Roloxin Lift

Roloxin Lift: Overview, Ingredients, and Usage

Roloxin Lift provides a cosmetic, temporary solution for smoothing away fine lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and the décolleté. This facial treatment is also designed to diminish the appearance of eye bags and large pores. Roloxin Lift, which is marketed by Dermarche Labs in Scottsdale, Arizona, is designed to mimic the appearance of a facelift. However, the results only last twelve to 24 hours, according to the manufacturer. Roloxin Lift may be a viable skin care choice for you if you want to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles without having a surgical procedure.

Roloxin Lift Price and Purchasing Information

Roloxin Lift facial treatments are available for purchase on the company website and at several authorized online skin care retailers as well. The company sells the treatments in two sizes, in packs of ten or in packs of thirty. You may also be able to find individual packets on unauthorized resale and auction sites. However, if you decide to purchase the product from a resale site, be sure to read Roloxin Lift reviews on any seller’s profile to ensure that he or she has a positive history when it comes to selling authentic products.

The ten pack of Roloxin Lift retails for $110, while the thirty count pack retails for $270. While this may stretch your skin care budget to its limits, you may also consider it an investment, particularly if you are trying to avoid a surgical facelift. However, because this product is costly, you should take the time to read a number of Roloxin Lift reviews from a variety of sources to learn how well it has worked for others and whether its ingredients will give you the results you’re looking for.

Roloxin Lift Ingredients

The main active ingredients in Roloxin Lift include silica and silica silylate, which gives the product the ability to fill in fine lines and wrinkles on the face and reflect light in a way that masks them. Other ingredients include retinyl palmitate, which is a derivative of vitamin A and helps the skin shed dead cells more effectively, and Aloe Vera powder, which conditions and soothes the skin.

Roloxin Lift does not contain fragrance or any paraben-based preservatives, which may benefit those who have sensitive skin. Keep in mind, however, that if you have never used products that contain these ingredients, it is possible to suffer a reaction from one or more of them, so you should use the product sparingly until a skin patch test reveals how it will react to Roloxin Lift.

How to Use Roloxin Lift

Apply Roloxin Lift after cleansing your skin with warm water and a mild soap. Massage the packet gently for about ten to fifteen seconds and then apply it to the skin, working it over the area without scrubbing. Let the mixture sit for about fifteen minutes to allow the silica in Roloxin Lift to fill in fine lines and wrinkles, and then rinse with warm water.

Roloxin Lift Side Effects

Some users reported that Roloxin Lift causes their skin to feel stiff and uncomfortable during the first few uses but that the sensation eventually fades. The treatments also contain alcohol, which may contribute to dryness in those who already suffer from dry skin.

If you have experienced any reactions to over-the-counter skin care products in the past, especially those that contained any retinol ingredients, you should ask your dermatologist if this temporary facelift product is right for you. If you are being medically treated for any skin care issue, consult a physician before using Roloxin Lift.


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