Honey Face Mask

Honey has been prized for its healing properties for hundreds of years, and has led to the development of honey face mask treatments to moisturize and nourish skin. Originally, honey was used in ancient civilizations as a way to heal wounds and improve skin, because of its antibacterial effect. The healing ingredients in honey still have place in today’s beauty products and natural healing remedies alike, including soaps and honey face masks. In fact, research indicates that a honey face mask has many healing properties that may help get rid of acne, facial scars, and improve the general condition of skin.

How Does a Honey Face Mask Work?

A honey facial mask helps destroy bacteria and keep the pores cleaner. Although glucose is a big part of food energy, high concentrations of it can actually kill bacteria. That is why you rarely need to keep honey in the refrigerator, because bacteria have a hard time surviving in it. Using a honey face mask can help prevent future breakouts, because this acne treatment has antibacterial qualities that prevent bacteria from re-forming in pores. Honey is also a powerful humectant, which means that it attracts moisture to the skin, making it easier for the skin to heal itself.

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Is All Honey Created Equal?

Not all honey is the same, and you definitely shouldn’t just go to your local supermarket and slather honey all over yourself after buying the first bottle you see. The quality of honey is based on the main type of flora that the bees pollinate. For example, if a bee pollinates clover flowers, it is called clover honey. If the hive is surrounded by orange blossoms, it is called orange blossom honey. The properties of the honey mask itself will be largely determined by the flowers that the bees used in the process. As a general rule, the darker the hue, the more antioxidants the honey will contain.

Another good rule of thumb in choosing a honey face mask is to make sure you are using raw honey. Raw honey can be dramatically more effective in treating acne and other skin irritations, because it retains more of the original nutrients. During pasteurization and filtration, honey may be heated up to a point that destroys many of the natural nutrients, significantly decreasing the effectiveness of the honey face mask. This is not a problem with raw honey, because it isn’t heated. If you choose to buy a manufactured honey face mask, make sure the instructions are explicitly stated, giving you guidance about how to use the specific honey mask to experience its full benefits, as some treatment instructions vary.

Are Honey Face Masks Good for Everyone?

A honey face mask is especially beneficial as an acne treatment when the problem is caused by bacterial build-up in the skin. However, keep in mind that there are many different reasons why someone suffers from acne. If the source of your acne is purely hormonal, as is common for adult acne in women, you may find that a honey face mask may not completely clear up the condition. To truly treat acne, you have to find the root of the problem and treat the issue from within.

It is also important to note that honey is not a face cleanser. Before applying a honey face mask of any kind, you should always wash your face or you could lock in impurities and cause further issues. If you are using a honey mask for the first time, you should know that it can be potentially irritate sensitive skin, so be careful. Before using the mask, place a small amount on your jaw line to test for allergic reactions or irritation. Lastly, people who have bee allergies should stay away from a honey face mask treatment because it could stimulate a potentially life threatening allergic reaction.

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  1. Angie

    I have used honey to clear up acne break outs all my life. My grandmother told me about it when I was starting puberty and she noticed I had some bacne. I knew I had zero allergies to honey, so I grabbed my grandfathers honey and asked her to apply it to the areas I couldn’t reach. My skin was clear by that Sunday for the churches homecoming pictures. My grandfather was a cattle rancher who often traded cattle products for bee-keeper honey, and I did encounter an allergic reaction once that was irritating enough to cripple me. As it turns out, if there is a specific weed around the bees during allergy season I can’t use that honey. Therefore I went commercial filtered and regardless of what everyone says as long as I opt for a rich amber commercial honey, and avoid the ones labeled “light” then I respond quite well to the honey. Far better than if the Honey was created from the wild weeds that drive me batty.

  2. Iya

    I tried honey for my face but I get small red spots on my face but on the next day. It was gone. I’m afraid to use honey again because it might more ako me out.

    I suggest use oatmeal for your face and skin. It is suitable for all skin types. Because oatmeal is so gentle on skin.

  3. Carla

    Hi I’ve actually have had acne all my life I’ve tries every over the counter remedie nothing helped.did this honey really help anyone with sever acne

    • Maria L

      Ive had really bad acne since i was 13 up until I was 20. I’m now 21 and I started using the honey on my face and my acne has been tamed and is going away it’s gotten so much better! I use buckwheat honey on my face as a mask I usually leave it on 5-10 min it gets a little red after but the redness goes away after 5 minutes and that has made my skin feel soft glow and less bumpy. I am left with acne scars from the past breakouts and the honey slowly lightens them but I do notice a difference. The only acne I get now is 2 pimples during my cycle so it’s unavoidable and impossible to have super clear skin for me 😩

  4. laura

    I just recently read that pure honey and milk help remove redness,acne & scars many people agree that it works faster if you use this mixture morning and night leaving it on your face 10-15 mins. I’m hoping it works on me I have redness on recently popped pimples and on coming pimples and scars this site helped a lot BTW. TY!

  5. priscilla

    I recently tried this honey mask with raw wildflower honey and it caused me a bunch of little bumps around my face which I am now trying to figure out how to get rid of them. When researching I didn’t see anything about not using on sensitive skin where I believe I went wrong by seeing this page now. I’m highly upset and back to the stage of feeling self conscious and going back to wearing make up. I hope benedryl or something can help with these little bumps 🙁

    • Anonymous

      Me too. Took some benedryl, discontinued use and am now using aloe Vera to get rid of what has turned into a sunburn kinda. The mask worked to dry up pimples and started to fix some acne scars but I think my skin is way too sensitive for it.

    • sue t.

      same thing happened to me.. I don’t know why! I am trying to figure out but I can not find anything on this matter.

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