Dr. Lancer Skin Care

Dr. Lancer Skin Care: Company and Product Line Overview

Dr. Lancer skin care products target a number of skin issues such as premature aging, dry skin, and acne. The company was founded by Dr. Harold Lancer, a California-based dermatologist with nearly thirty years’ experience of skin care. Dr. Lancer skin care products are all based on his belief that

exfoliating, cleansing, and providing the skin with the right nutrients is the key to its good health. The product lineup includes a wide range of items that includes eye creams, serums, cleansers, skin polishers, and products for sun protection. If considering this company’s products, make sure to seek unbiased Dr. Lancer skin care reviews from third party sources before making a final decision.

About Dr. Lancer Skin Care Products

Dr. Lancer skin care products are all designed to improve the skin’s appearance in a brief amount of time, and to improve its look and texture in the long term as well. Individuals who are looking for products with which to build their own skin care kit may find that Dr. Lancer skin care products will allow them to do so while targeting individual skin care needs, such as for acne-prone or sensitive skin.

There are also products available on the company website that are based off of “The Method,” which is Dr. Lancer’s three-step program to achieving healthier skin. However, there are no ready-made skin care kits available, which means that anyone looking to build a routine with Dr. Lancer skin care products will have to take the time to select the right items individually.

Where to Buy Dr. Lancer Skin Care Products

Dr. Lancer skin care products are available directly from the company website, other online skin care retailers, and from unauthorized third-party sellers online as well. Before purchasing any of these products, you may want to read some off-site Dr. Lancer skin care reviews to gauge how well these products have worked for other people who are trying to treat the same types of skin care issues that you are.

The prices of Dr. Lancer skin care products range from $30 for their body cleanser to $125 for their blemish control cream. This wide range of prices allows most people to sample some of the less expensive products before they decide if they want to invest in others. This price flexibility, along with off-site Dr. Lancer skin care reviews, can help you better decide if these skin care items are the right choice for you, especially if you also take the time to consider Dr. Lancer skin care product ingredients.

Dr. Lancer Skin Care Product Ingredients

The ingredients in Dr. Lancer skin care products vary widely depending on which formulation you use. For example, if you’re targeting dark spots on the skin, then your products may contain such ingredients as red algae extract, which slows the product of melanin; and licorice root, which has been proven to help fade dark spots on the skin when used over time.

Ingredient lists on the company website are limited and only discuss key ingredients, and since there are no testimonials or reviews on the site that discuss the results of these ingredients, you may want to discuss this brand with your dermatologist before using any of the products.

Dr. Lancer Skin Care Product Side Effects

While the company website claims that all Dr. Lancer skin care products are formulated with the latest technology, this does not eliminate the possibility of allergic reaction to any of its ingredients, even natural ones like algae extracts. If you have sensitive skin or have suffered allergic reactions to skin care products in the past, you should learn as much as you can about Dr. Lancer skin care products before you decide to make your purchase.


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