Institut Esthederm Skin Care

Institut Esthederm Skin Care: Company Overview

The name of the company, Institut Esthederm, was derived from the founder’s overall philosophy and approach to skincare. The word “Institut” represents the manufacturer’s philosophy of research and teaching; while the word “esthe” is a shortened version of esthétique, to refer to the science of beauty. The creator and founder of Institut Esthederm is pharmacist and biologist, Dr. Jean-Noël Thorel, who has been involved in creating skincare brands since the late 1970s. His goal with this brand was to design a product line of bio-cosmetics which are biologically active, technologically safe, and help the skin resist the effects of the environment. However, before purchasing the company’s products, it’s important to research Institut Esthederm, to see if they may actually treat your specific skin problems. Therefore, it’s imperative to read Institut Esthederm reviews and consult your dermatologist, so as to avoid possibly dangerous side effects.

Institut Esthederm Product Lines

The primary product lines of Institut Esthederm include face, body, and sun care products, as well as professional skin care treatments. The facial care line is divided into cleansing and makeup removal, correction, prevention, and universal skincare items.

Those looking for face care items will find a variety of facial lotions and serums from the company. For example, Institut Esthederm carries products to cleanse skin and remove makeup, items to treat wrinkles and hyperpigmentation, as well as facial exfoliators, to name a few.

Likewise, the category for body care is separated into exfoliation, moisturizing and nourishing, slimming, and firmness – all of which are common products in a daily skin care routine. Consumers looking to add body products to their skin care routine may also find a number of possible solutions in the Institut Esthederm body line of products. These items include a body scrub, several Insitut Esthederm moisturizers, and lotions to tighten skin.

When it comes to cleansers, Institut Esthederm offers several choices, one of which is the Lightening Buffing Mask. This treatment cleanser is a grain-free scrub as well as a mask-cream, and is formulated to improve surface flaws and uneven skin tone.

Institut Esthederm Sun Care Products

The professional product and treatment choices from Institut Esthederm include several different options to target specific skincare concerns. The options include a hyaluronic cream, a serum, and masks to draw moisture to the skin and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.

The vitamin-E based cream and serum are designed to tackle the causes of inflammation and reduce irritation, while the vitamin-A based cream and serum target fine lines and wrinkles. The vitamin-C based products address the effects of hyperpigmentation in the skin.

Other professional treatments include an oxypeeling treatment, which claims to address deep wrinkles using vitamin A; and pigmentation issues using vitamin C.

The company website does not have ingredient lists or customer testimonials, and you may need to research Institut Esthederm reviews on third party websites.

Where to Buy Institut Esthederm Products

Institut Esthederm products are available in more than 5,000 locations, in forty different countries all over the world. Consumers can also find the company’s products from third party retailers, though it’s important to ensure that they are authorized, to avoid purchasing an expired or counterfeit product.

Institut Esthederm Side Effects

Although Institut Esthederm claims to make high-quality products available only through an exclusive network of luxury locations; that does not guarantee that all products and ingredients are safe for every individual. For example, vitamin C can cause itchiness and redness while vitamin A can result in flakiness or sun sensitivity.  In order to minimize the potential side effects, it is usually suggested that a patch test is conducts first before using Institut Esthederm products.

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