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The manufacturers of Seacret Spa claim that their products are enriched with Dead Sea minerals, for whi there is no natural or synthetic substitute in the cosmetic world. For centuries, now, the Dead Sea has been known for the therapeutic effects of its minerals.However, the jury is still out on how effective these Dead Sea minerals really are. Firstly, let us address all this talk about Dead Sea Minerals. What is so special about the Dead Sea:  At 1,300 feet below sea level, the Dead Sea contains an astonishingly high level of minerals, such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and sodium, and is the world’s most mineral rich water.

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Researchers have demonstrated that skin disorders such as acne and psoriases can be relieved through a good, regular soak that contains water with added Dead Sea salt. Now, let us turn our attention back to Seacret. Covering a whole spectrum of skin types for men and women, Seacrest Spa’s line of natural, mineral-based skin care products include cleansers, moisturizers, tonners, night creams and eye products.

Every product includes ingredients that were derived from the Dead Sea. Perhaps you may have already spotted sight of these Seacret products:  Seacret Age Defying RESTORE Face Serum, Seacret Age Defying REFRESH Vitamin-Rich Moisturizer, Seacret Age Defying RESTORATIVE Facial Care, Seacret Age Defying REGAIN Eye Cream, Seacret Age Defying REVIVE Eye Serum, Seacret Age Defying Eye Zone Complex and Seacret Age Defying RENEW Mineral-Rich Scrubbing Mask. So, what do we think? With individual products priced at around $200 – you will be left with a sinking feeling. The fact is, Seacret skin care products are very expensive. In fact, we limited our evaluation because we felt these products do not represent exceptional value for money.

While Seacret products feature vitamins, peptides and minerals to fight the visible signs of aging, don’t expect Seacrest to turn back the clock. The upside, however, is that Seacret products will improve radiance and restore a smoother texture. The products feel very light and fresh, and offer optimal hydration. One thing to take note of is that Seacret Spa products are not available for purchase at department stores, drugstores, supermarkets or any other traditional retailer. So if you’d like to try out Seacret’s beauty products, do what we did. We purchased our Seacret Age Defying products directly through Within the quoted timeframe, Seacret delivered our products. So, our dealings with the company left us with a good impression; we thought that they were very professional. Seacret Spa products can also be purchased at kiosks.

Unfortunately, we do not have a full list of where these kiosks are located. That said, we are told that you may be able to find them in many national shopping malls. Consumer Reviews: We compiled “Seacret Reviews” from various other review sites and noticed that consumers were more or less pleased with their Seacret products. Most negative reviews from consumers were related to their sales tactics and not the products. Warnings: as is the case with any skincare products, this product is for external use only. You may experience mild tingling or redness during use. Apply a sunscreen of SPF 15 or higher during the day while using this product. Avoid the delicate eye area unless advised otherwise.

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  1. JL

    Unfortunately I can’t even give a star rating for this stuff. I tried to be an agent a few years ago and I realized I am not a product pusher. Not everyone wants skin care products. Today I have a wonderful woman who works on my skin and has MULTIPLE skin care licenses and knows ingredients. She created her own skin care line with a chemist here in the united states and verified this stuff is junk and is terrible for your skin. There are perfumes which also irritate the skin. Not only are they expensive I know many people who have left the company due to dry skin issues over time. I’m all for mlm etc but I don’t believe in this product and honestly do your own research. These are not FDA approved and scary what folks will just put on their skin without EXPERT advice etc. My skin is healing due to my friend and I wouldn’t dare let that get back into my blood stream ever again! KNOW what you are getting! Sorry if you are great lover of this mess but I and others see different!!

  2. Kate

    Hi. I bought some Seacret products whilst in Gibraltar. Have to say I love them and I am struggling to find a way to replace them! I had the ocean scrub and pomegranate scrub. I like to use them first on my legs then shave (never shave first the salt burns like hell) and honestly my legs literally shine. I am not an agent, and have no interest in being one and I hardly ever buy expensive products but believe me the scrubs are worth it

    • Debora

      Hi Kate, I came across your post from January 2016 and don’t see that anyone replied to you. Have you found a Seacret Agent with whom you can order the Seacret products to. I have just recently discovered the Seacret products, love them and I have become a Seacret agent. I would love to be able to help you gain access to the Seacret products so that you can continue benefit from them.

  3. Lori Perreault

    Honestly? I joined Seacret to make money. A friend convinced me it was great product. So I signed up since it was very inexpensive to do so, and placed a small order to try it. Well, I loved that product sooo much, that I went ahead and ordered the pro set. I wanted to try and share everything! I’m in Calgary, AB if anyone wants to come by to try out the product. I can sell to and sign up anyone in the countries in which it’s sold. Contact me.

  4. Amberlynn Twogood

    Hi, I am not affiliated with Seacret in any way, but was recently contacted by representative so that I could sample some products I was interested in trying and possibly purchasing from there. Unfortunately, she ended up having a family tragedy strike shortly after she was going to send my samples and I have not heard from her since learning of her tragedy. I’m sure she is very much wrapped up in her family affairs right now, so I don’t feel comfortable continuing to pursue her to get the samples sent out, but would very much appreciate another rep contacting me so that I can continue with my original intentions on sampling the products I wanted to try and then moving on to possible purchases. Thank you for all your time and help 🙂

    With Sincere Wishes of Blessings,

    • Brenda

      Good morning Amberlynn,
      If you have not spoken to a Seacret Agent yet, I would be honored to assist you.
      I am an Independent Seacret Agent in the Calgary, Alberta area. I can assist people from any country where Seacret is sold.
      I look forward to hearing from you.
      With gratitude,
      Brenda Koch

    • Marybelle Flores

      Hi there,

      I am an agent and although this posting is pretty old, I just wondered if you were able to get your hands on samples yet. I fell in love with the products myself and continue to pursue my passion on sharing the seacret of health and wealth to many many prospects.

      Best regards,

      Contact me if you are in need of more information and our upcoming and launched products out now. 🙂 I will be more than happy to assist you.

    • Debora

      Hi Kate, I came across your post from July 2016 and don’t see that anyone replied to you. Have you found a Seacret Agent with whom you can order the Seacret products to. I have just recently discovered the Seacret products, love them and I have become a Seacret agent. I would love to be able to help you gain access to the Seacret products so that you can continue benefit from them.

  5. Michele Yates

    I became a true believer in Seacret after purchasing the product for my son as a gift but ended up using it for myself and falling in love with the results. This skin care line is nothing like I have ever tried before. It’s strange but amazing!! For those of you that use this product, you’ll understand what I mean. Lol!
    I became an agent not long after using the products to receive a discount but so I could spread the word of how incredible I believe this product to be to all my friends and family. Anyone!! Stop using horrible, damaging products on your skin, hair and
    If anyone is needing to order Seacret products in British Columbia, Canada or Canada in general..Contact me and I will help you get connected to our skin care and body products. You owe it to yourself. Protect, rejuvenate, restore!

  6. Bev

    Hi, I was introduced to Seacret last month by a friend and I have had the greatest results with my eczema. I have since joined and use all the products along with my family. If you do your research on the ingredients as I have, you will see that they are one of the best products out there. I have had bad experiences in the past at the kioks but Seacret is moved out of that area and changing to relationship marketing. This is huge and allows the pricing to be reasonable for the everyday person. I am so happy with the company and will never be a pushy sales person. The products sell themselves. thanks.

  7. Helen

    I currently work as a medical technologist but I am also a Seacret agent. They have a few unique products that impressed me. The day masque, night masque, M4. I have been using high end products and comparing the results and the price, Seacret has a very good outcomes. if you sign up to be a VIP customer, the prices are very reasonable. if you are interesting or have any questions, feel free to contact me. I am in Seattle and willing to meet and give you free samples without obligation. I am also looking for a motivated partner, if you are the one , please drop me a line. I also used to own a good business for 6 years in the mall, so you will not be disappointed to be my partner. Thanks for reading.

    • Kevon heite

      I was confronted by a young multi-level marketer about Seacret and am possibly interested in a business to business sales aspect of it. However, I would like to gain perspective and specific product knowledge before making any next move.
      Helen you seem experienced and knowledgeable and any insight or info is greatly appreciated.

      • Ashley

        Hi Kevin I noticed your post and wondering if anyone has replied to you? I am a current Seacret agent and would love to help you move further with this product/business!

  8. Victor Dunkle

    Well I am really pleased with their products. I was terrified with their prices but I saw the results and I got some products and im happy with the results I have seen. All the other products I either made my face a desert or an oily disaster. The lady I had was so terrific at her salesmen ship and wasn’t rude if I declined any offers. I found there kiosk in Park City Mall in Lancaster PA. I live 30 some miles away so it was worth the drive.

    • Beth Alkenbrack

      Hi Victor
      I am happy you have enjoyed a positive experience with Seacret Products. I am an Independent Seacret Agent in Canada…but have ability to sign up customers and agents in many countries. This is no intrusion, just an offer should you wish to have products delivered directly to your home. When it comes to skin care, when we find something that works, we want to make sure we always have it. Seacret is super customer friendly as is the ‘backoffice’ for customers. As a VIP customer you also have ability to share products with others and gain points…you can points even from your own purchases for use towards products… and can choose to order as you please, or set up autoship of 30, 60 or 90 days..and edit what or when you get product. The flexibility of service along with products is the reason I choose to join Seacret really. Let me know if you’d like more information. Have a great day!

      • Anonymous

        Hi Beth,

        Where in Canada are you? I’ve heard about this product but at the same skeptical to try it. Many of us have spent thousands on products that are sitting in a big box underneath the bathroom sink and I’m hoping this will not be one of them. I’d like to try some samples and see real results before committing to purchasing any products. Please let me know where in Canada you’re located.

        • Kate

          Laurie I have tried two of the scrubs and a body butter and they were well worth the money! Read my review just now and I’m in no way a distributor or know anyone that is (part of my problem haha)

  9. Val

    I got nabbed walking by a kiosk in king of Prussia, Pa mall. They don’t take no for an answer. 40 min time suck. They start you at $100 jar.. But only a very special deal for “only me”. Grrrr .. I hate that bull crap sales/ high pressure sales. When the second guy couldn’t sell me anything he went from charming and over the top compliments to rude and walked away. I wish kiosks were not allowed!

  10. Veronica

    I absolutely Love Seacret products use their anti-aging skin care line and all their body and hair products. Firstly, they are no longer in kiosks in the malls as that is phased out, due to the new business model, relationship marketing, and yes it’s the Best thing that has happened. Because i may not have tried them otherwise. Well guess what!! my sons acne of 7 years is now GONE! And he has tried everything else even a prescription for accutane which I am so glad he doesn’t need As a parent I couldn’t be more grateful. As well I have had countless compliments on my skin. And I am a dedicated skin care user of 30+ years and using expensive high end spa products. So YES I am sold. The prices are no Longer $200+ as a VIP customer. no more aggressive kiosk sales people. Just honest happy loyal Seacret Agents. I was so incredibly happy with the products, the company and the opportunity I joined so I could share these absolutely Amazing & beneficial products with everyone.
    Secret Agent & Loving my Life

  11. Daryll

    Myself, and most that I have introduced Seacret to now swear by it. No longer do we worry about having something on our faces, the something that turns off that girl or guy in front of us. Since I fell in love with their products, I also decided to become an agent for them, and for myself. If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please let me know! I will gladly help you and show you how I fell in love with the Seacret regimen.


  12. Micki Love

    Seacret is no longer sold at kiosks in the malls and now is sold directly to customers through their own VIP Suite via the computer. The pricing is so affordable this way that you can now purchase products for as low as $19.99 and the Age-Defying product line for as low as $89.99 including the Recover Masque which lifts and flattens wrinkles in just 15 minutes. Just check out what high-end skin care products sell for in the retail market. I am 73 years of age and the Age-Defying line has restored the look and glow of youth to my face. I became a Seacret Agent to share the line with others because of the amazing results I have seen from others who suffered with acne, eczema and psoriasis and not getting results from chemical based products. I live in Los Angeles County and would be delighted to let anyone experience the skincare line and other products in the privacy of their home.

  13. healthyskindeep

    I have never stuck to a regiment until my friend who is a licensed esthetician discovered Seacret. I can not believe what it has done for our eczema. For the first time I have soft skin and am currently using these products. I loved them so much I became an agent to earn the product because I want to try the entire line. My mother who is in her 60’s was VERY skeptical. She called me wanting to order the mud soap bars in bulk!!! I religiously use the mud soap for my toddler as well as for my older children. My husband and myself use it as well. Salt and oil scrub and body butter leaves your skin feeling like that of a baby! For my face I use the milk cleanser and toner as well as the peeling gell and just about all of the anti aging products and although I have sensitive skin these products did not cause any issues. The Restore mask works immediately! Botox in a box. We used to believe medical grade was the best and only option until we tried Seacret. You can order online and have it shipped directly to your door. healthyskindeep dot com. Use the bundle and save option and really save by purchasing for less than agent pricing on the first three products. Schedule to replenish and cancel at any time.

  14. Yesenia

    For anyone in Minnesota, I just want to let you know that I am an Agent and if you would like to try out our products I would be more then glad to and give you a free facial. I am here to answer any of your questions that you may have. Thank you your
    Agent Yesenia

  15. Michelle K

    I became an agent because I fell in LOVE with the results of the products. I’ve never used skin care before faithfully until Seacret!

    If you would like to get products cheaper either contact me or go to my link! I’m loving my results and all my friends are noticing and falling in love with it too!

  16. Ashlee

    Hello everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know I am a seacert agent! If anyone is interested in these incredible Secret products leave a reply. If you buy through me, shipping is free no matter where you live. Happy New year! Have a good one!

  17. Mindy

    I am looking for a distributor so I may try these products. How can I get ahold of someone? I live in West Virginia and would like to have someone close, but if not, I would love to talk to someone

    • Anonymous

      Mandy, I found it at TJMAX while visiting my sister before Christmas. It was at the Beckley location but you might find it at others. I only bought the lotion but I love it! I also have a question for any if the agents on here. I am having trouble with my eyes burning and itching and raw. I thought it might be allergies acting up, but now I’m not so sure. I just read the battle and it says nit to use around the eye area!!

    • Troy vo

      Hey you’re in luck. My wife is an agent for seacret. We can set you up for order if you like. Of course going through an agent is cheaper than the websites, and god forbid the kiosks!

      • Roxanne

        I really liked the gel peeling mask? But it was WAY too expensive and the hard sell tactics at the local mall (Mall of Georgia) were not only rude, but insulting. Only suckers believe that you spend $400 on two bottles and they “throw in” two more as a “special favor just for you”. You pay for it all, and far too much. I was not at all comfortable paying that price, and mentioned that I would normally talk to my husband before making such a large purchase for a luxury product like that. I told her I would think about it, and she pushed and pushed. “Oh, it is the money? Is it too much for you? Why do you need to talk to your husband?” I was mad. I told her I could buy 10 sets if I wanted, money wasn’t the issue. I said I needed to go and that started her on trying to get me to sit down. I said no thank you and that I didn’t want to remove my makeup as I had someplace to be. Before I could avoid it or see it coming, she slapped some gel on my face. I felt violated. As much as I liked what the product did for me, I was completely ticked off that she went against my wishes and “attacked” me with it.
        I mentioned to her that I have tried and liked AHAVA, and she said AHAVA was made by the same company. Well, wouldn’t it make sense for me to just buy AHAVA when it’s much less, I don’t get the hard sell, and can use coupons?!?! I don’t know if AHAVA has the mask that I mentioned, but I will be checking around. I will NEVER buy from the mall and give that sales rep my money.

  18. Annonymous

    When I walked into my friend’s place for an in-home party it was such a blast! We just shared a bunch of stories and had fun! The products worked really well and very quickly. I was so surprised! Since then their Body Butter has helped get rid of my girlfriend’s eczema. And she tried EVERYTHING.

    It even helped my buddy in the Navy with the dead skin from his Combat boots! 😀

    Thanks guys!

  19. Rachel

    Haven’t tried the products yet but now that I look up the other prices available on amazon and ebay, I’ve found out that I’ve been ripped off so bad! Really regret buying anything in the first place. First time buying from a kiosk and defiantly will be the last for sure.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t regret I sell Seacret and we have taking the product out of the malls to lower the price. If you like the product or have any question about plZ call my name is jesse and my number is 403 869 6957 I can give a 20 to 80 percent of the retail price you would have paid at the mall.

  20. Avea

    Ok, not sure if anyone still reads this, but I had to put in my own 2 cents on the matter. I was in the mall the other evening, and was approached by 2 sales persons, at a kiosk. I had a bad experience with similar products over 10 years previous, not sure if it was this exact brand or not, but the claims were the same, of the products being made from salt/minerals/mud from the dead sea, and the sales person there had actually put the salt body scrub on my face! I know now that this wasn’t the right placement of that product, and I had a bad reaction then, and made that very clear to these sales persons when I tried to politely decline their samples. They were smooth talkers and wouldn’t take NO for an answer, Kept saying they wanted to correct the bad experience I had years ago, demonstrated some of the products on my hands and forearms, and against my better judgement, convinced me to let them apply some of the products to my face. I have EXTREMELY sensitive skin and have run the gambit on cheap to expensive creams, lotions, cleansers, toners, etc., and I also will react badly to many products that are pushed on/made for sensitive skin. Oh, I also have a problem with being too nice, and not being able to say NO or assert myself in these types of situations. The second they put the magnetic mud mask on part of my face, it immediately started burning, and I did say something. They were in no rush to remove the mask, and just kept on with their high pressure sales tactics, saying things like, ” Oh it’s just getting down to the 5th layer of skin and removing all the dirt. When you start using this regularly, you’ll notice such a difference.” At the kiosk, they kept trying to say things like “… because I like you, you buy XYZ, and I’ll give you 123 as a gift…” He tried to sell me on the basic line, and pretty much had me, until he tired to start pushing the anti-aging eye products. He then said “… you buy AB for $500, and I’ll throw in 1&2 as a free gift, because I like you…,” Mind you, he already was trying to cheat me out of $360+ dollars on products that can be purchased at Wal-Mart under the brand L’Oreal, for a fraction of the cost. That’s right, Seacret is manufactured by the same company, in the same manufacturing plants as those L’Oreal products you can find on any Walmart or similar store’s shelves. After the $500 anti-aging eye product bomb shell, I promptly requested that any product that was being “demonstrated” that still remained on my skin be removed and that I would not be purchasing anything, and I promptly demanded my check back. I was refused the “return” and not given my check back, even though I did not leave the kiosk with any product in my possession. I had to file a stop check order for that check, and thankfully that will only cost me a small fraction of the amount these high pressure sales persons tried to take advantage of me for. I do intend to file BBB charges against this kiosk’s selling and business practices, as well as against the 2 sales persons. I am thankful I saw this for what it was, before I was scammed into paying outrageous amounts for these products. Further, I did not see any visible difference, except the rash, redness and puffiness that followed, where these products were placed on my skin. I’m sure these sales persons are nice enough, meant me no harm, and were likely just trying to do their jobs and earn a living, and I do understand that these products work for some, that no one product will work for everyone, and some people will swear by them, but do not be mislead by high pressure sales tactics, and do not be swayed into making a purchase for any other reason, than you 100% like and believe in these products. Also, do your research on this and any other product!

    • Anonymous

      Hi, I’m very sorry you had such a bad experience with the sales people at the mall. No product is for everyone, of course. I do want to correct a couple of things from your post. Yes, L’Oreal does manufacture many of the Seacret products. However, it should be clear that Seacret products are discreetly their own. L’Oreal approached Seacret to buy them our. When Seacret declined, L’Oreal offered to help with the manufacture of the product. The recipes are unique to Seacret – not even L’Oreal has the recipes. Seacret ships batches of ingredients, which L’Oreal then mixes and bottles. You cannot get the same thing at Wallmart. Also, please be advised that Seacret has a money back guarantee and want to create a positive and long lasting relationship with all their clients. Unfortunately, any large company will have individuals who do not display the company mission. Again, I am sorry for your negative experience. Coleen – Seacret Agent

  21. larisa

    A good friend of mine introduced me to the products who became an agent after trying them herself as well as her mother also became an agent. I am in Washington area and would be happy to answer any questions you may have …the website is pretty easy to navigate. I am a preferred customer but thinking of becoming an agent when I get a full time job. The products do work….but every person has different skin and for some people products will work and for some they wont….you just need to choose what works best for you. If these don’t work for you it’s personal thing… doesn’t mean it won’t work on someone else. Result s can be seen with in 15 minutes especially for the mud mask. I would say give other products about three days and you should be able to start seeing the difference in your face.

  22. Gaby

    I find Seacret to be the biggest blessing to me and my family. It’s helped me immensely with with acne breakouts and skin sensitivity issues. After trying the product for over an year I’ve decided to grow and join in the profit potential to be made. Meeting the CEO, family and business community has had a profound impact in my life. It’s certainly been a wonderful year of learning incredible business and people skills. My daughter Cirina and I have partnered up with this company and we can not wait to see the amazing future we have in this company. I’ve met the most amazing, HUMBLE and loving successful people in this industry. It sure is like no other. We would love to share the products, people and opportunity with anyone with a heart to help others and a desire to change their life and improve their $ situation. Feel free to look up our website and contact us.

  23. Londa

    I bought my products from seacret in the manhattan mall, CA. They suck you in with high handed tactics and give you additional “free products” that works okay, but WAY overpriced. When I complained, they gave me more free products. Beware!

  24. Barbara

    I find the articles on Seacret quite interesting. I ‘am’ a Seacret Agent….and here is my concern. People have traveled to the Dead Sea for thousands of years to experience the healing properties of the Dead Sea. Fact! (at the website….you are able to see the Manufacturing site at the Dead Sea of Seacret Direct…It’s definitely not Epsom salt with oils!) There are 26 minerals in the world and 12 of those 26 can only be found in the Dead Sea.
    It cannot be questioned when a customer has an adverse reaction to a Seacret product. I know that and would ‘never’ deny it as a fact! The products contain dead sea mineral, herbal extracts and essential oil! I DID have a customer that had an adverse reaction after she applied the Body Butter. She asked it the product contained Avocado and it does contain Avocado oil! I had her to used the mud soap and I sprayed the Seacret Toner on her hands (Almost all the properties contain anti-inflammatory properties) and she was fine. Did not even need a Benadryl shot!
    Because the Kiosk sales were not ‘good’ experiences for the customers, Seacret has gone to ‘RELATIONSHIP MARKETING’! You as the customer get an opportunity to have an intimate experience of the ‘amazing’ products and you have the choice of wholesale or retail pricing! As a Preferred Customer you have a fair pricing advantage and opportunity!! AND there is ABSOLUTELY ‘NO’ pressure! You have the opportunity, to use your own discretion, at the website to make the choice. You also can find out about the Ingredients of the products!
    I am an Agent of Seacret because of my ‘AMAZEMENT’ of the results achieved from using the products, for me and people I have shared the Seacret with!
    I, personally, have seen a person with 20 years of suffering from psoriasis use the product and in 15 MINUTES experienced a ‘significant’ reduction in the pain they suffered from for years that even a $600 prescription did not provide any relief to them!
    Yes I’m a believer and advocate for Seacret!
    I have a lot more ‘enlightening’ and ‘enriching’ information to share with you!

  25. Ed


    I take Vitamins, A B D E my skin is tight. I’m 54. Zero wrinkles.

    I was approached this evening by a Beautiful Seacret Spa lady. I didn’t want to waste her time not mine..

    I’m a marketer by trade, just say no, take the vitamins, and see yr results.


    i am confused, i was contacted by Jerem Davidson and told i could be a preferred customer for $49.99 and then i began doing a study and found out you can be become a preferred customer for nothing, so which is right and why are there so many different pieces of informations involving this product. I am not interested in MLM period, had my fill of it, but i know skin-care and give a great facial. I am more interested in the dead sea products and not the ones that contain paraban, or ingredients found in other skin care products. the anti -aging ones look interesting, but why so many doubling up of items, such as cleansing creams and moisturizers. Who wants a ton of products that sit on a shelf and are not utilized. When as a consultant for modeling businesses as a model and in charge of skin care, a cleanser, toner, moituriser, eye cream, night cream, mask and exfoliator is sarisfactory for a good regime. Most people have no idea what goes on the face first, and this can be confusing when you are handling over the amount of products for a good regiman. Peggy Cox

  27. Jessica

    I sell Seacret and the results are true and amazing if you have 15 min I will show you how amazing your skin can look.

  28. Josie

    I had an allergic reaction to Seacret products. Ended up taking cortisone tabs for 5 days. If they are just salt and minerals why did my skin reacted so badly?

    • Anonymous

      Josie, the allergic reaction/sensitivity that you experienced was possibly due to the trace amounts of iodine in the seawater from which the ‘Dead Sea Minerals’ are extracted. Are you also allergic to seafood? That would help to explain that. If not, then any one of a number minerals or allergens could have caused your reaction. Not everyone has the same immunities

  29. Seacret agent

    The products are amazing, just one mud mask on a customer, you make money already. The results sell for you, you are not salesman. The company is great, compensation plan is wonderful. This is a not a sale company, this is a culture of looking good and make money.

  30. melissa

    I’ve never used Seacret products, I’m sure they’re good as far as good goes however did you know that the cream of the crop skincare and anti aging products have proven to only show a 5 to 7% improvement over a one year period of time. I use Nerium AD. Botanical, first of its kind, backed by science and yields 30 to 67% improvement on fine lines, merging lines, texture, discoloration, pore size reduction, and tightens skin. Results can be seen in 5 days or less folks. We are the fastest growing company in the world, and we’re still a baby company. Check out my website. 30 day money back guarantee and we also promote free product just by referring 3 friends. Take 10 years off your skin in one year. That’s like a year a month almost!!! Just look us up. Nerium International is the REAL DEAL

  31. david hanes

    My wife and I are a agent now for Seacret now.. We were like everyone else and questioning the products..until we purchased some for ourselves to use. The product does do exactly what it says it does and on that we have no regrets on it either.. Anyone looking for some email me at david.hanes01@gmail. Com

  32. Terri

    My experience.
    I tried the products.
    Loved the way my skin felt and since became an agent in Calgary. I’m happy to share these amazing products at a fraction of the retail price and or the opportunity with anyone interested.


  33. Michael


    I’m from Germany and looking for Seacret products, especially the ‘Eye Serum’. Where can I get the product or who will deliver the Seacret products to Germany.
    Thank you very much for your reply.

    Munich (Germany)

  34. Elle

    I will never buy the Age defying serum again. It just sits on the surface of my skin. I bought a range of Seacret products. The body , foot and hand creams were nice enough. The age defying range was average. The serum well below average. I felt ripped off. The big tub of salt is nice though, leaves my feet soft after a soak and scrub. I have always been an advocate of using good skin care products. Seacret ranks as average to below average in my books. I also learned that these products are much cheaper to purchase online than from those kiosks in the shopping centres. I get these really cheap deals emailed from Seacret and every time I get them I am reminded of how much I was ripped off . Lol….live and learn hey?

    • Maria

      Hi Elle,
      I was sad to hear that you were not satisfied with the Face Serum. I am a serum user myself, lol, and I find it perfect. Anyways, every skin is different I suppose. The easiest way to save money if you so chose to continue using Seacret is to become a preferred customer. You will be saving between 40-60% retail prices (online price). So example, I love the Salt & Oil scrub pomegranite, it cost $49.95 retail but if you are preferred client, your cost is about $22.

  35. Dolley

    I started using the salt/oil scrub because I have psoriasis and I was approached in the mall with the lotion to try. I have bought many products including the mud for my daughters acne-didn’t work, face cream-way too expensive with little results, eye cream-again way too expensive with little results. The ONLY thing I truly love is the salt/oil scrub because it relieves the dryness/itch. I went on Amazon and wa-la!!! 1/5 of the price! So I go through 1 certain party on amazon and literally order 5 at a time for what 1 of these costs in the mall. I will NEVER purchase from the kiosk again, nor will I “fall” for any of the BS about face creams. I will stick with Fresh products (I love them and they work) for my face/eyes and the Seacret salt/oil scrub through Amazon!

    • sara

      Yeah I did find out for a fact that it is against all regulations to buy Seacret except from authorized sellers. Anything online via amazon, ebay or anything is against their contracts and buyer beware, you don’t know what your buying. It could be expired, it could be just lotion, its hard to say when you don’t get it from the source.

    • Anonymous

      Dolley……. once amazon stops selling Seacret products, along with ebay, visit my website and sign up as a preferred customer. The preferred customer price is about half retail.
      It is illegal to sell and purchase Seacret products from any online store that is not a Seacret affiliated website. Especially when more than half of the products being pushed on ebay and amazon are outdated or close to expiration. This is not good for paraben free products.

  36. H

    Seacret is good but not worth the price.
    The scrub is nothing but epsom salts with essential oil.
    The nail buffer wears out in a few uses – so it is definitely not worth it.
    The hand cream is good but you get other good branded hand creams at a lower price.
    The sales girl tried to sell us the product at double the price and pretended to bring down the price when we hesitated. Later we read the printed price and were relieved that we were not cheated.

  37. Shelly keeter

    If any body still reads this i have some seacret product that i would like to get rid of and i gaurentee that i will sell if for a better price. I was suckered into becoming an agent and purchased quit a bit of product. I no longer want to be an agent and just do not like the way seacrets marketing works, contact me at

  38. Parker Henderson

    I am a Seacret agent and can say the products are amazing and work. If you would like to learn more go to Feel free to contact my my number is on the website. If you live in southern California I can show them to you in person.

  39. Larry and Melanie

    My wife and I have been using Seacret products for more than a year now. We love them so much that we decided to become Seacret distributors just because of the discount. We are from America but live in South Korea. If you love the products and want them much cheaper I can show you how.

    Contact my wife and I at

  40. Nyssa

    Omg my boyfriend first bought me the seacret spa almond scrub in Edmonton It lasted me a whole year and since then i have not used any other products i do believe you pay for what you get LOVE SECRET SPA PRODUCTS

  41. Heather

    I received the body care and foot cream from my husband for my birthday and I have been using it my skin feel so much younger and smoother and my feet are awesome

  42. Micah

    I have been extremely satisfied with every product I’ve bought, from the hand moisturizers to the foot cream, to the extraordinary nail buffing kit and everything in between. I would recommend this product to anyone and everyone and I would take before and after pictures just to show you how well the products work.

    • Maria

      Hi Micah, my daughter’s name is Mica, LOL. If you would like to save 40-60% off retail price, you can enroll as preferred client for free. I am a Seacret Agent. If you have trouble, don’t hesitate 330-415-1705.
      Thanks and love Seacret always, LOL.

  43. Business Director Elsewhere

    Disappointed that the Legacy site has been shut down and meanwhile the Beta site is consistently failing.
    Disappointed that the Seacret management insists on creating repeat orders based on any order you place with them:
    – Even if you order something that lasts for 1 year, you will receive another one every month
    – Calling customer service to cancel the false order will take over 30 minutes on hold
    – Cancelling the counterfeit order requires you to pay for return shipping
    – Cancelling the sham order takes 3 weeks to credit to the account
    – Similar to ProActive scam reports
    Disappointed how many products received do not have the cap secured – this is simple.
    Disappointed how complaints are not recognized and fixed no matter how simple and cost effective.

    I love most of the products, but the business model needs to reviewed for integrity and the operation management needs to be replaced with more adept individuals that can support the business, their agents, and customers.


    Hi i have been using the secret products for 6 months.
    i live in the outback of western australia it can reach 50 degrees c ,my skin has improved greatly with the products,it is smooth and very well hydrated with out feeling heavy,it also is very clear no blemishes at all.GREAT PRODUCT.

  45. Liz

    I’m in Australia and the kiosk salespeople methods do not go down well here. I know, I for one walk past and say no thank you. I have previously tried the peeling mask when it first started in Hawaii and I’ve loved the product but still refused to go near the kiosks. When I found out The Direct market was coming to Australia I jumped at the chance and became a foundation member. The product is as amazing as I remembered and as someone also said, I no
    Longer need to wear make up everywhere. I previously was a rep for Arbonne and let me tell you. That stuff has nothing on Seacret. Seacret not only smooth the face, but it gets rid of pimples too. And that in a product is so hard to find. My painful dermatitis on my hands has disappeared. I can tell you becoming a foundation member was the best decision I have ever made. The Seacret direct family are supportive and helpful and look after you. It also means I get to bring an amazing product into Australia at discounted prices direct to consumer. If you also want to help me or try the product without pressure then let me know.

  46. Mika

    I bought 4 nail kits for Christmas after trying the hand-cream in our local shopping centre in Sydney. 10 minutes later the feeling in my hands wasn’t great and after that “water wrinkles” appeared on my fingers then burning sensations. I brought the 4 pack back before leaving the shopping centre and they gave me a total refund. It is now 3 hours since I tried their product and I still feel uncomfortable.

    I will never try/buy anything again from them or any similar shop.

  47. Peter Gilberd

    going to try and get our money back as we where told (silly me for not checking ) that the product contains NO paraben, well the Milk and Honey cream is full of it and My wife is now having to go to the doctors because she reacted to the cream, as she is allergic to paraben’s

  48. marc

    Well they just gave me 2 mineral rich peeling gels n bar of that soap for the price of 1 peeling gel only used once but seems softer ne who

  49. Cheryl Garland

    I love these products! I first found out about them at a kiosk in the mall. I didn’t want anything but I obliged the man and used the salt scrub to wash my hands. I was so impressed with the product I spent my last 50 bucks buying it! Much to my surprise I recently found out that I can be a preferred customer or agent and get a significant reduction in price. As it is their website offers a reduction in price over that of the kiosks! I’m now a proud agent of Seacret who is greatly enjoying wonderful skin!

  50. Tony

    I used to have really bad acne problem on my face and I was introduce to Seacret from a agents. With the mud soap bar daily and mud mask weekly it help clear out my acne problem. Now, my fiancee and I had join the Seacret to help other with their problem. Also, with extra income it never hurt.

  51. Becca

    I have very sensitive, dry, and acne prone skin. Once I started using Seacret, my skin was noticeably smoother, softer and less likely to breakout. I really do like this product and I’d recommend it to anyone who has a similar skin type as me.

  52. Kat S.

    I have had bad eczema for the last couple of years so when a pleasant young man approached me and my husband at a mall in San Angelo, TX, I was ready to listen. I had already heard positive things about dead sea salt for eczema. The price I was quoted was $99 for the salt… way too much for us. But quickly the young man dropped the price to $49.50, saying that was his own discount he was giving us. OK, fine. We went for it; eczema sufferers will try anything and pay almost anything for a cure. I do like the product; it leaves my skin softer and I think it’s helping the eczema (something is!). BUT what I don’t like is that today I went to the Seacret website and found the product for the same $49 price. What kind of scam is it to double the price and then quickly give a 50% discount?? I intend to go talk with those two young men because that is just wrong.

    • Anonymous

      that is not necessarily true! You must be a AGENT or Preferred customer to get the $49 rate! NO one else can just buy it at $49 so he gave you the lowest rate and made o money! I know I am a Agent too! go back to the site and you will see this to be true. Retail is way more

  53. Beattie

    I like the seacret spa mud mask.
    Haven’t tried anything as the products are very price.
    I was sold this stuff in my mall.
    The man was very sweet and I would have bought anything off him.

  54. Rick Morales

    The products are incredible! It’s done wonders for my wife of 49yrs. She can’t stop talking about how great her skin feels and looks now (less wrinkles). My son, who has been battling with acne issues for the last few years (he’s in his late teens), to be honest we’ve seen a huge reduction in his acne by just using the mud soap daily and the mud mask once a week. We joined the company at because we can get the product at a cheaper price now. So what if the company has decided to go into the ‘Relationship Marketing’ arena. I think its better this way. You can always contact someone for advice and get help if you need it . . . and best of all, if you are not completely happy within 30 days you do get a full refund!! Hello! At the kiosks I believe all you received was a kiosk credit. It’s FREE to become a Preferred Customer (prices are just a few dollars different than that of the agent pricing) and your given you very own web portal to order your own items if you don’t want to be bothered dealing with an agent. To many upsides to the company & products than to worry about the little stuff like how much of a discount you can get if you do it this way or that way. This is the new world people, use online resources and you’ll save money every time with most things. Check it out at

  55. Cindy

    Last week at a mall I was approached by a man working a Seacret kiosk. He buffed one thumb nail and it looked like it had been perfectly polished. He wanted to sell me the hand and nail kit that contained lotion, cuticle oil, a file and this magic buffer for $99! My husband and I kept saying thank you but no until he suggested $40. So far, it seems to be helping my dry hands and cuticles. My husband likes the smell of the pomegranate lotion. I am very impressed with the nail buffing block. I have shined all of my nails now in less time and no stink than with clear nail polish and it hasn’t chipped off like nail polish. I’m a believer the the nail buffing block. The other products in the kit are fine but the buffing block is extraordinary!

  56. Sheena

    I love Seacret’s products as well as the company. I am an agent and take pride in helping those with all types of skin diseases.

  57. Paul

    @ Schweeny, If you start getting paid 500-700 USD a month besides your full time JOB I don’t think you’ll be running away from the company.

  58. Jkaufman

    Hey Sheri C.,
    Please contact me at my email address
    I will be happy to help you with instructions.
    I have had positive results using the Seacret skin care products.

  59. Nichole

    I’ve been using seacret for a year now and I love it! My skin is smooth, soft and completely acne free. The mud soap is amazing. I’m a preferred customer, I order monthly and there is no scam in purchasing products that you love.

  60. Sheri C

    I bought the Mineral Rich Peeling Gel for $50 and got a free bar of mud soap (at a kiosk). it seemed a good price for trying it the first time. (similar cost to Neutrogena.)

    My skin did feel smoother the first time I used it, it will probably take a few times of weekly use to see if it takes away the blackheads on my nose.

    The only problem I had was the lack of instructions, I barely remember the speech from the salesgirl! lol

  61. Schweeny

    This company and it’s products are just one big scam. They were run out of the malls where they used to have kiosks because of the complaints against them. Run as fast as you can from this company!

    • Anonymous

      SO WRONG! I didnt meet up with the business until this year! I did see them in a mall in Vegas and bought the nail kit, back in 2010! I loved it. I am now an agent! THE REASON AND ONLY REASON they left the malls is they are making way more money doing it at homes and direct marketing as well! Which is a great way to make money! It is for good health then beauty! Great product I love, So please give your opinion but dont lie about the untrue facts!

  62. Leanne

    The first time I was introduce to Seacret was from an agent. Seacret is now in network marketing and offers customers a preferred customer plan which gives you the products that you love at a huge discount with no commitment and a 30 day return policy. Needless to say I am now an agent.

  63. Amie

    Actually, the pricing is great compared to La Mer products. And there is a customer loyalty program found at that gives up to 50% off when you sign up -PLUS- they have a reward points for the Preferred Customers.

    The products are fantastic – I no longer worry about my rosacea and I’m confident enough to go out without foundation and gobs of coverup.

  64. Kesha

    I use Seacret products, I did not know about using them to make extra income until about 1 year after I started using the Magnetic Mud Mask. I am apart of the Seacret family now and I can say overall I am impressed.

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