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Is Fill and Freeze as Good as Botox?

If you’ve seen the plastic surgeon Dr. Andrew Ordon touting Derm Exclusive products on TV, you may be wondering if Fill and Freeze is a miracle skin gel. This product is being widely marketed and publicized as an instant wrinkle filler that is almost like Botox in a bottle. Further, Fill and Freeze and other products from Derm Exclusive even carry celebrity endorsements, which can further create the suggestion that this skin care product manufacturer created a revolutionary approach to wrinkle treatment. However, when reading Fill and Freeze reviews, you may surprised that many consumers didn’t find this product as helpful as expected. Therefore, if you’re looking for a topical cream that will give you skin tightening effects similar to Botox, you may want to first speak about Fill and Freeze with your dermatologist, to assess whether this gel can actually help your specific situation.

Fill and Freeze Reviews

When researching this product online, you will likely find a wide range of Fill and Freeze reviews, with consumers either raving about the product, or (on the other end of the spectrum) being utterly disappointed. There is good reason why Fill and Freeze reviews appear in such a wide range.

This Derm Exclusive product is being widely marketed by several distributors and has endorsements from a real plastic surgeon as well as from celebrity personalities. Such a marketing effort can create very high expectations from consumers, yet each individual has unique skin with different wrinkle severity. Therefore, when reading negative Fill and Freeze reviews, you may wish to keep in mind that some consumers simply had expectations that could never be satisfied with a topical product. After all, if Fill and Freeze was truly more effective than cosmetic injections, then Botox would have quickly been discontinued.

On the other hand, very positive Fill and Freeze reviews could be from consumers who don’t have very deep wrinkles. Therefore, ingredients like peptides and lactic acid in this gel could be all that’s needed to diminish these light wrinkles and create dramatic results. Hence, it’s important to remain objective about any Fill and Freeze reviews you may find online.

Where to Buy Fill and Freeze                                                   

Fill and Freeze can be purchased from and online retailers like Amazon. However, when purchasing this item it is important to understand what you’re paying for, as there are several ordering options. For example, if you go the route of purchasing the company’s introductory skin care kit, you can do so for $39.95, and will receive several trial products, including a free tube of Fill and Freeze.

If you purchase Fill and Freeze as a standalone item, on the other hand, it will cost approximately $60 for about a tenth of an ounce. Consumers who enroll into the Derm Exclusive automatic shipment order (wherein product replenishments are sent to you automatically) can receive discounted rates on this product.

Fill and Freeze Ingredients

Fill and Freeze contains a number of ingredients that aim to repair skin. For example, this gel contains peptides, which can help repair skin damage; lactic acid, to help remove dead skin cells; citric acid, a skin lightening ingredient; and capric acid, a moisturizer. However, it does not contain ingredients that are strong muscle relaxants, like the botulinum toxin in Botox.

How to Use Fill and Freeze

It is important to cleanse the skin before applying Fill and Freeze, to allow for deeper penetration by the active ingredients. The dispenser is quite small, and only a dollop of the gel is necessary for each application. For best results, apply this gel to areas most prone to wrinkles, like those around and under the eyes.

Due to the high per ounce price of this product, you may want to speak to your dermatologist before using this product to assess the risk of Fill and Freeze side effects and allergies in your situation.

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-Fill and Freeze


  1. Vickie

    As others, I, too was extremely disappointed with this product. Granted, I’m no spring chicken but the way it’s
    advertised and demonstrated by Dr.Orden, I figured I’d give it a shot. Please, please, please……be cautious when
    ordering this product. I’ve been using it faithfully for over 6 months and have seen no change whatsoever. Also…don’t think you’re
    getting this for “only” the amount advertised. You’ll be paying over $100 when it’s all said and done. Never again!!

  2. Ro

    I ordered the starter kit which I had ordered in the past. A one time purchase each time. The second time instead of two regular size fill and freeze as advertised, I was sent two tiny (0.1) oz. tubes. They both should have been .12 ozs. Each. Customer service rep insisted that I received what I had the first time and basically would not believe me and insinuated I was lying!!! He said he would check with his supervisor then came back and said my supervisor said you can’t get any new fill and feeze. You got the right size! I spoke to the supervisor who actually was apologetic and furious with the mistreatment and switch and bait that was pulled on me and the way the rep spoke to me. That rep will be spoken to and two REGULAR sized fill and freeze are supposed to be coming. We will see if they correct their error. So beware you don’t get 2 teeny tiny tubes of fill and freeze instead of 2 regular size with your order. For me the fill and freeze does help a lot with bags under my eyes when applied over makeup.

  3. Elaine Ericson

    Derm Exclusive is a scam. I just want to protect others from making the same mistake by purchasing this product. I called in off TV ad. Was told a one time fee of $65 for the products and now they are saying I owe $110.00 more. I took notes and have all the details. I asked if I could send the product back and they said over 30 days but the lady on the phone said I had 90 days. Buyer Beware.

  4. emily

    The packaging is terrible & customer service is even worse! The fill & freeze was shipped with a defective package and I wasn’t able to get it out of the tube. I contacted customer service for a new tube, but they won’t stand by their product. They continue to say that they are sorry but they can’t replace it, but I can buy more. Why on earth would I want to buy another shipment of their extremely expensive product & chance that I can’t get it out of the tube.

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