EOS Lip Balm

Evolution of Smooth (EOS) is a global company that makes a number of skin care products such as shaving cream, hand lotions, and EOS lip balm. The company focuses on selling all-natural skin products that are created from fruit and botanical extracts. EOS lip balm is designed to soothe chapped lips and protect the skin with vitamin E, which helps the skin lock in moisture. All of the company’s products are environmentally friendly, as the company strives to diminish the carbon footprint of its manufacturing operations. EOS lip balm is claimed to be manufactured chemical-free; however, you should talk to your dermatologist about any possible allergic reactions you may experience, before deciding whether to purchase this product.

EOS Lip Balm Product Information

EOS lip balm comes in seven different fruit flavors: strawberry sorbet, blueberry acai, summer fruit, sweet mint, honeysuckle honeydew, lemon drop, and medicated tangerine. Several of the choices are 95% organic, and all of the balms contain natural flavors that are meant to provide a pleasant taste and scent as well as protection for the lips. All EOS lip balm products are paraben-free, which may be an advantage for those who want to use cosmetics that are free from this possibly harmful preservative.

Unlike many other lip balms on the market, EOS lip balm does not contain petroleum.  Since it is the company’s goal to use only all-natural products that heal chapped lips, they do not include petroleum since the lips cannot absorb it. Instead, EOS lip balm is thought to use shea butter and vitamin E, to allow the balm to penetrate the skin more deeply and create a protective layer to lock in the ingredients beneath. Several EOS lip balm products also contain SPF protection. Each selection costs $3.29, which doesn’t make these balms very expensive, yet is quite more costly than other options.

Purchasing EOS Lip Balm

EOS lip balm is available on the company’s main website, at major online retailers, and at health, beauty and supermarket outlets across the country. The website has a store locator that allows customers to find retailers in their area as well as popular retailers online. Customers can choose from either the 0.25 ounce sphere or the 14 ounce stick, but the stick only comes in three flavors, which limits your shopping options. Each EOS lip balm flavor has its own page that includes a complete description of the product, its features, and how its ingredients will benefit your lips. Unfortunately, the company website does not provide EOS lip balm reviews from other customers, but they do contain other details, like the number of Facebook shares and Twitter data.

Shipping and Returns

When purchasing products through the company website, EOS lip balm orders can only be shipped within the U.S. and Canada. Orders are shipped via UPS or USPS. Shipping for U.S. orders includes a flat rate of $2.75. Canadian orders that contain fewer than six items are subject to a $15.00 shipping fee. Additional shipping fees for Canadian orders will be calculated when customers check out online, and these orders may take up to two weeks to reach their final destination. The website offers a toll-free customer service number for anyone with additional shipping questions.

EOS does accept returns for their products, but only if they are unopened and returned within 21 days of purchase. Products purchased in store or at major online retailers must be returned to the individual location where they were obtained. Each store may have a different return policy, so customers need to keep that in mind when they choose to purchase from the EOS lip balm.

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  1. Holly

    I used an EOS tube for the first time in December of last year and the only reason I hadn’t tried it before was because it came in egg-shaped container, the tube is much better sized and since I’m a bit addicted to chapstick/lipbalm I thought great, another variety. It only took a couple of hours since using it to start feeling my lips swell and that eventually led to severe peeling and rash, I never once thought about it being caused by the EOS. I stopped using the EOS and began using Vaseline because that is the only thing that helped control the peeling and the bleeding. Yesterday I found my tube of EOS and my lips were dry and without a thought I used it and within 15 minutes my lips were tingling and swelling, I found the culprit! Now almost 12 hours later, lips are still swollen and dry, so I’m back to using the Vaseline again. I know it is not the beeswax, I have no problem with Burt’s Bees, there must be something else and since I’ve used Stevia in foods, not sure if that is the cause or if it reacts differently due to it being applied topically. I’m going to report this to the FDA since I found their number on a website regarding a previous lawsuit that occurred in 2016.

  2. W.L.

    I use to love EOS until the skin on my lips started peeling. I thought my lips were dried and I continued putting more and more EOS on. My lips were still peeling after a couple of weeks so I thought I would stop using EOS for a while and go back to blistex. The peeling stopped in three days and my lips are back to normal. For those who don’t react to EOS, I’m happy for you but I just wanted others to know that I used EOS for a couple of years before the reaction started.

  3. Shoshanna Saunders

    I used eos lip balm for 3 yrs and i loved it . Until. About a month ago when i purchase a passion fruit one from my local Dollar General Store. And after using it for about a week my lips completely dried out and crack became very swollen red and dry to the point. Where they were bleeding. Sore started using chap stick 8 hrs moisture been using it for about a week now and my lips seem to be working lips still peeling but not as painful

  4. Salma

    EOS is okay, it’s definitely easy to grab, Pashon fruit is my favorite, it’s extremely moisturizing. Although my lips have a weird reaction to mint and watermelon, they leave me with rashes. Other than that I love them! They changed my lips after a while, they became smooth. But does anyone know they reason watermelon and mint are causing rashes? Thx

  5. P. j.

    I really want to like this lip balm. Its a prefect size. I wore it on a sunny day at a theme park and later that day my upper lip started to feel sore and dry. I thought well maybe my lips got sunburned. A couple of times I applied the lipbalm before bed and woke up with dry lips. My boyfriend used his a few times and ended up throwing it out because he lips continued to feel dry. I continued to use the product thinking it has to be good. Its looks brand new and looks hardly used..Again I used it last night before bed and woke up with dry flaked sore lips. Ive been treating my lips all day with a coconut based natural lip balm. My lips are starting to feel better. Im trying to figure out why a product thats made to moisten and keeps lips smooth is doing this to people. Are we as consumers not enough to get these negative results?? They need to amend thier formula before more people complain.

  6. luna

    so i started using eos, the pomegranate raspberry kind. it hasn’t even been a week and the corners of my lips are already painfully dry and swollen, plus my lips feel like they just burn all the time now. it’s done very little in the way of moisturizing, and now that i’ve read the reviews here, i’ve thrown it out and will not be purchasing again. 0/10 would not recommend.

  7. Unknonumous

    I have used EOS brand chapstick for the past few months and nothing has happened but from your reviews I have my Carmax ready for when the breakout acours. Also I have been doing lots of research and from a few different sources they say that EOS brand chapstick puts micro-glass in the chapstick to dry out your lips so you continue smearing the chapstick on your lips and you run out faster and continue buying. I am not 100% sure that the sources are true but I agree that I have to smear many layers of EOS chapstick on my lips about every hour or so. Also it’s a perfect explanation to why the chapstick is so hard on many people’s lips.

  8. Nita

    My husband and I were in New York City in January 2016 with my granddaughter. We all three got chapped lips from the bitter cold weather. I went to a drug store and found the EOS lip balm. We all used it. Once we got back home my husband and I quit using it but my granddaughter couldn’t seem to get rid of her chapped lips. She has went through 30+ sticks of this stuff. This past week I noticed her lips were so chapped that there was a white film over them and the sides of her mouth were split from the dryness. I knew there was something going on so I started researching it online. Then I found out that what she is experiencing is very common with this lip balm. I called the doctor and we threw all the EOS away and bought Aquaphor. Fast forward one week – for the first time in almost a year she has no problem with her chapped lips. Something needs to be done about this crap!

  9. Lisa

    I’ve used eos before when it was just starting to get popular and it worked really nicely for my lips. My lips were soft and smooth and they seemed really moisturized. I quit using eos for quite awhile after mine ran out since I was just too lazy to buy another one. I started using it again recently due to being gifted one and in the beginning it worked like how I expected. My lips felt nice and soft, but it seemed like the longer I used it, the more my lips were starting to feel dried out. My lips ended up getting so dry that they were severely chapped and even looked ashy. My lips even felt super dry, itchy, and tight like they had no moisture at all. I quit using eos for good and am now using good ol’ Vaseline or Carmex to help my poor lips. I’m not sure why my lips reacted to eos that way but I’m never touching their stuff ever again.

  10. Alicia

    Last year I had a terrible reaction to EOS lip balm that took over 10 weeks to clear up. I had totally forgotten and used an EOS lip balm that was in a freebie bag that I received at a 5K race and it happened all over again! 😐 This time I recognized the early symptoms right away and tossed the balm into the trash. While my lips are healing, I can only use Aquaphor. If I try to use any other lip balm or lipstick, my lips begin to crack and blister again. I am NEVER using EOS again and am surprised to hear that it is still on the market when there are so many of us that have had terrible reactions to this supposedly hypoallergenic product.

  11. Vern

    EOS IS THE BEST THING THAT HAS EVER HAPPENED TO ME! Seriously though. It’s great. I don’t know why you’re all being so negative about this. Eos literally saved my life. I was walking in the woods behind my cabin in Alaska, when suddenly I heard huge footsteps behind me. I turned around, and to my great surprise, I was face to face with a polar bear! Most people don’t know this, but polar bears absolutely LOVE coconuts. (Unfortunately for them, there aren’t many coconuts in Alaska). So I pulled out my handy dandy coconut-scented Eos, threw it as hard as I could (it went pretty far because I basically have arms like Dwayne Johnson) and ran away. Once again, Eos saves the day. Go buy it. mmmmmmm scrumptious.

  12. Emily

    I really suffer with chapped lips and I though the EOS lip balm would be perfect considering it was organic, but after a month of using it my lips are worse than ever. Completely dried up and crusty, the corners of my lips are even worse, this morning I woke up and they where bleeding and flakes of dead skin just dropping off. I am horrified with what this lip balm has done. Please if anyone knows of any genuinely good lip balms please tell me.

    • Deborah

      Hey Emily , sorry about your lips even I used eos for 3-4 months and it has done no good else than making them dark in some places as if I have decease.before this I used to use baby lips and I worked really nice , so you can turn to that or use burt bees( I have not used it but it is surely organic) . Also you can use some home made stuff like lip scrub ( check on YouTube for different recipe) , or lip balm . Of you don’t wanna throw your eos what you can do is take the product out using knife ,melt it on a candle fire and add coconut oil to it ( I would recommend a lot is it ) this will dialute your eos and u still can use it with having some moisturizing oil on your lips

  13. Nora

    When I first started using eos it was wonderful and I loved my mint flavoured one. I used it every day and regularly had to purchase one because I would use it up! I work outside sometimes as part of my job and last year my lips got bumbs and blisters. Then they cracked and were so chapped that they would suddenly split and bleed. It was awful. I kept putting on the eos to try and hydrate them but it just got worse.

    Eventually, I went to a pharmacy for help because I had literally just started smearing polysporin on my lips out of desperation! The pharmacist recommended the I just use Burt’s Bees and nothing else. My lips healed in a week. I will never buy an eos product again.

    • Mar

      I feel your pain. I am of African descent, where my top lip is black and bottom is pink. Eos in the beginning had a great taste and was really doing a good job of moistening my lips. However, after about 3 weeks of usage, I noticed that I had to use it more frequently because my lips were getting more blisters. In addition, my pink lip was turning black at the corners and in the middle. I knew I wasn’t imagining things, and decided that the Eos had to have been the cause for my extra dry and discoloured lip(s). I did my research and found that others around the world have/are experiencing the same thing. I will never use this product again and I have been informing all my friends of its potential dangers.

  14. Julia Pendergraft

    My brother had got my sisters and I EOS for Christmas. I had never used it but my youngest sister had and she would say how EOS is really good so I gave it a try. After a a few months I started to notice my lips were dry and were starting to crack. They never got swollen but the cracks in my lips did start to get bad. It took a few weeks to get my lips back to normal( I had to use Carmex to get my lips to heal). I don’t know if I was having an allergic reaction but I have been trying to use EOS again. It makes my lips feel irritated lately. I really thought it was just a reaction to the flavor with my first time using it. I don’t know if I should be complaining I just want to know if there is anyone else who is going through what I am through.

  15. Gill

    I thought I’d try something little different to my usual carmex lip balm and purchased the eos watermelon, was great for about 4/6 weeks and kept telling people how great it was. For the last week or so the lip balm has had a funny smell to it and felt like it was leaving a thick greasy film on my lips, I started noticing about that time cracks in the corner of my lip (blaming the cold weather) kept applying more. Now i feel like I have no skin left on my top lip and it’s very sore to touch and angry looking. Please please do not put yourself through the same thing and do not purchase this brand!

  16. Lori

    I started using EOS regularly several months ago and I began to notice that the area around my lips, especially underneath became very red & seemingly chapped. My lips also started peeling/flaking around the edges. I also began noticing that the corners of my lips became so dry especially in the am that it was very painful to open my mouth without moisturizing them. I had no clue it was the EOS lip balm that I was using until I stopped it. Within 24 hrs of stopping the product and switching back to Burts Bees and Blistex my rash/dryness, etc immediately began to improve. I have never had sensitive skin issues or allergies so this came as quite a surprise. Needless to say, I will never purchase EOS products again.

  17. Wendy Fogarty

    I have been using EOS lip balms with no issue for close to 2 years until 2 weeks ago when I woke up with lips matching a Kardashian sister. Seriously swollen red , blistered and burnt. I thought it was something as I had read a lot of the EOS allergic hype on social media I tried eliminating everything and today have had a massive reaction to the watermelon EOS. I am not an allergic type person and was even quite sceptical. Not now, they are going in the bin.

  18. RA

    I’m very thankful I found this thread!
    For several weeks I’ve been using eos. I started with sweet mint, now a raspberry one. I started out thinking “why do I need to apply this so often, it’s like it’s doing the opposite and drying my lips out.” Then my lips started peeling, then I noticed the dark spots. Next, cracks in the corner of my lips. And finally, swollen lips! Thought maybe summertime and sunburn, and then maybe food allergy, but after tying everything together and finding this, it has to be the EOS! They should have a warning or something!

    • Whiteflash

      Sorry to hear about what happened with the eos product. But I am happy you posted this. What did you use to get your lips back to normal? I am asking because few months ago, my lips started getting black, dried, chapped, and bursting up at the sides. It got so bad that I could not have opened my mouth without it being moist. It was not due to eos, however. I don’t know what caused it.
      What did you use to get your lips back to normal?

      • Nico

        Hey whiteflash
        Although I’m not this person I suffered the same thing and used a combination of burt bee’s during the day and applying a good layer of Vaseline on my lips right before going to sleep.

  19. Latoya

    I’ve been using EOS for over a year without problems when all of a sudden, I noticed that my lips were terribly cracked and peeling with dark spots. Did not pin point the EOS as the culprit. Instead, changed my toothbrush, toothpaste, lipsticks, etc and had no relief. It was only after researching my symptoms that I came across this thread that made me realize that it was the EOS. I noticed the reaction after starting the pink one (don’t remember the name of the flavor as I’ve since tossed it). It’s ridiculous that it’s still on the market with this many negative feedback. So happy I came across this site. Now I’m using Vaseline and while the dark spots are still there, at least my lips are no longer cracked and peeling. Hoping that the dark spots will go away eventually.

  20. Marcy

    I am a 62 year old woman who had been using eos for a number of months and loved it . I loved the scent of it but it began having a rancid, oil like smell, I continued to use it for a short while when my lips began feeling as dry as sandpaper. And now, over a week later my lips are extremely dry and the skin on my lips is peeling. The only thing I can put on my lips right now is organic coconut oil. Since it’s been over a week and it is not healing, I need to have a doctor check it out. This is extremely disconcerting to me and is causing me a bit of stress. I’ m so disappointed in the product, and because I’ve used it I am now experiencing a lot of discomfort.:(

  21. Neo

    First bought my EOS lip balm in Taiwan’s Cosmetic Shop as I couldn’t find it in Singapore. It was a vanilla flavour lip balm and I super loved it. However, after using it for about 3 weeks, the border between the lips and skin started to get itchy and the skin kept peeling off, as well as the my lips, became swollen and and super dry. It became better after I stop using it for almost 3 weeks. It was a nightmare for me, I was a cute product but unfortunately I will not buying this for my next lip balm. I guess my skin is too sensitive to the ingredient lying in EOS lip balm.

  22. Ann

    I’ve been using EOS products for years without problem. I switched to the mint lip balm a few weeks ago, and at first it was fine but then my lips start getting dry around the corners and peeling off… I thought I just wasn’t drinking enough water so I tried to drink more water but it didn’t help, and of course I put even more lip balm on my lips hoping it would do its job, but I was wrong. My lips became so sore and red and it felt painful to even open my mouth to talk. I realized it must have been the mint lip balm so I stopped using it, and fortunately my lips have gotten better.

  23. Cygne

    Wow! It all makes sense now. When I ran out of my lipgloss, I ‘upgraded’ myself to EOS lip balms. I bought some for my makeup vanity, one for the car, one for my handbag and one for work (and a set of 3 for my mom) Enough, just to make sure I had it on hand. I remember seeing a huge blister on my lip and thinking, odd, let me put some lip balm on. Maybe I burnt it or something? (I’d just gone through the Starbuck’s line, must have burnt it on the hot chocolate? I thought). So two months later and I’ve gone through embarrassing blisters and rough patches. After googling my symptoms I even thought they were cancerous but then something told me…check if its the EOS…smh. Sure enough. I see the picts and descriptions of patchy skin (basically, allergic reactions). So…now I know the cause. Gonna throw out all my EOSs and go back to my old vitamin e lip gloss.

  24. Stephanie

    My experience with EOS was great at firest, after months of use my lips became cracke and extremeley dry. The top layer of my lip started to peel. I dont understand how this product does not come with some type of warning. It does the oppsite of what a lip balm is suppose to do. I jsut tossed my EOS in the trash and will not be buying again!

  25. Rissa

    Wow, I’ve got to say, all of these stories sound exactly like what happened to me. A few months ago I saw a big 5 pack of EOS lip balm for sale at Costco. I decided to buy it because I use lipbalm quite often and I think the egg shape is cute. At first I loved the product. My lips felt as smooth as they ever were (I previously used burts bees pomegranate lip balm). But within the past month or 2, my lips have gotten chapped! A red rash under my bottom lip, and dry, flaky skin at the edges of my lips. I was attributing it to the weather change, or the fact that I’m working at a new place and maybe it’s too dry here. I don’t think so, though. I’m going to stop using EOS for a while and go back to my old product and see if that helps.

  26. Holly

    I have had the exact same problem. Started using EOS lip balm in October stop end of November because I had ran out only to realise that my lips had become very dry, sensitive & swollen.. I then had blisters on my bottom lip and around the edges of my lip.. I am still struggling to get my lips back to normal. I have tried a lot of creams but my lips are still dry and very sore/ sensitive. I have tried Vaseline but that doesn’t help Can anyone recommend products that might help? As I have been suffering for nearly 3 months now & cannot find anything to help relive my lips.

  27. Deb

    I had been using the Sweet Mint EOS for about two months and loved it – made my lips soft and moist, then all at once my lips were so dry and cracked and there was a huge red rash outlining my entire mouth. It was crusty and hurt and it looked horrible – I was so embarrassed, but I didn’t connect it to EOS, so I kept using more to moisten my lips. Instead, the skin on my lips started peeling away in layers. I stopped using it and bought a tube of Carmex. Thank God, it’s taken a week, but my lips are normal again. I do a lot of public speaking, and this was a horrible situation. Never again will I use EOS.

  28. Unknown

    I didn’t think eos ” ( a organic lip balm )” would make my lips like this. My lips are already big so I used eos one day and they got bigger. Top lip swollen ,with to me looked like hundreds of numbs , burning , itching , dry. I thought I either had an allergic reaction to some food or I got a cold sore or fever blister. I also thought about the weather being cold but it also happened in a previous season summer. It’s not cold in summer so I thought it couldn’t be because of the weather. I am highly disappointed because I walked around with almost a each on my lips for like 2 weeks ! The eos sweet mint was the only one I loved to use and I will never be purchasing a eos ball aver again. I also saw my doctor about it and she didn’t even know what was going on but I found it. Thank god I know why. I do plan on calling the eos company ,sending letters and everything because this is unacceptable.

  29. anon.

    Hi. Another person to the case 🙂 I’ve used EOS for maybe a year now but I could not figure out why my lips were so dry! I discontinued use of all EOS lip products, and started using ChapStick (found at Walmart) ChapIce (found at dollar store, 3 for $1!!!) and many Blistex products, including Complete Moisture, Soft and Lush, Medicated Lip Ointment, Ultra Rich Hydration, Medicated Balm, and several others (found at Dollar Tree and Meijer!) along with Carmex. I use a Lush lip scrub every night with a toothbrush to exfoliate lips, apply the ointment for 10 minutes, then coat up on whichever one I’m feeling. All work great, I personally am an addict so I apply at least once every 30 minutes 😆This has made my lips visibly better, feel great, and I feel so much better about myself. Hope this helps!

  30. Janel

    I know this sounds bad but I am so relieved to hear other people are having an allergic reaction to EOS because I am too and now I don’t feel so bad!! I didn’t realize it till today that it has to be this chap-stick. My lips are burned, red, cracked, pealing and look horrible. I am going through the ingredients to figure out what it might be but I’m not having any luck. I have tried 5 of the EOS and I have this problem with all of them. I am now using several other products to try to reverse the problem. I hope it heals soon besides the unappealing look it is also painful☹

  31. Linda Epp

    Wow! These comments hit close to home. My daughter has an entire collection of EOS lip balms. I use them occasionally and just last week I broke out in a crazy rash and hugely chapped lips. It was so bad that I almost went to the walk-in clinic. I have been using Emu oil which soothed and almost got rid of the horrible redness. This is terrible and the company should be responsible for having such a shitty product on the market.
    Linda Epp
    Toronto, Canada

  32. thehouseofaloe

    I have used other lip balms, but I haven’t tried this one, because I heard about some issues. If that’s the case, I would suggest using Aloe Lips from Forever Living Products. It is even multipurpose. You will see in the label that the first ingredient is Aloe Vera, which is good for the skin. You can even apply it on your pimples.

  33. Aby


    I’m thinking that the allergic reaction depends on the scent. Similar to other people, I had an allergic reaction to the sweet mint lip balm. I tried it twice, months apart, and both times I had the red pimply effect on the edge of my lips. However, I have now used the blackberry cream, coconut cream, tangerine, summer fruit, and honeysuckle and all are great! My absolute favorite is the honeysuckle lip balm. I am too scared to try anything of the two mint ones.

    • Mar

      I have had the same terrible effects with the honeysuckle flavour. I guess it depends on the person. The point is it should be taken off the market if it affects this many people or it should come with a serious warning label because no one would know at the time of purchase if they would be negatively affected by this. Is Eos now going to pay me back for the terrible look and feel of my lips after using their product?

  34. Sishamani

    Idk what to do anymore, its been 2 weeks and nothing bad has happened but im not gonna wait till something does happen, im definnetly gonna throw this in the trash can. Sorry eos im convinced by the people in the comment section about the side effects

  35. Diana De Visser

    I started used EOS mid last year. I then started noticing that my lips were getting dry and skin was peeling. The outline of my lips was red and I felt slight bumps all over my lips. At first I thought it was maybe due to a weather change, and kept using EOS to hydrate more, but it came to a point that I had a burning sensation, I had to go to a skin care specialist who gave me a lip balm with Petroleum jelly to sooth it, At the time I didn’t connect it to this brand but after that I stopped using it. The sad part is that now when I use other lipsticks, I get a slight allergic reaction of dried lips. I never had this allergic reaction before.

  36. Lisa K.

    I had used the coconut EOS for several months with no problems. It ran out and I switched to the red EOS (summer fruit I think?). My lips started burning and were puffy which I attributed to being out in the sun and must have gotten sunburned. I used nothing but A&D ointment to soothe my lips for two weeks until they were back to normal yesterday. Last night I slathered on the EOS again and woke up in the middle of the night with very swollen burning oozing lips! It was so painful I had to apply ice to them. I am now using cortisone and Neosporin to calm down the inflammation. Still didn’t put two and two together about the EOS. I mentioned to a friend about my problem and she told me about a news story she had read about a woman having a reaction to EOS. Started doing research and I think I’ve figured out my problem! Will be throwing my EOS away. In major pain right now though.

  37. Mike

    After spending most of the day in the cold, windy outdoors one day my lips felt really dried and chapped. I bought an Eos and the first thing I noticed when I put it on was a burning sensation. I figured it was just the feeling from some very chapped lips finally feeling moisture. About a week later I started to develop a small cold sore on my bottom lip. I stopped using my Eos for about 4 or 5 days to treat it and let it heal. After it had gone away i started using my Eos again and experienced the same burning sensation and my lips are starting to feel raw again. Tonight my wife showed me an article about others having the same experience as mine and the others above mentioned. Needless to say, I’m very disappointed in this product and I’m throwing it in the trash.

  38. Justine

    I have also developed a rash just below my bottom lip. Its red and hurts and peels as if I have extremely dry skin. I didn’t put 2 & 2 together that It started after using EOS. Only today did I figure out its this product from reading others have the same issue. There should be a class action lawsuit for physical pain and emotional embarrassment against the company if they don’t fix the product after so many people are making this claim.

    • Rita

      I received an EOS lip balm as a gift. Seeing that it didn’t have too many sketchy ingredients in, it I was excited to try it. Boy was I in for a surprise- not in a good way! It has been 3 weeks since I stopped using it due to unbearable itching and burning on and around my lips and I am still painfully searching for relief! I have 2 kids with food allergies and I am extremely neurotic about what I eat and what I apply to my skin, so I am POSITIVE that EOS is the reason for my suffering. I’ve tried many things but nothing seems to really help my lips return to their old selves. I know that I have had a topical reaction to jojoba oil in the past (there is jojoba oil in the flavor I used) but that irritation came and went in a matter of a few days. Has anyone had any luck alleviating the burning from this product? Help!!

  39. M. A. D

    I just bought eos a few days ago, because I got three of them in a winter package for five dollars, and thought they looked adorable, and so far, I have not seen any of the bad results that people have been complaining about. And I am pretty sure I would notice, since my lips are really big. Sorry for all of you out there that have been experiencing bad results to the product, but I don’t think this happens to everyone. Maybe you guys are just allergic to the product.
    Still I am wondering: should I stop using it, or keep using it, regardless to the effects that it may cause?

    • Rachel

      I have been using this product for about a year now and it has given me no problems but I have noticed if I run out of it and use another product it makes my lips burn. Besides that I think that most people are just unaware they are alergic to one of the ingrediants.

  40. Anonymous

    I have been using the mint EOS lip balm frequently since March of this year, and only recently has it run out. I love it because it keeps my lips super smooth and soft. Recently, my lips had been getting super chapped when I stopped using it and after exfoliating my lips with a toothbrush and applying EOS liberally have my lips gone back to normal. I absolutely love it and it’s adorable.

  41. Jess

    I had dry, bleeding(!), chapped lips. I tried everything – I have a collection of over 10 lip balms. Then I tried EOS. My lips went puffy and I even emailed the company, asking if I had a reaction. I was about to take the stuff out and put vaseline in, but I decided to try it again. And, well, to my surprise, my lips got better. They began healing. No more bleeding, dry chapped lips. I stopped licking them too. I use this product 3 times a day and it’s saved my lips.

  42. Mieko

    I was obsessed with these lip balms at one point. I tried to collect all of these little eggs and had 11 of them. They’ve always made my lips chapped, but I loved the way the container looked and how they smelled so I continued to use the EOS.

    Today, I decided to do some research on the EOS lip balms and according to the EOS website the sweet mint contains: Olea Europaea (Olive) Fruit Oil, Beeswax (Cire D’abeille)*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) Oil*, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil*, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea Butter), Stevia Rebaudiana Leaf/Stem Extract*, Tocopherol, Limonene, Linalool .

    I was individually researching all the ingredients and found that the Stevia Rebaudiana (sweetener), Tocopherol, Limonene, and Linalool found in the balms are all potential irritants. Wow. I plan to finish all the lip balms, so I get my money’s worth, but I don’t think I’ll collect anymore.

  43. Edith

    I used to use the eos and it worked great on me. I stopped using it and went back to strawberry chapstick. My husband bought me an eos mint flavored a couple months ago and immediately I start feeling my lips funny and rough (I grew tiny bumbs on my lips) I could see up close not from far away. At first I thought it was a sunburn and put more of it often. I asked my husband if the eos was wrapped when he bought it and said no I than imagined it was the eos because it was open at walgreens and thought maybe someone had used it before so I threw it away and went back to my strawberry chapstick. Just yesterday I went to walgreens for a new chap stick and got a new wrapped eos mint flavor as well. And again immediately my lips are itchy and bottom lip is swollen. SO THIS IS CLEAR TO ME THAT I’M ALLERGIC TO EOS CHAPSTICK. NEVER AGAIN WILL I BUY ANOTHER ONE 🙁

  44. Carol J

    I had just begun to wonder if my lip irritation and fever blisters were from EOS when I read these commemts

    I had previously used EOS with no problems but that was 2 years ago.
    I’m wondering if there is s new formulation that is causing so many reactions?

    I have an inopened 2 pack that is being returned to ACMoore..its the breast cancer awareness pack

  45. Ren

    My experience with EOS is the same as the others above! After months of using this product and loving it honestly I began to have some issues with my lips. They were severely dry and they peeled horribly. This has been going on since April. I assumed that it was due to the change in the weather. So I did what I felt was the logical thing to do which was to increase the usage of the lip balm. Some days my lips would be fine and other days my lips would be immensely dry. Even worse my lips turned black and scabbed it was horrible. I just tossed my last EOS egg into the trash can at work. I will not be purchasing this product ever again. I am so glad that I found this thread.

  46. Anonymous

    So glad to find this site! I have EOS by my bedside and used it last night for the first time in a while. I woke up this morning with lips that looked like I’d had plastic surgery and that were dry and burning something fierce. No more EOS for me! Burt’s Bees did not have that effect so that or a homemade one with essential oils will be my go to lip balms from now on!

  47. Bebe

    So glad I found this page! I thought there was something seriously wrong with me. Such a relief to know I’m not alone. My lips – especially the bottom – have been peeling and puffy for weeks. The corners of my mouth were cracked and ugly. Bleeding at the slightest pull. And eating any acidic foods or sauces was awful. I couldn’t figure out what the problem could be. My bottom lip has brown burned spots now. It took a long time to consider it was the eos. I had always used chapstick but switched to eos thinking it was a nicer product. It took several weeks for the reaction to really become a problem & it happened during the summer, which made me think it was maybe sunburn. But it never went away! Then I started getting a little scared. I switched to Aquaphor healing lip repair and it has been helping immensely. Thank goodness!

    • Chandra Seidnitzer

      Your post sounds identical to my situation, but even the Aquaphor did not help. I have found Burt’s Bees Ultra Conditioning lip balm with Kokum Butter to help soothe and heal my lips.

      I have been using Eos for months with no issue, but I never stuck to one flavor, would always buy something new. Then my lips started peeling, I got red bumps around them and the corners were cracking and bleeding. I am an avid user of lip products and have never had an issue (except with medicated Blistex). Then today before I went to throw away my orange tangerine flavored Eos, I read the little label on the bottom and found that it is medicated, which I must have over looked when I purchased it. The active ingredient in it is phenol, which is the same in medicated Blistex, which also tore my lips up. I am convinced that this is what did me in, but just to be safe I am discontinuing use of all Eos lip balm. I am grateful for all the ladies who posted about this, because it helped me figure out what my issue was, (the Eos), now I am on the road to recovery to have nice, healthy lips again.

  48. Jenny

    I purchased the strawberry Eos and have used it at least 2x a day until it is almost gone. Just last week I noticed my lips were extremely chapped and very sore. I thought it was because I had not been drinking enough water or the change in the weather (although it is still rather humid where I live). The only thing I can think of is I had a reaction to the Eos. I bought the Tangerine thinking the medication would help but it just got worse. So far, I have used Mary Kay Satin lips to clean off the dead skin and then started using Carmex and noticed a great improvement to my lips. Unfortunately, I will not be using the Eos product again.

  49. courtney McIsaac

    So a couple of days ago I tried EOS lip balm, vanilla and mint, mixture, I loved the taste/smell of it. my sister said shes a huge fan of your products, and says it helps with her staying hydrated all the time so I gave it a try, I had a cold coming on so I knew my lips would get chapped. I wanted to stop a cold sore this year but instead now I look like some flakeing lizard. Im exstreamly confused and disappointed I have no allergies that I know of. so when I used the product on my lips then smudged it with my fingers abit then quickly washed my hands to do my coverup routein In the morning and after two days of use, I discovered that my lips are more dry and cracked then before I started the product? not even that, my upper lip is completely flakeing with dry skin. and it looks like ive been sucking on a bottle, before my lips begin. its awesome to know im not alone on this. but seriously I do not think its a allergic reaction I think its a risk you should put on your damn products,to say it may cause opposite desired results. Never buying EOS again. going to Walmart to return it tomorrow. Kemptville- Ontario- Canada.

  50. Amy

    I’ve always used Burts Bees but recently saw EOS in a 5 pack at Costco, so I decided to give it a try.

    I’m not sure what they put in it, but my lips hurt. They are now red and chapped, even around my lips, and swollen. After reading some of these posts, this seems like a pretty common reaction.

    I’ve even made my own lip balm before with beeswax, coconut oil, lanolin and vitamin E and have never had a reaction with any of those ingredients.

    I won’t be buying this product ever again.

  51. April

    I have been dealing with painful chapped lips for months now and I keep an EOS egg in my desk at work, purse, and at home. It has been the only thing that I have been using on my lips for the last 4-5 months and after seeing all these comments I think it may to be to blame on my really bad chapped lips. I just threw them in the trash and will be going back to Blistex or babylips like I was using before.

  52. Breann Mae-Lin

    Yesterday I began noticing that my bottom lip became extremely irritated which is totally rare for my lips considering I’m OCD about my lips staying hydrated. My bottom lip became swollen and dry for the first time since I was little when I didn’t care to take care of my lips so I was taken aback not knowing what happened..until I came to this. I started using EOS coconut milk about 4 days earlier and now my bottom lip is just so irritated that I don’t even want to talk. I see now that many other people have complained and gone through the same thing because of this product which upsets me because its totally false advertisement. As soon as I saw all the comments involving the EOS lip balm and the reaction it causes I threw the little egg away regardless of its cutesey appearance because my lip is nothing but cute now. Thanks to everyone who posted about this, I would have kept using the lip balm wondering what the heck was wrong for God knows how long. I’m super disappointed in this product, I hope not everyone who uses it has a reaction like myself and many others have had to deal with.

    • Hailey

      Hi Breann May-Lin,

      The cause of this may be that you are either allergic to one of the products used in EOS Lip Balm, or it is due to the fact that EOS Lip Balm have changed some ingredients that they out in their lip balm. Whatever it is, I suggest you talk to your dermatologist and see what they have to say.

      Kind regards,
      Hailey Bohstrowe, Lip specialist at Lancashire Perfect Smile Lip Care Center.

  53. Julie

    I have finally worked out what was causing my lips to swell, split , chap, bleed and cause me amazing pain. And it’s this EOS lip balm? Every morning I was waking up to lips that looked as though I had some kind of bad plastic surgery.

    How can you continue to keep this product on the market? Especially considering all the people I’ve found online complaining of the same conditions.
    I hope I’m not expecting some response in vain here.

  54. Anonymous

    Anyone else with lip pimples from EOS? I thought I was going crazy, glad I can now see I’m not the only one done wrong from the evil Chapstick.

    • Anonymous

      Same here! Every time I use EOS, my lips break out in a pimply looking rash, are itchy, and burn. Using the squeeze-able gel Carmex cleared my symptoms up.

  55. SB

    Used to love EOS, but not getting it anymore.. I ran out of my orange EOS balm, and a week ago I purchased the mint flavored one,… like many others, I got severe allergic reaction. My lips are itchy, swollen, drier, irritated, and burning.. I can’t smile, let alone open my mouth wide enough to eat.. my lips are starting to peel off here and there, and all of this sucks.. I have used this same mint flavored lip balm before and my lips would be nice and smooth, but now I am staying away from all of EOS. They must have added something to the new product line that is causing this horrible reaction…

  56. Anonymous

    I know that Eos lip balm doesn’t exactly work for everyone but there are some replies here that said they worked. For me, it didn’t work at all, my lips were dried and the skin was peeling off. My lips were also swollen too. I am never buying this product again.

  57. Anonymous

    I am african american and let me tell yku this, this is not a good look at all when you wake up and have black, cracked, chapped lips. It wasnt until i was chartingnqith some crafty friends and i mentioned my lips are always chapped and a friend asked me what i was using and at.that particular time i hady Walgreen brand eos balm she said that those balms and especially EOS balms did the same to her lips
    .she found out through her dermatologist there is a chemical in EOS that dries out the lips. How stupid is EOS for putting an ingredient in a lip balm.that is supposed to keep our lips moist! I will stick to old fashion vaseline. I will purchade some bees wax, she said.is.good and works well in healing. I know carmex is good too.

  58. Sara

    Finally put the pieces of the puzzle together that EOS caused me a horrible allergic reaction. A few months ago my lips were suddenly red, dry, chapped, itching & peeling. I assumed it was from a new lipstick I purchased, because surely a lip balm intended to heal wouldn’t do this. I continued to ignorantly use my EOS in an attempt to heal my very badly chapped lips. It felt like a chemical burn. I tried every kind of chapstick to heal my lips. Threw out lip glosses. This went on for months!! There was a part of my lips that just wouldn’t heal. They would chap & peel over and over again!! Finally, I just started using vasaline and my lips healed.

    WELL, two days ago, without realizing it was EOS that caused the first reaction, I found my EOS in my makeup drawer, and used some. I even thought to myself, wow, I haven’t used this in forever. Sure enough my lips are bright red, dry, itching, chapped, and swollen!! I finally put the pieces together that this POS lip balm EOS caused it!! I turned to the internet and this is what I found. How is this product even on the market anymore???!!

  59. Sandra

    I just bought the sweet mint eos and after using it for a day both my daughter and I had a bad allergic reaction to it. My lips swelled up and became painful and chapped, the same thing happened to my daughter minus the swelling. I’m never using eos on my lips again!!

  60. Leslie

    Like so many other people, I so wanted to love this product. However, I had the same horrible allergic reaction. I had just moved into a new house so I initially thought that my lips being so dry, cracked, and raw had to do with not having as much humidity in my new house as there was in my old house. So, I continued to slather on the EOS balm multiple times a day in an attempt to heal my cracked, chapped lips. This went on for months with no change. Finally, my husband talked me into trying a different brand of lip balm (for reference, I switched to Burt’s Bees). Within a week my cracked, split, raw lips had healed. I haven’t used an EOS product since then. I have no idea what ingredient caused the allergic reaction, as I have no known allergies whatsoever. I will not buy this product again, and I would not recommend them to anyone else.

    • Lifesart

      Be warned, I just had the same thing happen and after using Burt’s Bees for a few months, all the irritation came back, starting with my tongue burning when I licked my lips after application. Then my lips started to burn, literally. I’m using olive oil for now because I need to heal so desparately. I’m going to try Badgers unscented because one of the main ingredients is olive oil. Down with chemicals that have been insufficiently tested!

  61. Amy

    Used to absolutely LOVE EOS, but they’ve changed something in their formula and I think I am allergic to one of their new ingredients. I kept a variety of the EOS scents all over the place and used them constantly for maybe a year and a half to two years. Then all of a sudden I purchased a new Sweet Mint (my fave) and my lips got super chapped. I’m talking sores in the corners of my mouth and an itchy feeling that led me to compulsively apply a new layer every couple of minutes. I thought that maybe the colder weather was causing something funky to happen, so I went out and bought a Neosporin balm. After using that for about three weeks my chapping was almost gone. I switched back to EOS and it started happening again. I threw away my new Sweet Mint and switched to another brand. Today (4 months later) I applied a different EOS I had sitting in the house without even thinking about it. The corner of my mouth is starting to feel a bit dry and cracked. Too bad!!

  62. Amanda

    I had been using EOS for about a year and had no troubles with it. During December 2014, I noticed that my lips were getting incredibly chapped. I kept lathering on the EOS thinking it was just the cold weather and it kept getting worse. So, I switched to using Aquaphor and, eventually, my lips healed up. Last Friday, I bought a new EOS Strawberry Sorbet, thinking that all of the chapping was in the past, but here we are on Tuesday and my lips are back to being horribly sore, chapped, and cracked. You can be sure that I will never use anything by EOS again.

  63. alice

    So I really wanted to try this lip balm just because it looked different and so I went for it. I had been using it for about two months, and all of a sudden, sometime last week I wake up with the upper part of my lip peeled; I was like I was sleeping how did this happen?! The next day I realize I had a random cold sore on my bottom lip, the day after I had four of them and tiny red spots, not to mention how horribly chapped my lips became. The last time my lips were this horribly chapped were when I was really young, like 9 or 10 and back then chap sticks weren’t even popular. This thing ruined my lips and made me miserable in the span of just three days, and after reading all of these comments I got up and threw that thing away. I don’t know when it’s going to heal but I should have definitely read the reviews before buying it. And I haven’t read a review on a product with this many negative feedback with almost all of them stating the same thing, they should really either stop producing it or come up with a solution.

    • Anonymous

      The exact same thing is happening to me! I just realized it must be the eos. I kept using it thinking it would help what was going on but it kept getting worse! Only coconut oil & honey for me now! Thanks for your review. I thought I was going nuts!!

    • Anonymous

      The same thing started happening to me after I started putting the lip balm on frequently. I now have three sores on my top and bottom lips with the exact same symptoms, how long did it take for the rash to go away?

      • Shelley

        This same thing happened to me recently and is still occurring! I bought the sweet mint and thought it was so great at first. Over the past few weeks, my lips have become so chapped and painful. No one seems to notice but me (I asked my husband too). I’m throwing all of them away immediately. I suspected it may be the EOS but wasn’t certain until I googled it. I used aquaphor to tonight and that seemed to alleviate the burning. I’m surprised they haven’t had lawsuits against them or investigative demands on what else is in their product. Use their shaving cream and so far, no negative reactions.

        • Anonymous

          I have 5 eos i am cery sorry that you are allegic to it but i dont see anything wrong with the product i used to have a lemon drop one and i thought that was good but after getting 5 more it got even better maybe coz a new ingredient that you might be allergic to i tryed another lip balm(baby lips) and it did the same thing the eos done so i dont see nothing wrong with this product

    • Anonymous

      I had the same allergic reaction to the mint eos chap stick. Once I put it on my lips I started To feel a burning sensation and I thought well it’s mint, the feeling might be normal. I kept using it but for some reason I kept breaking out with tiny little bumps and really dry lips. this was very unusual for me and I started to get cuts on the sides of my mouth from how dry my lips are getting. I stopped using it for about a month and decided to try it one last time and I broke out again with this allergic reaction.

  64. Kelsey

    I’ve been using eos lip balm for about two weeks. My lips were dry from the beginning and I thought it was because I switched from my usual (Carmex) to something new. Well this week my lips have been so dry it hurts. They are dry, sore, red and I have black spots. I’m hoping my lips clear up and I hope the black spots go away.

  65. Sally

    I been using EOS lip balm for over a year now. I usually buy the sweet mint EOS lip balm. I notice I’m starting to have an allergic reaction from using this lip balm. Never had this problem before. My lips are dry, peeling and cracked. What is going on? EOS use to be my favorite lip balm, but now reading that other people are having the same problem defiantly will not purchase EOS lip balm ever again.

  66. krogers

    It’s been a while since I have used eos. Bought the mint green one within 24 hours my lips were swollen cracked and hurting i used vasoline for a week then used the eos again yesterday same reaction this mirning lips are cracked at the corners rashed and hurting… will no longer use this product!

  67. Tammy

    I have been using EOS, strawberry I think, for about 4 months. In the past 2 months lips have been chapped, are peeling, and swollen. I look like I’ve had a duck with lip injections. I have a dermatology appointment this week because it hurts. I also looked up the ingredients, it looks like I’m allergic to at least 3 ingredients. This is not fun. I’ve stopped using EOS and will see how my lips are by my appointment.

  68. Gabi

    I usually use Nivea chopstick but I had wanted to try EOS. I had gotten the Wild Berry EOS for Christmas and loved it! Didn’t have any problems. I went to Florida for spring break and noticed my lips were constantly dry. I thought it was just from them being sunburnt. When I got back I bought another EOS (Raspberry Pomegranate). The dryness and redness continued, I thought my lips were severely burnt from Florida and they were still healing (for 2+ months). After reading these posts I’m definitely going to say I’m having an allergic reaction and I’m going back to Vaseline and Nivea!

  69. Kendra

    I have used Eos Eggs for an entire year. But this year seems like I have been having an allergic reaction to them. My lips have been really dry, cracked, and burning, even noticed a bit of swelling. The Peppermint flavored ball was the one that really did it. So i switched to their new flavor Coconut oil and next morning after my first use my lips were crusted and swollen. So glad to know that it wasn’t just me but others had experienced it too.

  70. mrose

    I have read a lot of the comments about eos. Thank you all for posting. I have started using using eos about 2 months ago….my lips are awful, shaped, peeling, cracks in the corners of my mouth and now blisters on my bottom lip. I am not subject to having allergic reactions, thanks to eos I can longer say that. Needless to say I have thrown out all 4 eos lip balm.

  71. Anonymous

    I love the Honeysuckle flavor of EOS lip balm and I never had any allergic reaction from using it, but when I tried the Sweet Mint flavor, I had the allergic reaction I get when using some brand of lip balms.. my lips got patchy and swollen. I guess it’s the peppermint oil because that’s the only ingredient not in the honeysuckle flavor.

  72. samantha

    So I have an addiction to chap stick normally just use regular chap stick brand all flavors but every once in a while I will splurge and buy a lil bit more expensive chap stick nuvea aquafina if it a chap stick I’ve tried bad addiction… well this past weekend I finally decided to buy eos to see what the rave is about… day one my lips were sore and so dry they were peeling… ok I just used it more not think anything of it never got better with in 2 days the felt horrible thought maybe they were sun burnt although they never been before… woke monday morning bottom lip had 4 blisters on them stopped using eos and bought herpincin L and they are slowly healing… idk the connection but seems like a lot of people had this problem… miserable worst $3 spent ill stick to my $.99 chap stick

  73. Becca

    I’ve used this product, many flavors, for about 6 months. I felt I had to apply it very often, like it didn’t soothe the dryness, but I liked the way it felt, so I kept using it. Recently, my lips started getting super stiff and started peeling. BAD. in the corners and all over both lips. I have stopped using it, and moved to Vaseline only. It is clearing up.

  74. Trish

    I have been a huge fan of eos since it hit the market. I used it for almost an entire year with no issues, then all of a sudden My lips became more and more chapped, dry, and sore with each application. I googled this problem to see if the manufacturer has changed the formula and came across this site. To those whom are being absolutely RUDE about the comments, get over yourself. There is no one telling you to stop using it…. we are simply seeing if others have had the same reaction!! I hate to say it, but I am going to have to find another brand to use. Those of you whom have small children using the product, I would keep a close eye on them. The chances of bacterial infections are much greater due to them always putting their hands and other objects in their mouth. Good luck to all of you sharing the same reactions.

  75. B

    On one hand, the itching, burning, discomfort that I’ve come to realize is an apparent allergic reaction to this lip balm, is like nothing I have ever experienced before and it’s making me miserable.

    On the other hand, the full, thick look of my lips from the swelling is something plastic surgery can’t buy me! 😉

    I really wanted to like this lip balm 🙁

    • Sandi

      I had the same problem in 2013 and the EOS company did not care at all so I posted on their fb page. I never used their lip balm or any other product they manufacture. I’ve met a lot of people who have the same problems with their lip balm.

  76. Emma

    I absolutely love eos I have 14 of them! They have not seen too work though any suggetions? If you think I should use eos everyday then say yes! If you think eos are worthless then say no! Good luck!

  77. Mari

    I’ve tried so many different lip balms in my 40 years, even Burts Bees which is pretty good…Finally with EOS I will never have dry lips ever again. Been using EOS for a month now & my lips haven’t felt chapped or dried out. No more drying or peeling. My lips look & feel great. So love going between the Honeydew & the Coconut Milk.

  78. Heather

    For more than a week now I’ve been dealing with an allergic reaction around my lips, which looks like it’s from my use of EOS. Initially I thought I was getting terrible cold sores (although I’ve never had them before) so I bought 3 different kinds of cold sore medicine, which made it 10x worse! I seriously looked like Ronald McDonald and I was getting desperate! I tried using Aquaphor, witch hazel, honey…. Anything I could think of. After hours of online research I learned it was likely an allergic reaction. Yesterday I began using Oral-gel on my lips to numb the discomfort and it has worked quite well while the reaction is beginning to crust, peel and fade – it’s been quite the experience. I realize now that I previously had a similar reaction to another “all natural” lip balm which used beeswax (it was not Burt’s Bees brand). I read another post from someone who had the same reaction to beeswax and also to jojoba oil…. Something I’ll consider when making future lip balm purchases. Now it’s time to find a new lip balm….any suggestions???

    • Anonymous

      The best lip balms that I have found work extremely well for me are Nivea ones. There are three types that I use from them; soothing hydro and essential sticks. They all do an amazing job but if
      I had to pick a favourite it would be hydro. It feels extremely moist while putting it on and keeps my lips feeling moist for a long time.

    • Anonymous

      The same thing happen to me. thank you for posting this I didn’t even think that it could possibly be an allergic reaction.

  79. Kim

    I have tried this several times. The first few times, it wasn’t too bad, my lips felt strange, I would stop using it and they would clear up. This time, it is really cold here, I used it for about a week consistently and now I have this severely chapped spot on my lip and it is now peeling! I’ve never had this issue before. All I can say is never again.

  80. Lisa

    I too did not have a good experience with this product. I wish I knew what the ingredient is that I react to, but I have a reaction to something in”natural”, ” organic “, etc lip products. The telltale sign for me is that I have to reapply the product five minutes after I apply it because it’s like my lips suck it in and I can’t get enough to work! Then within 24 hours my lips will be chapped, red and peeling as if I were out in a snowstorm for the days! This has happened with various brands for me, not just the EOS. Unfortunately, the only way I know is to try since I don’t know what ingredient(s) I react to. I use cocoa butter or coconut oil a lot, esp. @night with good results. I’ve also never reacted to Vaseline, which I’ll use to seal. Good luck everyone!

  81. Rebecca

    For two months my face was chapped about an inch around my lips – cracking, bleeding, painful to talk or drink. I thought it might be from stress or something I was eating. Finally saw my doctor and she recommended I stop with all my different lip chaps and just use a hypoallergenic lotion. A year later I decided to buy an eos vanilla mint because I remembered how much I liked it and sure enough my face is chapped, swollen and sore after 3 days.

  82. Lin

    I am usually not allergic nor sensitive to any products but I after using this lip balm for a couple weeks I started to get a type of allergic reaction. I have never experienced this type of feeling before and I didn’t realize it was the lip balm until I stopped using it entirely, which ended up healing my lips and making them feel normal again. It wasn’t until I lost my other chapstick and had to use EOS again that I figured out what caused the discomfort. Not even a day later of using EOS that the reaction happened and now my lips feel like they have a bunch of invisible little pimples on it. It feels disgusting. I am very unhappy, definitely not buying the product ever again.

  83. Lorver

    This product severely chapped my lips. It was very cold for several weeks, I thought that either I burned my lip on hot tea or that the weather was affecting me. I had to apply this constantly. I became suspicious when my lips changed and began to peel the top layer of skin over and over. I am trying shea butter and coconut oil to turn this around. I have never experienced a problem with a lip balm before like this….UNREAL…..

    • Anonymous

      I’ve had reactions to this product as well. Even the medicated tangerine caused my lips to completely dry out, and begin to crack. I’d love to know which ingredient is causing me to react this way.

    • colleen

      don’t use this on you or your daughter!! seriously I just had another terrible reaction to this product. I’m only posting this because I wouldn’t want what happened to me to happen to anyone else, especially children! My lips broke out in a hive like rash, then became extremely chapped. Due to this I got a bacterial virus that was contagious. I had to miss work and was on three different antibiotics. ALL because of EOS lip balm!

  84. Tammy

    I bought this balm at Costco for the winter to give it a try. It is usually dry and cool season in Southern California these time.
    After I started to use the balm on a daily basis I have noticed that my lips could not be without it anymore. I just had to apply it because my lips started to dry. I have rarely suffered with chopped lips prior to EOS, but after about two weeks of using these product not only my lips became chopped to the point of peeling, but corners of my mouth also turned red and dry. It looks like i have cold sores.
    I’m definitely returning this balm and it is highly unlikely that I will ever purchase it again. Nice design though, but the product is worthless. It is much more beneficial to use plain Olive oil to moisturize dry lips.

  85. Aisha

    I had been using EOS with no issues for over a year. Within the past few months, I noticed incidents of extremely chapped lips on my 5 year old who has his own EOS lip balm that I keep in his backpack for school. I thought it was a result of him constantly licking his little lips and had been trying to stop him from doing such. Well he lost his EOS about a month ago and I replaced it with a tiny Vaseline with cocoa butter. At the time, I never thought that his issue was related to his EOS. Within the last four weeks, I’ve been dealing with extreme chapping on my upper lip which I initially blamed on the extremely cold weather but within the last few days, I’ve noticed that the more EOS I use, the drier and more chapped my lips become. They now are burning and my lip is slightly swollen and of course, I’ve completely stopped using it 🙁 I have begun doing coconut oil and sugar scrubs on my lips with warm compresses. This seems to be helping greatly. The coconut oil is very soothing. Perhaps EOS has made recent changes in their lip balm formula. Whatever the issue, I am now in search of a new lip moisturizer – especially one that will combat the effects of winter for both my son and I.

  86. Anonymous

    This stuff did a number on my lips. It is supposedly all natural, but I find that hard to believe. I am not usually sensitive. I can’t believe how many people have this problem with this balm.

  87. Anonymous

    I first used EOS about a year and a half ago. It was the lemon flavor and I loved it until I ran out. I never had a problem with it during this time. Last spring I finally bought some more, lemon, honeydew, blueberry, and more lemon. Well, about a week into them the corners of my mouth started feeling dry, cut, and just terrible. It looked like I had a disease. I kept using all favors, interchangeably, for another week. The condition worsened. I thought it could be an allergic reaction to a number of things, so I threw out old Chapstick including EOS, make up, tooth brush, you name it. I rebought everything, except only the red flavor this time. A few days in with the balm and I started braking out again. Same symptoms same locations. I suspected the balm this time and switched to Nuvea. Corners of my lips healed. I had to know for sure if it was EOS, so once healed I risked using it again and bought another new one so not to pick up any suspected bacteria leftover on the red one. One day in with a new red and the symptoms repeated. Immediately threw it out and used anti-bacterial soap twice a day with some cold sore medications and A new Nuvea. So it turns out EOS commonly causes these reactions in others. The manufacture should probably look into their ingredients and change the recipe. I’ve never heard of lip balm causing allergic reactions until my experience. I highly recommend everyone stop using EOS and/or never try it again. If you haven’t had a reaction yet, just wait because if you switch flavors or stop using and try again after a break, then you probably will break out too.

    • Anonymous

      Everyone needs to stop complaining that they had a reaction to EOS. I love this product and use it everyday. Just because you had an issue doesn’t mean everyone will! Okay? Okay.

  88. Amanda

    I purchased the sweet mint flavored & started using about a year ago. I loved it & thought it worked great & smelt great. This past summer my lips became ridiculously chapped & broken to the point ot bleeding. I thought it was due to over exposure to the sun. I had to end up going to the doctor & was told to stop using lip balm or chapstick while i was taking medicine (which was only for a week) & use vasaline. So, i stopped using EOS & after a few weeks my lips cleared back up. This took place in July. Yesterday, December 16, i was in my local Wal-Mart & picked one back up while at the register to check out thinking i would start backin using. I placed it on one time yesterday, then this morning, & just about an hour ago & with in minutes my lips burned, & turned red & puffy. Even read around my lips. I looked up alergic reactions to EOS on line & saw pics of many with the same as I currently have. I threw mine away today & have decided this is NOT the lip balm for me & my lips at all!!

  89. Kari

    I had heard so many great things about EOS, and with all of my coworkers using it and my teenage daughters loving it I bought myself two, Coconut milk and Vanilla mint. I was interchanging between them both for a week or so when I developed a small area of bubbles on my lower lip. I thought it was a cold sore at first and ran to the pharmacy on day two of this reaction I woke to extremely swollen lips and areas that looked burnt all around my lips. After a ton of research I was finding little info and went back to the store and read the ingredients in both. The fact they use beeswax needs to be made much more noticeable. I’m highly allergic to bees and coud have died from EOS!!

  90. Anonymous

    I’ve heard lots of bad reviews about EOS lip balm but I absolutely love it! I’ve only been using it for a few weeks but I think it works great. My lips have been so much more moisturized and they’ve never looked better. My lips look more plump everytime I use it, and it’s great. The shape is just so cute, too!

  91. Kate

    I bought one for about 4 months ago since everyone was talking about how wonderful this product was. I suffer of super extra dry and chapped lips whatever the season is. So i have being in a continous chase of the perfect chapstick. Well, Eos was not one of them … After a week of using it, my lips became super dry and this product was not helping at all.

  92. JJ

    Heard so many positive review of this product. Decided to try it out myself. It’s a great product. Love the smell and the creative container. I lost my first one, so I brought another one. The second was defective. No smell, but just sticky wax. Wrote to the company. Got a cold respond. No apologies. Asked me to send the lip balm to them, so that they could review it. I felt that I was treated very poorly. It was really bad customer. Other than that I really like it. However, based on how they treat their customer I would never buy it again.

  93. thvkaren

    i love eos the smell the way it leaves it smooth until i.noticed i had this funny reaction. i completely didnt think it would be my strawberry sorbet but it was. i stooped using i, and used nivea and it healed so i used my eos again and there it was again, little small pimples was what i felt on ky lips and cuts at my edges of my lips, its a love/sad situation with my eos

  94. Erin

    I have used eos lip balm in the past with no problems. I recently purchased a new eos for myself and after using it for one day I had a severe reaction. After doing some research I have found that I am not the only one this has happened to. The company claims they have never had anyone call with this problem before and did not offer any solution. I just wanted to let others know that this can happen.

  95. Alicia

    EOS lip balm is AWESOME. In the winter my lips get so chapped and I was using exfoliation on my lips a lot to clean-up my lips and tried every lip balm out in the market with no help…until EOS. I literally will always have one with me and the shape is cute/easy to find in a purse, but I know my husband wishes it was in a stick form (he always uses mine and he doesn’t want to carry around a round lip balm in his pocket).

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