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Resurgence is an anti aging skin care program developed specifically for hormonal aging by Murad. Murad Resurgence claims to increase skin firmness, reduce fine lines and wrinkles and guarantees more youthful skin or your money back. The products are featured on television informercials throughout the USA and Canada. But does Murad Resurgance work? The kit contains a Renewing Cleansing Cream, Age-Diffusing Serum, Age-Balancing Night Cream and Renewing Eye Cream and is priced at $39.95 for the introductory kit. However, your credit card is charged $39.95 per month and the products are shipped every 90 days unless you cancel. The Age-Diffusing Serum contains ingredients such as AHAs,  Glycolic Acid and Palmitoyl Pentapeptide-4 to tighten and firm skin.

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This is our second review relating to Murad, however, this review is specifically for Resurgence. The products are nicely packaged and come with an informative anti aging book and some free samples. Murad is a trusted brand in skin care and the same principles seem to apply to Resurgence.  However, we prefer other products in the Murad range, such as Complete Reform and Intense Wrinkle Reducer, which do not seem to be included in the program. Murad products are very innovative and they keep manufacturing excellent products each year but Murad Resurgence has been available for a few years with no major updates to the formula. Therefore, we recommend looking at Murad’s other products before purchasing Resurgence. Whilst Resurgence mentions their policies clear during the checkout process, consumers often overlook this. If you are going to try Resurgence, please make sure you have read through the terms and conditions clearly to avoid any unexpected charges.

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  1. Georgina

    I ordered Murad after I watched a commercial one night. BIG MISTAKE!!!! I used the product for 2 months and not one thing changed on my face. So, I proceeded to return the product. The representatives that you speak with can barely understand what you are requesting to do. They also make you pay to return the product. This is product is a waste of time.

    • myri

      How old are you. Anyone over 30 should not use a mask, specially a clay mask, it will temporarily firm you skin but also dry it excessively. But for a quick and less expensive mask – buy some Bentonite clay and mix it with filtered or preferably spring water. It contains no extra added chemicals and less harmful to your skin. Don’t use it more than once a week.

  2. Nancy S.

    I started using Murad Resurgence two years ago and was delighted – until I got my most recent shipment in February of this year. The Sheer Luster day moisturizer is no longer working (I found out ingredients have been changed) and the cleanser in this line is not as effective as it once was (ingredient change here too). I was very happy until these ingredient changes and doubt I will continue with the product now. They keep trying to get me to buy/add new products to beef up the moisturizer and even sent samples of one product that flared my rosacea badly. Why do manufacturers change things when they have worked so well? Now I have to look for a new line for my dry, sensitive skin. Darn.

    • Gloria P

      This question is for Nancy S. Are you still using resurgence skin care? And what ingredients were taking out of the 2 products that you used? Have you tried to connect the manufacturer about the change? I want to try the product, but I don’t what to waste my time.

  3. Anonymous

    To answer your question. Many products provide immediate results. These are usually cosmetic benefits. Murad Resurgence is no exception. Products usually use ingredients to instant relax the wrinkle.

  4. Question

    Toni I am glad Murad Resurgence has been working for you. I find it difficult to believe that a product can do all of that in 2 weeks. Are you sure you didn’t mean 2 years?

  5. Toni

    I have been using the Murad Resurgence line for about 2 weeks. It is a great product, love the way it makes my skin feel. Very soft and moisturized. My skin is tighter with nice tone. Some of my dark spots are disappearing which I think the age diffusing serum is helping with. The renewing eye cream has really helped with the fine lines and crowfeet. I would recommend it highly. I am curious about the difference in the anti aging line in purple and wonder if that would be even better for my skin type.

  6. Nellwyn

    After using murad resurgence for 72 days I see no improvement in my skin. I wish the product was as good as the commercial. My main objective is to remove the small lines under and around my eyes. You need to cancel your skin or they will keep sending out more product every 3 months.

  7. Pinar

    I use Murad products and recently purchased the Resurgence 90 day kit for my mother. She likes the products. She was using cheaper creams before. I have tried many skin care lines but Murad is my favorite.

  8. Cynthia

    I have had 2 people recently comment on how good my face looks. Murad Resurgence leaves the skin soft and hydrated. I like the price – very fair. They automatically deliver new products to your home every 3 months – very convenient. I have also read Dr Howard Murad Wrinkle Free Forever and follow all of his recommendation. It is a more natural way than having botox injections.

  9. Angela

    I’m skeptical of these kinds of products and I am not sure if Murad Resurgence does anything more than moisturize the skin. I have years of experience with anti-aging skin care products as I am 50 and have bad genes and suffer from deep wrinkles all over my face and nothing has worked for me. Not even laser procedures that promise to completely get rid of wrinkles. What a waste of money and they just make me feel worse. I am happily married but I am always worried about what my husband thinks about my skin. I will give Murad Resurgence a go because of the warranty and because I have heard of good things about Murad but I am still very skeptical.

    • Anonymous

      I, too, am exactly like you. Please,please, tell me what you think of this product after using it. I can’t take those in their 30’s and 40’s at their word. In my 40’s,I THOUGHT I had fine lines and wrinkles. Looking at my skin now, I KNOW I have fine lines and wrinkles, and a lot of malasma. Thank you for your review.

  10. Mark

    I prefer Murad Resurgance – I have tried the other products but they are much ticker in comparison. One think I don’t like about murad is the spf cream.

  11. Stacey

    This Murad Resurgence is the same as expensive skin care systems you can buy at drugstores but it is much cheaper. I have had mixed reaction to anti aging skin care products so far but I would this Murad skin care system to work well. It wont treat wrinkles but it is good for preventing wrinkles and aging.

  12. Tennilla

    I have been using Murad Resurgence since it first came out and I would like to cancel my membership but I do not see their contact details listed here. Do you have the contact number for Murad Resurgence and are their any fees or penalties for canceling my subscription? I’m happy with Murad Resurgence but I seem to be getting more products then I would use.

  13. Jody

    I’m currently on birth control, Ortho Evra patch. I am interested in purchasing Dr. Murad Resurgence kit. My birth control contains high amount of estrogen and this product has some kind of estrogen. Having said this does this mean ill be on a high dose of estrogens?

  14. Amanda

    The combination of products inside Murad Resurgence give your skin hydrating throughout the day and protect against pollution. The kit is good value for money but dont apply too much product to your face as it is just wasted. Get the products from Sephora or Write a review to people know about how good Murad Resurgence compared to the others.

  15. Ingrid

    I give Murad Resurgence 7/10.
    I always look forward to my package as I run out early.
    This is because my face is very large.
    I am not overweight I just have a big heard.
    Murad Resurgence was designed for hormonal aging – this is what I have.

  16. Suki

    I started using Murad Resurgence exactly 2 year ago, my face has never looked healthier or tighter! I recommend this product to all my friends. I have also had laser skin tightening every 3 months now. Together with Murad Resurgence my wrinkles are almost gone. I used to have Botox done but I decided it was too costly and the result also goes away after a few months. I’ve also heard if you always use Botox eventually your skin will just eat it up and it wont work. You are better of buying Murad Resurgence Kit instead of getting each individual product. Hope you find this review helpful.

  17. Gianna

    Resurgance Skin care by Murad does exactly what it says it will. Murad does not make big marketing lies and is honest about how his products work. Murad himself is probably the most well known dermatologist in the world so why would I use any other brand then Murad? Besided, Murad Resurgance has been specifically developed for wrinkles and I have 60 with lots of wrinkles!!

  18. Jenny

    I bought Murad Resurgence after reading many nice reviews. I was using Meaningful Beauty before. Both are similar in many ways including the price. Maybe Resurgence is a little bit better with all the anti aging stuff and Meaningful Beauty is better with the dry skin. The kit comes in a special tv offer but they also have a website you can buy from. Just make sure you are aware the products are sent just before you run out so make sure you cancel beforehand if you prefer not to continue using Resurgence.

  19. Mio22

    I am obsessed with all things Murad .I purchased Resurgence originally I was told by my beautician that I suffer from horman aging, and I had to use something specifically to combat that. I use it daily and I am very happy with the results so far. I do have extremely dry skin during winter though and felt that the cream wasnt doing enough so I apply a thicker moisturizer on top.

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