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The Erno Laszlo skin care institute and product line were founded by Hungarian-born American, by the same name. Erno Laszlo was a medical doctor who eventually became a dermatologist. In 1939, he opened the Erno Laszlo Institute for Scientific Cosmetology in Budapest, Hungary. The institute gained notoriety when Dr. Laszlo helped a Belgian princess get rid of acne and helped diminish the facial scars of an actress. In 1939, the Erno Laszlo Institute also opened a wing in the United States. Several years later, in 1945, Laszlo himself became an American citizen. In the U.S. the institute gained popularity as a luxury and an exclusive organization that boasted beneficiaries such as movie stars, European royals and other wealthy patrons. It was in 1966 that Laszlo entered the retail marketplace and started selling his products in department stores. On February 2011, the Erno Laszlo line was acquired by Charles Denton, who significantly redesigned the website and the packaging.

Products – Erno Laszlo manufactures and sells only skin care products. Color cosmetics are not a part of the company’s treatment line. Their skin care product list includes soaps, cleansers, toners, skin moisturizers, serums, face masks and facial exfoliators. These products are further subdivided according to skin type of the user, such as normal, combination, dry, extremely dry, oily and extremely oily skin types. The website also contains a skin personality diagnosis, which gathers the customers’ answers and suggests a skin care regimen and products to address skin issues.

The main aim of the Erno Laszlo line is to create products that are tailor-made to treat specific skin issues, such as aging skin, acne, uneven skin, skin dehydration and dry skin on face and arms.   

Charles Denton introduced three new collections in 2011: Firmarine, TranspHuse and Luminous. The Firmarine line targets 25-35 year olds and consists of products that aim at addressing early signs of aging. The TranspHuse line consists of anti wrinkle regimens and targets 40-45 year olds. The Luminous range mainly focuses on skin brightening and enhancing skin radiance.

These three lines were followed by pHormula 3-9 and Anti Blemish collections. pHormula is a collection of products for extremely dry to slightly dry skin that help by creating a protective barrier over skin to lock in moisture. Anti Blemish collection helps repair blemished skin by controlling sebum production and reducing irritation.

The Institute – The original Erno Laszlo Institute was located in 677 Fifth Avenue, New York with around 3,000 strictly exclusive members. After a 40 year gap, a new institute was opened on West Broadway, New York. The institute is basically a tri-level spa salon with six private treatment rooms, a lounge and a shop that carries all of the Laszlo skin care products. They charge $3,000 per year (or $1,000 for a three month trial) for a membership in the institution. Membership benefits include, spa in the treatment suites, regenerative peels, consultation with dermatologist Scott Wells, at least fifteen facials, and a custom skin rejuvenation and maintenance treatment.

Product Purchases – Erno Laszlo products can be bought from physical company stores, online through their website, as well as from the Institute.

Website orders can be shipped within the U.S. and Canada. The company also ships internationally via, International Checkout, which is a third party service, not affiliated with the company. Shipping charges within the U.S. are waived if the customer is a registered Erno Laszlo client. For non-registered clients, the shipping costs range between $9 and $25, depending on the area of the delivery and the selected shipping speed. Erno Laszlo is not a very large company, and its total retail sales amount to approximately $30 million globally.


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