When makeup artists create cosmetic lines, theyre almost always destined for greatness. Think about it. These are expertly trained artists who have worked with a multitude of skin types, products, and brands over the course of their career. They know what works, what doesnt, and whats missing. This is exactly how esteemed makeup artist Rose-Marie Swift, a professional with over 35 years of experience, created what is now one of the leading organic cosmetic lines: RMS Beauty.


Rose-Marie Swift had been working for decades in the cosmetic industry with her work being featured in acclaimed publications like Vogue, W, Harpers Bazaar, I.D., Allure, Marie Claire, and Elle just to name a few. After battling some health complications, she found that her blood contained toxic levels of a number of heavy metals. Unbeknownst to her, she also learned that many of those metals were directly related to some cosmetic products. Hence, RMS Beauty was born.

The philosophy behind RMS Beauty is to create a pure, organic cosmetic line that completely transforms the way women do makeup. RMS Beauty works to fuse the ideology of natural beauty including ingredients, processes, and anti-aging benefits for skin, with a focus on womens long-term health. This particular balance promotes the RMS Beauty main goal which is to help women achieve healthy beauty.

With a limited yet impactful cosmetic selection, RMS Beauty has created a solid organic color cosmetic line that appeals to women of all skin tones and types. All of the products in the RMS Beauty line are designed to work together in a unique synergy that RMS Beauty proudly shares helps to create a product that is alive and works to keep skin alive as well. RMS Beauty products can be mixed together allowing them to become a truly personalized individual beauty routine for each woman.

The heart of the RMS Beauty philosophy lies in the use of raw ingredients and pure processes. Celebrated for using only non-toxic ingredients, RMS Beauty products are formulated with ingredients that are food grade, organic, and remains in their natural state. This allows RMS Beauty to create products that are not only good for you internally, but also great for your skin.


With such a tailored product line, its no surprise that the RMS Beauty best seller list is extensive. However, there are a couple stand out products that RMS Beauty has become known for in the cosmetic industry.

RMS Beauty Living Luminizer: This soft subtle illuminator is the RMS Beauty top selling product. The RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is available in just one simple shadethat works on all skin tonesformulated with only four ingredients and promises to provide you with a sheer, luminous glow and a translucent satin finish. The RMS Beauty reviews on this creamy product collectively agree that the RMS Beauty Living Luminizer gives skin a refreshing glow when layered over foundation. Some RMS Beauty reviews note the product is a bit thicker than expected but this has not affected the use of the product. The RMS Beauty Living Luminizer is best applied sparingly with fingertips over all the places you would use a highlighter. This includes top of your cheekbones, bridge of your nose, cupids bow, brow bone, and inner corners of eyes.

RMS Beauty UN Cover Up: A multi-tasking product that can be used as either a foundation or concealer, the RMS Beauty Un Cover Up is one of RMS Beautys most talked about and another best selling product. Its name comes from the need to create a product that it doesnt simply cover up skin like most concealers but works to enhance the beauty of your natural skin. With a lightweight formula that hydrates and rejuvenates skin while providing flawless coverage the conceals skin imperfections, you are left with smooth radiant skin. RMS Beauty Un Cover Up is available a small 5 shade range with colors ranging


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