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iS Clinical is the expert developed skincare line of the Innovative Skincare brand. At iS Clinical the ultimate goal is to create high performing products that focus on the health of skin in addition to the well-being of the people that use them. With this two-fold focus at the foundation of the iS Clinical line, coupled with some of the most advanced cosmetic technologies, Innovative Skincare has been able to cultivate a comprehensive skincare line that includes everything from cleansers to sunscreens, serums to moisturizers. Behind each and every iS Clinical product is a highly effective and clinically based formulation that calls for the use of the most innovative skincare ingredients and cosmetic chemistry. At iS Clinical the products are carefully developed in-house by a team of skincare experts that includes geneticists, biologists, and physicians. With this mastermind team behind iS Clinical product development, the skincare line has grown to include anti-aging, preventative and protective products that are readily available. The iS Clinical brand of today is one that continues to drive the superior quality and clinically proven skincare commitment to the beauty industry with countless solutions that promise to dramatically improve the appearance and health of your skin.

Popular iS Clinical Products

iS Clinical Cleansing Complex: The iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is one of the skincare line’s most popular cleansers. The innovative iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is designed to deep clean the skin without drying or causing irritation. The weightless gel texture of the iS Clinical Cleansing Complex feels soothing as it works to reduce the size of pores and smooth the surface of the skin.You’ll find that this iS Clinical Cleanser is as effective as it is gentle with a mild formulation that includes nutrients and resurfacing ingredients like sugar cane to serve as an exfoliator, white willow bark to aid in cleansing, antioxidant chamomile flower extract to protect skin against environmental free radicals, and anti-aging centella asiatica that offers healing as well as diminishing the signs of age. The iS Clinical Cleansing Complex is paraben free and suitable for all skin types including sensitive and acne-prone.

iS Clinical Active Serum: The iS Clinical skincare line is home to a host of serum options to serve a number of skin concerns. One of the most favored is the iS Clinical Active Serum. This serum, in fact, is the most popular product of the iS Clinical line overall. The anti-aging iS Clinical Active Serum is designed to diminish the signs of age by visibly reducing imperfections like fine lines, wrinkles, large pores, and uneven complexion. The iS Clinical Active Serum even works to neutralize skin discolorations caused by hyperpigmentation and acne. One of the reasons so many users love this iS Clinical Active Serum is it provides immediate, long lasting results due to its comprehensive formulation infused with potent botanicals and nutrients. Within the iS Clinical Active Serum formula, you will find the typical iS Clinical ingredients like sugar cane and white willow bark extract along with some new innovative additions such as natural moisturizing exfoliator bilberry extract, and melanin blocking arbutus and mushroom extract. Upon application of the iS Clinical Active Serum, skin is noticeably smoother, brighter, and more hydrated. This iS Clinical serum is great for all skin types as well and is best suited for those with mature skin.

is Clinical Youth Eye Complex: Of the iS Clinical eye care products, the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is one of the most well known. This iS Clinical eye serum is designed to offer supreme hydration and help skin look more refreshed and rejuvenated after use. The iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is home to one of the most innovative eye care formulations that works to fight the signs of age of the most delicate area of the skin. Within this protein powered iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex is a robust blend of peptides and antioxidants that work together to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles, calm puffiness, neutralize dark circles and keep skin hydrated throughout the day. Some of the key ingredients within the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex include acetyl octapeptide-3 and copper tripeptide growth factor which works to reduce the appearance of wrinkles around the eyes, well known hydrating ingredient hyaluronic acid and calming pseudoalteromonas ferment extract to help with puffiness. This powerful formulation allows the iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex to deliver fast results that last over the course of time.

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