Lifeline Skin Care Review

Lifeline Skin Care: Product Overview

The Lifeline skin care company sells a complete line of products such as facial cleansers, exfoliation cleansers, night creams and moisturizers, and eye care items. This company is owned and operated by its parent corporation, International Stem Cell Corporation, and uses non-embryonic human stem cells in its products and claims that it is the first skin care company to do so. The company also asserts that the stem cells contained in Lifeline skin care products can live for a long period of time so that their benefits have far-reaching results for the skin. These products may be a viable choice for those who have tried products that contain plant stem cells but did not gain the kind of results they were hoping for. Lifeline skin care products are sold and shipped internationally by the company, making them available for customers worldwide.

Where to Buy Lifeline Skin Care Products

There are a number of ways to purchase Lifeline skin care products, including directly from the website and from spas and doctor’s offices. However, if purchasing from the website, don’t simply rely on Lifeline skin care reviews presented on the site, and look for other information sources before making your opinion. While there is no store locator on the website, you can email the company directly for a list of these locations that are authorized to sell their products.

There are also a number of online skin care retailers that sell Lifeline products. The price of these skin care products vary widely, from about $34 to $340, with some products falling in the $60-$70 dollar range. This may be beneficial for those who have never tried Lifeline skin care products before, as they can try the less expensive items to see if they garner any positive results before moving on to the more expensive items. While there are not many options for saving money when purchasing these products, and Lifeline skin care coupons are not always easy to find, you should proceed with caution when buying from any unauthorized resellers, especially those that do not accept returns.

While the entire line of Lifeline skin care products are available on the website, making a purchase at a medical spa or from your physician will enable you to ask questions about them so that you can make a more informed purchase. Any product that contains human stem cells can be a cause for controversy, and buying Lifeline skin care products from a medical professional can put your worries about using these products to rest.

Building a Skin Care Kit with Lifeline Skin Care Products

While there are only about half a dozen products in the Lifeline skin care collection, the company also pairs its most popular products together so that you can build your own skin care kit with them more easily. For example, the skin brightening cleanser and the exfoliator are sold together so that you can use them in tandem with each other. You can also buy products individually to suit your skin care needs, such as matching the daily complex product with a night cream to hydrate and protect your skin 24 hours a day. As you create your skin care kit, don’t forget to consider your skin’s own individual type and tone to achieve the most effective results.

Lifeline Skin Care Shipping and Returns

The company offers free shipping on domestic orders that total more than $75. International shipping is available, but extra shipping fees do apply. Rush delivery is available for both U.S. and international orders. Company’s products can be returned to the company within thirty days if necessary, but products that were not purchased directly from the company website cannot be shipped back for a refund and must be returned to their original point of purchase. You must contact the company in order to receive a return authorization, as Lifeline skin care products

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