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 This skin care line was created by the Swiss cosmetics company, Labo International. Although several products fall under the Fillerina brand name, including a variety of creams, the most famous item is a skin care kit called Dermo Cosmetic Filler Treatment, which was created in 2012. This kit is made up of two specialty serums, but is distinguished by a specialty applicator which looks like a syringe. Please keep in mind that although you may come across positive Fillerina reviews, the high cost of this item and the unique formulation makes it imperative to speak with a dermatologist before using the kit.

How Fillerina Works

The Fillerina Filler Treatment is a combination of two gel-like serums, with the first one meant to provide immediate skin plumping effects, while the second one is meant to further fortify the skin and promote cellular repair.

The first serum, called the Gel Filler, is basically a hyaluronic acid treatment. However, unlike most over the counter hyaluronic acid serums, this Fillerina product is formulated with different sizes of hyaluronic acid molecules. The issue of molecular size has gained significant attention in the last decade, as smaller molecules tend to penetrate more deeply. Therefore, by using different molecular sizes o hyaluronic acid, Fillerina aims to hydrate the skin on several levels.

The second serum, referred to as Nourishing Film, has a consistency more similar to a cream. However, instead of hyaluronic acid, this serum is formulated with a variety of moisturizing ingredients, like lecithin, caprylyl glycol, urea, and glycerin, among others. The Nourishing Film also contains antioxidants, like vitamin E.

However, the goal of the Nourishing Film isn’t just to moisturize, but to create a protective barrier on the skin, to reduce moisture loss.

How to Use Fillerina

What sets Fillerina apart from most serums is the unique applicator design. Instead of a dropper, the manufacturer created an applicator that looks like a syringe, but has a curved, smooth tip instead of a needle. Each serum, the Filler Gel and the Nourishing Film, comes with its own applicator, to prevent cross contamination.

The first step is to apply the Filler Gel. To do this, use the Fillerina applicator to draw out about one mL of the serum. Then, use the applicator to apply the gel into specific creases, like forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet, smile lines, nasolabial folds and neck wrinkles. Thereafter, wait 10 minutes and then massage the gel into the rest of the skin.

The distinction between a regular hyaluronic acid serum and the Fillerina gel is very important, as the latter isn’t initially applied to the entire face. The applicator is specifically designed to apply the gel to specific wrinkles and creases. Only after the gel has had time to work on those creases should it be spread out and massaged into the rest of the face.

Once the first step is complete, it is time to apply the Fillerina Nourishing Film. This film contains a number of moisturizing ingredients that are meant to lock in the effects of the hyaluronic acid serum for a longer period of time.

However, the application of the Nourishing Film is less painstaking. Simply draw out one mL with the applicator and apply small dots to the forehead, cheeks, chin, and neck. Then, without waiting, gently massage the serum into the skin.

Lastly, it’s important to keep in mind that this kit comes in three grades (grade 1 – grade 3), with grade 1 meant for mild wrinkles, and grade 2 for moderate, and grade 3 for deep wrinkles.

Where to Buy Fillerina

Fillerina can be a bit difficult to find for some consumers. Although this skin care kit is distributed worldwide, it’s still not a well known product.

One reason for this may be the unique application method, which may not be very appealing for some individuals, or may be downright confusing. Since it’s not a simple cream and there is a learning curve for using the gel filler and the nourishing film correctly, some customers may simply delay purchasing the items.

Another reason could be the relatively high price of this kit. At a cost that ranges between $108 and $130 (depending on which grade of the kit is purchased), it may simply fall beyond the budgets of many consumers.

Should the consumer decide to try Fillerina, they will be able to find it through the manufacturer’s U.S. website, and through a handful of authorized distributors.

Because of the high cost of the product, the consumer may wish to avoid purchasing the kit from large ecommerce platforms where sellers may be unauthorized. For those who do go this route none-the-less, it’s advisable to carefully read all Fillerina reviews for the vendor, to ensure that the seller is trustworthy.

Fillerina Reviews

Unfortunately, there are not many third party Fillerina reviews available online. This may be due to the fact that the product is quite expensive. Every kit costs over $100, and lasts for only two treatments (each vial has 2 mL of serum, and 1 mL must be used per treatment). This lack of customer Fillerina reviews means that the consumer will ultimately need to make a leap of faith when deciding to buy this product, and take the risk that the item will not be effective for them.

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  1. Paul Greene

    I paid over $700 for this Fillarina grade 3 treatment from Ella Rough, after finishing the coarse I found that there was no improvement at all, and when I went back to the Clinic ( ella rough) they told me that I had the wrong skin type for it to work, and will not refund my money. Dont you think they should have tested your skin type first??? anyway I think that FILLARINA is a big expensive rip off and a load of BS.. it does not work.

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