Embryolisse Review

Embryolisse Overview

Embryolisse carries a complete line of skin care products that include facial cleansers, moisturizers, toners, BB cream, and a few cosmetic items. The company also offers a skin nourishing line, which includes hydrating and smoothing products for the hands, feet, and lips. For those researching anti aging products, Embryolisse also carries an anti-aging line that contains over half a dozen products. These products may benefit those who are looking for a brand that carries enough skin care items with which to build a skin care kit. Embryolisse skin care products are available throughout the United States.

Embryolisse Background

Embryolisse was founded in Paris in 1950, when a dermatologist working at a local hospital began to formulate skin care products to use on patients and created the first in the brand lineup, which was a milk cream concentrate. The company grew from there by collecting skin care formulations from industry experts and those who spent their lives working with natural ingredients. Today, the Embryolisse brand and its product lines can be found all over the U.S.

Embryolisse Product Line Overview

Embryolisse carries several different product lines that include those for soothing rough, dry skin, those that fight the signs of aging, and those that conceal imperfections. The Artist Secret line, for example, includes foundation to conceal minor imperfections and blemishes, BB cream to spot treat those blemishes and which also acts as a primer and sunscreen, and an eye contour product. These can be used individually or as a kit.

The anti-aging line includes firming cream, wrinkle serum, a lightening serum to fight the signs of hyperpigmentation and age spots, and a rejuvenation mask. This line does not include product that contain SPF protection, so you may want to consider using the BB cream along with these products. Embryolisse reviews can guide you as to which products go well with others.

Embryolisse Ingredients

Natural and synthetic ingredients are used by the company in most of their products. For example, Crème Riche Hydratante contains such ingredients as cyclomethicone, which is a surface skin conditioner, and tocopheryl acetate, which works to destroy free radicals in the skin.

Natural ingredients are included in Embryolisse Foaming Cream-Milk, which includes sweet almond oil & shea butter, both of which deliver a number of vitamins and antioxidants to the skin.

If you’re curious about how effective these ingredients have been for others, take the time to read some Embryolisse reviews, as they may help you avoid certain allergic reactions and offer tips about where to find the company’s products for the best price.

Where to Buy Embryolisse Products

You can purchase Embryolisse products on the company website, from other online retailers, and in spas and salons across the United States. There is a store locator available on the website that will help you find the products locally. If you want to save money on Embryolisse products, you may want to comparison shop online, as some retailers that offer them include discount shipping and other instant savings.

Embryolisse Shipping and Returns

Embryolisse calculates the cost of shipping upon checkout at their website, so the cost of shipping may vary depending on how much you buy. The company website does not offer any information regarding product returns, although there is a customer service number available. Any Embryolisse products that are purchased at other websites or from spas or salons should be returned to their original point of purchase, and the company may not claim to be responsible for any products that were purchased from third-party resale sites. Your local Embryolisse retailer may be able to offer you more information about the company’s return policy or how to contact them.

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