Age Spots

If youve ever noticed a new mark or spot show up on your skin, chances are you dont take it lightly. Whether its a new blemish that seems to appear overnight or a dark spot that just wont go away, noticing a change in your skin can be a big deal. One change, however, is so common yet many know so little about. Were talking about age spots. These flat dark spots can appear on various areas of the skin and are typically brown, black, or even tan colored.

Dry Skin

If youre one of the countless people in the world that deals with skin that seems to resist moisture, is itchy, prone to flaking, or looks ashy, chances are youre suffering from dry skin. While dry skin can be uncomfortable and sometimes look less than appealing, the good news is,  unless you are dealing with a severe dry skin condition, this skin type is relatively easy to treat and maintain. As with any skin type, the key to helping dry skin look and feel its best starts with a solid skincare routine and products that will work with your skin, not against it. With dry skin, it all comes down to hydration so keeping skin moisturized should be the number one focus.

Oily Skin

When it comes to the various different skin types, there is none more frustrating than oily skin. At least that’s probably what you’ll hear from the countless people who are affected by their oily skin on a daily basis. For them, the one thing that is supposed to help keep skin healthy and in its top condition is the very thing that causes them so much distress. While oily skin can be difficult to understand, treat, and maintain, there are still many things you can do to help balance your oily skin.

Sensitive Skin

If we were to poll a room full of people on their skin type, chances are that more than a few would consider themselves to have sensitive skin. This skin type, while not as common as some others, is one that people of all ages, complexions, and skin tones encounter. And as anyone who has suffered from sensitive skin can agree on, having this particular skin type can make even the most simple of daily tasks harder than it needs to be.

Stretch Marks

There are many skin issues a person can encounter over a lifetime, some of them easily resolved, and others that are near impossible to fix. One of the latter are stretch marks. Stretch marks, which inconveniently effect between 40 – 90 % of women, are scars that appear on the dermal layer of the skin due to a number of factors both in and out of our control. The appearance and depth of stretch marks will vary in intensity and can appear on multiple places on the body.