Facial Sauna

Is a Facial Sauna Right for Your Skin Care Kit?

If you have been considering adding new items or tools to your skin care kit that improve the effectiveness of the serums, creams, and facial cleansers that you already use, then a facial sauna may be a viable choice. These personal saunas, which can be used at home at any time of day or night, steam open your pores so that acne washes and other products that are designed to clean the skin can flush them out and remove blackheads, whiteheads, and excess oil while making pores appear smaller at the same time. A facial sauna is a good choice for your skin care kit if you’re treating large pores, acne, or rosacea and do not have the money in your budget for professional spa visits. There are a number of different products to choose from that are available from skin care and health and beauty companies both in-store and online. Before you decide to purchase a facial sauna, you should carefully consider your own skin type and whether it will benefit from the use of one of these products.

The Benefits of a Facial Sauna

The main benefit of a facial sauna is that it improves the effectiveness of almost any facial or acne cleanser. When the sauna steams open your pores, the active ingredients in the cleansers can penetrate more deeply, which means they can wash away more impurities and the anti-bacterial properties in the cleansers can work to attack bacteria that is trapped down deep in the pores. A facial sauna also helps the skin shed dying or dead cells at a faster rate, which encourages cell turnover, the growth of new cells that contain collagen, and a more even complexion, as dead skin cells can contribute to dull or discolored skin. If you are under the care of a dermatologist for any reason, you should ask him or her if a facial sauna is the right choice for your skin.

How a Facial Sauna Works

Most facial saunas that are sold for in-home use consist of a base that can be filled with water, a timing device, and a flexible plastic cone. Some kits also come with detachable cleansing or exfoliating brushes. When the tool is plugged into an AC outlet and then water is poured into the unit, it is then heated up and the unit releases the water in the form of steam. You then press your face up against the cone so that the steam makes contact with your skin and steam open your pores.

Some people use a facial sauna to clear their sinuses as well, and some units are designed for both purposes and include attachments for both. To avoid the risk of burns or other side effects while using a facial sauna, be sure to carefully follow all packaging directions that come with the unit you buy and never use the system more often than is recommended by the manufacturer.

Facial Sauna Tips

In order to stop the spread of bacteria that may cause further acne breakouts, be sure to wash your hands thoroughly before applying any facial creams or moisturizers after using your facial sauna. If you want to exfoliate your skin, you should do so directly after using your sauna, but you do so with caution, as scrubbing open pores may lead to irritation. If your skin is prone to irritation or you have sensitive skin, do not use harsh exfoliating products or use your facial sauna more than a few times a week. If you experience any redness or increased acne breakouts after using a facial sauna, you may need to seek professional skin care treatments instead.


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