Gabriel Cosmetics

The era of green beauty is one that has been steadily growing with more and more beauty brands opting to create high performing cosmetics with only the most natural ingredients of the earth. Many brands, like Gabriel Cosmetics, take this natural beauty philosophy a step further by infusing nature into all aspects of the brand. With Gabriel Cosmetics, this natural cosmetics company is dedicated to creating high quality, natural skincare that is vegan, gluten and cruelty-free. With this philosophy remaining at the core of the brand, Gabriel Cosmetics has been able to create a cosmetics company that serves to enhance and protect the natural beauty of women.

The Story Behind Gabriel Cosmetics

Gabriel Cosmetics was founded with one simple vision in mind. Natural beauty. From humble beginnings, Gabriel Cosmetics has grown to become a full-service cosmetics company with lines specifically formulated to serve a number of purposes and demographics in the beauty industry. To start, the Gabriel Cosmetics brand on a whole is an NPA Certified Natural cosmetics company. What this means is within each and every Gabriel Cosmetics product is a 100% natural formulation that leaves out harsh chemicals, artificial preservatives, dyes, fragrance, parabens, and phthalates. Gabriel Cosmetics beauty products are also 100% vegan and cruelty-free which adds another layer to their holistic natural approach to beauty.

Popular Gabriel Cosmetics Products

Within the Gabriel Cosmetics umbrella youll find the premiere Gabriel Cosmetics line, the sophisticated Zuzu Luxe line, Clean Kids Naturally, a line created specifically for children, and Gabriel Organics. Each of the Gabriel Cosmetics lines serves a specific purpose and all are created with the same core Gabriel Cosmetics philosophy in mind.

Gabriel Lipstick: Of the original Gabriel Cosmetics line, the Gabriel lipstick is easily one of the brands most popular products. The Gabriel Cosmetics lipstick is a long-lasting, moisturizing lipstick that combines nourishing ingredients and vibrant color for all day glamorous lips. With ingredients like jojoba, sesame, and safflower oil, Gabriel Cosmetics lipsticks provide a boost of hydration to lips that continue throughout the day. The gentle Gabriel Cosmetics lipstick formula glides on smooth providing lips with natural coverage that stays true from morning to night. Gabriel Cosmetics lipstick is available in 25 shades including neutrals, pinks, bright and deep reds, and plums.

Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation: Another popular Gabriel Cosmetics product is the Gabriel Dual Powder Foundation. This velvety smooth Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation works to reduce shine and oil production throughout the day while providing medium to full coverage to skin. The result of using this Gabriel Cosmetics powder foundation is silky smooth skin with soft matte finish. The formula behind the Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation is one packed with plants, botanicals, and antioxidants making this a great option for those of all skin types. This Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation also contains mineral sun protectant titanium dioxide which helps provide the foundation with broad spectrum SPF. You can find the Gabriel Cosmetics Dual Powder Foundation available in five shades ranging from Extra Light Beige to Deep Beige, best suited for those with pale to tan complexions.

Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primer: The final Gabriel Cosmetics product to note comes from the brands Zuzu Luxe line. The Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primer is one of the Zuzu Luxes top rated products. The Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primers work to improve the appearance of skin by visibly reducing the appearance of minor imperfections while color correcting areas of the face affected by skin discoloration. The Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primer helps even the texture and complexion of the skin providing the perfect canvas for foundation application. Within the potent plant packed Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primer youll find ingredients like jojoba oil and aloe vera that work to moisturize and soothe the skin while stimulating collagen production making this a great anti-aging primer option. The Gabriel Cosmetics Zuzu Luxe Color Correcting Primer is available in five color correcting shades designed to increase the luminosity of the skin, correct sallow complexions, neutralize red toned discolorations such as rosacea or blemishes, brighten dull skin, and neutralize blue toned skin discolorations.


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