Lancôme Foundation

Lancôme Foundation: Is this Product Line Right for You?

For over 75 years, Lancôme Paris has been offering its customers a wide variety of fragrances, skin care items, and cosmetics, such as Lancôme foundation. The company, which was founded in Paris in 1935 by Armand Petitjean, carries a wide array of foundation in a number of different formulations. Lancôme foundation can be purchased in pressed powder, liquid, and in formulations that contain SPF protection so that no secondary product is necessary for sun protection. Other formulations are designed to cover minor skin imperfections and even out skin tone. Lancôme foundation, which includes Teint Idole Ultra and Teint Visionnaire Skin, is available online and from a number of in-store authorized retailers throughout the world.

About Lancôme Foundation

There are nearly a dozen different types of Lancôme foundation available, including Teint Idole Ultra and Teint Visionnaire Skin, and if you’re looking for a foundation line that offers you a wide array of formulations, then this line may be a viable choice for you. The Lancôme line also includes professional-grade, mineral-based, and luminescent foundation that may help you achieve a variety of different looks, and they all come in a large variety of shades.

The company’s SPF foundation comes in a number of different concentrations, from 15 to 21, allowing you to choose the formulation that best suits your skin type. This type of foundation is also a viable option for those who do not want to apply a secondary SPF moisturizer to their skin, especially if their skin is prone to acne and clogged pores. Some of the SPF products tend to be more expensive than other brands, but for many individuals, the UV protection, though limited, may be worth the cost.

Lancôme Foundation Price and Purchasing Information

Lancôme foundation can be purchased directly from the company website, from other skin care and cosmetics online retailers, and at beauty counters in department stores and drugstores throughout the U.S. and overseas as well. This high accessibility can be considered a plus, especially if you find yourself in short supply of product and with no time to order your foundation of choice online. The price range of Lancôme foundation is about $34-$65, which makes this line a moderately-priced line that should fit most cosmetic budgets. You may also be able to save money on the products with online discounts, sales, and in-store specials.

Lancôme Foundation Ingredients

While the ingredients in Lancôme foundation vary, many of them have common ingredients, such as ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate, which gives many of the SPF products their ability to absorb UV rays before they reach the skin. Other ingredients include glycerin, which helps soften and moisturize the skin, and dimethicone, which is an emollient that helps the foundations blend evenly across the skin.

Some Lancôme foundation products contain alcohol, which may dry out and irritate the skin. If you have experienced sensitivity to cosmetic products that contain these ingredients in the past, you should perform a patch test before using any Lancôme foundation on a larger scale. While some of these foundations are formulated for sensitive skin, you should use them sparingly until you know how they are going to affect your skin.

Lancôme Foundation Side Effects

While some Lancôme foundations do offer SPF protection, the concentration of this protection may not be enough to offer all-day protection. If you must spend a lot of time out in the sun while wearing any SPF foundation from this line, you should perform touch-ups several times a day to ensure maximum protection. Should you experience any irritation or breakouts after using Lancôme foundation for the first time, apply it sparingly during the next application until your skin becomes accustomed to its ingredients. If breakouts continue to occur, discontinue using any Lamcome foundation product until you can consult with your dermatologist regarding these issues.



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