the company, before realizing the issue (party due to credit card billing cycles).

However, though unhappy customers rant in their Skin Optics reviews about how deceiving the free trial is, such feedback may not be very fair. After all, the terms of the trial are clearly described in the manufacturer’s Terms and Conditions, and the consumer must accept these terms as part of the checkout process. Therefore, although unexpected charges can be frustrating, such bad Skin Optics are a good reminder of how important it is to read terms and conditions in full before clicking agree.

Where to Buy Skin Optics

Skin Optics can currently be obtained through the free trial offer on the company’s website. Anyone considering the trial is urged to read the terms completely, to avoid unexpected charges.

In addition to the free trial, this product can also be purchased through third party sellers online. However, there is no guarantee that such products aren’t expired or aren’t counterfeit.

Skin Optics Side Effects

Without a complete list of ingredients (which the manufacturer doesn’t provide), it’s impossible to fully gauge potential side effects from this product. However, the retinol in Skin Optics may cause skin irritation, and even acne breakouts, within the first few weeks of use, as the skin becomes used to this chemical.

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