NYX Primer

NYX is the affordable, professional grade cosmetics brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm in recent years. With their products making frequent appearances in countless YouTube videos, and their recent expansion offline and into a real life brick and mortar store, their popularity and product line continues to grow and expand. While the brand has an extensive selection of products, lets start at the beginning with the first step in every makeup application. Primer. There are a wide variety of NYX Primer options available to meet every skin care and need you can think of. From color correcting to hydrating, mattifying to glowing, there is NYX Primer specifically tailored for you.

Popular Types of NYX Primer

Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer: One of the premiere primers to be launched by NYX was the Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer. This serum based NYX Primer elixir was created to neutralize simple skin imperfections like discoloration and redness. The Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer is packed full of awesome skin benefiting ingredients that help to improve the appearance of skin. Some of the most powerful ingredients within the Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer are hyaluronic acid which helps skin retain moisture, Allantoin which is known for its soothing properties, and Portulaca for its anti-inflammatory properties. The Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer also contains gold flecks that are designed to illuminate the skin helping this NYX Primer leave a radiant finish behind.

As far as how the Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer performs, the reviews are varied and heres why. The most common Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer review you will find commends the products performance as a serum rather than a primer. Users of this NYX Primer celebrate the powerful skincare ingredients and claim to see a definitive improvement in skin. As a primer, however, the Honey Dew Me Up NYX Primer falls a little short. Other common notes regarding this NYX Primer complain that it leaves skin sticky and wet, which of course, is not optimal for foundation application.

Color Correcting Liquid NYX Primer: The Color Correcting NYX Primer is one of the brands newest additions created specifically to target skin discoloration and even the complexion for a flawless foundation application. This NYX Primer is available in five shades each with a pearl luminescence to provide skin with a fresh glow. The first Color Correcting NYX Primer shade is Pink. This NYX Primer shade works to cancel out purple toned discoloration in pale skin. The second Color Correcting Liquid NYX Primer shade is peach which is used to neutralize the blue toned discoloration common for dark undereye circles. The third shade of the Color Correcting NYX Primer is Yellow which works to conceal blue/purple discolorations in medium tan complexions, while the fourth shade of green works to neutralize red discolorations. Finally, the last shade of the Color Correcting NYX Primer is blue which neutralizes orange toned discoloration in the skin.

For a relatively new product, there have been nothing but positive reviews for this NYX Primer. Youll find that the most popular Color Correcting NYX Primer review celebrates the primer for its use to neutralize dark under eye circles. Another common Color Correcting NYX Primer review highlights the lightweight and silky smooth texture of the primer, making it a wonderful option under foundation and concealer.

Hydra Touch NYX Primer: Another new NYX Primer is currently one of the brands top rated. The Hydra Touch NYX Primer. This NYX Primer was designed for the dry skinned person in mind and promises to deliver supreme moisture and hydration throughout the day. The Hydra Touch NYX Primer is packed with beneficial ingredients like rosemary extract that help the skin look fresh and rejuvenated after each use and licorice root which is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and improving dark spots on skin.

As the highest rated NYX Primer, naturally, the reviews of this NYX Primer are glowing. One of the most popular Hydra Touch NYX Primer review youll find is that people have compared its hydrating properties to that of a moisturizer instead of a primer. Users have celebrated this NYX Primer for nourishing even the driest skin types and keeping skin moisturized all day long.


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