Kevyn Aucoin Foundation

Luxury brand Kevyn Aucoin is the kind of cosmetics company that understands what it means to desire truly flawless skin. Unlike any brand that is currently available on the market, Kevyn Aucoin doesn’t simply create your standard facial products. They go beyond the foundation and figure out what it is that women truly want from their color cosmetics and skincare products. From there, Kevyn Aucoin created a line of face products specifically designed for this woman in mind. Leading this luxury lineup is the Kevyn Aucoin foundation. A serum foundation with a pretty price tag that promises to meet your skin’s every need.

Kevyn Aucoin Foundation

The Kevyn Aucoin Sensual Skin Fluid Foundation is the widely known serum foundation that makeup fans love. The name alone provides enough intrigue and allure leaving you wondering what’s so special about this Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation. From the packaging to the applicator, to the weightless barely there formulation, it’s no wonder why this Kevyn Aucoin foundation is the one to try. Starting with its sleek packaging, this Kevyn Aucoin foundation comes in a glass bottle with a dropper applicator to provide a perfectly targeted and light foundation application. The Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation claims to be a buildable medium to full coverage fluid foundation that delivers weightless, long lasting, luminous coverage. According to the brand, while wearing this Kevyn Aucoin foundation it’s as if you aren’t wearing any makeup at all. In reality, the coverage of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation is sheerer than anything but that doesn’t take away from the allure of the product. The extremely lightweight texture of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation also helps the base blend seamlessly into skin with ease.

The Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation continues its excellence when it comes to its robust formulation. First, the Kevyn Aucoin foundation is formulated without oil, water, paraben, powders, and is nano ingredient free. What this dermatologist tested Kevyn Aucoin foundation does contain is a number of powerful pigments and anti-aging ingredients which allow the foundation to deliver such a high performing product. The star of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation has to be the innovative Pigmento Perfetto. This complex blend contains a potent algae extract that is most commonly known to combat Progerin, the protein that speeds up the signs of age. By using this Pigmento Perfetto, the Kevyn Aucoin foundation helps skin stay firm, promotes elasticity, and slows down the appearance of wrinkles.

What’s really great about the Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation is its diverse applications. Between the formula and the shade range, virtually everyone can successfully use the Kevyn Aucoin foundation regardless of skin tone or skin type. Currently, the Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation line contains 10 skin tone matching shades ranging from pale beige to medium brown. Because of the sheer coverage of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation, a wide variety of skin tones are able to use the foundation with ease. As far as skin types, the only difference in the Kevyn Aucoin foundation that users may notice is wear time. People with normal to dry skin will enjoy a solid 6 – 8 hours of wear while those with oilier skin may notice the foundation fading a few hours ahead of time.

Kevyn Aucoin Foundation Review

There are so many wonderful attributes to the Kevyn Aucoin foundation that it’s easier to actually start off on the opposing end of the spectrum. When it comes to Kevyn Aucoin foundation reviews that are not pleased with the product, it is commonly related to the coverage. As noted, the brand explicitly claims that the Kevyn Aucoin foundation provides medium to full coverage but that simply isn’t the case. Those hoping for full coverage from the Sensual Skin Kevyn Aucoin foundation are usually left disappointed. Everything else surrounding the Kevyn Aucoin foundation reviews is positive. The weightless feel and the natural finish of the Kevyn Aucoin foundation are some of the most celebrated aspects of the product. The extensive shade range is another popular Kevyn Aucoin foundation review with users appreciating diverse shades that work on a variety of skin tones and complexions.


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