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There area few ingredients in the skincare industry that are just starting to gain so much deserved hype and buzz. Apple stem cells is one of those ingredients that we’ve started to see in tons of new anti-aging skincare and cosmetic formulas, and for good reason. These ingredients have been shown to be a tremendous help for skin that needs help with dullness, fine lines and deep set wrinkles. But how exactly can this ingredient change up your anti-aging skincare routine? Today we’re going to be looking into one brand in particular, Kremotex, who has been using this ingredient in their anti-aging cream. We’ll share a bit about the product itself, the formula behind it and what you can expect from this brand. So without further adieu, let’s get started!

About The Brand

Kremotex was the brainchild of the parent company Health Research Institute. The company is responsible for three different products and companies, including Kremotex, which is their anti-aging moisturizer and treatment in one. They also offer two other products that target different aspects of skin aging, which includes Kremovage Firming Eye Cream and Phytotrinol Anti-Aging Supplement. Currently, all of these products are only available online through their website.

Apples For Anti-Aging

The Kremotex anti-aging cream is designed to produce three different effects over time. During the first three months of use, this results from this product build on each other to bring about more dramatic changes in the overall condition of your skin. Starting with the first 30 days, the anti-aging cream will start working immediately to deeply hydrate and moisturize, while also helping to tighten and lift. Once you start to get into your second month using this product, you’ll start to see some of the more drastic effect. And finally, getting into the third month of use, more of the long term benefits will start to become visible. You’ll have firmer skin, less dullness and fewer fine lines and deep creases. Like many products that feature several potent actives, the benefits of this product will be seen over time. Very few products lead to overnight success, but after around the three month mark, you should be able to notice the improvements in your skin.

Formula Focus

As we mentioned earlier, this formula centers around a number of anti-aging ingredients that are responsible for the immediate, as well as the long term benefits. But as interesting as the actives can be, sometimes the base of these products can play just as large a role.

The base of this product includes water, glycerin, liquid paraffin, jojoba seed oil and olive fruit oil. Water and glycerin serve as the main base for this formula, while glycerin itself all doubles as a powerful humectant to help draw and hold water on the skin. Moving into the rest of the base however, the concentration is definitely centered around moisturizing with emollients. Liquid paraffin or mineral oil, helps to seal in moisture so you won’t end up feeling dry throughout the day, while jojoba and olive oils further nourish the skin.

Looking more closely at the actives in this formula, the Kremotex Anti-Aging Cream contains alpha arbutin, niacinamide, panthenol, licorice root extract, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, apple stem cells, iris stem cells and blue lotus stem cells, all of which make for a very potent formula. The heavy hitter in this formula are a group of plant-based stem cells. As more research has come out on these ingredients, it’s been determined that apple stem cells in particular can actually transform themselves into differentiated cells, thus giving you the appearance of plumper, more youthful looking skin. Following the stem cells, other potent actives like SAP, panthenol and alpha arbutin are also included in the formula. SAP is a strong yet more stable form of vitamin C that helps to boost collagen synthesis while also helping to fade sun damage, dark spots and acne scars. Alpha Arbutin on the other hand slowly releases hydroquinone which reduces the skin’s melanin production, which is responsible for the creation of dullness and uneven skin tone. All together, the formula is designed to target all of the signs of aging using different, high powered actives to deliver results.

Review Recap

At the moment, Kremotex is only available for purchase through the brand’s website, so it’s difficult to get a diverse collection of reviews. There are currently only a few testimonials listed on the website, all of which are quite positive. Some reviewers noticed results in as little as three week, with less puffiness, diminished wrinkles and decreased pigmentation around dark spots and acne scars. Overall the feedback for this product and the brand has been very positive, so hopefully we’ll see more reviews in the future. But we’d love to hear from you! Have you had a chance to try the Kremotex Anti-Aging Cream? Let us know in the comments below!


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