European Skin Care

European skin care consists of one basic tenet: staying natural. Europeans tend to use facial cleansers and moisturizers with natural ingredients, their beauty regimens begin at a young age, and cosmetics, when used, are kept to a bare minimum. But the biggest difference is in how society views aging. For example, European skin care differs from the West in that European women aim to age gracefully, whereas in the West, the goal is to delay aging as much as possible. This difference plays a big role in how Europeans approach their skin care routines.

French Skin Care

Generally, women in France do not see aging as a defeat of beauty, but as another chapter in life. They believe in little to no makeup, for less is more in their eyes, and French skin care focuses significantly more on skin care products as opposed to cosmetics. The belief is that healthy skin needs no concealer; therefore investing in healthy skin early in life is how French skin care begins.