FRÉ Skin Care Review

If you’ve ever done an intense workout, you know how great your body feels afterwards. You feel strong, flexible, and energized. What may not feel so amazing, however, is your skin. While sweating is natural after an intense workout, it’s not exactly pleasant. Sweating is the body’s way of releasing toxins and regulating temperature, but sweating can also lead to bumps, blisters, pimples, spots, and more. Furthermore, all that sweating can cause your skin care products, such as sunscreen or moisturizer, to melt off your face during your workout. Yuck! Recognizing this problem, FRÉ skin care set out to develop a line of products that would combat workout-induced skin damage and the signs of aging accelerated by the combination of sweat, intense exercise, sun, pollution, and other environmental factors.

Key products

The key products of the FRÉ skin care line can be found in what’s called the 123FRÉ set, a comprehensive 3-step routine that is said to create a clear complexion and a healthy glow. It is formulated to fight exercise and sweat-induced skin damage such as breakouts, dehydration, and the signs of aging. All products are dermatologist-tested, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic.

Step one of the 123FRÉ set, called Protect Me, is an ultra-light moisturizer with SPF 30 that is water resistant for up to 80 minutes. This product uses chemicals like homosalate and ethylhexyl salicylate to block UVA, UVB, and IRA rays. Chemical sunscreens protect the skin by first absorbing UV light, then transforming that light energy into some other form of energy, such as heat. A benefit of chemical sunscreens is their ability to defend the deeper layers of skin, including collagen fibers and other tissue, against the aging effects of UVA rays, as well as preventing penetration by the UVB rays responsible for tanning and sunburn. With its ultra-light texture, the FRÉ Protect Me moisturizer is ideal for daily use, particularly if you plan to exercise outdoors.

Step two of the 123FRÉ set, called Purify Me, is a facial cleanser that is said to de-stress, hydrate, and rebalance your skin, even after the toughest workout. One of the key ingredients in this product is jojoba beads, which gently exfoliate the skin. The chemical composition of jojoba mimics the natural sebum (oil) of human skin more closely than any other oil. Thus, jojoba is capable of unclogging pores by removing excess oils and dead skin cells, as well as imparting a healthy glow and smooth skin texture.

Last but not least, step three of the 123FRÉ set is known as Revive Me and is a deep replenishing serum that is said to promote a healthy, energized glow while keeping skin hydrated and nourished with minerals and vitamins. This serum is formulated with argan stem cells, which are the first active ingredients to demonstrate a proven protecting effect on real dermal stem cells. Argan stem cells have the ability to vitalize and protect dermal stem cells, reduce wrinkles, tighten and tone skin tissue, increase skin firmness and density, and stimulate deep-seated rejuvenation of the skin.

Key formulation

The key formulation behind the line of FRÉ skin care products is based on one natural
plant that can address the effects of intense exercise and sweat on facial skin: Argania Spinosa, aka Argan.

The highly resilient and adaptable Argan tree grows in the deserts of Southern Morocco. It has been praised by indigenous populations for generations as a kind of wonder plant because of the intensely nourishing properties of its oil. Often called ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is rich in potent antioxidants and fatty acids, which makes it an ideal ingredient for treating dry hair and skin. Additionally, argan oil has significant UV-protective properties, according to the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry.

The FRÉ researchers have proceeded several steps beyond the traditional uses of Argan oil by creating a unique formula known as Argania Active Complex© out of the kernel and the leaf of the Argan tree. This complex contains a variety of antioxidants, including carotenoids, polyphenols, vitamin E, ferulic acid, flavonoids, and squalene, all which help to reduce the effects of aging. Here is how each of these antioxidants works:

  • Carotenoids are natural fat-soluble elements that protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation and free radical reactivity, helping to maintain healthy skin
  • Polyphenols can help to repair and rejuvenate your skin
  • Vitamin E is a vital antioxidant and anti-inflammatory element. It also helps the skin retain moisture by strengthening the skin’s barrier function
  • Ferulic Acid helps protect the skin from UV radiation and free radical activity
  • Flavonoids have strong anti-oxidative properties, inhibit the free radical activity, protect collagen, and preserve the skin against premature aging. They also protect the skin by absorbing UV radiation, therefore providing a sunscreen effect
  • Squalene protects cells against bacterial and fungal infections, while also protecting from UV light


On the FRÉ website, each product from the 123FRÉ set has received 402 reviews with all three averaging 95% five star reviews. Those who have tried these products love that they are gentle yet effective and work well at keeping their skin balanced. Reviewers have stated that they’ve noticed dramatic results in their complexion in as little as a couple weeks. Numerous reviews also comment that they really enjoy the smell of these products.

Overall, FRÉ has created a skin care routine packed with many beneficial ingredients that is ideal for those who are active and want to protect their skin from sweat, sun, pollution, and other environmental factors.


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