European Skin Care

European skin care consists of one basic tenet: staying natural. Europeans tend to use facial cleansers and moisturizers with natural ingredients, their beauty regimens begin at a young age, and cosmetics, when used, are kept to a bare minimum. But the biggest difference is in how society views aging. For example, European skin care differs from the West in that European women aim to age gracefully, whereas in the West, the goal is to delay aging as much as possible. This difference plays a big role in how Europeans approach their skin care routines.

Cleansers in European Skin Care

For European skin care, the facial cleanser is the first defense against premature lines and wrinkles. Unlike the western counterparts, European cleansers use ingredients that are more natural. They avoid soaps at all costs, and even liquid cleansers are not ideal.

The preferred facial cleansers in European skin care are rich and creamy milks, such as goat’s milk, formulated specifically for the use on the face. Although milk cleansers tend to create thinner foam, they help rejuvenate the skin and get rid of wrinkles because milk contains lactic acid, which is a very mild face exfoliator. When European skin care cleansers are used on a daily basis, their mild exfoliating properties help remove dead skin cells to gradually create glowing skin.

Specialized European Skin Care Creams

We all have creams and moisturizers to help our skin survive our busy days in whichever environment we may find ourselves. The difference between creams in the U.S. and those used in daily European skin care is the specialization of the products. Europeans believe that various parts of the body, even different parts of the face, have different needs, and should be treated differently.

For example, typical European skin care creams come in a variety of tubes. This way, a customer can find the best moisturizer for the neck, one for the bust, and another for the forehead. Each cream is made in slightly different manner, taking into account the body part, skin thickness and how hormone receptors react to topically applied creams.

Facial Toners

The use of a toner is an essential step in European skin care routines. Using toner aids in the much-needed removal of residual dirt and oil from skin. Using the best facial toner will also ensure that the sensitive skin on your face is at the proper PH balance, to make any anti aging serums or facial moisturizers more effective.


Moisturizers in European Skin Care

Moisturizing is an incredibly important step in any skin care routine, as the best facial moisturizer products nourish the skin, prevent dry flaky skin on face, and even prevent over-production of oil and sebum. The difference in approaching moisturizing in the European skin care regimen lies in the ingredients in a typical moisturizer.

For example, European women often use scented, aromatic oils directly on their facial skin. Because they are not as heavy as moisturizers, these oils are absorbed into the skin more quickly. Another reason why natural oils are used often in European skin care is because oils are derived from plants like lavender or tea tree, with each plant having unique properties, ranging from anti inflammatory, to anti oxidant, and even anti bacterial to get rid of acne.

Facial Serums

Facial serums are one of the key steps in European skin care. These specialized anti aging serums are used on a daily basis, as part of a regular routine to best care for the sensitive skin on your face. The serums aide in repairing skin from the daily exposure of harmful UV rays, smog, smoke, and other environmental hazards that produce free radicals that cause aging skin. European skin care serums tend to include essential oils to improve elasticity and tighten skin.

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