NUDE Skin Care

NUDE Skin Care Overview

The NUDE Skin Care Company carries a line of products that are formulated from the idea that the skin needs a certain type of nutrition, just as the body does. The company line includes a number of oils and serums that revitalize and hydrate the skin, eye care products that are designed to reduce puffiness and dark circles, and products that are designed to treat certain skin types, such as combination skin and oily skin. NUDE Skin Care products are made without pore-clogging mineral oils and do not contain parabens or synthetic fragrances which may be irritating to the skin. Building a skin care kit with items from this product line may benefit those with skin that is prone to breakouts or that has reacted negatively in the past to over-the-counter skin care items that contain preservatives and artificial ingredients. However, while the use of NUDE Skin Care products may lower your chances of suffering an allergic reaction, their products are not certified as hypoallergenic, and you should consult your dermatologist before making a purchase if you have any concerns.

About NUDE Skin Care

NUDE Skin Care was founded in 2007 by the team of Ali Hewson and Byan Meehan, who pooled their knowledge and experience with natural ingredients and environmental consciousness to create a line of skin care products that focused on not just treating the skin, but protecting and nourishing it with the kinds of nutrients it requires to stay healthy, and this remains the company’s goal today.

The NUDE Skin Care line includes fourteen different products that are designed to cleanse, exfoliate, and improve the skin’s tone and texture. Products include masks, cleansers, toners, and moisturizers. The Company’s site has a glossary of the items they use available on their website, as well as a store locator, but no NUDE Skin Care reviews, as the products cannot be purchased directly from the site.

While NUDE Skin Care products are formulated without artificial ingredients and fragrances, those who are building a skin care kit that includes organic items should keep in mind that these items are not certified organic. However, most of the items contained in the product lineup are suited for those who live a vegan lifestyle, as NUDE Skin Care products are not tested on animals, and most of their products do not contain animal matter. Remember to read product labels carefully when choosing items if you are concerned about this issue.

Where to Buy NUDE Skin Care Items

While NUDE Skin Care items are not available on the company website, they are available online through a number of authorized retailers. While you may be able to find the company’s products elsewhere online, these sellers may not be authorized and their products may not be authentic. If you choose to buy NUDE Skin Care at a local spa, you have the benefit of getting professional advice concerning the use of the products. The prices of this company’s products range from about $25 to $90, but prices at local spas and at authorized online dealers may vary slightly. Returns must be made at the original point of purchase, and online orders may not be returned to spa locations that sell NUDE Skin Care products.

NUDE Skin Care Shipping and Returns

The Company website lists a number of return policies for their authorized dealers, and it recommends that you contact the seller you purchased any items from if you need to return them. Keep in mind that different retailers will have varying policies concerning shipping and returns for NUDE Skin Care, and you should familiarize yourself with such policies carefully before making a purchase


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